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How to Reduce Page Load Time

How To Reducing Page load Time

Everything you see in a website has to be loaded in your browser like all the content of the website like images , scripts , the whole webpage is to be loaded in your computer before making it available for the your web browser. Another important factor that affect the website loading time is request and response time of the scripts. These are  the main reason behind the website loading time,  If you blog or a website is taking long time to load on a web browser then its just your blog Scripts, Errors, Bad coding  and content size etc are making your website heavy .In this article we will help you to reduce your blog loading time by fixing potential useless content of website without compromising website important elements. Before proceeding with the tips to reduce page load time make sure to backup your blog template and content, If you are newbie in web design field then learn basic uploading template, editing html , or try your all the given below tips on test blog or website first.

Tips to Reduce website load time.

Almost, there are hundreds of factor that count towards webpage load time, but here we will be focusing on the major factor affecting website page loading time drastically.

Switch to Fast Web host.

Do you know a server response time is the important factor that effect website loading speed .If you website is giving a large server response time and randomly 503 error then this is the best time to choose a good web host providing good server response. By upgrading to good web host , not only your blog loading speed will improve  but it also helps in fixing 503 error etc. Sometime all your need to upgrade your hosting plan rather then switching your web host company so make sure to do bit research about your website and web hosting plans .

Remove unwanted Scripts.

Java scripts are used in a website to make it more of users friendly and interactive but sometime the excess use of java script will make your website heavy. If you website loaded with useless java script then  just cut down those java scripts this will help improving website loading time by good percentage .

Avoid landing page redirects.

Landing page redirects has minor impact on the loading speed of a website. The landing page redirects occurs when your website having chain of redirecting url for example


This can be fixed only if your website is using responsive design because in the responsive design domain name remains same and does not initiate chain of redirecting url. However if you have many url in your website redirecting then avoid them .this could have negative impact of website seo and your website audience.

Minify HTML

While designing a website, The designer use’s code comments, code formatting to make coding process easy at the time of development and for bug recovery. However some of the codes like this are not useful and does not contribute anything in the making of the website and make’s html size lengthy effecting the loading time of a website. Even use of of shorter variable and function names can increase loading time of milliseconds. By fixing this factor one can improve loading time to sufficient amount. But it’s not a kid play to minify html by non html educate. However there are plenty of good website that allow you to minify html just like image compression online only you have to do is to copy your html code and minify html code .

Optimize images

Image size directly affect the loading time of a web page. A webpage having  large size image more likely to take more time to load on browser as compare to the small size images .So it's always better to use less size image . No doubt, the less size reduces the quality of the image so it's better to upload images in jpeg, or png format etc and also by optimizing image dimension can help lower your website page load time .

Choose fast loading template.

Template is one of the important element of the website it help’s in improving visual impact of the website and its design. Apart from just design, it also affects the website seo to a large extent. Like if your template is too heavy then it will take longer time to load on your visitor screen and ruins website seo .When every tips above does not help you reducing webpage laod time then there might be problem with template.So it's better to  get new fast loading and user friendly template for your website or blog .


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