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How to Submit Guest Post to Shoutingblogger.com

                                  We receive hundred of E-mail's asking for guest post request on our blog, that's why we decided to write guest post guideline for easy communication with our existing and future guest author. Make sure to go through all the important points as listed below before applying for guest posting in our blog.

Submit Guest Post

How to Contact Shoutingblogger.com for guest posting request 

                      We accept Guest post on How to guide, What is guide, blogging, Tutorials, Security, Mobile, Apps, Technology, Gadgets, Search Engine Optimization ,Website development, Computers & Electronics, Personal Care & Style, Education& Communications, Sports & Fitness, Finance, Business & Legal, Investment, Money making, Top 10 List ( Family safe ), Web hosting, Domain, Fitness, Health Guide ( Family safe ), Trading, Internet, Investment . Also, see the List of topic http://goo.gl/X0Fidm we are interested in for a guest post.

Guest Post guideline (Terms and conditions)

" All backlinks will be Nofollow "
  • Guest post must be rich in words, well-formatted quality content in an about 800+ words.
  • All guest post must be original, information-rich must deliver accurate and easy to understand content 
  • We accept the family safe guest post, It must be fit for all age group audience, from kids to old.
  • Guest post must be unique, it should not have been published anywhere on the web.
  • All the guest post must be informative, easy to understand and at last but not the least, a Guest post must be useful for our blog audience.
  • As per our guest post-term, we can only website home address ( No follow Backlink ) ( Www.Example.com) as in author bio

What we don't accept In our blog

  • We do not accept copied content so avoid submitting copied content or content which infringe someone's copyright and must be Copyscape proof
  • We do not accept any kind of links in Body of the guest post. However, you are free to use our blog links for reference  
  • We do not accept promotional content like affiliation links promotion, negative review's 
  • Adult Content like 18+ video's, 18+ Image's, Text articles  which is not fit for kid's 
  • We do not accept Infographic Guest post 

Special guest post Terms 

These particular guest post terms for those who are willing use their page link in guest post body instead of author bio section, Moreover we hardly accept these type of guest post only exceptional guest post who actually deserve a link in the Guest post body, The links which are allowed will have a Nofollow attribute.

 Guest post must have 

  1. Short creative introduction 
  2. One image either created by yourself (owned by you ) , we also accept Creative common right image's.Image must not infringe any onecopyright.
  3. One heading 
  4. 3+ subheading 
  5. Bold important Keywords 
  6. Example if any 
  7. Pros and cons if any
  8. Conclusion if any 
  9. Short author bio
What Guest post author get's for guest posting? 
  • You will be able to add short author bio to your guest post.
  • Your guest post get's free traffic and audience.
  • You are free to promote your social networking account by adding links to your author short bio. Three social networking links 
  • You can add one link to your website or blog ( homepage address only ). No affiliation links, page links, promotional links.
How many days's take for us to publish guest post

Format that Should be followed for Requesting Guest post to WwW.Shoutingblogger.com

Email us: Shoutingblogger@gmail.com

Make sure to include given below information for guest post request. This will help's us to review your guest post request application fast and efficiently           
  • Name: Full name
  • Your expertise: Trading, Security 
  • Your guest post words: 800 +
  • No of headings, Subheading:  Short introduction, Image, 1 heading, 5 subheadings, 2 Minor heading.
  • Your guest post example:
  • About Donation/Payment: If you are willing to donate money for our blog then please also mention  your donation amount, name and mode of donation in your email
  • The suggestion about your guest post topic you like to write:  Topic: How to protect your computer, how to make Internet browsing safe. Category: Security, SEO, Trading, Blogging, Webhosting
  • Guest posting Experience: X years || X days
  • Your comments: If any 


How to join Shoutingblogger author team?


Money making is the priority of everyone but in this world where all people are rushing toward money making, there are some handful of people who's primary motto is to help other, If you did like to help people with your knowledge, expertise then this blog is open for you.The blog welcomes such authors, read below terms and conditions before applying.

As an author of our blog, you will be able to write an unlimited number of the article whenever you want . your blog post will be online as soon as you publish it.You may add your own customize credit, you are free to add your own tube video related to your blog post, etc. but we do not allow you to add any promotional link however you may add your blog or website home page in your author bio section.

To join Shoutingblogger.com as Author

We like to hear the following answer to the question in your email.
  • Why you want to join Shoutingblogger as a Guest author.
  • How often you post in our blog..
  • On what topic you expertise.
  • what topic you are interested writing in Shoutingblogger blog.
  • Do you have any experience in writing. if any we like to see your live Published article.

Email us ! Shoutingblogger@gmail.com (Prefered) or COntact Us (Not preferred) us 


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