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Quick Tips for Beginners to Choose Drum Sets

Quick Tips for Beginners to Choose Drum Sets

Just like any other hobby or interest, everyone has to start somewhere. Whether it is taking an interest in drawing, dancing, or playing an instrument, the first step to mastering that particular art is to start. Starting out can be awkward and uncomfortable, but that is usually how everybody starts. It just takes a bit of courage and confidence alongside some guidance from an expert.

Playing an instrument is one of the most common hobbies or art forms that is taken up, whether you are in your prepubescent stage of life or in your adult years. The usual instruments taken up are piano, guitar, and the violin, but what if you or your child is interested in playing the drums?

What are Drums?

Drums are part of the percussion family that is played by hitting the skin or the head to produce a sound. There are different types of drums such as the djembe, timpani, and the bongo drums, but the most common drums in the market are the modern drum kit, which includes cymbals. Here are some quick tips for beginners to choose drum sets:

Get the Basics

It is essential to get the basic components in a drum kit. The basic components in a modern drum kit are snare drum, bass drum, toms, hi-hat, and cymbals. Like most things, parts or components are upgrade able, which you can do as you progress with your drumming skills.

1. Size Matters

Getting a drum kit that is appropriate for your size will make it easy and comfortable for you to play. Young beginners are advised to get a smaller scaled drum set or a junior drum kit for them to be comfortable, likewise with adult players, a regular sized drum kit will suffice.

2. Your Style

It is also a good consideration to take in what style you would like to play. A drum kit with lesser drums is applicable for blues, jazz, and other acoustic genres while a kit with more drums is applicable for heavy metal, rock, and other similar genres.

3. Read Reviews

Just like any other product, reading reviews from people who have experienced using the item will help in your search to find the right drum kit for you. In the previous tip, your style is one factor to consider in picking out a kit; with you knowing what style you want to play, you can look at reviews by people who play the same or similar genre.

 The search engine is your friend when looking for drum sets reviews 2019 to see what drum set will suit you and your lifestyle.

4. Regular versus electronic

As technology advances, electronic instruments are already on the market. Electronic drums are seen to be convenient for small spaces and can be played at a low sound or be used with headphones but are more expensive than a regular kit. It would be advisable to get the hang of a regular drum kit before moving onto an electronic kit, but it is up to you and the factors you weigh on what set you would purchase.

5. Add Ons

Some drum kits may have the complete set, which includes accessories; some kits may not have it. So, take note of what accessories are not included so that you can purchase them separately. Some example of these accessories are drumsticks, practice pads, and dampening devices.

  • Drumsticks - Drumsticks come in different sizes, they are named with a number and letter. The higher the number, the thicker the circumference of the stick. The letter represents the use of the stick – examples are “B” for brass and symphonic bands and “S” for street use such as playing the drums in a marching band.
  • Practice Pads - These are used to practice with minimal sound. It maintains the dynamics of playing the drum even if playing with sound is not possible.
  • Dampening Devices - These devices absorb excess vibration, helping produce a different sound.

Use the tips above to guide you once you purchase a drum set. In addition, do consider your preferences. You know yourself and your needs, so it is a good idea to get to be aware of how you will and want to develop as a drummer. Choosing your drum set is part of the start of your process. Getting better comes with constant practice and that is with the use of a drum set suited for you.


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