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Streaming Has Provided A Breakthrough To The Music Industry To Save And Survive .

Streaming Has Provided A Breakthrough To The Music Industry To Save And Survive .

There is a lot of money involved in the music industry but there is a lot of risk involved it is as well. Therefore, musicians who have just started their career in music face similar problems like the startups. Just like any other traditional loans, the lenders think twice to fund musical programs, recordings, tours and promotions. However, there are ways in which the musicians have found to survive in this highly competitive industry.

Apart from the changing money lending scenario the development in technology and its use in not only production of music but also in its promotions has also helped the new musicians to survive. One such useful and effective mean is streaming music that has provided a notable breakthrough to the musicians as well as the music industry on the whole in terms of survival and existence. This has not only saved the musicians enabling them to avoid an early ‘death’ but also has saved the music industry from a dramatic shrinking.

Thanks to the success of streaming, all big stars along with the new ones are cashing in. Even those artists that havea distinct niche genre are flourishing as well without requiring any help or support from any so-called big record labels.

To stay or not to stay

Now, the natural question that may haunt you is that whether such an innovation and its benefits are temporary or will such an unexpected revival strategy will have permanent effect. Well, for this you will have to look at the scenario in the 00s.

  • It was a disaster then and truly a terrible time for the musicians, especially the new ones. Those were considered as the dark days of music and musicians and groups came up every single day and were also lost in the next. 
  • Musicians then were afraid of telling people about their dreams regarding music and the fact that they wanted to pursue that as their living.
  • Other people and even the musicians at times were found to have low or no confidence in their talent and almost lost hope for their success. 
  • It was money that acted as a strong and unassailable barrier to the fulfillment of their musical dreams and career. 
  • Back then, music or any occupation related to music, even working with a record label was considered to be as ignoble as that of an arms dealer or a cigarette manufacturer. 
  • It was the time where the sales of CD were in a decline. 

This fatalistic outlook on the future of the music industry was all over the world then in spite of the fact that a few handfuls of musicians were selling millions of copies.

Even the music companies seemed to be disheartened looking at the bleak future and were perennially glum and there are reasons one too many for that.

  • They experienced a steep fall in their business revenues due to the decline in sales of music cassettes and compact disks.
  • In addition to that they had to lash out fighting legal battles with several consumers for online piracy for downloading their music illegally.
  • They also had to experience the effects of the investing in propaganda campaigns so that they can teach people especially the pesky young ones about the value of intellectual property. 

Most companies and musicians ran into millions in debts and looked for easy and effective ways to get rid of it. Instead of focusing on their music and guitar tunes they were found more engrossed in surfing through the internet looking for help and advice from different sources such as nationaldebtreliefprograms.com and others. This pushed the music industry almost on the verge of collapse with more EMIs to pay and monthly bills to consider than on their talent or music promotion.

Concept of the cloud

When everyone was talking about the decline in music quality, number and business figures and thought it was the endof the music business, there came a ray of hope from the Cloud, literally.
The concept of cloud-based storage proved to be a boon to the music industry as well as the musicians, both of whom saw their bank balances grow at a rapid pace. Recently, things have started to change even more noticeably with streaming.

  • Today, it is found that the rise in revenue and income by streaming music is even more than the income generated from the sale of traditional formats of music. 
  • Most of the music labels now experience a 10.6% rise on an average in their business earnings year after year.
  • Few labels have even noticed an amazing 45% increase in their streaming subscription revenue in just one year.

Streaming music is considered not only to have been paying the musicians as well as the music companies but is also seen to have been rewarding the users handsomely, at least in the US.

Concerns for the balance of power.

Yes, streaming music online has saved the musicians from the regular need of money in huge amount but there is no reason to believe that the time is same as that of the glory days where all musicians, established and the new ones owned private jets, huge mansion, swimming pools and of course cocaine.

On the contrary, music streaming does not happen exactly in that way or in the way you want so that you may end up in the place you expect. There is a lot of money sloshing going around and there are specific genres of music and creation types of artist that are making the most out of this cloud concept. There are lots of musicians that remain destitute and are found struggling still requiring funds to support them.

It is all about the balance of power that has shifted in all possible and unexpected ways. If you can shift this balance towards you and for your benefit you will not have to wait to see money till your album comes out and does well to pay you back. Unlike five years ago, you can now make money right from day one.

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