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5 Best Ways To Make Money With Blogging Without AdSense!

5 Ways To Make Money With Blogging Without Adsense!

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Blogging can be a lucrative activity in additional to being a most enjoyable one. The mainstream way of earning money through blogs, however, is through advertisements placed on the blog itself. Many bloggers make use of AdSense in order to earn money by the number of clicks their visitors perform on the advertisements.

However, sinceAdSense became the go-to place for ad serving, it has rejected many blogging applicants. Also, AdSense puts many limitations on its bloggers, who can’t always post as they see fit if they want to keep getting paid through AdSense. 

Some bloggers also get blocked from AdSense for one reason or another. What are these individuals to do? Luckily, there is no dearth of ways in which a blogger can make quite a bit of cash with his blogging skills. 

Below are just a few earning alternatives to AdSense, which could make a blogger’s bank account delightfully active in next to no time!

1. Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

It is strongly recommended that one only promotes those products that are actually of high quality and well worth the money. Otherwise, such a practice is not ethical. It could also lead to a generally bad reputation for your blog and decrease your value as an affiliate marketer. 

High-quality promotional articles, a strong and large mailing list; discussions in forums; and honest quality product reviews are of the essence of successful and lucrative affiliate marketing. Spamming and other blackhat methods should be avoided at all costs. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

If used ethically, affiliate marketing can be the next best thing a blogger can do to earn money through his skills. Popular e-commerce sites like Amazon offer this option to willing bloggers all the time. 

Affiliate marketing requires a blogger or site owner to promote a certain place’s products, merchandise, or even services. Any sale made through such marketing would give the blogger a large commission, which could even go up to 70% of the sale. The commission would depend on the contract between the blogger and the entrepreneur.

3. Banner Ad Spaces

The traffic to blog is usually organic, meaning it isn’t paid for or bloated in any way. Marketers pay some serious money for spaces on popular blogs, especially if their product is related to the main idea of the blog. 

For example, if a blog is about home décor, a furniture store would definitely be interested in having a space dedicated to their advertisement.  The amount they would pay the blogger is probably more than AdSense, as the latter sells advertising space at a massive discount leaving very little for bloggers. 

4. Using AdSense Alternative

If you are only comfortable with AdSense’s manner of dealing, alternatives that operate in a similar manner are also available. These include Chitika and Adbrite, among others such as Bidvertiser. A quick Google search would probably give you the program best suited to your interests.

The payouts of AdSense alternative are very competitive, offering new features as well as a large payout. For example, Chitika also caters to ads focusing on niche marketing. This occurs through the use of customized, unusual, and eye-catching advertisement boxes that are highly different from universal industry methods. 

5. Write Paid Reviews

If one is a blogger, it stands to reason that they would write well and confidently. They could this offer their services to companies that have relevant products to their blogs. 

By writing paid reviews, bloggers can promote those specific products which they believe in and which their visitors would be interested in. Such reviews promote word of mouth advertising, general popularity of the products, and higher search engine ranking.

Writing paid product reviews also gives the paying companies a chance to see what the consumer behaviors are like and how they respond to certain products or actions. Hence, the companies would pay highly for this valuable market feedback and information.

Writing paid reviews is slowly but surely becoming a goldmine for bloggers, and is expected to become more popular as an earning potential for enthusiastic bloggers thanAdSense. 

To get paid reviews offers, bloggers might consider visiting websites like PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and many others. 

5. In-Text Advertisements

InfoLinks is an excellent service that would help in monetizing your blog without using AdSense as a financial crutch. Relevant ads could earn the blogger a high share I revenue as well as possible commissions. 

If the in-text ads are relevant, they could very well increase the conversion rate and largely enhance the earning power of your blog.

Wrapping Up…

AdSense is no doubt an amazing way to earn money through a blog. There are no worries about payments or other factors, as AdSense is always reliable and actually very strict in its dealings. However, not everyone can earn through AdSense precisely because of its strict policies. Using the alternatives listed above, however, could potentially let a blogger earn even more than he could through AdSense. 

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 Ashley Alex is a blogger who writes for a living, and also for the sake of her own interests. She also conducts workshops on how even ordinary bloggers can earn a living through their essay writing skills. You can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook, other than her own WordPress blog.


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