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Why Android Smartphone Hangs and Its Fix

Android Smartphone hangs and Its Solution

Why Android Smartphone Hangs and Its Fix
Smartphone has became one of the most essential and dominant gadget in our daily life, It has almost all the major feature of laptop with the handiness like never before. Wide list of features made us so addicted that we even can’t go anywhere without it.Nowadays's almost every single person you see in crowd have a smartphone in their pocket. It has made everything within your reach in just one click, From entertainment to learning almost everything can be done using smartphone. Although it has several advantages that made our life easy. Besides advantage there are several disadvantages also. Out of those one biggest android Smartphone flaws is hanging up while using smartphone. To fix android smartphone hanging and freezing issue, we need to understand it's cause.

Why Android Smartphone Hang?

Like every other electronic gadget, Smartphone also have their own limitation. Whether you own a brand new phone or old smartphone all the phone likely to get hangs. It has nothing to do with new or old android smart phone. If you run your Smartphone above its system capabilities or any apps consume all the system resource then for sure your android Smartphone will result in hang no matter how good your Smartphone is. Hanging in android Smartphone is just a matter of its system resources availability and amount of the system resources used. However, if your Smartphone hangs rarely the you don't need t worry too much this may due to temporary apps conflict etc. Moreover special attention is need for the phone having anonymously random hangs. It might occur due to over system resources use or due to any hardware issue. In this article we will be discussing about the major cause that make android or any other Smartphone go hang

Factor that Cause Android Smartphone Hang

Android Smartphone hangs either due to hardware malfunctioning or due to software problem. The worst case is hardware malfunction, it require professional knowledge to deal with it.If your mobile phone hardware is not working properly then you need to concert service center for it's solution.Here in this article we will try to state various reason that make android phone hang because you don't require any deep proportional knowledge to tackle android phone hang caused by software.

             In spite of the fact that there are many little to big factor that affect your smartphone functionality, but here we are focusing on major factor that cause smartphone freeze or hang.These are

#1 Internal memory might gone full, remove unwanted data to

No matter how much your internal memory is, if it is filled upto brim, your smartphone will freeze for sure this also due to reason that all the important os files and apps are installed in internal storage and it require atleast 25% of free internal space to work efficiently without lag. There is no alternate way in fixing lag then clearing internal memory. 

                 Do you mobile keep on saying " Phone internal memory low ". I bet your mobile  will be running like snail on sand. To sort this problem you need to make some space in your internal phone memory. We know that its hard to delete those important pic's , Document, video collection and wallpapers collection from your phone but to make your mobile run like before you need to make some space in phone space. Here are some ways by using which you can free your phone internal memory without deleting anything important from your mobile 

Clear Apps Temp Files

All the phone software,Os and apps installed in the internal memory and use major portion of the internal memory for proper functioning. As the time pass, these app's get stored with the temp file which are no longer need by the apps and consume large part of your phone internal storage as dump data.these data are no longer needed by any apps and can be cleared from your smartphone manually or using Cleaning apps.

Move large file to External storage memory.

For some smartphone user clearing temp data does not help at all because only few amount of internal memory can be recovered. there may be case when all of your temp file are already being cleared by clearing apps. Then you require the moving method to free up some of your internal memory. Just choose the large files like pics, movies, mp3, video files etc to your external memory card. This will help you to recover large internal space.

#2 External memory might gone full,Delete some to fix android hanging

If you talk about android phone external memory, it is the most populated storage space that contain's majority of entertaining files like .mp3 ,videos file and images files etc and even lot's more.Likewise internal memory, if the external memory gone full, your smartphone will start to slow down your phone performance like opening of apps, closing of apps, copy to memory card etc and even sometime cause phone to freeze or lag.To Fix lag caused due to external memory  you need to free up some of your phone external memory .Here are some ways to fix lag caused external memory.

Free up your Smartphone external memory.

Our Smartphone is always contain some of the file that are no longer need by us. these files store large space for no use at all so hunt these large files which are no longer need and remove it from your external file. Also check for the duplicate files that often created due to manual error. Also delete unwanted large files like movies, videos and Photos etc or transfer these files to other storage space like compact disk or in your pc.

Upgrade your smartphone external memory

Did you know, majority of smartphone have the facility to upgrade it's external storage. Although it have hardware limitation but you have option to upgrade your storing space to maximum of it's capacity. So, if you don't want to delete any data from your phone then rush to market and get your smartphone external storage spaced upgraded to it's maximum capacity .

#3 Too many Apps may be running in background 

Sometimes, even your mobile have enough of free internal and external memory storage space still your mobile  lag like hell often result in hang then be sure to check background running apps bu what these background running apps? While using phone we often forgot to close apps and start using other apps due to which unclosed apps get minimized and keep on using your android phone recourse  parallely. Since every mobile source have hardware limitation like processor, Ram etc So when the number of background running apps  draining your phone resources your hardware limitation you mobile gets Freeze and hangs.To avoid such problem follow these bellow steps 

Close your android phone Apps properly.

It's always wise choice to close your apps properly. It not only reduce the chance of getting your apps minimize in background but also it prevent your data form accidental loss due force and unsafe closing of apps.

#4 Uninstall heavy apps to fix android phone lag issue. 

Android phone without apps are good for nothing but having unwanted apps installed in your Smartphone only consume your system resource and cause phone to lag. Instead of letting these apps ruins your system resource, hunt them down and uninstalled them for your smartphone.If your smartphone have any heavy apps installed which on opening start to make your phone lag like hell then uninstall it. This will help you to recover some of the internal storage space and help reducing lag to large extent.

#5 Scan your android phone with antivirus

Tried all the above steps to cure your smartphone from freeze and hang. Probably your smartphone internal or external memory  got infected by viruses or worms. Scan your android phone internal and external memory with updated antivirus .If you don't have any antivirus installed make sure to buy one and get it installed in your smartphone.You may also scan your android smartphone with your computer pc antivirus by plugging it with USB and performing scan 


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