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Claim 100 USDT After LUNA CRASH, Buy Luna Here -Buy Crypto in World Biggest and Most Trusted Exchange -

Buy Luna and other Cryptocurrency in world Biggest Exchange and Claim Free 100 USDT

Due to the de-pegging of UST , the stable coin of Luna has Suffered world Biggest coin to Lose its value from All Time High ( Apr 05, 2022 ) $119.18 to All time Low  All Time Low ($0.00001675). This happened because of De Pegging of UST, and Majority of analyst says that sudden increase in  Luna total Total Supply of to 6,907,376,873,714 and sudden sentiment changes results in a  drop of world 4th Most popular Cryptocurrency to Biggest fall in Cryptocurrency. Majority of Exchanges has halted or Delisted Luna so, Luna is Still Volatile and Terra ( Luna ) and Lunatic community working to revive the Crypto currency after biggest fall, Among all the exchanges majority of exchange has delisted or halted Luna Trading, however Binance has shown some interest for resuming halting of Luna so that there existing user  don't lose there Holding, You can Buy Luna Terra on Binance, here is how you can do it 

Signup Binance Account - Claim 100 USDT ( NEW user)

Go to Binance home page with this link . This is promotional Link in which you can 100Usdt  Additional Bonus when you complete Kyc and Deposit  more then 50$ within 14 days. So make sure to use our link and complete kyc and Deposit more then 51$ in your wallet through deposit or with P2P mode. 


Note: You might be having question what i get with refering you, I get 20% of 100% fee you pay to binnace when u place trade. for Example if you place a trade 50$ then u have to pay binnace a maker/taker fee of Max which is max 0.1000% / 0.1000% which is equal to 0.05 when u buy/sell a crypto out of 0.05$ I get 0.01$ ( every time you trade a Crypto ) so your sucess is my Sucess. I beilive in Long term trading, You make good money with daily trading but you have to pay handsome amount of fee to Exchange, If you are experienced trader then you can try but i recommed u to trade Crypto currency Carefully

Complete KYC

KYC stand for Know your customer, Its help the Exchange to identify that you are real person and Exchange will ask you to complete KYC. To being trading crypto, So make sure to Complete KYC as soon as possible.

For New user, you may get Verify account link directly on homepage, as shown in below screenshot

If you don't  see this page, don't worry here is how you  go to Identification page  (On Computer Browser) Go to top right corner of Screen and Click on Profile Icon as shown in Below  screen shot


After Clicking on Profile,  a drop down window will be shown as below and click on Identification.


To start Trading you need to Verified, Verified Plus and Enterprise Verification will unlock thier respective deposit and withdrawal limits. However to start Trading crypto with Small amount like 50$ You need to get yourself verified. Click On Start NOW


Select your Country Residence . Make Sure that your country of residence is consistent with your ID documents.


After Selecting country of residence, click continue and choose from the list of verification requirements for your specific country/region.


Enter your Personal infromation and click continue ( Make sure Nationality , name and Dob match with the Identity verification certificate you will upload 


Now Upload the identity card as per instruction. After successfully uploading document photos, the system will as k for a selfie face verification and complete


After completing the process of Facial recognition, Wait for binance o review .Once your application has been verified, they will send you an email notification.

How to Deposit Money

After Successfully Verification of your Profile you are ready to deposit money, You can deposit fiat ( means currency ) by clicking on buy crypto an selection pay with , Make sure to deposit minimum of 50$ to get Addition 100$ for Trading. ( Limited Time ) Buy Usdt for Trading usdt pair or to trade busd pair buy some bUsd, to buy Luna You need BUSD .So buy some BUSD


After Buying some USDT/ BUSDT ( stable coin )you can buy and sell crypto with usdt or busdt, for Example If you have purchased Busdt to buy Luna on binance then however your mouse cursor over trade and click spot as shown in below screenshot

Trading On Binance Spot 

Buying Crypto with P2P

Searching Trading Pair in Binance 

Now Go to left of screen and click busd and Search luna, click luna/busd from here you can buy/sell Luna. to buy Luna you need Busdt and Sell luna you need luna.  


