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How To Make Your Home Smell Better ?

Make Your Home Smell Better

How To Make Your Home Smell Better
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Are you perpetually being hunted by creditors? Are you expecting your ex to come in a hurry to your dwelling only to harangue you at leisure? Your best bet against these unwanted people visiting you is to leave your house smelling like sewer. On the other hand, even if you are the darling of one and all, they will all avoid your house with a passion. So, make your house smell good. At least for the sake your own self.

There are hundreds of room fresheners in the marketplace and many of them very effective in keeping down or altogether suppress the bad smell. However, they do not remove the bad smell. That is hardly the solution. For, when the smell fades, the unwanted smell will be back anyway. Besides, the air fresheners are all made of chemicals. Chemicals in general are not very good for people. Some people are severely affected by them too. So, why risk? Your best bet lies in going in for simple ideas with simplest of materials that any household will always have.  

Ways Make Your Home Smell Better

Say it with flowers

Without making your house look like a nursery, you can have flower vases placed in appropriate places. Flowers not only give mild and enduring smell but also work as a mood uplifting agent. Aesthetic value is considerably raised too. 

The House and the Rooms

You can also add 15 drops of essential oil to a cup of distilled water. Mix well and fill a spray bottle from which you can spray mist. Spray in all the nook and cranny in the room besides the usual places. To be more effective, keep the rooms shut for 30 minutes or so before opening.

Air conditioners

People in general fit air conditioners and heating equipment in rooms and forget all about it except for switching them on and off. These two engineering marvels can make your house smell bad. Clean them periodically and also change filters as you find fit. 

Shoes Matter

Dryer sheets are made only to keep clothes soft but you can put them to ingenious use. Stuff the sheets into the shoes or even air-conditioning and heating vents. Odor, if any, will disappear from both sources.

Candle in the Wind

There are candles that not only lighten up rooms but get the stench go away while burning. You can get them anywhere including Target or Wal-Mart.

Kitchen Surroundings

Kitchen is a champion odor maker. Ingredients you use in cooking, the cooked food itself etc. are all potential originators of odd smells that some may consider aroma while some others may label as offensive. Wash your fridge thoroughly with white vinegar, dry it up completely and then place your things inside. Garbage cans are mostly neglected by most folks. Sprinkle baking soda into them after cleaning them up. 

Sock it up

Socks are a few of the utilities that stubbornly refuse to give up all their bad smells. If after washing you perceive the smell, soak them water laced with a cup of vinegar.  Wash them again. You can same treatment to musty-smelling towels 

Cats and Dogs

If you dog or cat smell like you keeps them in your house to drive away the visitors, wash them in the tub. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can clean out the litter boxes like new. Don’t feel like doing it? Well, throw away the box and get a new one!

Bathroom Commodes

Bathrooms, by their very nature, give out smells that no one in the world would like. Never leave bath rooms without some aroma-emanating substances. Get them from the stores and without playing at being stingy, place even two or three of them at strategic places.  Throw a cup of vinegar into the commode and wait for 10 or 15 minutes. Clean now and flush twice.

Kitchen Sink

Add ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar and the same amount of baking soda and sprinkle in the sink It will foam Soon. Clean the sink vigorously to do away with odors. To the drain too, you repeat the same process. You may sprinkle drops of lemon juice to keep the air fresh. 

Floors and Counters                                                                                                 

Floors and countertops can be cleaned with 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Since you need to cover a lot of area, make sufficient quantity of the concoction and keep ready.

Clothes and Drawers                                                                                                          

To keep different drawers like lingerie drawer etc, clean, sprinkle essential oils on a cotton ball. Make tiny holes in a Ziploc bag, put the cotton ball in it and putbag inside the drawer. It will resist the bad smell from occurring. 

Garden Party                                                                                                            

Do you have a kitchen garden? Gardens are not really a source of bad smell. But, they can be, sometimes. If you do not get rid of the dead insects and the beetles regularly and let them accumulate, it is quite possible that they will give out a foul smell. Clean up and sprinkle some water mixed with some drops of lemon juice on the plants. The place will soon start smelling fresh.

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