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How to take screenshot in laptop/PC -Step to Step Guide works on windows Xp, 7, 8,10, 11

 How to take Screenshot on a laptop/PC

In this How-to Article, we will learn the best and easiest way to take a screenshot on a Laptop or Pc for any version of Microsoft Windows, without using any additional software. In the latest version of windows like Windows 10 all you need to do is to click a secret shortcut key to take a screenshot while in the old version of Windows like Windows XP you need to perform a few extra steps to make a screenshot visible or in Photo format. We will first show you the steps that are common in all windows then we will show you secret methods of capturing Screenshots with keys

What does Screenshot mean?

I know, the majority of the reader already knows what a screenshot does and what it is used for but for those, who are not aware of screenshots, it is the method of capturing a screen in the visible form mostly in jpeg format which you can view in any photo viewers. In simple words, by taking a screenshot your device will capture whatever you see on screen.

For example, If you are browsing a website and found some interesting quotes or an answer and you may want to save it as a photo for later use then with the help of Screenshot you will be able to capture the whole browser screen.

Steps to take a screenshot on laptop/PC - works on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1,10, 11

Screenshots in any window can be taken with the help of the Print button, the Print button will capture the screen into the clipboard, and to convert a screenshot into a visible photo, we need an application( software) you are already familiar with, that is Microsoft Paint, It is preinstalled application available in almost all the version of windows, So you don't need any software program to convert a screenshot into a Visible format, So let's start our Step by Step Guide to take a screenshot.

Step1: Open the application you want to take a screenshot of. To understand how to take screenshots, open a web browser and Go to https://www.shoutingblogger.com. Now you will see Browser with the website shown below.

Step2: Now look at your keyboard and search for Prt Scr Key, This key is known as the Print Screen key and you can use it to take a screenshot. You can find Prt Scr key mostly at the top right corner of keywords as shown below Picture.

Step3: Click Prt Scr key on the keyboard, This will copy the screen you see on your monitor, For Example, if you have a browser with Our blog open and you click Prt Scr, Then it will capture the screen having our site open along with browser to the clipboard.

Step 4: To make the screenshot visible, we need to paste the copied screenshot into an application such as MS Paint, So, now Open MS paint, and using the keyboard press ctrl+v to paste on Ms Paint.

Step5: Now enter the file name and select the save as type as Jpeg or any other file format you like.

Congratulation, just now you have learned to  take a screenshot on a Laptop or Pc


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