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How to Temporarily Deactivate Instagram Account.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily

Deactivate instagram account

Instagram is the one of the most popular photo and video sharing social networking site of the world,  It  allow user to watch and to upload photo, short video and igtv videos for free and share with friends and other Instagram users across the world. Instagram reels  feature makes Instagram  more entertaining which is  the biggest  pros but also proves to be a cons because it consumes lots of time once you started watching videos and photos on Instagram obvious its to entertain. 

      Since you landed on this page that means you wants to deactivate your Instagram account, and we will  help you deactivate your Instagram account in easiest possible way, but before starting with our step by step tutorial, you must understand what basically does "Deactivating Instagram Account" do and few myth about Deactivating Instagram account.

What does "Deactivation of Instagram "do?

By Deactivating Instagram account you basically temporarily hiding your profile , photos you have uploaded on Instagram,  All the comments you made on Instagram and likes. Its like Making your account private but for yourself to. You can reactivate your profile by login to your account but it will makes your profile, photos, comment and like go publicly visible.

Difference between Deactivating Instagram and Deleting it?

Many Instagram user didn't know that you can also delete your Instagram account, in our next article we will tell you how you can delete your Instagram account permanently, but what is the difference between deactivate and delete Instagram account. Deactivating Instagram account means that you can reenable you full Instagram account including  your username, all the comments, photos and like associated with the account as soon as login to your account but in case of delete your account will be deleted permanently it means your username , all the comments , photos, likes will be erased.  It takes 90 days for permanent deletion of Instagram account. However, you can reclaim your account anytime before 90 days but after 90 days your whole account will get deleted .

Steps To Deactivate Instagram Account Temporary 

Deactivate instagram account step by step

Step 1 : Open Instagram on Web Browser

Instagram apps does not allow you to deactivate your Instagram account, that's why you need to open Instagram on web browser either on pc or mobile by typing www.instagram.com on web browser.

Step 2 : Login To your Instagram Account

Wait for the Instagram page to load completely, Now login to the Instagram account you want to deactivate by entering its login credential or "login with Facebook" .

Step 3 : Go to Setting 

After successful login , you will be redirected to your Instagram homepage. Now, Go to top right corner and click on profile pic, and then click on Settings

Step 4 : Temporary Disable my account

Now, look for the link "Temporary Disable my account" and click on it to deactivate Instagram account 


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