Buy/Sell Trading Pair

Make sure you have corresponding trading pair other wise the Aval will be shown as 0, for Example if you have deposited Busdt then in Luna/busdt u will see all the available Busdt for buying trading pair. Select the amount of Busdt using which you need to buy and then click buy To Sell and get back your Usdt you need to sell the amount of luna u have . Make sure to Understand Buying and selling in Binance before Jumping directly before knowing how it works


See The reference Video how you can buy and Sell in Binance

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How to Buy shiba inu coin in India ( INR )

How to buy shiba coin in India

SHIBA NFts | 1.5 ETH

You can Buy shiba or any other cryptocurrency in world biggest exchange, If you are new to binance then use our link to claim 100USDT after completing Kyc .Signup Bonus is only valid with link for limite time , Create Account here to clain 100 USDT .

What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is  an ERC-20 altcoin created on the Ethereum blockchain, Its basically a token whose value is shown in the chart below. Its is the well know meme coin which is also known by name Dodge coin killer .If you are looking for safe and easy way to buy Shibainu coin in india then for your knowlege there are currencty two india crypto giants allows you to buy and sell Shiba Inu coin in inr, If you are new to cryptocurrency then you must research in cryptocurrency before investing and make sure that you invest only amount you can afford to lose, earning money is hard so don't gambles by putting money on any coin before  researching it.

Why Shiba INu is getting Popular ?

The main reason behind the popularity of Shiba INu coin popularity is because of its growth in Last 12 months which is almost  1000000 from the date of launch, Largest cryptocurrency donation to India covid 19 relief fund and its has  has massive groups of supporter from normal peoples to celebrities in social platform. The another reason is that with small investment you can buy thousands of coin ,whereas in bitcoin you need thousands of dollars to get a part of bitcoin or any other high price cryptocurrency . 

Here is one Exchange and a Site that allow you to buy Shiba crypto in  India .I have used my referral link that means  I also use these two platform to buy cryptocurrency and sell, So Good luck with buying.. Before going further, always remember making money in crypto market is game of time and patience, only invest the amount you can afford to losse, personally i prefer buying crypto from the money I waste on  entertainments .

#1 Wazirx

Wazirx is one of the most popular Crypto exchange in India, it allows its customers to buy and sell the world most traded cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Shibainu , ETh , Bnd and dogecoin etc, the best advantage of using wazirx is that you can deposit money with your bank account or with the help of UPI like GPay, Amazon pay, Mobiki, Paytym etc .

If you don't have Upi Id, don't worry you can  create upi id for free with signup bonus if  available through the below given link, The link given below are my referral link, I earn few cent to Dollar when you signup from given link, Its your call to go and help me earn by joining using my referral link or signup without my link. Note: Never share your Upi Pin or Otp with anyone, sharing your upi id is no harm its like account no like u have in bank, But don't share Upi pin and Otp related to upi with anyone.If you are new user then make first transaction of 1 ruppe or less then $1 so that u can learn how its works 

IN WAZIRx you can Deposit INR with following methods, I Recommend Start with Rs100 first. Learn The Crypto profit and loss with RS100, To Get idea of Profit and loss In Cryptocurrency.

Modes of Deposit INR in WAZIRx

Bank Deposit

Upi Option ( available transfer with wallet)


Upi Option ( No available every time)

Modes of  Withdrawal INR in WAZIRx

To Bank only

#2 CoinDCx

CoinDCX is another largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange which allow you to buy  popular meme coins like Shibainu and dogecoin with other popular cryptocurrency like bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB etc. To Buy Shiba inu Coin in CoinDCx you need to create account and get your bank account verified in which you need to enter bank account no, ifsc code and they will verify it by sending Rs 1 rupee to your account . Once you get verified you will be able to deposit inr to your coindcx account and can buy Shiba inu or any other cryptocurrency supported by them. I am imbedding my CoinDCx Referral link below, Feel Free to Try CoinDCx

Modes of Deposit INR in CoinDCx

Bank Deposit

Upi Option ( available transfer with wallet)


Upi Option ( No available every time)

Modes of  Withdrawal INR in CoinDCx

To Bank only

You can buy cryptocurrency with minimum of  Rs 100 and can topup your coindcx wallet with minimum of Rs 100 Rupee for limited time, 

IN CoinDcx you can Deposit INR with following methods, Start with  Rs100 first

If you plan to Buy shiba inu coin then use above referal link , soon i will post how you can stake and earn more shiba inu coin, Staking is like depositing your amount of coin for fixed time to get interest in form of coin, Its funs drop a comment if you like to know more about it

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How to Temporarily Deactivate Instagram Account.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily

Deactivate instagram account

Instagram is the one of the most popular photo and video sharing social networking site of the world,  It  allow user to watch and to upload photo, short video and igtv videos for free and share with friends and other Instagram users across the world. Instagram reels  feature makes Instagram  more entertaining which is  the biggest  pros but also proves to be a cons because it consumes lots of time once you started watching videos and photos on Instagram obvious its to entertain. 

