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Top 5 Best Antivirus for Your PC

Top 5 Best Antivirus for Your PC

At a recent friends meet, people were discussing how intelligent con men were trying to lure people into disclosing their credit card details, the CVV number and its expiry date with which a huge sum was robbed off people. Cyber crime has increased manifolds these days where innocent people fall prey to the vices of annoying hackers and spammers. While some try to launder money and nothing else, some hackers turn unethical and rob you of your integrity and identity. To prevent such intruders from stealing your private information, it is a good practice to secure your PC with anti-virus packages that will protect your data and your transactions. So how will you choose the best anti-virus for your PC? Is it decided based on cost value alone? Here are the answers to this question. 

Best 5 Antivirus for Your PC

Below you can find the top five best anti-virus for your PC and the ranking is decided based on the cost, the efficiency and warranty period:

Norton Security Standard edition

As usual Norton stands tall and strong in the first position when it comes to anti-virus package for their PC. From securing the PC to web browsing protection to firewall to password management and more Norton prevents your PC from being infected at the very beginning. URL blocker is their biggest asset which blocks any freeware installation into the PC. Norton security package also comes with a deluxe version that can cover five devices including tablets and smart phones. 

F-Secure Antivirus

So, what you get as a part of F-secure deal? This anti-virus package is simple and the most preferred by people in the market these days. It is light in weight, easy to install and use and doesn’t affect the system performance by any means. Its biggest asset is that it can run alongside several other applications without disturbing the speed of the computer. This feature of this anti-virus makes it the best choice for people who don’t want their system to get slowed down due to the installation of anti-virus. 

Bit Defender Antivirus Plus

This antivirus is widely popular among the users due to its efficiency and high level of protection that it offers. This accurate and reliable antivirus has been the best in web protection, secure browser for banking transactions, file encryption and anti-phishing module to filter unwanted links from dangerous sites in your search results etc. 

AVG Free

If you wish a free anti-virus with a real world protection test, AVG is the ideal choice that comes with core antivirus protection and web protection. Apart from the free edition, there is a commercial version too available that builds the extra security features in your PC like enhanced firewall, anti-spam functionality etc. AVG antivirus is more popular among people as they have the lowest incidence of false positives.

Avast Free

For all those who wish a free of cost anti-virus tool for their PC, Avast Free is the name to look forward. It has a huge trail of safety features namely antivirus, password verification and validation, a secured browser, network checker to prevent vulnerabilities etc. The biggest advantage of this anti-virus package is that it does not affect the speed of your computer and it can be activated by a single click. This evokes the scanning module which checks for virus and malware.

Securing your PC is as important as storing your documents and jewelry in safe. This way your electronic content stays safe from notorious cyber thieves. Some anti-virus packages are free of cost and some are paid ones. While the free tools offer a good level of protection, paid products offer much more security along with scalability and backward compatibility. Hence before zeroing down on the anti-virus package for your PC, do a full research on market the cost and also what you have and how you wish to store. After all your personal computer is your personal asset!

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