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How to Backup Your Blogger (Blogspot) Blog Fast.

How to Backup Your Blogger Blog

Backup Your Blogger (Blogspot) Blog Fast.
Downloading backup of your blogger blog is great way to secure your content from accidental loss. It not only help in recovering your blog content like published post, drafts, pages and comments but also let you transport your blogger blog content to other blogging platform like self hosted WordPress blog. However, Blogger don't generate backup automatically, the one should download it's backup manually. Blogger let their authorize blog owner to download whole blog including post, page and comment using one click. Note: Blogger.com and blogspot.com both are same 

Why Backup blog?

Recently many of the popular blog has been sneaked by the group of hacker, who had deleted their year of work within few second. Some of  the victim blogs had suffered lot's of damage as they do not have backup of their blog while some are lucky to find their blog backup on their hard drive.This incident can happen to anyone having blog on web, so it's better to download backup of your blog on regular basic so that when your blog post or content is hit by such drastic situation you may recover your blog back live. 

Step By Step Guide on How to Backup Your Blogger Blog

In this article we will guide you through step by step guide to create backup of your blogger blog in one click using blogger import button.

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Step1: Access Blogger dashboard 

Go to Blogger.com, Sign-in blogger using your Gmail account (Google account).

Step 2: Select blog to make backup of

From your blogger dashboard, select the blog you want to make backup of, click on it

Step 3: Click Settings 

 Under your blog  " Overview " section, Go to extreme left hand side, look for setting and click on it.

Step 4: Click Other 

Under "settings", look for  "Other" and click on it .

Step 5: Click Export blog

Now, Under "other" look for the label "Blog Tools" and select the option "Export blog" .

Step 6: Click Download blog

When you click Export blog, new small window will popup with option to " Download blog ". Click on it and Save file to your harddisk.


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