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Top 10 Best Domain Registrars

Top 10 Best Top-level Domain Name Registrars

What could be better then having domain name at cheapest possible registration and renewal charge, registered on best domain name registrar of the world, Just having a domain name registered on domain name does not worth if you have not got right web hosting plan for your website.

Top 10 Best Domain Registrars

To make your domain name and web hosting on a go we have  have come up with these top ten domain name registration company.This top 10 list is made on the basic of hosting plans , domain name registration features,Domain name registration charges, Promotional discounts, customer support and last but not the list their popularity among their customer. 

#10 FatCow.com


Fatcow.com is basically a web hosting site, We have placed this web hosting company in our top ten domain name registrar because it is equipped with all the features that you need to have in a domain name registrar company, It allow top level domain name registration in various popular domain name extension like .com starting for just $15.99/year, for whois guard you need to pay additional price of $9.99/year .They also brand new bundle of new top level domain name extension which give your domain name an attractive look.However this Web hosting company fails to provide domain name buyying features like bulk domain name search, search filters etc.Visit Fatcow.com

#9 www.ipage.com


Ipage.com is not the cheapest domain name registrar company though you can save your domain name registration charge by choosing there annual hosting plan which comes at just $2.25/month . It is the cheapest hosting plan which allow yo uo host unlimited number of domain name. However if you are just thinking to buy domain name then top level domain name registration at ipage.com start with only $15.99/year with an additional charge of $9.99/year (optional) for domain privacy protection.If you are thinking for mass buying domain name then we wouldn't be recommending this company because it lacks mass domain name registration feature. Visit Ipage.com

#8 Hostgator.com

Hostgator.com was founded by Brent Oxley on October 22, 2002, The company have long postive history in web hosting world and still maintain it's top position in web hosting worlds. It is basically a web hosting company also open for domain name registration, top level domain name registration  .com starting at $15.00 / yr, it allow you to add domain name privacy protection by paying additional $$9.95 /yr. If you are looking for bulk domain name registration or domain name in new generic based top level domain name then this is not your kind of domain name registrar as it is a primarily web hosting company that's why they have limited top level domain name extension like .com .net .info .org .biz .me  .us .co. however if you are looking for good web hosting and domain combo plan then this web hosting company stands shoulder to shoulder in top 10 webhosting company. Visit Hostgator.com

#7 Register.com


Register.com was founded by Richard, Peter Forman and Dan Levine in 1994. They started business as a provider of Internet services later they turned there business to web hosting solution .In 2010 The Register.com's was sold to web.com for $135 million in 2010.Register.com. Now the company is owned by web.com but still it function as it was functioning previously. The Register.com is not only a domain registrar company but it's also provide some of the powerful hosting solution. It has wide list of popular domain name extension , New generic top level domain name extension and Country domain name extension also. You can protect your domain name whois data by purchasing Private domain name which cost you additional $11.00/year cost along with top level domain name registration yearly charge. Visit Register.com

#6 123-reg.co.uk 


123-reg.co.uk is the Europe based largest web hosting company, It claims to registered over 3 million domain names and have Eco friendly data center with 1.5 millions website hosted. The 123-reg.co.uk have almost everything that you need to make your website online 24/7. This webs hosting company is perfect for registering top level domain , as they have several popular domain name extension like .com .net .org etc, wide list of new generic top level domain and popular country based domain extension. you can pre order newly available domain name extension and can buy mass domain name using bulk domain name search tools.It allows you to register domain name for maximum period of 10 year after that you need to renew it again. The top level domain name having extension .com cost you £10.99/year and whois privacy protection come for additional pries of £4.99 .Visit 123-reg.co.uk

#5 1and1.com 


1and1.com available popular top level domain name Extension

1and1.com is the another cool domain name registrar and web hosting company in a row, It was established in 1988, It's primary known for it's eco friendly web hosting solution and its cheapest domain name registration .The best thing about 1and1.com that made them stands out of the crowd is is their attractive pricing scheme for domain name registration as wells as for web hosting. They have almost all the major top level domain extension and brand new domain name extension for you to choose from however they lack behind other domain name registrar when we talk about country based domain name extension . There top level domain name registration having popular extension .com start with just $14.99/annually. With promotional coupons code you can get new domain name for just $0.99 for first year. Visit 1and1.com

#4 Networksolutions.com 


Networksolutions.com available popular top level domain name Extension

Networksolutions.com was owned by web.com for $404 millions in 2010. It is basically a web hosting company which was designed for business and entrepreneur website, It offer domain name registration in popular domain name extension, new domain name extension and some popular country code domain extension.We can't resist to add networksolution.com on top 10 domain name registrar because its only the domain name registrar which allow you to register top level domain name for more then 10 year, maximum of 100 year.It is best for Long term domain name registration as it cost much cheaper then any other long term domain name registration on the other hand it is worst for short duration domain name registration as it's Top level domain name registration starting cost start at $32/year and for the private domain name registration you need to pay additional cost of $9.99 per year.Visit Networksoulution.com

#3 Domain.com


Domain.com available popular top level domain name Extension

Domain.com is basically domain name registrar company founded in 2000. It also provide other web solution like shared web hosting, website designing etc. It has all major Top Level Domains, new domain name extention and over 25 country code domain name registration to choose from. Although Domain.com is primarily domain name registration site it look like it lack basic bulk domain name registration feature for mass domain search .This make difficult for you to manually search for all available domain name extension for your searched name.The top level .com domain name start at just $9.99 without any promotional offer,To get private domain name registration you need to pay additional $8.99 per year. You can also save more money by applying domain.com promotion codes .Visit Domain.com

#2 Namecheap.com 

NameCheap.com was founded by Richard Kirkendall in 2000 as a private company, It is Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers-accredited domain registrar and web hosting company. As the name suggest it promises to provide cheap top level domain name along with cheapest whois guard protection cost only $2.88 you have given with wide list of domain extension to choose from . It has almost all the popular country domain name and new generic domain name. You can register your top level domain name maximum of 10 year. They also support bulk domain name registration which allow you to register maximum of 50 domain name at a time .The Pricing schemefor top level domain name are very much affordable as they provide cheapest private domain name registration, .com domain name starting as low as $10.69 without any promotional code. You can save more by adding coupon or promotional code. Visit namecheap.com

#1 GoDaddy.com 


Godaddy.com available popular top level domain name Extension

#1 GoDaddy.com - Home of the $1.99 domain name
Godaddy.com is privately owned company, founded by Bob Parsons in 1997. It is the world largest domain name registrar company having around 59 million domains under management and still counting. Its pointless to say why it is so popular. No other domain registrar company stands near by in terms of their customers. It has largest domain name extension to choose from. whether you want popular domain extension like .com or you want country domain extension it has almost every domain name extension which are available for registration .They have almost everything to find right domain name for you in every possible domain name extension. The registration of top level domain name like .com start with $9.99 + $0.18 ICANN Fees without any discount. You can get huge discount by adding Godaddy coupon code. Learn how to add godaddy coupon code .Visit Godaddy.com


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