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How to Invest in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

How To Trade in Bitcoin.

You have landed on this page it means that you are very much interested in buying and selling Bitcoin(BTC) and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum Classic (ETC) etc. The question that might be jumping in your head like a bunny is how to make money by trading bitcoin? The answer to this question is simple you need to register yourself to an online trading platform which allows cryptocurrency trading. But before Jumping directly to trade cryptocurrency the first and foremost thing is to understand what is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most traded crypto currencies in the world so far, It was founded by a Japanese person know by name Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a new era of payment network that uses block chain for recording Bitcoin transaction.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
He was the one, who implemented the first block chain database and deploys the first decentralised digital currency. The decentralized digital currency means that it is not controlled by the government and it can be generated with the help of Bitcoin mining software and hardware.

How to make Bitcoin and Money?

There are hundreds of popular cryptocurrency Like as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum Classic (ETC) etc but out of those the bitcoin is most popular one because it is being used by millions of people and even some of the countries have accepted it as payment methods.
Bitcoin is not only a payment network but it also helps you to make money. Bitcoin has currency in you can use bitcoin to purchase product and service etc. There are many ways using which you can make money with bitcoin yet best-suited way to make legit money with bitcoin is as follows.

1) By Mining Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency.

Printing of currency note other than Government authorized body is prohibited and punishable by respective country law, It means you are prohibited to print or create a new currency note. On the Other hand, you can create any number of bitcoin you want with the help of bitcoin mining, To create a bitcoin all you need is a bitcoin miner and a bitcoin mining pool to get started. Buying bitcoin miner can cost you up to 2000+ dollar, Although the mining of bitcoin is a profitable practice yet the problem is the miner makes lots of noise, consume ample amount of power. A perfect bitcoin mining environment can cost you up to $3K depending upon bitcoin miner, no of bitcoin miner, cooling system etc. a single high-speed miner takes almost 6 months to mine just 1 bitcoin, Although it takes lots of money to get started but the profit-making from bitcoin mining is sure. However, If you don't like to get surrounded by Miner noise and still want to make money in bitcoin then I will suggest you to try bitcoin trading.

Note- In some country Bitcoin Mining and use of bitcoin is restricted. So make sure that your country does not restrict bitcoin usage.
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2) Trading Bitcoin- By Buying or Selling bitcoin.

The popular way to make money with bitcoin other than bitcoin mining is to invest your money in bitcoin. It is the fastest but most risky way to make money with bitcoin because your profit or loss depends upon the bitcoin prize movement. A right trading decision can turn your trade into profit, on the other hand, a wrong decision may swap away your equity. 

If you have already decided to invest your money in cryptocurrency then I would recommend you to try first the demo account offered by Etoro.com, It Provides you $100000 virtual money to trade in Cryptocurrency along with Commodity, Forex, Stocks like Google, Facebook and Apple etc. Before trying the real mode make sure you are ready for it because Real money brings real profit and real loss. Trade at your own risk.

The Etoro.com is the first Social Trading and Investing Network that lets their user trade money in Crypto Currency, Commodity, Currency, Indices, and Stocks etc. The Advantage of using Demo account is you will come to know about the risk and perks of trading in a risk-free environment. You can switch to demo account to a real account with Etoro dashboard only.

Steps To Trade Bitcoin

Below are the Steps to open an account on Etoro.com

Step1: Open an account on Online Trading brokerage site. 

Personally, I have used Etoro.com for trading money on commodity, currency, and cryptocurrency. I like the interface of the website, a way of depositing and withdrawing of money and most important is, you can communicate with other traders like you does on any social networking site.

To open a demo and Real trading account click Etoro to visit their official site and press Join now.

Step 2: Enter the Details

While entering the details like your first name, last name and phone number make sure to enter it correctly. After registering on Etoro your need to submit your document for verification purposes.

Step 3: Verify your account

Submit the Document as Required and get yourself verified

Step4:: Deposit money

The Final step to get started trading money in bitcoin is to deposit money in your Etoro wallet and you are ready to trade on bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Personal Suggestion  

Do not jump directly on trading just after depositing money, instead of practice trading with virtual money through demo account so that you get used to with the basic features of trading on etoro and understand the risk of trading.


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