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How To Get Started Making Money With Blog

How to get started making money with blog

MoneyBlogs is one of the popular way of making money these day, There are many ways through which you may earn Handsome amount of money by either monetizing your blog content (Blog traffic) or by Practicing affiliated marketing .Apart from these traditional common way of making money there are also lots of method of making money with blog , earning money depends on individual skills . One can  make money via Different source and stuff .

Getting started making money with blog

There are many way’s using you may earn money with blog  , but still there are few things which directly affect your earning through Blog like Traffic to Blog , way of monetizing blog etc .


Decide Topics you are expert in.

                Before getting started in blogging world make sure to write informative content which Somehow helps your audience. Be a Good writer and thinker to project 100% genuine and working content that helps your Audience. So it would be better to write content on niche you are expert on .  For example if you have good knowledge of trading then writing about trading would not only help your audience but it’s would be easy for you to write informative content .People on web praise the blog with genuine content and helpful information, it does helps in raising the brand value of blog but also traffic to your website. When money making with blog is concerned, the quality and quantity of  traffic to your blog will open many door for making money . In next step we will be discussing the way to make your blog more attractive and impressive to bound your audience eyes and mind in your blog


Research domain name Availability

                 Before publishing your blog online, make sure to grab Top level domain name for your blog . Your Domain name whether it is Top level or low level domain name must be relevant to your blog niche.You may also go for low level domain name for you blog but why waste your Seo effort  link building on low level domain name when you shall be buying top level domain name in future.Top level domain not only helps you build professional blog look but also it helps Seo. Buying top level domain name at the time of blog development save times and money which you shall be investing on low level domain name .One of the biggest advantages of having top level domain name is that it affects’s audience psychology and looks easy to remember. 


Research for best blogging Platform or Blog hosting

                 Once your finish deciding Your blog niche and domain name for your blog , the next step is to make your blog online 24/7 by choosing right blogging platform or hosting your own blog on server. There are mainly two ways to make blog online 24/7 safely, these are.

Free blogging platform

Free blogging platform: There are many reputed blogging platform which allow you to create blog for free but they have limitation like bandwidth , Ads etc . If you still want free blog then I would suggest you to try blogger.com. They allow you to make money with blog for free however they do impose certain limitation like you can’t upload anything on your blog directly however indirectly is allowed. some of the other blogging platforms are WordPress.com, Weebly.com etc but they don't allow third party html embedding for free you need to buy these features by upgrading 

Host your own blog

Host your own blog : Every good thing comes at cost, you can also host your blog on web hosting Site by paying small fee of $/month. The one of the biggest advantage of hosting blog on web hosting Server is that you can control a to z of your blog via your Web hosting control panel. There are thousand of blog web hosting site over the web which offer cheap and reliable web hosting . There are some web hosting companies which offers easy installation of blog like wordpress and other blog software in one click .These feature helps non Newbie to install there blog without worrying about knowledge of database , Cpannel etc 


Do Some blog make up 

If I gave you 100% pure water in Dirty bowl , would you drink ?? No ! . Same with blogging also just a good content is not enough to draw audience interset in blog . You need to work out how your blog look like for your audience . SO work out on your blog to give that woo factor for audience make your blog attrctive and more improtany user frinedly .Here are some tips to improve your blog Outlook.

Get a Template : There are thousands of free as well as premium template availabe for  blog and blogging platform , Search for the best template that suit’s your blog theme . But make sure your blog template is Auidence friendly and seo Friendly .

Create a logo : Logo give profectional and unique  look to your blog . Take your time to design your own creative logo that speaks about your blog theme in one look .


Enriches your Blog with content

One you finished with the Blog make up next step is to gather some Traffic or audience for you blog ,Update your blog with content daily or weakly : The best way to get audience is update your blog with fresh content , Write Content on Popular keywords which are being searched Daily on internet . More search = More probability of getting  audience to your blog.


Optimize your post for SEO .  

Writing a Quality post improve your existing audience involvement. What about the organic traffic ( Visitor from search engine )? To get Organic traffic for your blog you need to optimize your blog post Seo . Here are some tips that would  help’s you optimize your post for seo .

Add High priority Keywords : Use High priority “ keywords “ in Title of your blog post , <h1>, <h2> <h3> tags and so on . For example if you are writing post on  how to trade Online  then make sure to add Trade  and online keyword in tittle , <h1>, <h2> <h3> tags etc .

Use Keywords :Make sure to maintain keyword density in your blog post . Search engine consider keyword density as important factor for website keyword  ranking in search engine . A good post must have max 1- 2 percent of keywords density .


Get traffic to blog

Submit your blog to search engine : Search  engine is the biggest and free source of traffic for any blog . To get traffic from search engine only thing you have to do is to submit your blog to popular search engine and Optimize your blog for SEO  .

Submit your blog  to high page rank Directory: There are thousands of directory over the web, Submit your website to high page rank directory to improve your website reputation. Submitting your website or blog url to higher page rank do-follow directory will improve your blog Page rank and backlink. More page page rank means easy search engine visibility and more of money making opportunities .

Promote your blog in social network sites: Social networking have became biggest source of traffic after search engine. Promoting your blog on social networking site worth investing time. Now the question is how to promote your blog on social networking site , It's easy jut you need to Set up 3rd party fan page , grow your fan page follower and reader's and share popular blog content link on your social account . Avoid spamming social networking sites with Urls as they may harms your subscriber's  .


 Apply for the Paying publisher network

What could be better then making money out of every Hit's your blog recieve , All you have to do is to monetize your blog with Ads unit . there are two ways to make money by showing ads on your blog .

      Make Money through direct advertiser : Get direct advertiser who are willing to advertise on you blog , this is the best way because 100% money you get by showing ads goes to your pocket however finding good advertiser is like finding water in desert .

       Make Money through Third party advertiser: If you can't find any advertiser then don't waste time to get advertsier when you can get's thousands of adverser willing to advertise on your blog . Only you have to do is to Sign up Paying publisher network , Create ads unit ,placing on your blog and making money.The disadvantage of showing ads through third party advertiser network is that your need to pay 5-40% of earning you earn by showing ads .


Join Affiliate marketing

In Affiliated marketing your make money as Commission by selling third party product .there is no guaranty of making money because You earn only when you made sale's via your Affiliated generate ads code .However Affiliate marketing is the one of easiest and toughest way to make money . We said easiest because making money thorough affiliate marketing by selling single product will give;s you 10 - 1000$ commission where as it Tough because selling product online is not easy as its seems . Earning through affiliate marketing depends on your blog traffic and one's marketing skill.


Sell your Product or service

Blog is the best way to grow your small business to big global business , One's marketing skill can make your product and service Popular over the internet this will not only Improve your Product visibility but also improve your product awareness .You may also Sell your own product and service on your blog . All you need is to create quality product , service and  attractive charges for your product ,service and payment methods and last but not the least is quality service .


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