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How to Convert pdf file to Word Document Without Software

How to convert PDF file to Word format Without using any Software in safe and secured manner


Converting a pdf File to word file can be easily done with  the help of  free pdf converting software and with online documents converting website, However the quality produce by free pdf to word conversion software and website are not at all good. Majority of the free converting website and software produce bad formatting word files due to which we need to waste our time in correcting errors and formatting which is a tedious and hectic job.This things happen with almost all free pdf to word converting site and software. However you can get high quality pdf to word file with the help of paid pdf converter software for example Adobe Document Cloud/Adobe Acrobat Pro DC which will cost you upto $20/month, best thing about this software is, you can edit, save and store online, in one word it is complete PDF solution made by professional for the professional.

                                            So, do you have to buy those costly software for converting pdf file to word file? It depends upon one's need like in my case I prefer converting pdf to word with the help of this littile trick, although we require internet connection because we have to use Google apps for converting word to pdf or pdf to word. why google not other converting online site. Beacause personally I feel safe using google apps for converting pdf to word files and it produce high quality converted files as compare to all other free as well as paid pdf files. However it takes little bit more time as compared to paid document software and online website. So, why pay when you can do it for free. Here is the trick you all can try to convert pdf file to any words format.

Step By step Guide to convert Pdf to Miscrosoft Word file

In our previous article we have taught you how to convert word to pdf file without using any software, If you didn’t read that article then take few minute in reading that  was really a cool trick.
Now, Let’s talk about this new trick to convert pdf file to word format. Soon we will be coming with youtube tutorial on same. So, Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
To apply this trick you need a working internet connection and google account.If you already have google account then it's good however if you don't have one then create one.
 We will be using Google drive app to convert any size pdf file to word file. If you have finished creating google account then start following these step to converting your pdf file to words in safe and secure manner.

" NOTE: Always make sure to create backup of main file before making any changes to it. This will helps in recovering the content in case of any kind of unwanted changes "

Step 1: Sign-in to google.

Open www.google.com in your web browser, go to top right corner and click sign-in. now

  • Enter the Email id (Gmail id ) inside the text box “Enter your email” and then click on Next.
  • and then enter the Password associated with you Gmail id inside the text box “Password” .

Step 2: Open Google Drive.

Go to top right corner, Beside Profile pic, you will see square shape icons arrange in 3X3 matrix (Known as Google apps ), click on it.

Now look for the drive icon or name and click on it. You can also directly access drive by visiting https://www.google.com/drive while logged in to your Gmail account.

Step 3: Upload Pdf File you want to convert to word.

Under My-Drive, click on new and choose File Upload by left clicking on it. Now browse the pdf file you want to convert to a Microsoft word document. Click on the pdf file and then click ok.

Depending upon the size of your pdf file It will take around 1 to 15+ minutes for the pdf file to upload on your drive account.

Step 4: Open with Google doc.

To convert the pdf file to a word file, right click on uploaded pdf file and choose open with Google doc. Since we have converted word to pdf format therefore some of the formatting will not be seen in word.

Step 5: Do required formatting and Download as word file

Give word document a well formatted look and save it. To Download word file, Click on file, go to “Download as” Microsoft word (.docs)

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