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10 Signs you should invest in YouTube

10 Signs you should invest in YouTube.

The advent of content and internet marketing, reaching out to potential customers, revolved and were only favored around exceptionally influential advertisers and clients were chosen according to their financial capacity. It’s a good thing, those days are over.

Today, the internet provides a massive opportunity to earn more money on exploring several marketing techniques through creative contents and watching advertisements is one of them.

When it comes to creating and sharing videos online, YouTube always emerges at the top of the list. In fact, it has already become a household brand name for sharing and uploading videos online.

YouTube which was created in February of 2005 by three former PayPal employees now holds the title for most viewed site on the internet, apart from Google and Facebook. 

How do people get paid on YouTube and how they make more money?


Here is how it works:

Ever had that experience when a link instantly shows up before watching a YouTube video? Watching these commercials, otherwise known as pre-roll, is how people get paid and make more money on YouTube.
For every YouTube Account when an advertisement or commercial is shown, YouTube pays for every thousand or so clicks. The estimate is between $ 20 and $25 per thousand ads that has been clicked and watched. In most cases, advertisements that have been watched all the way till the end cost more. 

In internet marketing, this is what they call Cost-per-Thousand Impressions (CPM). The scheme works well for YouTube Channels with enormous fan bases and massive followers.  However, a channel can only start earning once a Channel owner registers to become a member of YouTube’s Partner Program. The earning potential in this YouTube’s Partner Program is about 45% cut for the Partner and the rest goes to YouTube. Even with this hefty cut on shares, Partner members still earn more than a million dollars. 

There are variations on the how much or less every YouTube Partner earns.  The program only works on every thousand YouTube views; however, advertisements are not the same every single time. There are videos that target a specific location, a specific genre and category. Thus, a Partner can either earn more or less in a given period.

Who are the top earners/ Stars in YouTube and how much do they make?

Creative content creators, passionate video bloggers and fans alike have earned millions of dollars in their respective channels.

Here are some of the five top earners according to YouTube’s analytics:
  1. Creative content creators, passionate video bloggers and fans alike have earned millions of dollars in their respective channels. Here are some of the five top earners according to YouTube’s analytics:
  2. Evan Tube HD who earned $ 1.32 million by filming toy reviews, gadgets and game consoles. What started out as just a father and son bonding is now a million dollar business.
  3. The Rad Brad earned a whopping $ 1.38 million through entertaining and humor-induced game walkthroughs.
  4. Daniel in The Diamond Minecraft with over $ 1.4 million earnings through Minecraft.
  5. Tobuscus. There seems to be a lot going on with Minecraft and these guys actually become instant millionaires. With a $2.8 million earning, there is not a doubt that YouTube generates more money online.
  6. Another Minecraft fanatic, Pew Die Pie, earned $ 8 million last year. 

Why Switch to YouTube Videos?

Yes, if those top earners mentioned on the list above are not convincing enough, here are more reasons why a YouTube investment is worth it.

  1. The Role of Mobile Smart Phones has created a huge advantage on accessibility and availability of information. Obviously, people are hooked on sharing and creating videos, real time. It’s time to do the same. 
  2. Consumers are getting wiser and more intelligent by the day. Traditional marketing techniques will not work anymore. People crave for more creative and interactive promotional content-thus videos become more effective.
  3. Experts suggest that people become deeply moved by things they see rather than what they hear. Videos are visual content that urgently triggers emotions and reactions.
  4. There is already too much of everything. Content marketing is slowly shifting through videos where there is less reading, but suggest a different perspective on the same subject. 
  5. Only Videos that are current and updated matter. No one would watch a 20 year old video unless it is for academic purposes. YouTube is at the top of its competition because of innovative and current video content.

    Brands and products are nothing unless viewed on YouTube. This online video sharing site, with over a billion unique visits each month, has changed the way people watch, create and share videos Online. Every day, over a hundred hours of video is uploaded on YouTube, a strong indication that there is a huge competition for attention and awareness. It shows that there is a critical demand to always be in the know and be sensitive. YouTube is bridging the gap when it comes to interactive marketing, branding and smart consumer choices.

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