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Try These 10 Daily-Life Activities for 20 Minutes to Make Life More Beautiful

Transform Your Life with These 10 Meaningful Activities You Can Do Daily for 20 Minutes

Happy life mantras

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” 

– Plato, Greek Philosopher 

Life is beautiful, isn’t it? The very feeling of being alive is so amazing. You can perceive things and capture nature’s beauty, you can feel for someone else, bring in a new life, meet new people, travel, experience, savor amazing foods; so on and so forth. 

Then why would you waste it leading a sedentary life when there are so many things to do, so many milestones to achieve? Don’t just survive; rather master the art of living quality life that brings in positive vibes and good fortune.

Our ancestors from the Stone Age wouldn’t have discovered life-changing things and turn their generations and many more that followed to a much civilized and progressive kind if they ended up sitting by the shore and hiding in the jungle doing nothing. 

It is always to be remembered that for a purposeful life you gotta work, run, walk, take chances, face challenges, suffer failure but never give up! That’s no way an option to look for. 

In this world of fierce competition, you need to put one step ahead to count yourself in and try out these simple yet meaningful daily life activities for only 20 sweet minutes and do yourself a favor by transforming your lifestyle into something more healthier, happier and eventful from almost every aspect. Here you go. 

Activity #1 –Walk daily for 20 minutes – the more the merrier 

Till date, no convincing alternative exercise to walking has been discovered apart from treadmills. Try avoiding such alternatives as much as possible and prioritizing taking a walk at least for twenty minutes on a daily basis to embrace a life that can be healthier and more active from all aspects. 

Activity #2 –Cuddle with your pet – It’s no less than a therapy

While there’s no denying the fact that life is anything but a bed full of roses, you still can find ways to make it worth living happily. Try cuddling with your pets for a peaceful 20 minutes. At times, their unconditional love for you is all that is needed in life to get going and overcome many challenges with a smiling face. 

Activity #3 –Meditate for 20 minutes – The key to a good life

When life gives you chaos to deal with, fight off the evil with meditation. There are several online meditation courses across the globe to choose calmer and more peaceful lifestyle, away from all cacophonic interventions. So, you can opt for such activities and devote 20 minutes of your life regularly for a better and healthier living.

Activity #4 – Laugh Out Loud – It fixes dire straits like nothing else 

There is a reason why so many laughing clubs are gradually becoming popular among us. Laugh for 20 minutes on jokes and memes or even with friends. Go to join such clubs where you will get to experience an entire community of like-minded people willing to take life as it comes and fight things out with laughter. 

Activity #5 –Listen to music that soothes your ears – preferably at night 

There’s no denying that music soothes everything! It has a great healing power! If you face too many complications at work or in case, things don’t go as planned, listen to at least a couple of soothing tracks before you’re off to sleep to instill peace and serenity back in life before you get started with a new day ahead. 

Activity #6 – Write something good which has happened to you – maintain a diary 

At times we notice, sometimes we don’t! But there’s always something good that happens to us every day despite numerous negativities and complications that we confront. So, why don’t you maintain a diary and consider jotting those good points down as an initiative towards bringing in positivity in life. At times, recalling good memories heals us! 

Activity #7 –Meet people and socialize–Beyond twitting and snapchat stories 

It’s somewhat sad to realize that the term “socializing” in today’s world is most relevant to social media interactions than people catching up with friends and relatives in real. If you really want to change the monotony of your life, then consider meeting a friend or catch up with cousins for a short while, spend some time amidst laughter and nostalgia. 

Activity #8 –Chant something motivational – Prayers encourage healthy psychology 

Say a prayer or chant something motivational or spiritual for 15-20 minutes on a regular basis. Breathe in and breathe out, say your prayer, thank the Almighty for everything good and prosperous. Prayers are always considered ideal for ensuring peace, positivity and a sense of forgiveness in life. It helps us to take life in a different light, creating stronger psychologies and sharper visions. 

Activity #9 – Opt for skipping –one of a kind jumping exercise

Skipping is definitely one of the most helpful exercises and an interesting way to eliminate all sedentary elements in life permanently. If especially you’re a working individual burdened with desk jobs most of the times, then make it a point to skip, jump or hop at least for 20 good minutes to ensure healthier and happier living at the end of the day. 

Activity #10 – Sing a song or enjoy any other hobby that you may have

Good living is all about maintaining a healthy balance between your work and passion. You can sing a happy song, compose a poem, click pictures, sketch something; so on and so forth. Whenever there will be a need for change in order to break the monotony of life, follow your passion and practice the same in order to enjoy every bit of life being creative and agile.

So, that was all! Your friendly guide and the key to a happy life! All you need to do is nothing but to follow these simple life-changing activities that need no investment other than your zeal, dedication and a positive mindset to change things which you may feel threatening. 

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Joanne Criss is from Australia, working as an online assignment help provider on behalf of MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk. Apart from being associated with the writing industry, Joanne used to be a professor of Psychology, currently offering online tutorials to students worldwide.


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