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How to Stumble Your Blog ?

How to Stumble Your Blog

Stumble Upon can be a very helpful tool for promoting your blog. In case you're unfamiliar with the site, Stumble Upon is a social media network where users share the content they love with the online community. If your blog is “Stumbled Upon,” it can generate tons of traffic to your posts. 

In fact, some bloggers have said they've received thousands of views in mere days after going viral on Stumble Upon. While you shouldn't necessarily expect to have this kind of impact — especially not right away — this just goes to show you how high the conversion rate of Stumbles can be. Here's how you can get started on Stumble Upon and use it to promote your blog.

Getting Started With StumbleUpon


Know How It Works

Before you can do too much on Stumble Upon, it's important to understand how the site works. It functions a little differently than other social media sites and the way content is indexed depends on users, rather than the system administrator. A website or blog first appears on Stumble Upon when a user "discovers" it. 

This user will be prompted to give a brief description, as well as some tags. The user will be credited as the discoverer and the site will appear in the Stumble Upon toolbar for other users to find. They'll have the opportunity to give the site a thumbs up or thumbs down rating. The more thumbs up a site gets, the more likely it will be that people will Stumble Upon it.

Get Your Blog Indexed

Ideally, someone will naturally Stumble Upon your blog. If you don't have one already, you should add a Stumble Upon icon to your blog to encourage Stumbles. However, if you want to get the ball rolling right away, you might want to discover the site yourself. You can also have a friend index the site for you if you don't want to be listed as the discoverer. Just being in the Stumble Upon toolbar could generate more traffic to your blog.

Create a Complete Profile

Having a profile on Stumble Upon is similar to having a handle on Twitter. Other users can follow you if they like the content you Stumble. Unlike Twitter, though, follow-backs aren't quite as automatic, meaning you can't just follow everyone who shares your interests and expect they'll take notice.

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The first step to getting followed on Stumble Upon is to have a complete, customized profile. Once you've registered, go to Settings > Customize Profile to enter a bio and contact information. You can also list the topics that interest you in Settings > Manage Interests. When you upload a profile picture, it's a good idea to use the same one you use on other social networks. This will make it easier for followers to find you. 

Be an Active Stumbler

Stumble Upon may be a great content resource, but it is first and foremost a social network. Like all social media sites, those who attract the most attention are usually the most active users on the site. You can help cultivate a presence by discovering good sites, provide ratings, follow others and engage with the community.

Generate the Wow Factor

Like Google, Stumble Upon does not release the exact algorithm it uses to rank sites. However, your blog will definitely rank higher if you receive a lot of thumbs up. The Stumble Upon toolbar can be a bit random, so those who rate your site might not always be your target audience. With this in mind, you need to optimize your blog for Stumbles.

In general, bloggers have found the most popular sites on Stumble Upon have something that makes them stand out. They may have a stellar design or just frankly be funny. Particularly amusing autocorrects have generated a lot of buzz on Stumble Upon in the past. 

Also, this page covering a rotary transfer machine would receive a lot of Stumbles as it has great graphics and a responsive page design. Remember: Stumble Upon users can be kind of fickle. If sites don't capture their attention right away, they'll likely move on. There are millions of other sites out there for them to look at.

Consider Paid Discovery for Extra Stumbles

You might consider paying for additional features if you've been on Stumble Upon for a while, but haven't generated the kind of traffic you want. Stumble Upon's paid discovery tool will direct users right to your blog if they indicate they're interested in your topics. You can choose from three different payment plans depending on your needs.

Stumble Upon can really help you gain more exposure, but don't get frustrated if you don't get much traffic right away or receive a lot of bounce backs. Remember: Some of the crowd can be fickle or impatient. As long as you're patient and stay active on the site, you should see a boost in readership over time. 

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