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How to Make Money with Blogger (Blogspot) blog

How to make money with blogger

make money with bloggerGoogle Blogger is one of the Popular Google product  that let you create a free blog, apart from just blogging, It is the best choices for those who want to make money without investing any single penny from there pocket. Creating a blog in blogger does not cost anything moreover, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and provide effective way to monetize blog content by showing advertisement. The third party html/javascript embedding feature in blogger unlock doors of money making with blogspot blog. So, Do money making with blogger blog is easy as it's seems.The answer for this question lies in your blog content quality and traffic stats,If your blogger blog  is serving quality content and have sufficient amount of organic traffic to your blog then you can make anywhere from $1 to $1000. we are bluffing, bloggers around the web are really making that amount of money with their blog, web are filled with such success story. However to earn that much money on regular basic, one should have lot's of patience, good communication and writing skills, dedication toward blogging, sound knowledge of search engine Optimization and Traffic driving strategy etc.In this article we will show you how to make decent money with blogger and way's of monetizing your blogger blog . 

Getting started making Money with blogger

Steps to get started making money with blogger

The only way to make money with blogger is through monetizing your blog content with ads or by selling other products or your own service. In blogger there are bacially two way's using which one can make money with blog. Before going through these two ways to make money with blogger, One should create a blogger blog and drive sufficient amount of traffic. A blog without traffic will not earn single penny.

Let me show you how you can create blog in blogger and Improve your blogger traffic

Step 1: Create Blogger blog

To get started making money with blogger blog first things you need to do is to create blog in blogger.com. Let me show you how to create in blog in blogger.com.

If you don't have Google account already then create one.See how to create Google account 

Step 2: Write quality content.

The basic ingredient of the blog is it's content, having quality blog content are always helpful in building quality audience and popularity of blog which helps in building traffic to your blog.The more content your blog will have more traffic your blog will receive and more money your blog will generate .

Step 3: Improve your blogger traffic

Quality content are good for nothing if no one can see it. Sometime's blog having quality content get unnoticed due to low search engine visibility of your blogger blog and reach. to improve your blogger blog reach follow below given point.

Step 4: Choose best monetization method for your blog

Right monetization method can convert your blog traffic to money making machine while wrong monetization methods will lower your earning rate.However, the biggest hurdle in making money with blogger blog is to find legit and best monetizing method that really generate money out of your website content and traffic.So we have come up with the method by using which you can make money out of your blog content and traffic.

#1 Make money by monetizing your blogger blog with adsense

AdSense is the one of the popular google product that let webmaster to monetize their blog/website content with cpc and cpm ads.It can turn your blogger blog to money making machine only if your blogger blog getting good amount of organic traffic.
           To get started making money with AdSense in blogger. You need to create AdSense account and get your AdSense account approved . Once your adsense application get's approved, you will be able to monetize you blogger blog via your blogger dashboard, Adsense tab

#2 Make money by monetizing your blogger blog with affiliate link

Affiliated marketing is the commission based marketing scheme which let you earn money by selling the commissionable product on your blogger blog. Unlike the Adsense, you earn money only when someone buy's product or service using your affiliated link .
           To get started monetizing blogger blog with affiliated link , you need to join affiliated network that pay's money. Get your affiliated link and  emmbed in your blogger blog gadget or in post .

Tips to Improve Your Blog's Online Earnings
  • Increase traffic to your website, more traffic will generate more money.
  • Update your blog daily with new content, It will make your existing audience and search engine busy. 


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