      Since you landed on this page that means you wants to deactivate your Instagram account, and we will  help you deactivate your Instagram account in easiest possible way, but before starting with our step by step tutorial, you must understand what basically does "Deactivating Instagram Account" do and few myth about Deactivating Instagram account.

What does "Deactivation of Instagram "do?

By Deactivating Instagram account you basically temporarily hiding your profile , photos you have uploaded on Instagram,  All the comments you made on Instagram and likes. Its like Making your account private but for yourself to. You can reactivate your profile by login to your account but it will makes your profile, photos, comment and like go publicly visible.

Difference between Deactivating Instagram and Deleting it?

Many Instagram user didn't know that you can also delete your Instagram account, in our next article we will tell you how you can delete your Instagram account permanently, but what is the difference between deactivate and delete Instagram account. Deactivating Instagram account means that you can reenable you full Instagram account including  your username, all the comments, photos and like associated with the account as soon as login to your account but in case of delete your account will be deleted permanently it means your username , all the comments , photos, likes will be erased.  It takes 90 days for permanent deletion of Instagram account. However, you can reclaim your account anytime before 90 days but after 90 days your whole account will get deleted .

Steps To Deactivate Instagram Account Temporary 

Deactivate instagram account step by step

Step 1 : Open Instagram on Web Browser

Instagram apps does not allow you to deactivate your Instagram account, that's why you need to open Instagram on web browser either on pc or mobile by typing on web browser.

Step 2 : Login To your Instagram Account

Wait for the Instagram page to load completely, Now login to the Instagram account you want to deactivate by entering its login credential or "login with Facebook" .

Step 3 : Go to Setting 

After successful login , you will be redirected to your Instagram homepage. Now, Go to top right corner and click on profile pic, and then click on Settings

Step 4 : Temporary Disable my account

Now, look for the link "Temporary Disable my account" and click on it to deactivate Instagram account 

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Protect a Folder Without Password ! Epic Trick.

How to protect a folder without password

protect a folder without password

One of the best ways to protect any data is by encrypting it with a password, it is the safest and easy way to protect your data from theft and privacy breach, undoubtedly there is no other way is built to protect data till now, only way to resitrict people for seeing the content of your folder is by adding a password to it.

                 To add additional security to a folder from privacy breach, we have discovered an epic way to protect a folder without a password. This trick is not at all about adding any password or hiding through windows features, its about fooling your windows. In this small trick, we have tried to encrypt a file or a folder by simply playing around with a file extension. It's a simple was to protect the content and its privacy, here we are playing with system function and manipulating the file or folder extensions  by making system blind to recognise the program to open a file.

To know this trick better you need to try below given steps.

Steps By Step tutorial to protect a folder without password

To make this trick work, we require data compression tools such as Winzip or Winrar. You can download the latest version of the data compression tools through their official site. We'll recommend you to uses Winrar, it comes with lots of cool features like adding a test archive, create a solid archive, and most importantly it supports three major archive format that is RAR, RAR 5, and ZIP. So let's get started with our step by step guide.


Browse your computer and find the file you want to protect . For example, If you want to Protect and secure a file named as “Top Secret Document .docx (Microsoft Word file) on a desktop and then follow the below steps to learn the process of hiding any folder


  • In our case, we are creating a dummy file of Microsoft word file by name " Top Secret Document.docx "


  • Right click on file "Top Secret Document.docx" 
  • Go to “Add to archive” and then click on the archive by pressing ok. 
It will take few second to create the archive of the file.


  • Right click on the archived file
  • Go to properties.  
  • Under the general tab, you can see the name of the file with extension. Did you? If yes then move to step 4


  • Now, delete the .rar part and make sure to click on ok. 
A small window pop-up will appear saying “ If you change a filename extension, the file might become unusable. Are you sure you want to change it?” click on ok and see the magic.

