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An Effective Tool For Online Marketers:Social Media

Social Media – An Effective Tool For Online Marketers

Social media allows online marketers to build reputation and brand dictatorship. Besides, as social media enables online sharing of information among people belonging to different groups, marketers can't overlook to devise a marketing strategy without considering social channels. In fact, social media has become a vital element in today's marketing mix to promote existing as well as new products.  Social Media Examiner (one of the highly coveted social media website) recently published a report detailing the  benefits that social media provides to marketers, as shown in the image below:

An Effective Tool For Online Marketers:Social Media

After reading the report provided by social media examiner I've come up 5 ways that marketers are using social networks around the world, so as to proliferate their business growth:

Mobile Optimized Blogs

Building mobile optimized blogs have become the latest fad these days. How? The maximum number of mobile users own a smartphone, with most of them using their phone as the primary source to access the web. This means in case you're running a blog – say one that is attached to your site – probably a greater number of readers are viewing your work on their smartphone. However, if the blog isn't mobile compatible your users may not be able to access your blog. 

An Effective Tool For Online Marketers:Social Media

Simply put, having a mobile-optimized blog provides your site visitors' with easier access to read and share your content with the help of social networks. 

Integrated Social Activities

Around 83% of marketers agrees that they had integrated their social activities with their traditional marketing activities. For instance, marketers are adding social media buttons or links in marketing activities so as to drive more traffic to their websites. 

An Effective Tool For Online Marketers:Social Media

What's more? 

The biggest benefit of incorporating social platforms is that you no longer need to pay for putting up ads in newspapers and yellow pages. This is because social media channels enables to share content related to your business offerings with potential customers – who might be looking for the same products and services that you are offering. 

Lastly, while traditional marketing customer services call clients to get feedback for their services, social media on the other hand, allows you to respond to client queries and questions via social platforms like Facebook and others – thereby saving a lot of your time in communicating with the customers unlike traditional marketing. 

Improved Sales

Social media helps businesses to develop lasting relationships that often give rise to sales. As per 'Social Media Examiner' report, many marketers who spend more time on social networks find great outcomes. For instance, over half of the marketers spending not less than 3 years said that it helped them improve their sales exponentially. In addition, over half of them who've spent 6 hours per week or more achieved the same results, and 74% having to spend more than 40 hours on social media platforms said that it helped them earn new business. 

You might be thinking about how social media helps augment sales. Well, one of the main components of the sales process is to understand your prospects and build long-term relationships — and social media can help you succeed in your endeavors quickly and without much hassle. 

An Effective Tool For Online Marketers:Social Media

All you need to do is to determine the most viable ways for getting connected to your prospects, which is followed by getting registered to a community and create your business profile. Last but the not the least, find and connect with friends or other people having profiles that match your target clients'. Furthermore, engage in conversation with your clients' and build relationships. 

Business Exposure

Based on social media examiner analysis, around 93% of marketers who’ve been utilizing social media marketing for at least one year or more said that it generated more business exposure. One reason behind increased business exposure could be the fact that spending more time on social media helps marketers to gain business partnerships and generate potential leads.  

An Effective Tool For Online Marketers:Social Media

Moreover, getting your business engaged in social media networks let you interact with bulk users present on those networks. However, in order to do so you are required to contribute and distribute quality content. Here are three pointers to consider how social media help expand your marketing efforts:

Build and uphold brand awareness.
Allow prospective clients to provide feedback.
Let you communicate with customers and prospects outside the sales ecosystem.

Lessens Marketing Expenses

I'm ending the post with one of the biggest reasons that prompts marketers to use social media. Social media platforms let you promote your business without a penny, rather merely by spending a few hours or let's say a week to publicize your brand, you will get to see some really amazing results. In case you opted for paid options you'll need to spend only a minimal amount. 

An Effective Tool For Online Marketers:Social Media

For example, you can make use of youtube to host a video online representing your business products and services, which even allows people to share the videos. You can even post videos or promote special offers via Twitter, Facebook or other accounts. 

To conclude, social media can is the most cost-effective tool for online marketers that lets them market their business globally. Social media examiner recently published a report stating about ways that marketers use to grow their business. On the basis of that report I've discussed 5 basic ways that explains how social media works as an effective tool for businesses. 

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