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Use these amazing Apps and get yourself running in the park or even as a professional runner

American Journal of Preventive- Medicine has undertaken studies which have revealed that only 5% of Americans engage in regular physical activities daily. Most people hate running and do it only when they have to lose weight. These people hate the soreness which develops after running. Fitness experts are of the opinion that when you run daily, this pain would be absent. In fact your body would love this physical activity and you would also start enjoying it. To make this experience below, below are a few apps which could be used by you.

VIA- This app is priced at £1.99 and is a boon for runners who tend to get lost when they change their running pattern. Once you have downloaded VIA, you would get instructions regarding how to travel from your starting point and easily reach your destination point. Here you could just select the two locations with their pin-codes and instantly you would have a map to help you out.

Zombies- Zombies add tons of creativity when you run daily. The app costs you £2.49. This app makes you a part of the story and here you are undertaking a mission to escape from these zombies. When you speed up your running, the zombies would stop groaning and the moment you stop, they will be suddenly jumped upon you. Most users find this app very entertaining and it helps them to push more.

Bupa-Smart Runner- This app which is free to download. Additionally it also helps you to be mean, lean and free from any sort of running injury. Here the app would help you to select from a varieties of running techniques like running up a hill to simple sprinting. The app would also offer audio inputs. Here you can download videos which would help you to understand what the experts recommend and how you can solve your problems.

Runkeeper- When using this app, you would be loaded with running statistics. Here all that you need to do is set a simple goal and start running. The app would then start working hard and update the duration you are using for the run, the total distance covered and also the pacing technique you have undertaken. If you are an ardent runner, you can share these details in your social media accounts with your friends.

Nike+- The Nike + is synchronized with your advanced Nike shoes. The technology used is revolutionary and it is one of the most effective apps used. The functions provided by the app could appear very basic, but it is essential to understand that it has easy interface and the running stats are good.

Run with Map My Run- This free to download app uses the GPS system in your phone and tracks your running data. These data’s could be what is your running speed, what is the distance that you have run and it also stores these data accurately.

Strava-Run- This app is available free to download and you can also pay £3.99, for its premium versions. If you want to beat your friends in running, then this is the app for you. Apart from offering the basic functions, you can also map running data of your.

Endomondo- Endomondo can be downloaded free, but would have limited features. However when you pay a monthly fee of £1.99, you can enjoy its premium versions. Some of its features are analyzing your training, comparing each workout sessions and comparing these data with the data of other friends who are regularly running.

Cadence-Trainer-This app is priced at £0.69. Fitness experts consider Cadence-Trainer to be an app which prevents injures. 

TempoRun- This is one effective app which helps you to run and it syncs your music with it. Here you have the ability to select the tempo and then start running along.

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