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Smart Instagram Business Tips 2019

Discovering Some Smart Instagram for Business Tips for Staying Ahead in 2019

Twitter and Facebook are stale news today, if you wish to make your presence felt in the social circuit, you must have an active Instagram presence.  Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users across the globe. As such businesses have realized its huge potential as a vibrant marketing tool. So, most businesses have included Instagram in their marketing and promotion stratagem to fuel their brand promotion endeavors. If statistics were to be believed over 200 million Instagrammers visit Instagram Business profiles every single day.

According to a recent survey undertaken by Dana Rebecca Designs, involving more than 2000 Instagram users, it was revealed that roughly 50 percent of them have claimed that their shopping decisions were influenced by Instagram more frequently as compared to any other social networking site. Moreover, this study had actually revealed that one Instagrammer out of every three had used Instagram for making a key decision while shopping. So businesses aspiring for success must necessarily be on Instagram.

Being on Instagram is not enough. You need to realize that modern consumers seem to be far more shrewd and discerning and they would simply not accept a poor quality photo on your Instagram platform. They are looking for a polished Instagram profile with relevant and high-resolution pictures. You could come up with an enticing Instagram for a business account if you follow and master the tips discussed below.

Demonstrate Whatever You Do In More a Creative Manner

It is important to put emphasis on the solution rather than the products that you are selling. Today, it has become mandatory to add value and to never forget that your most precious asset is nothing but visual content on this versatile and highly popular social media platform.

In the case, your business seems to be service-based; you must consider focusing on showing the process that goes behind providing that specific service. You must showcase your company’s mission, vision, and culture with all your fans and followers on the platform. Here are some fresh new business tips and suggestions for succeeding in Instagram for Business.

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are having a slideshow format and whatever you share would last only for 24 hours and vanish automatically after 24 hours. Instagram Stories feature has been introduced as a direct competition to Snapchat Stories. Here are some of the advantages of using it.

  • Instagram Stories are displayed prominently right above follower timelines and just below the Instagram logo so it gets maximum attention for strategic placement.
  • Stories could be effectively used for capturing behind-the-scenes pictures and videos and the content need not be of the highest quality. Pictures need not be as polished as your usual Instagram posts. They must be more spontaneous and must demonstrate your brand’s humane side.
  • It helps in making things easier for experimenting. You could try diverse content types including short videos, pictures, Boomerangs, live video, video filmed backward, etc.
  • Tagging other accounts makes it perfect for influencer marketing and collaborators.
  • Fun additions like text, stickers, and face filters are useful while editing your pictures on-the-go. 
  • Locations and hashtags make these stories more discover able.
  • All videos and pictures you add would be playing in the same sequence as they were incorporated and you could go on adding as many as you wish. In this connection, you must understand that Instagram Stories advertisements are available since March 2017 to all businesses worldwide. These could be utilized for adding CTAs directly to your collages and for targeting new audiences.
You must, however, keep in mind that Instagram Stories are available and accessible solely on the mobile application and you could send these stories via direct messaging or DM. Instagram Stories is becoming more popular and more businesses are embracing IS since stories are an engaging and definitely fun way of participating.

Generate a Winning Profile

One of the best Instagram for business tips is to come up with a winning profile. As a company, it is mandatory for you to do a host of things and provide several solutions. Obviously, you cannot write about all that using just 150 character limitation of Instagram. Therefore, you must necessarily focus only on your brand’s most important USP or showcase your company’s next big event, product launch or promotional endeavor.

Instagram’s only clickable link happens to be in the Bio section so you must consistently update the link. It is pretty sad that businesses and brands consider the link as the only Instagram link to your official website. However, your link in the bio could be quite versatile and may be used cleverly for app downloads, driving event registrations, or even making purchases.

Instagram has also introduced Instagram Business profiles, as well as, paid advertising. We know that your Instagram Business profile incorporates a contact telephone number into your bio. This makes it possible to access a wide-ranging analytics data that may not have been available to you otherwise.

Remember to Focus on Authenticity

As per  forbes, authenticity is the key to your business’s success on Instagram. We understand that Instagram is leveraged as a marketing platform by some of the top global brands including fashion, auto, travel, beauty, and retail. Even renowned pop stars including Ellie Goulding have effectively used this versatile social media platform for promoting their music.

We understand that User-Generated-Content gets a lot of engagement and is given top priority by businesses because they are spontaneous, realistic, and authentic. We know that consumers are very discerning these days and they would rarely be responding to the usual polished branded content. There is an inclination toward authentic and candid conversations and posts via social media. Authenticity is appreciated and so user-generated-content is welcomed because it infuses the much-desired human touch that is not very common in the digital business circuit currently.

Create Anticipation and Provide Exclusivity

Keeping all your customers engaged, motivated, and interested is the essence of any social media marketing campaign. You may consider rewarding your devoted and loyal customers with exclusive content. You must make it a point to let them be the very first few to know about your new services, products, and events. Focus on creating teaser pictures that help in building anticipation or in satisfying curiosity for your office openings, new stores, new releases, etc. This sort of an exclusive preview makes all your Instagram followers feel proud and special. They would keep coming back to you for more interesting updates and insider information.
Instagram actually is not that challenging or overwhelming. If you cleverly combine the perfect resources with some planning, it could help you in achieving the best possible ROI for each and every Instagram post. Your consistent endeavors would be leading to greater engagement, new customers, and the kind of brand reputation and loyalty that may have otherwise, taken ages to build.

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