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How to Become YouTube Partner .

How to Become YouTube Partner.

How to Become YouTube Partner.
YouTube partner program have lot more feature then simple uploading large duration video.It has touches the peak in the field of video streaming by introducing Live video stream.Now you can host your own live video streaming online. To enable this feature you need to participate in YouTube partner program by applying to it.There are lot more feature then just  live video broadcasting features like uploading HD video, Paid content and Custom video thumbs and lot more are still being added.

What? Do you think we left some important YouTube partner feature? What is it? No! How can we forgets most important feature of being YouTube partner. Almost majority of reader of this post heard about money making through YouTube videos. It's one the most alluring feature  of YouTube partner programs that allow you to make money out of your video by monetizing YouTube videos. However, It's not that easy to get accepted as YouTube partner. There are some of the criteria that would be fulfilled in order to became YouTube partner.These are 

    YouTube Partner Program Requirements

    YouTube had listed some handful of criteria that must be fulfilled by the YouTube account holder. To make it easy for you to understand what these criteria are? and what they actually means? We have listed all the YouTube Partner Program Requirements here with explanation.

    #1 Minimum age requirement to become a YouTube partner .

    The minimum age requirement to participate in AdSense program is 18 year old .So, You have to be over 18 to update your existing YouTube account to YouTube partner program .However, There is alternative way to upgrade your account to be YouTube partner program by linking your parent or elder's  approved Adsense account to your YouTube account .

    #2 Your YouTube account must be in good standing.

    Your account must be in good standing. It means that your account hasn't been previously disabled for monetizing. Your YouTube account should not have any copyright disputes,Content ID claims,Copyright strikes and infringement etc.

    #3 Do YouTube partner program has launched in your country?

    Youtube partner programs are now supported in and more than 60 countries. Make sure to check whether the YouTube partner program has launched in your country or not. Although its hard to list here all the YouTube partner program supported country however we tried to come up with almost major YouTube partner program supported country. Soon we will update them all.

    List of Youtube partner supported Countries
    Argentina Korea
    Australia Malaysia
    Austria Mexico
    Belgium Netherlands
    Brazil New Zealand
    Canada Nigeria
    Chile Norway
    China Philippines
    Colombia Poland
    Czech Republic Russia
    Denmark Singapore
    Finland Slovenia
    France South Africa
    Germany Spain
    Greece Sweden
    Hong Kong Switzerland
    India Taiwan
    Indonesia Thailand
    Ireland Turkey
    Italy United States
    Japan United Kingdom

    #4 Your Adsense account hasn't previously been disabled for monetization.

    For those who had adsense account disabled are not likely to accepted as YouTube partner because AdSense account is need for one of the YouTube partner feature. Either you should have new AdSense account or old  approved AdSense account for becoming youtube partner program

    #5 Video must be unique original  and does not infringe any one copyright.

    Most of the YouTube partner program application get's disapproved just because of  YouTube content policy violation , If your video contains any content that infringe anyone copyright or uploaded video contains video about Animal harassing, Adults content ,violence or any kind of harassment etc  then there would be no chance of getting YouTube partner program approved only video that suitable of family viewing are considered as YouTube partner friendly .So make sure to upload videos that are owned by you not the one which are owned by other. However, uploading creative commons video comply with YouTube partner programs

    What You Can Do As YouTube partner or Creator

    The People Psychology about YouTube Partner Program is limited to uploading unlimited duration videos whereas you can do lot more as a YouTube partner. By participating YouTube partner your acount get unlocks with really some of the cool feature that not only helps you to improves your overall YouTube experience but also make money out of it.YouTube Partner Program provides various features .

    • You can uploads unlimited number of Hd videos in longer duration( Greater then 15 minutes ) as compared to standard YouTube account

    • You can upload unlimited HD Video's you created.

    • You can appeal rejected Content ID disputes.

    • Being YouTube partner, You can Link Annotations to your website or merchandise website.
    • You can also customize your video thumbnail previews by upload custom thumbnail for your video and lots more .
    • You can earn money by monetizing your YouTube video to make money with Overlay in-video ads, True-view in-stream ads, Standard stream ads, Unskippable YouTube ads.
    • It allow you to stream live events on your YouTube channel.
    • You can enable paid subscription , Its only people who paid for your channel subscription can only view your videos.

    Step By Step Guide To Become YouTube Partner

    Having an Adsense account make's all the hard part already done. If you already have an Approved Adsense account then only thing you need to do is to fill and associating YouTube partner program by visiting this application form http://www.youtube.com/partners

    However, If you don't have AdSense account then follow these step by step guide to became YouTube partner.

    Create YouTube Account .

    If you have already have one YouTube account then sign in to your YouTube account. Don't have YouTube account? No worries! Go to Google homepage, register your gmail account (you can access YouTube, Google+, and other Google services with a single gmail username and password.) to get your username.
    ( Learn to create google gmail account ). Then Go to YouTube homepage, click Sign in and create account.

    Upload Video in YouTube .

    Next step for unlocking YouTube partner program is to fulfill its basic requirement that is uploading video.Get some popular videos made by you, equipped them with the quine content that people love to see in your video and upload it. Upload atleast 10+ video so that you start getting views.If you already had uploaded videos and getting large number of views then proceed to next step .

    Monetize your YouTube video

    Actually, Monetize your YouTube video does lots of your work in becoming YouTube Partner. It helps YouTube to check whether your video worth becoming YouTube partner or not by analysis your YouTube videos for ads. It means more the popular your youtube channel more chance of  becoming YouTube Partner. All you need to do is to monetize your video for few days. Let YouTube show ads in your video for time being .

    Apply for YouTube Partner Program .

    If you full fill all above points then your are ready for applying YouTube partner program . Visit and fill all required genuine details at http://www.youtube.com/partners and forward your application for approval by accepting terms .


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