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How to Set Up Email in Microsoft Outlook for Windows 8.1

How to Set Up Email in Microsoft Outlook for Windows 8.1

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Microsoft outlook has become a too important part of today’s era that has totally given the new platform in the business world to do their business just only with the help of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft is basically used as the great email application that also include a task manager, calendar, notebook, contacts and web browsing which really advances your email application that is very much beneficial for the business person, so it is too important for everyone to be updated with the latest version of windows. So the Microsoft has presented the live mailing app style through which one can easily set up their email in window 8.1.

Window 8.1 has advances the mailing app that has made the users to manage and configure their email account of google, yahoo, hotmail, rediffmail, etc. and many other for multiple task, such as for sending and receiving mail, creating reminders, sharing and attaching various documents or links, network upgrading, online meetings and many other tasks.

So, if you do not want to go away from outlook as your email communication then you can easily set up your Microsoft outlook email with the smart version of Window 8.1 in a quite simple way. You just only have gone through the instruction as below:

Step by Step guide To Set Up Email in Microsoft Outlook for Windows 8.1

Step 1

Click over the window 8.1 mail app that seems as the mail icon on the home screen then Window Mail app gets open.

Step 2

If it is your first time that you are setting your mail then you will see the “Add an account option” over the screen. Click on “Add an account” then “outlook” and if you are not getting this option, then get the “Charms bar” by pressing combined “Window + C” with the keyboard. At the charms bar, click over “Settings” then “Accounts” and then “Add an account”.

Step 3

Now on the “Add an account” of outlook screen your email address and password is entered and then “Connect button” is clicked. Now your mail app takes some times to find an email server setting that automatically injects your email and password. If your email account successfully gets configure, then it will tend to click over “Finish button”.

Step 4

Now,after clicking “finish”your changes will be saved and now you can easily use your Outlook mail account. Now your mail app will automatically get connected with hotmail or many other mail contacts, that directly reach to the calendar apps and to the people that always keeps you updated from various social sites.

Step 5

In the case if your mail app does not complete your account configuration successfully, then it presents in front of you two options that are “What other things one need to know?” or keep your PC secure. So if you are facing the first option, then go through the instructions shown over your screen for changing the settings or to get more detail of your app and if you faces the second option then click over “Enforce these policies”.

Step 6

In the case if you wish to make your outlook setting more advance, then get “Charms bar” through step 2 process and then go to “settings” then go to “Accounts” and finally click your email account. Now you can change your settings and save them.

If you want to use the POP3, IMAP, HTTP or any other account, then always be alert that you enter correct server setting in your required field and if you faces any problem then you may contact your service provider of email to get the appropriate setting with the details of your email id.

So all the above steps are quite simple and the best procedure to set up your email in Microsoft outlook for Window 8.1 version through which you can easily keep yourself updated that is very much beneficial for an organization or an individuals to get super fast services with latest update.

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