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Claim 100 USDT After LUNA CRASH, Buy Luna Here -Buy Crypto in World Biggest and Most Trusted Exchange -

Buy Luna and other Cryptocurrency in world Biggest Exchange and Claim Free 100 USDT

Due to the de-pegging of UST , the stable coin of Luna has Suffered world Biggest coin to Lose its value from All Time High ( Apr 05, 2022 ) $119.18 to All time Low  All Time Low ($0.00001675). This happened because of De Pegging of UST, and Majority of analyst says that sudden increase in  Luna total Total Supply of to 6,907,376,873,714 and sudden sentiment changes results in a  drop of world 4th Most popular Cryptocurrency to Biggest fall in Cryptocurrency. Majority of Exchanges has halted or Delisted Luna so, Luna is Still Volatile and Terra ( Luna ) and Lunatic community working to revive the Crypto currency after biggest fall, Among all the exchanges majority of exchange has delisted or halted Luna Trading, however Binance has shown some interest for resuming halting of Luna so that there existing user  don't lose there Holding, You can Buy Luna Terra on Binance, here is how you can do it 

Signup Binance Account - Claim 100 USDT ( NEW user)

Go to Binance home page with this link https://www.binance.com . This is promotional Link in which you can 100Usdt  Additional Bonus when you complete Kyc and Deposit  more then 50$ within 14 days. So make sure to use our link and complete kyc and Deposit more then 51$ in your wallet through deposit or with P2P mode. 


Note: You might be having question what i get with refering you, I get 20% of 100% fee you pay to binnace when u place trade. for Example if you place a trade 50$ then u have to pay binnace a maker/taker fee of Max which is max 0.1000% / 0.1000% which is equal to 0.05 when u buy/sell a crypto out of 0.05$ I get 0.01$ ( every time you trade a Crypto ) so your sucess is my Sucess. I beilive in Long term trading, You make good money with daily trading but you have to pay handsome amount of fee to Exchange, If you are experienced trader then you can try but i recommed u to trade Crypto currency Carefully

Complete KYC

KYC stand for Know your customer, Its help the Exchange to identify that you are real person and Exchange will ask you to complete KYC. To being trading crypto, So make sure to Complete KYC as soon as possible.

For New user, you may get Verify account link directly on homepage, as shown in below screenshot

If you don't  see this page, don't worry here is how you  go to Identification page  (On Computer Browser) Go to top right corner of Screen and Click on Profile Icon as shown in Below  screen shot


After Clicking on Profile,  a drop down window will be shown as below and click on Identification.


To start Trading you need to Verified, Verified Plus and Enterprise Verification will unlock thier respective deposit and withdrawal limits. However to start Trading crypto with Small amount like 50$ You need to get yourself verified. Click On Start NOW


Select your Country Residence . Make Sure that your country of residence is consistent with your ID documents.


After Selecting country of residence, click continue and choose from the list of verification requirements for your specific country/region.


Enter your Personal infromation and click continue ( Make sure Nationality , name and Dob match with the Identity verification certificate you will upload 


Now Upload the identity card as per instruction. After successfully uploading document photos, the system will as k for a selfie face verification and complete


After completing the process of Facial recognition, Wait for binance o review .Once your application has been verified, they will send you an email notification.

How to Deposit Money

After Successfully Verification of your Profile you are ready to deposit money, You can deposit fiat ( means currency ) by clicking on buy crypto an selection pay with , Make sure to deposit minimum of 50$ to get Addition 100$ for Trading. ( Limited Time ) Buy Usdt for Trading usdt pair or to trade busd pair buy some bUsd, to buy Luna You need BUSD .So buy some BUSD


After Buying some USDT/ BUSDT ( stable coin )you can buy and sell crypto with usdt or busdt, for Example If you have purchased Busdt to buy Luna on binance then however your mouse cursor over trade and click spot as shown in below screenshot

Trading On Binance Spot 

Buying Crypto with P2P

Searching Trading Pair in Binance 

Now Go to left of screen and click busd and Search luna, click luna/busd from here you can buy/sell Luna. to buy Luna you need Busdt and Sell luna you need luna.  


Buy/Sell Trading Pair

Make sure you have corresponding trading pair other wise the Aval will be shown as 0, for Example if you have deposited Busdt then in Luna/busdt u will see all the available Busdt for buying trading pair. Select the amount of Busdt using which you need to buy and then click buy To Sell and get back your Usdt you need to sell the amount of luna u have . Make sure to Understand Buying and selling in Binance before Jumping directly before knowing how it works


See The reference Video how you can buy and Sell in Binance


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