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Smartphones technology

As day passes by the technologies that are used in smart phones upgrades at a rapid pace that’s the reason we see a new Smartphone every now and then with newer technologies installed in it. In this Article we try to cover these new technologies that are often used in today’s Smartphone. The list goes on and on but we see the upmost latest technologies existing today.

1. 2.5 D/3 D Glass

Now days almost every Smartphone comes with 2.5 D glass on it. The thing that differs 2.5 D glass from a normal glass is that while a normal glass is totally flat from both sides and the edges are sharp on the other hand 2.5 D glass have slight curve on the all sides at the top surface while bottom surface remains flat. 

By doing this it makes easy for user to swap around the screen or to scroll. It gives a smooth feedback in respect to the normal glass.

Now comes another category of the glass that is 3D Glass. This glass is now used by only few brands on their flagship devices like Samsung uses it on Samsung galaxy s7 edge few more. The thing that differs this glass from all other glasses that 3 D glass has a curve on its both edges. As a result it looks premium and feels fantastic in use.

2. USB Type C Connector

This connector is just a replacement of Type A and Type B connectors. In future this Type C connecter will be used in future most commonly so if your Smartphone has Type C connecter then its future proof.

The key Advantage of USB Type C connecter that it’s a Reversible therefore you can plug your charger cable or data transfer cable in either way. 

This Type C connecter is now often replacing 3.5 mm Headphone Jack. In future you might not get a 3.5 mm headphone jack in your Smartphone. Replacing headphone jack with a usb type C connector enables a manufacture to to shortens the overall thickness of the Smartphone and also enables users to use all connection (i.e ; connecting earphones, charging, Data transfer ) through one port that is Type C.

3. Dash Charging/Quick Charging

First of all Dash charging is different from Quick Charging. As we all know that every Smartphone has lithium ion battery which needs to be charged with steady flow of power otherwise the battery may get damaged. Also it takes a long Time to charge your Smartphone depending how big your battery is.

Dash charge is different in only way the power is delivered from charger to phone same goes with the Quick charge. But there is a difference in both of them. Quick charge is the technology by Qualcomm which uses high volgage but Dash charging uses high current this is the the difference that makes Dash charge way ahead to quick charge. Through Dash charge smathphone can fully charge in around 70 minutes. While Quick Charge takes little more time to charge the smartphone fully.

4. Gorilla Glass

Gorilla glass is a product manufactured by Corning which meant to provide toughness, scratch resistance and damage resistance to your Smartphone displays but today you may even found Gorilla glass at backside of your Smartphone.

As Generation passes by evolution of Gorilla glass grows. The latest offering from Corning is Gorilla glass 5 and according to Corning the Gorilla glass 5 has raised the bar in protecting your Smartphone against drops. Your Smartphone now can survive 1.6 meter drops onto rough surfaces up to 80% of the time. 

As for now the Gorilla glass 5 is restricted to the premium higher end Smartphone Now only Samsung new arrival “NOTE 7” has Gorilla glass 5 protection. But soon we expect to a lots of device with Gorilla glass 5 on it in upcoming future.

5. 14nm FinFet Technology

14 nm technology based processors are now most adaptive technology for Smartphone manufacturers as 14 nm processors provides good dimensional scale as compared o 22 nm processors. The key aspects of 14 nm processors are first they provide leading performance as compared to other processors. Secondly thesr processors are more power efficient than any other 22nm processors as a result user get more battery life for their smart phones.

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