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How to Permanently Deactivate Facebook Account 2016.

How to Permanently Deactivate a Facebook Account

If you are no longer want to use your Facebook account but don't actually don't want to delete it then best solution for you is to deactivate your facebook account  permanently.This will ensure your account existence on Facebook and none of the people will actually see your Facebook content accept your account name. it more like delting your Facebook account but this let you reactivate your Facebook account whenever you want. Basically Facebook  provide two option for removing your Facebook activity on temporary bases as well as permanent basic,Temporary hiding of Facebook data is know as deactivate while permanent removal is the result of Facebook delete. here in this article we will be using Facebook deactivate option to hide Facebook data permanently. however your account will be reactivated if you log in to your account.So to deactivate permanent, Deactivate your account and avoid log in.  Before getting started with step by step deactivate Facebook Permanently guide, you must understand what exactly both options do so that you best utilize these two Facebook functions.

What does deactivating Facebook account means?

By deactivating Facebook account,  all of your Facebook activity like your uploaded photos, comments, likes and your Facebook timeline will  be hidden and no one will able to access or see them. However you will appears on Facebook friend list but non can view your profile pic.

What does deleting Facebook account means?

Successfully Deleting of Facebook account will completely removes all your Facebook account database associate with like uploaded photos, messages, friends, created pages etc from Facebook  and no longer will be recoverable.

Steps By step Guide to Permanently Deactivate Facebook account

Step 1: Log into Facebook

Go to Facebook.com, Access your Facebook account by entering log in credential

Step 2: Go to Facebook account settings

Go to top right corner of your Facebook window and click on the drop down triangle shape button, Under
drop down window, Click settings .

Step 3: Open Facebook Security Settings

Under General Account Settings window, On the left hand side, Click Security to open Security Settings .

Step 4: Click Deactivate your account.

Under Security Settings window , Click "Deactivate your account".

Step 5:Confirm Deactivating Facebook account

Enter reason for deactivating Facebook account and click confirm

Step 6: For Permanent Facebook account deactivation 

To deactivate your Facebook permanent uncheck  "Auto reactivate" , click confirm , Enter your password if promoted by click ok.

Watch on YouTube How to deactivate Facebook account permanently 


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