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The dreadful moment of recharging your phone from time-to-time will be reduced in a moment.

Normally, just before you bought your smartphone, you already have in mind the necessary apps that you ought to download and store in your mobile with the slightest thinking how these apps would bring massive impact to your mobile’s battery consumption.

It is given that smartphones are real battery killer and remains a battery killer if the owner is a little bit of a less aware individual. You don’t have to be techy to learn these smartphone battery hacks, Debloquer un iPhone scrupulously found a quick fix to these easy problem. You just have to hang on for a couple of minute to discover and learn the top 3 helpful apps which will boost your phone’s energy. 

Are you still thinking how to keep your smartphone’s battery efficiency up with lesser to no hustle at all? Debloquer un iPhone would be the first step. After that, you can uninstall your old battery saving app right after reading this brief yet very useful discovery.

It is of no use reading this if you won’t change your old ways, and it is more than a fact that you only put your phone and important documents at risk if you stick around on your old ways and continue using your old bungling battery saving application. 

In this article, you will learn how Debloquer un iPhone will shift your usual battery life saving perspective and get you into a fresher way to extend your smartphone’s battery life. 

It is time to level up your mobile’s battery life by choosing one of these top 3 Debloquer un iPhone picks!

Fist to make it on the list: DU BATTERY APP

Rated 4.5 in Google play, DU battery app will undoubtedly solve your smartphone’s battery problems. Not only in Google play but also in iOS smartphone platform does DU flaunt their flag in amazing state-of-the-art app for battery saving.

Equipped with Smart pre-set modes, Phone cooler, Battery optimizer, Battery life status, Healthy charging manager, and cool widgets, this app will absolutely left your jaw hanging. Imagine how these feature works in your smart phones? Here are some information you must know: 

  • Phone cooler helps monitoring, managing, and disabling CPU-intensive apps to reduce your phones temperature; 
  • Healthy Charging Manager astutely tracks and implements safer charging practices to preserve optimal battery efficiency. Alongside with its great features DU battery app comes for free. Yes, you heard it right. It’s all-time free in Google play.

Running second: AVAST BATTERY SAVER 2.0

Avast is not only good at protecting your smartphone from harmful malware. The famed software firm specializing mobile security went for another mile in showcasing their shrewdness in taking care of your smartphone by creating another application that will speed up and prolong your phone usage. 

With an astounding rating of 4.4 in Google play with more than 230 million people enjoying its vast features, Avast placed mobile security software generation to a higher notch. 

The unique features offered by Avast Battery Saver 2.0 include a “Stop App” button that extends your battery up to 20% by stopping standby apps in the background. If you want an accurate energy left in the battery, this app will be a great teller. Adaptive energy estimate function will inform you, in real-time, how much energy left in your battery. Moreover, this app also features 5 energy saving profiles that will automatically adjust you phone’s settings. 

Arriving at the third spot: GREENIFY

Greenify land its best as Lifehacker’s Top 1 Utility in 2013 Best Android Apps and top 3 in Android’s Best Root Apps. This App will assist you to identify and place misbehaving apps to hibernation so untoward lagging and drag processes will be avoided and reduced. It is good to note that Greenify hibernation feature will not affect the functionality of any hibernating apps. If you switch back to these apps, it is like you never left from using it.

Your phone will reach its great potential with Greenify’s battery app that will help your smartphone run smoothly with endurance as good as brand-new. This app will also support your mobile security need by not storing any of your personal information. Some advantages from this app range from their unique XXX Task Killer that reduces background app from squeezing-dry your battery to preset modes that varies from light to extreme power saving setting. 

These pretty cool apps are just around ready for download. Some of these apps have upgrades that come in their pro version like Greenify and Avast battery saver 2.0. There are some features that are quite absent in free version of the app, but whether free or at a regular price, these top 3 picks are so far the greatest among many other battery saving apps around the planet. They continuously strive for perfection. Guaranteed tested and proven!

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