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Why Converting HTML Site to WordPress is Worth the Setup .

Why Converting HTML Site to WordPress is Worth the Setup

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Unquestionably, HTML has been powering web developers to create slick and clean websites for a range of businesses. Be it experts or novices, anyone practicing the software development profession would endorse this platform.

However, when it comes to perch your website among the top-of-the-funnel portals, HTML as a standalone program won’t be able to do so. The need of the hour is not inflexible websites, but sites which are versatile, dynamic and make customization a breeze. If you want to create a website that is characterized by these features, you need WordPress – the best Content Management System in the web development ambit.

In your quest for features that can fuel your website to become a frontrunner and draw heavy and relevant traffic, you need to condition it in a way that makes it worth the dime spent on it. WordPress combines several special features to help you craft a website that amalgamates distinct capabilities together to give you a free rein over how you wish to shape your blog. But roaming around restlessly, let’s instead look at some specific reasons that should provide an impetus for you to convert your html site to WordPress.

Reason Why Convert HTML to WordPress ?

HTML is Inflexible, WordPress has the Requisite Suppleness

A feature-rich website is a dream for any webmaster. That said, there is a lot of setup and efforts that must be input to creating a website that doesn’t disappoint with what it has to offer. When you choose to continue with HTML, you choose to remain static. If versatility for your portal is not on your agenda, HTML would do the job for you. That said, putting versatility and propulsive-ness on your agenda is a decision that reaps rich benefits. In this age where visitors aren’t settling for something that remains constant, you need to update your website with new features and content, and this is again where you need to lean towards WordPress. This CMS lets you break the shackles and modify your website in real time, as per the trends in the market. The links can be easily updated whenever certain posts are deleted, making sure your visitors don’t have to run into a 404 error page.

Throw Dreamweaver and the Likes of it Out of the Equation

No disrespect, software like Dreamweaver has given web development professionals the wherewithal to update their website’s content multiple number of times. But there is no question over its complexity as well. Those with no prior knowledge of HTML codes do not know how to find their around with Dreamweaver. It rather requires an extensive training session – or more than a dozen sessions – to be expert at Dreamweaver. Now, because an HTML site cannot be updated without Dreamweaver or other tools of similar make, you aren’t able to find a way to update your website frequently. And this is forcing you to lose on traffic. Again, WordPress comes to the rescue. Convert your HTML site to WordPress and you will find that editing and adding content is a task that does not need a lot of set up really. You don’t need to know any other language other than English and you can edit a post on WordPress just like you edit it on your computers notepad software. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software takes this ease to a whole new level. 

Therefore, when you are running a website that demands updating it with new content on a frequent basis, you know WordPress will make it a very accessible proposition. eCommerce sites, in particular, need a CMS like WordPress as it needs to be modified on hourly basis with dozens of text snippets, widgets and much more.

Tools and Extensions You Aren’t Likely to Find with HTML

It is not just the basic requirements like updating the content, but there are various instances when you wish to inject certain functionality in your website – like giving it a different look for festivals like Christmas, or powering it with social media buttons so that your posts can be easily shared. But with HTML, accomplishing this would mean writing thousands of lines of code, with the kind of results not up to the expectation. WordPress, however, comes loaded with plugins which make it dream like easy to add those much-desired bits and features by just an installation that doesn’t last more than a few seconds. These plugins go a long way in saving time and equipping your website with capabilities that are quite improbable with HTML. Coming back to the eCommerce websites, WordPress offers separate templates that are tailor made for these sites and contain features like a shopping cart. You can also find WordPress themes for photography blogs, healthcare websites and much more.

Converting HTML site to WordPress is a decision backed by several concrete reasons. Go ahead and let your website make a statement 

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