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How to Buy shiba inu coin in India ( INR )

How to buy shiba coin in India

SHIBA NFts | 1.5 ETH

You can Buy shiba or any other cryptocurrency in world biggest exchange, If you are new to binance then use our link to claim 100USDT after completing Kyc .Signup Bonus is only valid with link for limite time , Create Account here to clain 100 USDT  https://www.binance.com .

What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is  an ERC-20 altcoin created on the Ethereum blockchain, Its basically a token whose value is shown in the chart below. Its is the well know meme coin which is also known by name Dodge coin killer .If you are looking for safe and easy way to buy Shibainu coin in india then for your knowlege there are currencty two india crypto giants allows you to buy and sell Shiba Inu coin in inr, If you are new to cryptocurrency then you must research in cryptocurrency before investing and make sure that you invest only amount you can afford to lose, earning money is hard so don't gambles by putting money on any coin before  researching it.

Why Shiba INu is getting Popular ?

The main reason behind the popularity of Shiba INu coin popularity is because of its growth in Last 12 months which is almost  1000000 from the date of launch, Largest cryptocurrency donation to India covid 19 relief fund and its has  has massive groups of supporter from normal peoples to celebrities in social platform. The another reason is that with small investment you can buy thousands of coin ,whereas in bitcoin you need thousands of dollars to get a part of bitcoin or any other high price cryptocurrency . 

Here is one Exchange and a Site that allow you to buy Shiba crypto in  India .I have used my referral link that means  I also use these two platform to buy cryptocurrency and sell, So Good luck with buying.. Before going further, always remember making money in crypto market is game of time and patience, only invest the amount you can afford to losse, personally i prefer buying crypto from the money I waste on  entertainments .

#1 Wazirx

Wazirx is one of the most popular Crypto exchange in India, it allows its customers to buy and sell the world most traded cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Shibainu , ETh , Bnd and dogecoin etc, the best advantage of using wazirx is that you can deposit money with your bank account or with the help of UPI like GPay, Amazon pay, Mobiki, Paytym etc .

If you don't have Upi Id, don't worry you can  create upi id for free with signup bonus if  available through the below given link, The link given below are my referral link, I earn few cent to Dollar when you signup from given link, Its your call to go and help me earn by joining using my referral link or signup without my link. Note: Never share your Upi Pin or Otp with anyone, sharing your upi id is no harm its like account no like u have in bank, But don't share Upi pin and Otp related to upi with anyone.If you are new user then make first transaction of 1 ruppe or less then $1 so that u can learn how its works 

IN WAZIRx you can Deposit INR with following methods, I Recommend Start with Rs100 first. Learn The Crypto profit and loss with RS100, To Get idea of Profit and loss In Cryptocurrency.

Modes of Deposit INR in WAZIRx

Bank Deposit

Upi Option ( available transfer with wallet)


Upi Option ( No available every time)

Modes of  Withdrawal INR in WAZIRx

To Bank only

#2 CoinDCx

CoinDCX is another largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange which allow you to buy  popular meme coins like Shibainu and dogecoin with other popular cryptocurrency like bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB etc. To Buy Shiba inu Coin in CoinDCx you need to create account and get your bank account verified in which you need to enter bank account no, ifsc code and they will verify it by sending Rs 1 rupee to your account . Once you get verified you will be able to deposit inr to your coindcx account and can buy Shiba inu or any other cryptocurrency supported by them. I am imbedding my CoinDCx Referral link below, Feel Free to Try CoinDCx

Modes of Deposit INR in CoinDCx

Bank Deposit

Upi Option ( available transfer with wallet)


Upi Option ( No available every time)

Modes of  Withdrawal INR in CoinDCx

To Bank only

You can buy cryptocurrency with minimum of  Rs 100 and can topup your coindcx wallet with minimum of Rs 100 Rupee for limited time, 

IN CoinDcx you can Deposit INR with following methods, Start with  Rs100 first

If you plan to Buy shiba inu coin then use above referal link , soon i will post how you can stake and earn more shiba inu coin, Staking is like depositing your amount of coin for fixed time to get interest in form of coin, Its funs drop a comment if you like to know more about it


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