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What is Google Blogger? It's pros and cons

What is Google blogger?

Google blogger is the Google's free weblog publishing tool that lets people to create free blog on blogger.com by using their gmail account. It is the first ever free weblog publishing tool that provides free space for blog with unlimited bandwidth as well as features to monetize your blog for free.In blogger.com, you can create your own free blog having almost 95% up time, write any number of post,embed any number of photos and YouTube video, customize your blog template, monetize you blog with contextual ads like adsense and with affilated ads and lots more feature etc.

                        The number of blogger templates and html editing feature let you to transform your blog as Photography blog, Magazine blog, Video blog, online journal or to any kind of blog you wish to. In one word we can say the blog hosted on blogger is not only reliable but also know for its usability.This is the main reason why millions of people relly on blogger for blogging. At present, many popular companies are using google blogging platform to publish their blogs.

Why Google Blogger

On comparing with other free weblog publishing website like wordpress.com, the Google blogger is the first choice of the people who are seeking free blogging platform that let them create number of free blog, provide unlimited bandwidth for free and most important feature is to monetizing blog and make money with it.In more simpler words it let you do everything what other free weblog publishing tool does not for example, It let you to add third party JavaScript, html codes , you can edit or update your template codes , backup your blogger blog or blogger blog template in one click, optimize your blog post for SEO etc. The Google blogger allow you to choose free subdomain name for a blog having .blogspot.com as sub domain like ours www.shoutingblogger.blogspot.com. It also let blog owner to park top-level domain to their blogger blog with the help of feature known as “Set up a third-party URL for your blog”. To learn more about blogspot blog (Blogger blog) see below major pros and cons of google blogger blog which will help you decided whether google blogger blog is for you or not.

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Pros and cons of Google Blogger

Every product or service exist in this universe have pros and cons, no matter who created them. Like others, Google blogger also comes with pros and cons. Here are some pros of blogger that makes blogging on blogger with ease.

Pros of Google Blogger

If you are new to blogging then you will find blog handier and convenient to use, all the features in blogger are made so easy to understand that even the non graduate can learn how to blog in blogger within a day. It has bundled of feature that let you beautify your blog and seo with easy. Here are some key pros of blogger blog.

#1 Unlimited bandwidth- Can bear lots of traffic
Google blogger provide free unlimited bandwidth for every blog you create in blogger/blogspot. Here the word “Unlimited” means that your website can handle large amount of traffic or visitor count with almost 95% uptime that’s almost impossible with other free weblog publishing site.
#2 Post writing made easy with wysiwyg editor
With Google bloggers wysiwyg editor, one can write blog post with easy,upload video drieclty to youtube and images to pissasa without leaving a post window.This help in saving lots of yours time which you can use it for writing great content.
#3 Setup Custom Toplevel Domain on Blogger
The Google blogger let their user to register free subdomain name for your blog and also provide option to Setup Custom Toplevel Domain on Blogger with easy and for free. ( See Here top 10  best domain registrar companies.)
#4 Let you Add third party Html/javascript code.
The one of the biggest pros of blogger over other blogging platform is that you can add custom html/javascript code in your blogger blog. This enables you to monetize your blog with content ads and affiliated ads for free.
#5 Create 100 blogs.
With one blogger profile or gmail id you can create maximum upto 100 blogs for free.
#6 Backup BlogSpot  blog in a click.
Like other free blogging platform, Google blogger ak Google blogspot let you download your blogger blog template and whole blog content including blog post , pages and comments etc in just one click as archived file.
#7 Importing BlogSpot blog templates in a click.
You can import old blog to existing blog in one click by using import blog feature and it also let you import or upload custom blogger template to beautify your blog.
#8 Blog Search engine optimization
You can optimize your blogger blog for seo by setting up Meta tags, meta description and custom robots.txt. It also let you optimize your particular blog post search description by enabling it from the blog settings.
 #9 Private blog in blogger
In blogger you can create private blogger blog by manipulating some of the blogger feature like Privacy, robots.txt and blog reader. Once the blog is made private then only author or Invited reader can access it.
#10 HTTPS Availability Feature
If you are using blogspot subdomain name then you have an option to switch to Https for encrypted and more secured connection. However this feature does not applicable for custom top level domain name.
#11 Blog Portability.
You can Transfer you whole blog including blog template and blog post to other blog by using Blogger blog backup and template backup.
#12 Invite Author.
In blogger, Blog owner can invite maximum of 100 author to your blog by using email id, The author in blog can write and manage only their post.
#13 Blogger traffic stats
It let you check your blog daily, weekly, monthly page views, Traffic source etc from the blogger dashboard itself

Cons of Blogger

Blogger has lots of pros as a free weblog publishing platform but still it do have some flaws that lessen the popularity among bloggers like you cannot upload pdf files, Txt files etc . This is the main reason why people switch to self hosted wordpress blog.The limited feature of blogger does not let you control blog fully like you can do in self hosted blog.On comaparing with other free blogging platform, there are hardly few cons of blogger these are.
#1 Dailly blog post limit.
Google blogger impose spam check feature once you reach post limit of 50 within 24 hour, After every 50th post, you need to fill spam check to publish blog post.
#2 Deleting Google blogger blog
Deleting blog in blogger is not like you hit button “delete” and blog gone forever. The blog get deactivate when you delete button however It takes 90 days for fully deletion of blog.


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