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How to Clear Full Youtube Search History in just one click

What Exactly YouTube Search History do? How to clear YouTube history with just one click?

You might have seen search history under your YouTube account and a great number of YouTube users wonder about the role of YouTube history and what does it do? Actually the search history you see in your YouTube account is nothing but the record of searched keywords via YouTube search, whenever you search any keywords on YouTube while logged in and the keywords gets stored in under YouTube history label. Basically the YouTube search history feature helps account holder to refer their old searched keywords. Although the YouTube search history is of great use and only people having an access to a YouTube account can see history but sometime people like to get rid of YouTube search history record due to various reasons. If you are the one who wants to get your YouTube history record clear the please follow the below given step by step guide.

Step by Step guide to clear full YouTube search history 


Step1: Sign-in to yours YouTube account

Go to www.youtube.com and sign-in to yours YouTube account by entering your Google login credential. Note: Do not share your login passwords and username with any one.

Step2: Select desired YouTube channel

When you logged in to YouTube account, If you have more than one YouTube channel account then select the one on which you need to clear search history. Go to extreme right corner of your YouTube home page, you will see your YouTube account profile picture, click on it and select the desired one.

Step3:Click on history

Go to extreme right hand side of your YouTube homepage, you will see history label, click on it

Step4:Click on search history

Under history, did you find two tabs labeled as Watch history and search history, click on search history (https://www.youtube.com/feed/history/search_history).

Step5: Choose the way to clear search history

Now from search history window, you can clear your search history one by one by pointing searched term and hitting X or you can clear full search history in one click by clicking on clear search history.

Important note about clearing search history

This will clear full search history from your YouTube account. You cannot recover search history once your click on clear search history confirmation button. If you want only few searched keyword to be removed then clear search history manually as mentioned in step 5


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