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5 effective writing tools for every blogger

5 effective writing tools for every blogger

Here are five tools that may help you write your blog. They are all handy blogging tools that help improve the quality of your writing, check for plagiarism, get a little inspiration and cheat. All of the tools are either free or very cheap to use, and all are currently reliable (at the time of writing). They help with the different aspects of writing your blog so that the job becomes a little easier and you do not have to spend as long on your blog posts.

The five Effective Tools for Blogger are

5 effective writing tools for every blogger


1 - Grammar Base

Some people like the tool and some find it annoying. The good part is that the developers have gone out of their way to make it so the tool finds as many mistakes as possible. This is because they are trying to sell proofreading services. All you do is copy and paste your text into the tool (Grammarbase) and click to start it. It then points out the potential mistakes both within the text and on a list on the left. The down side is that the list only tells you the name of the mistake and points it out to you if you double click on it. The tool does not give you suggestions, but if you know your English rules then you will not need the suggestions anyway. The tool allows you to see your potential mistakes, and if the user wants somebody to check the work then it can be ordered right below.

2 - Copyscape

This has a number of uses. You can check to see if the work you have just written is too close to other pieces of work. You do not want Google punishing your website because of duplicate content. It also means you can check the work of guest bloggers before you put it on your blog. You can check the pages of your blog for free around five times per day before having to pay. All you have to do for that is enter the URL of the page you want to check and it tells you if someone else has stolen your content. There is also copy sentry, which is a tool that checks your blog routinely to see if people are stealing your content, and there is the batch upload function that allows you to check a lot of files at one time without having to copy and paste into the tool.

3 - Pro Writing Aid

This website may not look like much, but it holds a very good proofreading tool that you can use for free. Just enter your content into the white space provided and click the "Improve my writing" widget. The tool is free and you do not need to sign up. It will analyze your work and then come up with suggestions to improve the errors. It then goes on to create suggestions to improve the overall quality of your work. It is quite observant of good written English and the user is able to see how his or her work may be altered to make it better.

4 - The Story Starter

This is a simple tool that you can use to help inspire you a little. All you do is enter a sentence or two into the box provided and then click to see your random story starting sentences. The results appear in the same box that you put the text in the first place. It is a nice way of giving you a little bit of inspiration for your work. The more you write then the more text you are going to have to inspire you. The text that appears is not necessarily going to be similar to the text you put into the tool. What appears is just a bit of information that may help to inspire you for your blog, on may help you come up with some changes you may apply to your work.

5 - Spin Bot

Do you have a bit of text that you want to copy from another website? You cannot copy it directly because Google will penalize your blog for duplicate content. This means you can rewrite it or spin it. The Spin Bot will spin the text for you. Like all spinbots, it is not accurate and there are going to be mistakes within the text, but a quick read-through will help you catch the mistakes and you will be able to post the content on your blog and get away with it. There is an annoying Captcha function that you need to fill when you use the tool, but the tool is free so it is difficult to genuinely complain about it. Check the sentence structure because the tool has a habit of messing it up a little to the point where it becomes obvious that it is spun text.


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