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                           In this modern era almost every person who uses internet also uses Google account. Google provides varieties of services in a single account such as Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Play store, Hangouts, Goggle+ etc. You can use all their services by simply creating a Google account. 

                        On creating a Google account you will provided with the unique “email id” Such as “shoutingblogger@gmail.com”.Therefore using this email id and password that you have chosen at the time of creation of your account to enter in your account. Ones you signed in you can use all of the services mentioned above and many more which are provided by the Google. 

                         Now the Big question arises that is your Google account is safe or easily assessable by others by some sort of hacking etc. Beside you provide a password or a security questions to prevent your account to be hacked but some the password and security questions are easily guessable. There providing password only is not enough to secure your account. 

                      In this article we will focus on three important points which will allow you to make your Google account safer and easy to handle.

Here are some tips which will improve your Goggle account security. 

Improve Google account security

1. Accounts Recovery options 

                          Accounts Recovery Option enables you to recover your account if you have forgotten your password. For this you need to link your separate email as Recovery email and a phone number as Recovery phone. So in case u might forgot your password then you can easily reset your password either using one of these Recovery options. 

 2. Password And Sign-in Method 

      2.1. Password 
                      We all provide password to secure our account but most of us do not change it at all. This might be harmful for your account therefore you must change your account password ones in every 2 or 3 months. By doing this it will keep your Google account safe but only password can’t provide enough safety for your Google account. Therefore Google itself provide you with Another method for sign-in i.e. 2-Step Verification which provide much more security with the combination of your password. 
     2.2. 2-Step Verification 
                       2-Step verification is the second layer protection which sends a code in your registered mobile phone so on entering that code u can sign-in. this prevents against if someone has stolen your password bust he will not able to sign-in because he doesn’t have the code. This is very important method to secure your account. 

3. Notifications and Device Activities 

                   Always keep your notifications on for your account on your mail or on mobile phone. This will let you come to know against security risk and account activities such as when you have changed your accounts setting or if someone is trying to open your account. Monitoring Device activities helps you to review which device has accessed your account. 

                  At last on keeping these three Procedures in check you can make your Google account more secured than ever.

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