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How To Backup Your Blogger Template.

How to Backup Your Blogger Blog Template

How to Backup blogger template
The Best thing about blogger platform is that you can customize your blog template layout, background, colors, fonts etc and most important feature which make blogger blogging platform above all other free blogging platform is the option to edit your template html code . Template html editing allow you to transform your blog layout and design to exceptional template depending upon one webdesign and coding skills. No matter how professional html coder your , It always a wise choice to backup your blogger template before making changes to your template. 

                     One small bad editing in template will ruin your whole work. So make sure to backup your template code so that you may recover your original template in case of template error. But the question is how to backup your blog template in blogger? In this article we will helping you to backup your blogger template with easy .

Step to Backup Your Blogger Blog Template

To create backup of your blogger template. follow these step by step guide

Step 1: Login to your blogger dashboard

Go to www.blogger.com, Sign-in to your blogger dashboard.

 Backup Your Blogger Template.
to your blogger dashboard

Step 2: Choose blog for backup

From your blogger dashboard click on the blog you want to make backup of .

 Backup Your Blogger Template.
Choose blog for backup 

Step 3: Click on blogger Template 

 At the extreme left bottom corner. Did you see Template label, Click on it. See below figure .

 Backup Your Blogger Template.
Click on Template

Step 4: Click backup/restore

Under Template, Click on backup/restore button which appears at extreme right top corner .See figure below for reference .

 Backup Your Blogger Template.
Click on Backup/Restore

Step 5: Download template backup

When you click on  backup/restore button, Small new template Backup/Restore window will appear . Click on Download template

 Backup Your Blogger Template.
Download full Template
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