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How To Add Signature In Gmail With Logo Easily .

How to add signature in gmail account with logo

I am using simple Steps along with images to make this article "Creating signature in Gmail "  better to understand .To get started with adding signature to Gmail Account. you need to have Valid Gmail Account If you already have Google account then login Here . In case you don't have google account register Here for Free .Lets starts with Easy steps To create Gmail signature .

Steps to add signature in gmail email .

  • First log in to your Gmail account Here. As you login you will be redirect to Gmail account of your's .Now Click on    Gear Button which appears on right top of your Gmail window as show in Figure 1.1

 add signature in gmail
How to Create a Signature in Gmail

Figure 1.1

  • When you click on gear icon .you will see following option Setting,themes,report a bug , help . Click on Setting Button as shown in figure 1.2
how to add signature in gmail
How to Make an Email Signature on Gmail

Figure 1.2
  • As you click on Setting you will see" setting window" with options like General , Label , Inbox,Accounts and Import ,Filters ,Forwarding and POP/IMAP, Chat, Web Clips, Labs, Offline ,Themes . Click on General  now scroll down you will see following window as shown in Figure 1.3
how to add signature in gmail account with logo
How to Create Signatures in Gmail with an Images

Figure 1.3
  • When you scroll down under General tab, you will find signature label .you can enable signature by choosing signature option button and add your Desired signature in box as shown in Figure 1.3 . when you done with adding Signature scroll down and click on Save . 
how to add signature in gmail app
How to Create Signatures in Gmail with logo

Figure 1.4
  • You can customize your Signature like Adding Company logo to your gmail signature , Adding links to gmail signature etc . When you done with your signature , click on Gmail to reload account . Now click on Compose mail to check how your Signature looks . For example See figure 1.5 .
how to add signature in gmail with logo
How to Create Signatures in Gmail with Links

Figure 1.5
  • Congratulation , you have created your Gmail Signature .Now you can send your email with signature attached .Every time you compose message your signature will automatically embedded with your email body .You can see your signature after ~~ sign .
 how to add signature in gmail app
 how to add signature in gmail app 

Watch video Tutorial on how to add signature in gmail with logo On youtube 

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How to Identify Scams, Frauds and Hoaxes Emails

  How to find out Lottery Email is Scam Emails or not? 

What is Lottery Scam email ?

Lottery Scam email are Fake email send to random email id with the motive of Cheating for the sake of Money .Lottery Scam or any type of fraud with emails is a cyber Crime .

Lottery Scam email are most common Cyber Crime these days .Around 45% of  people losses there money because of Lottery Scam email,Jobs  Scam emails etc .As scam email offers your huge  Amount like " Congrats You won Million dollars "  that's why many people fall prey to these Scam emails . I had found that many people specially Students/Unemploye Peoples etc fall prey to these Scams email that's  Why i mainly focused this article to save all people around world from Scams emails like lottery scam email / Job Scam emails ,Lots of my People asked me to write about " How To spot Lottery Scam email ? " So that's why  i decided to write an Article On " How to spot Lottery Scam email ?.

Ok ,lets get started with Busting lottery scam emails .Its Very easy to spot a lottery scam email or job scam emails .

You should note following things to find out lottery scam emails / job Scams email

  • If you got emails of winning lottery from Free email id like example@yahoo.com ,example@Google.com,example@msn.co.uk etc Then its surely a Scam Email , Lol'd a lottery company Offer you million  and Don't have 5-10 $ to invest on Company email id 
  • Even you get email for company@companydomain.com , Don't trust email's with eyes closed because there are many tricks to hide original email These tricks fails When you try to reply those email . since on replying you can spot there original emails .
  • If you really won Lottery then you will receive email from official site for example : if you won Lottery for www.xyz.com then you will receive email for company Official email Id's like example@xyz.com .even you get email form official site then also try to investigate before making any payments to claim your rewards
  • If any Lottery email ask for your bank password /bank transaction for claiming your Lottery then also company email is also a scam emails
  • Search over Internet regarding email id from which you receive email . Surely if its a Scam email then people around the internet will be Complaining /investigating about that email .Get a habit to investigate Lottery email  you receive .

 Request To people who get Jobs /Lottery scam emails .

Let 's make a  awareness, about the Scam Jobs /Lottery emails  we receive, Just post scam emails you Receive on forum,Blogs etc and help others To know about scam emails .Share this Article if you really think this article is usefull for other's

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