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Top 10 smartphones brands in India

Top 10 smartphones brands in India


The smartphone market in India is expanding and with that, many Indian smartphone manufacturers have grown up into big names in this industry. Brands like Micromax and Karbonn which were trying to have a name in this huge industry are now competing with the giants. Here we list down Top 10 popular smartphones brands in India .

The top 10 smartphone brands that are present in the Indian market.


Another Indian smartphone manufacturer that made huge progress with its android smartphones. Among the Indian manufacturers, this is quite an impressive one and has always served products competitive to Micromax and other manufacturers. However it isn’t as popular as Micromax. Still it occupies a major share of the market and its devices sell in impressive numbers. Just like Micromax, it is also climbing up the ladder from budget devices to mid-range and high end devices. Even after being just a spot below Micromax, it has a long way to go to be even close to it.


Lava has been quite successful in the market, especially with the Xolo brand they introduced. The association with Intel helped them a lot and they came up with some very impressive devices under the Xolo brand. This brand has also got a decent share in the market and manages to sell an impressive volume of devices. Like other Indian manufacturers, Lava is a strong player in the low and mid-range segment.


From a dying brand to every brand’s nightmare, Motorola has come a long way again. It used to be the giant long back but then things went south for Motorola. The brand got resurrected and gave us some really impressive smartphones like the Moto G. thanks to devices like the Moto G and Moto E, Motorola quickly rose up the popularity chart in India and other markets. They also sell the Moto X in Indian market which is an impressive high end device. Now the brand is owned by Lenovo.


This player from China made things tough for lot of manufacturers. Brands like Micromax, Karbonn and Lava were already having a tough time dealing with the budget devices introduced by Motorola and other major brands. In the middle of that, a Chinese manufacturer enters the market with high end devices at mid-range and low end prices, making even the Moto devices look overpriced and people go crazy about the new brand. Xiaomi sold its devices through flash sales and even after so many months of their entry in India, their devices go off the (online) shelf in seconds. They have moved up in terms of volumes internationally as well and they have already passed many major manufacturers.

Nokia/ Microsoft Mobile

Some of the biggest smartphone manufacturers were passed through different hands and Nokia was one of them. It has gone down miles but if someone is looking for windows phone devices, Microsoft Mobile is the vendor to go to. Microsoft Mobile is the renamed version of the mobile phone division of Nokia. They make some really impressive devices like Lumia 930, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520 and are adding new devices to the line-up.


While other brands struggle to sell an impressive number of units to make decent profits, this manufacturers has played big with small numbers. In terms of value, they take a decent share of market even though they don’t sell a lot of devices. They have branded themselves as a premium offering and have generated a strong following. They recently introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for which they were picked on by different manufacturers as they mocked large screen devices earlier. Despite that, Apple devices continue to sell strong with each device generating huge profits to the manufacturer.


This device has been around for a long time but isn’t as successful as the other players in the game. No doubt it has made some very impressive devices recently like the LG G2 or G3 but there is nothing good at the lower end of the spectrum to keep the volumes high. The lack of a good budget device has caused trouble not only for LG but other manufacturers like Sony and HTC as well. LG also made the last two Nexus devices which also sold in impressive numbers in India and other markets.


Sony is also focussing a lot on the higher end of the spectrum while ignoring the budget segment. They have got quite impressive high end devices in its Xperia line-up. They keep releasing a new flagship device every six months to keep bringing something fresh to the table for the buyers. Apart from their flagship devices, they make very impressive compact versions of these devices. Unlike other manufacturers which water down the specifications in making a mini or compact version, Sony tends to retain everything from the flagship device in their compact device.


This manufacturer grew really fast from selling rebranded Chinese feature phones to selling high end smartphones, not only in India but in other markets as well. And it grew really big in terms of volumes and left many popular manufacturers behind. They got huge success in the budget segment and then they later started moving up the ladder to mid-range and high end devices. Association with some major brands also helped Micromax grow. They recently introduced a new brand Yu in the market to cater different audience.


Well there is no doubt this manufacturer has to take the top spot. It has seen many highs and lows but it continues to sell in impressive numbers and has held its spot despite the tough competition from new as well as well-established players. Even though they have been criticised heavily for making monotonous designs and plastic devices, their high end devices pack in lot of innovative features to set them apart from the competition. The Galaxy S series and the Note series are especially popular and now they are trying to change their character with some metal bodied devices coming in.


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