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Top Strategies Of Making Money From Home With Comfort Through Freelance Writing.

Top Strategies Of Making Money Through Freelance Writing

Top Strategies Of Making Money through Freelance Writing

People with writing skills are really fortunate. They can stay comfortable at home and earn money online by completing all sorts of texts. The thing is that there are tons of websites offering such tasks. So what’s the best place to get started?

Best place to get started making money through Freelance Writing

Writers have two options. The first consists in contributing to certain websites that pay for the number of views and clicks. The sums offered are quite small and honestly, this method is not that efficient. Contributors can earn a dozen of dollars, but in a long period of time. You must be very patient.

The second option is much more profitable and fast. This one supposes writing articles for websites that pay immediately for the content delivered. The prices are often fixed and the texts belong to specific niches. The number of followers is usually pretty high, so the websites are indeed demanding. And this is the number one challenge – being accepted by the team as a regular writer. As a consequence, you’d better polish those writing skills before applying to such positions.

Revenue-Sharing Sites

This is an accessible platform for users worldwide. There are no complicated processes of enlisting – writers just have to join the website and submit articles. However, not everything gets to be approved by the administrators. The main rules refer to the text’s features – this has to be error free (no grammar or spelling mistakes) and longer than 700 words.

The downside is that users must already have a Google AdSense account, and this is not easy to obtain. Then, the total minimum sum to be withdrawn is $100.

2. Dailytwocents
As the name says it, the website helps users gain cent by cent. Basically, writers receive $0.005 per view with one condition – the visitor must stay more than 30 seconds on the page. A good aspect is that contributors can withdraw minimum sums of $5. Furthermore, you can also use affiliate links to bring in more views.

3. ShoutMeLoud
On this platform, writers post articles about WordPress, blogging, SEO, how to make money online, and things like these. Again, users must already have a Google AdSense code to place on each article.
Don’t get your hopes up, the average sums gained per mouth are about $1 or $3. But if you are patient enough and publish more and more articles, the dollars will add up. It is a matter of consistent work.

Fixed-Rate Sites

4. Writers.ph
This company offers regular salaries for freelancers working in here. Furthermore, excellent writers can even receive bonuses. The tasks belong to a large variety of areas and the workers are free to choose the ones they prefer.

The biggest benefit is that the website is the one providing the writers with the tasks and clients. So users have an ensured amount of projects per month and can focus only on the writing.

5. Freelancercareers
If you know you have great writing skills, then creating an account in here would be a good idea. The payment ranges from $7 to $30 per page, depending on the expertise and topic. Also, if the writers are able to complete the order in a short period of time, the quotes go up.

You can choose to work as an essay writer, technical writer or resume writer. The platform requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in one particular educational field. All applicants must pass English and writing tests before being accepted.

6. iWriter
iWriter has a great payment rate, about $1.25 for 150 words. And this rate does not depend on the number of views. Users can withdraw a minimum amount of $20.

The downside is that clients are free to reject the texts, if they are not satisfied with the results. The platform does not mediate conflicts, so some work may remain unpaid.

However, a good reputation brings in more money. Achieve 4-star reviews for 30 articles and become a premium writer. This means being paid double than usual. To triple the income, struggle to get 4.5 star reviews for another 30 articles.

7. Asiawriters
This website is dedicated to helping talented writers from Asia. The company can ensure a constant amount of orders and a stable monthly income. The applicants must go through some tests – pass English grammar quiz, submit an excellent article, hold Bachelor’s Master or PhD degree and have vast knowledge in one particular academic area.

The payment is released twice a month for every writer. Hard working users receive extra bonuses. In the end, your efforts are paid off.

8. Textbroker
The payment in here is settled by the website. Here is how things work – when creating an account, users must provide a sample. Depending on the quality of the text, editors establish a price for you. This may go up as you grow to be a better writer.

The actual quotes are around 0.7 cents/word (for two starts rating) and 5.0 cents/word (for five starts rating). The minimum sum to be withdrawn is $10, no more than once a week.

9. Essaywriters.net
In order to become a writer at Essaywriters.net, you have to go through a simple signing up process. The platform is looking especially for academic researchers, technical writers, resume writers, experts in legal, business, finance and literature departments.

Users can see a table with existing tasks and the budget offered by the clients. Besides these, the website offers bonuses for fast deliveries. For instance, if the writer completes the project in 24 hours, he/she can get some extra $7 to $16 per page.

10. Pukitz
This website hunts niche writers, for any field out there. Users collaborate with the owner, who is also the editor and the publisher of the content. The payment is not that high (only $0.50 per article) and the text must have at least 500 words. Writers are asked for no more than one post per week.
A good aspect is that authors still have rights upon the materials. You can ask for your work back at anytime. Furthermore, writers can post the article on personal blogs, after Pukitz took it down.

11. Worldstart
Combine writing skills with IT knowledge and write articles containing tech tips. This area is highly appreciated and wanted. Not to mention that the payment is amazing – from $25 to $50 per article.
The texts are published on blogs, as well as in newsletters.

12. About.com
This website has an impressive number of monthly visitors. As a consequence, the quotes offered to writers are more than attractive.

The content is organized in a large variety of micro-niches. The truth is that it is really, really hard to be accepted in the team. But it is totally worth it, considering the payment and the exposure.

13. Listverse
The platform is specialized in articles providing lists of 10 interesting facts. The areas are not restricted, every field is welcomed. The text submitted must have at least 1500 words. If the team accepts and publishes it, the author can get up to $100.

In conclusion, there are tons of ways of making money online. Take into consideration the websites presented above and choose the most fitted ones for you. Also, feel free to share other platforms with us!

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