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How to Improve Security of Your iPhone ?

How to improve security of your iPhone ?

Do you own a iPhone and worried about its security? Are you afraid of those hack attempts people are trying to make. Are you wondering what's wrong with your phone sometimes and it functions on its own? Well, this is surely your read.

As iOS products gain space in the market, we expect to see growth in mobile hacking too. Apple products are very convenient and easy to use and at the same time more safe and secure. You can enhance the security of your phone further with some additional security features offer by the company which we end up ignoring sometimes. In this article, we are going to cover some important security tips that you must use to make your iPhone is totally secure and threat free.

To keep your business and personal data secure on your iPhone,just follow these tips:

Iphone 5s

#1 Lock your iPhone

Lock your iPhone: For users with iPhone 5s, Touch ID is the best security feature available to keep your iPhone secure. You can lock your device by setting a bio metric fingerprint that can be used to unlock your phone. So without your fingerprint, no one else can unlock your iPhone.

For other iPhone users, there's a option to setup passcode lock. Set passcode lock to enhance the security of your iPhone. Passcode lock requires a 4 digit PIN. To setup passcode lock on your phone, follow these simple instructions below :

                             1. On the home page Menu on your Phone, Go to Settings.

                             2. On the Settings Menu, Tap to go on General.

Iphone Security

                             3. From the General Menu, Tap on Passcode Lock.

                             4. Tap to turn Passcode Lock 'ON'.

Iphone password management

                             5. Now Enter a 4-Digit PIN.

                             6. Re-Enter the same 4-Digit Pin again.

                             7. Confirm and exit.

You have successfully setup Pass code Lock on your iPhone. But if a 4 Digit Pin doesn't make you feel secure, you can change it to a strong password. Here's how to do it:

                             1. Go to Settings

                             2. Tap on General tab.

                             3. Go to Passcode Lock.

                             4. Turn off “Simple Passcode” by sliding it to the left.

                             5. Enter new passcode in the next window. It could be anything you want to enter.

                             6. Re-Enter the same password and Confirm and exit.

A strong passcode doesn't only conatin numbers. It should be a mix of numbers, alphabets and special characters. Make sure to mix it up. Its good to create complex and stong  password  by following Password management tips .

#2 Hide your location

Hide your location: Make sure that you show your location only to trusted services. To active this on security on your phone, follow these simple steps below:

                             a) Go to Settings-> General

                             b) General -> Location Services

                             c) Turn on 'Yes, I am paranoid' option.

This will help you restrict sharing your location with untrusted services.

#3 Check your WiFi Permissions:

Check your WiFi Permissions: Your phone might connect to unwanted WiFi sources within availability if it has default permissions to connect to WiFi. This could be the easiest way for unknown sources to enter into your phone. To help protect your iPhone from unwanted WiFi networks, follow these simple steps:

                             a) Go to Settings-> WiFi

                             b) Set “WiFi – Ask to join Networks” On.

#4 Use SSL Connection :

Use SSL Connection : Whenever you are retrieving mail on your phone, the best way is to use SSL certificate. To enable SSL connection on your phone, 

Go to Settings ->Contacts, Mail, Calenders -> Your Account -> Advanced -> Use SSL and turn it ON.

#5 Use Security Apps: 

Use Security Apps: There are many third party Security Apps on Apple Store that can help secure your iPhone better. The free available 'Lookout' app locates a stolen or lost iPhone and also pop up warnings if your phone tries to connect to an untrusted network.

The BlackSMS app is best known for encrypted messaging. It requires a password to decode messaging and conversations.

#6 Backup your Phone Data: 

Backup your Phone Data: Backing up your phone data on regular basis and downloading system software updates can help you with your phone security. By regularly updating your phone, you will have the lastest security updates that ensures your device is secure and running.

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Bottom Line : If you're seriously concerned about security of your iPhone, follow these above mentioned steps and keep your phone secure. Security is first, everything else later.

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