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10 Great Online Resources to help you study

10 Great Online Resources to help you study


There are plenty of paid resources online that will help you study, but do you really need to pay. It is not a bad thing, but there are plenty of great resources where you don’t have to pay and plenty of resources where the amount you pay is small in comparison to the quality of the teaching you receive. Here are ten resources that will help you study. 

This is a website that is run by some of the dumbest boobs this side of the equator. If you look at their other tools, videos and advertising, you will see nothing but NLP. They really think they are going to hypnotize people into giving them money--it’s pathetic. Their free tool is all you need, and that happens to be a very clever device. You enter your text and it helps you improve your reading time and comprehension. You can adjust the tool too to help you read a little faster. Read the test that is already in the tool for an explanation on how it works. Do not use their paid services, just use this free one as it is very good and actually does its job.

They offer free content, and that free content consists of some of the finest programming lessons ever put into video. It is run by two nerds, but they really know their stuff. They can teach you things about programming that it would take you years to learn in a class, and they can start you from the very beginning to the point where they even explain what programming is. There is no finer set of lessons for starting from the beginning and moving up to a highly skilled professional.

This is a top rated blog that is jam packed with tips and information that is targeted for students. It is truly a great piece of work that was crafted by some very clever people. It is loaded with advice that students can use in the real world, and it helps students study as a result. It is truly a blog that deserves more recognition.

So far as it is known, this is a free resource that gives you access to the tools and data used by MIT. There are lots of introductions to courses and a few full courses for you to try. The directory is the same one that the MIT students use, so it may be worth a look.

Whether it turns into a great resource for you is hit or miss, but there are some students that say it is the best thing they have ever used when trying to find resources online for their essays.

6 - TED

This is a good resource for students wanting to learn insider secrets. Most people already know of its good side, but it does have a negative side. There is the fact that the moderation for the talks that occur. For example, George Takei spoke about his country, which is fine, but is everything he says unbiased and correct? And, J.J. Abrams gave a speech about the mystery box that was truly garbage. Plus, it is pandering more and more to the Islamic faith, which is a worry because it is currently a bigger threat to world stability than nuclear war and climate change put together. Otherwise, the TED is great and you can believe the hype.

This website holds what is believed to be the complete works of William Shakespeare. It is going to come in handy when you have to study it at college or in school. It may also save you a little money, as the works on here will often cost you money if you download them or buy them from a shop.

This may not be the most sophisticated website of all time, but it does offer help and tips to students, so it should not be dismissed because it has a crap name and silly premise. If you dig deep you will find useful information.

Try the week trial because you do not have to give them any bank or credit card details to get you started. It features audio lessons, visual lessons and video blog lessons. You also get a word for the day. It is very good for learning from scratch and really advancing your skills quickly and correctly. The lessons are arranged in small videos of usually just over three minutes. Learning in bite-sized chunks helps to stop learning fatigue set in so quickly. 

10 - YouTube

This is a free resource, and yes it is filled with crap, but there are also some leaning videos on there that you can watch for free. There are documentaries, and talks from the TED, and language lessons. There are people promoting lessons of all kinds, and the great thing is that they are giving away their content for free on YouTube. You simply have to pick through the crap in order to find the good. You may also see websites that list some of the best YouTube videos. These are handy because there are times when the lesson creators pick poor quality names for their videos; which makes them more difficult to find via the YouTube search bar.

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