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How to Keep your Mobile Devices Secure While Traveling.

How to Keep your Mobile Devices Secure While Traveling

Someone once said “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” Whatever kind of trip it might be, business or personal, traveling would never be fun when gone alone. So why travel alone? Take along your cool gadgets. “The Mobile Devices” of the post PC era namely laptops, tablets, cell phones, smart phones will all keep you company, help you stay connected to family, friends and yes, of course your office even miles away from your place. But with all these sophistication the risks involved in carrying the devices around with you are too high. So what do you do to keep your device secure? Sit back and continue reading..!

There are many ways in which your device can be harmed. During travel devices are usually susceptible to physical damage, theft or even worse hacking. We will see how to handle these situations one by one.


The most important point to remember: if a device isn't absolutely required for your trip, leave it at home. If you must bring a device with you, look into a low-cost or loaner tablet or netbook instead of taking your daily personal devices.

Before you go on your vacation always keep a backup of your data and if possible set a passcode for your device. It will buy you sometime to erase all the data from the mobile if lost. Set an idle timeout that will automatically lock the phone when not in use.

No matter what the issue is, always see to that you do not keep your mobile out of sight or out of your reach. Use the lockers in the hotel rooms if you are planning on leaving the phone at the room and ensure full security as leaving mobile devices in open places will lead to theft.

Label your device with your name and a phone number where you can be reached to make it easy to return to you if it is lost, even if the battery is dead.

In case your mobile is stolen, there are apps that you can use from a remote destination to erase all the sensitive and personal information stored on your device. It is important to take time to install device tracking and anti-theft software’s before your trip.


Keep all software up to date, including the operating system and installed "Apps". This helps protect the device from attack as it is a known fact that most of the malicious soft wares get installed in our phones via software updates that pop up when we use a public Wi-Fi.

Do not "jailbreak" or "root" your device. "Jail breaking" and "rooting" removes the manufacturer's protection against malware.

Create new passwords on accounts you will need to access before you leave, and change those passwords when you get back. It is advisable to use a dummy account while you travel and you can have your mails forwarded from your original account to the dummy account and use it.
Try not to use the unencrypted public Wi-Fi as hackers take just around 2 seconds to get access to your device. Even if you are tempted to use as is the case with me too, refrain from accessing critical sensitive data like credit card details. Besides avoiding connecting to unencrypted networks, turn off Wi-Fi when you're not using it.

Upon returning home, have the device reviewed for malware, unauthorized access or other corruption. Do not connect it to a trusted network until you have tested it for malware.

How gadgets are vulnerable

Whether you are travelling with a smartphone, laptop, iPad or netbook or all the above. The defense and risk against them are same basically, according to an information security principal and expert Joe Nocera “ many of the people with security concerns think that about their PC are applicable in the world of mobile. “ Mobile devices are more sophisticated and they are same themselves the same when it comes to access to passwords and email and other safe information that personal computers have done in the past.

Because these devices are so powerful and can intake much information that before and therefore the risks are increasing says an information security executive and expert Martin Hack.

How to keep your mobile device safe

Make sure the software is updated

The foremost line of defense, says Nocera is making sure whether the software is updated. Almost all of the software patches various security vulnerabilities, he says. Before every few weeks or before every trip, it’s good to check the manufacturer website to check whether the firmware or software update is available. if you find a new version, then feel free to download it.

Try strong passwords

Always remember to use some combination of numbers, letters or special characters and avoid using dictionary words. You can also use acronyms for things like restaurants, favorite songs or other things known to you. And consider changing the password frequently or at least twice a year. if you are not clear with creating your own passwords try using RoboForm, this might help you a lot.

Don’t mess the security settings

Setting in mobile phone must be very clear, don’t mess up browser security settings at any cost.

Avoid public wireless networks

Wi- Fi networks doesn’t need any password or authentication password to log in, so it can be accessed by anyone including hackers. In some case, these hackers will set up an open network to snare unsuspected people.  On the other hand, Encrypted networks are those which require a password or ID for accessing. You can find such networks at many coffee shops and hotels that offer secured Wi – Fi services.  These networks have two kinds of security – WEP and WPA. The second is preferred most and it’s secure.  Even there are risks with encrypted networks – its possible for hackers to gain access with encrypted networks at café and hotels.

Wrapping Up : 

With such a massive suite of apps serving as perfect instruments for you to stay entertained, the mobile age is only headed for greater growth and glory. 

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