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How To Search Engine Optimization For Free

How To Search Engine Optimization 

 Search Engine Optimization Search engine is the best source for drawing organic traffic to your website or blog . Millions of search are made via search engine on daily basic, Proves to be great source of traffic for your blog and website. The Search engine not only helps the internet user to find what they are looking for but they also provide a platform to improve visibility of the website /blog content over search engine as a Search engine results .Only the things you have to do is to make your website indexed in the search engine ,regular updating your website blog content and the most important of all optimizing your website for the search engine by considering the search engine white hat SEO technique. In this article, we will show you how do you get on the search engine as beginner  to Professional SEO activist .

Submitting your website to search engine 

           You might be wondering how do your website starts to appear in the search engine . Well here i would like to ask one question, how do your website start appear in search engine when you didn't submitted your website to search engine . So, the first step in the search engine optimization is to submit your website to search engine. If you already submitted your website url to Search engine then you may skip this step. Now the secondly you might be wondering which search engine is best for my website?. Obviously there are thousands of popular search engine over the internet among them only few are popular. So submit your website to those search engine. More popular search engine you submit your website will have more chance of getting an audience .

Create Website/blog Sitemap 

           Creating a Good sitemap is as important as submitting your website to search engine, The Website Sitemap  contain's the list of post and necessary pages of your website or blog in well structured format .It allow the search engine crawler to access your blog content to index and serve search engine results . To better understand the Role of sitemap and search engine . Suppose two book are too be compared simultaneously, One book have well defined list of index of chapters while second book does not have any index Obviously it's far easy to find a content you looking for, by going through the list of index.while its takes lot more time  searching for the content in non index contain book . Similarly search engine go for the Sitemap having well defined structure .Its helps the search engine to index the pages of the website . However website without well defined sitemap, results in Crawl error and only few pages get indexed in Search engine this is the main reason behind Visibility in search engine . So make sure to build well Sitemap for you website .

Pinging Website Sitemap to Search engine 

           Pinging a website sitemap to Search engine notifies search engine for crawling. Search engine Crawler Search for the new and update content in a website for indexing in the search engine. Basically, It helps the Search engine to update it's database of a website in there Search engine and serve's more exact results by comparing the relevance of content for searched terms . There are two ways to pinging a website or blog to notify search engine for crawling . First way is to ping using online pinging service and the second one is via Search engine's webmaster tools. Both does the same role but the pinging using webmaster are best of all method. 

Link Building Improve your website's SEO

           Link building is the key strategy for improving your website search engine ranking . It is the one of the oldest and biggest factor, The search engine consider for ranking and serving search engine results. So, More natural backlink your website will have more the ex poser in the search engine your website will get but this doesn't mean you start Spamming other website with backlinks,Spamming website with backlink will have negative Impact on your website Seo even some time your website suffer's page rank penalty instead you must practice natural and white Seo tactics to build quality backlink .

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