          So, File became blank and cannot be open?  Yeah, this is what we are trying to do. In this way, no one will open the file until they figure out the right extension and program to open a File, but you can because you know the extension of the file. Now, to open the file, right click it, go to properties and then under the General tab, add an extension to the file name. In our case, it is .rar.
You can try this trick to all extensions like.mpeg  .mpg .zip .txt .flv .ogg .mkv .rm .rar .dll etc
I bet this is something new you learn today, Keep in touch with our blog to learn cool tricks and tips on computer and some safe computer hacks

Pros of this method of protecting File or folder 

You don’t need any kind of Software for password protecting a File or Folder protecting.
The only person who knows the right program to open a file can only see it.

Cons of this method of Protecting a file or folder

The biggest cons of this method are that if you forgot the original extension and a program to open a file or folder, then you need to works hard to see the content of the file.
The second biggest cons of this methods is that if person knows the Program to open a file, then file can be easily accessible

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How to Invest in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

How To Trade in Bitcoin.

You have landed on this page it means that you are very much interested in buying and selling Bitcoin(BTC) and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum Classic (ETC) etc. The question that might be jumping in your head like a bunny is how to make money by trading bitcoin? The answer to this question is simple you need to register yourself to an online trading platform which allows cryptocurrency trading. But before Jumping directly to trade cryptocurrency the first and foremost thing is to understand what is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most traded crypto currencies in the world so far, It was founded by a Japanese person know by name Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a new era of payment network that uses block chain for recording Bitcoin transaction.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
He was the one, who implemented the first block chain database and deploys the first decentralised digital currency. The decentralized digital currency means that it is not controlled by the government and it can be generated with the help of Bitcoin mining software and hardware.

How to make Bitcoin and Money?

There are hundreds of popular cryptocurrency Like as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum Classic (ETC) etc but out of those the bitcoin is most popular one because it is being used by millions of people and even some of the countries have accepted it as payment methods.
Bitcoin is not only a payment network but it also helps you to make money. Bitcoin has currency in you can use bitcoin to purchase product and service etc. There are many ways using which you can make money with bitcoin yet best-suited way to make legit money with bitcoin is as follows.

1) By Mining Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency.

Printing of currency note other than Government authorized body is prohibited and punishable by respective country law, It means you are prohibited to print or create a new currency note. On the Other hand, you can create any number of bitcoin you want with the help of bitcoin mining, To create a bitcoin all you need is a bitcoin miner and a bitcoin mining pool to get started. Buying bitcoin miner can cost you up to 2000+ dollar, Although the mining of bitcoin is a profitable practice yet the problem is the miner makes lots of noise, consume ample amount of power. A perfect bitcoin mining environment can cost you up to $3K depending upon bitcoin miner, no of bitcoin miner, cooling system etc. a single high-speed miner takes almost 6 months to mine just 1 bitcoin, Although it takes lots of money to get started but the profit-making from bitcoin mining is sure. However, If you don't like to get surrounded by Miner noise and still want to make money in bitcoin then I will suggest you to try bitcoin trading.

Note- In some country Bitcoin Mining and use of bitcoin is restricted. So make sure that your country does not restrict bitcoin usage.
  • Best Bitcoin Miner till know - See here
  • Best Bitcoin Mining Pool- Update Soon

2) Trading Bitcoin- By Buying or Selling bitcoin.

The popular way to make money with bitcoin other than bitcoin mining is to invest your money in bitcoin. It is the fastest but most risky way to make money with bitcoin because your profit or loss depends upon the bitcoin prize movement. A right trading decision can turn your trade into profit, on the other hand, a wrong decision may swap away your equity. 

If you have already decided to invest your money in cryptocurrency then I would recommend you to try first the demo account offered by, It Provides you $100000 virtual money to trade in Cryptocurrency along with Commodity, Forex, Stocks like Google, Facebook and Apple etc. Before trying the real mode make sure you are ready for it because Real money brings real profit and real loss. Trade at your own risk.

The is the first Social Trading and Investing Network that lets their user trade money in Crypto Currency, Commodity, Currency, Indices, and Stocks etc. The Advantage of using Demo account is you will come to know about the risk and perks of trading in a risk-free environment. You can switch to demo account to a real account with Etoro dashboard only.

Steps To Trade Bitcoin

Below are the Steps to open an account on

Step1: Open an account on Online Trading brokerage site. 

Personally, I have used for trading money on commodity, currency, and cryptocurrency. I like the interface of the website, a way of depositing and withdrawing of money and most important is, you can communicate with other traders like you does on any social networking site.

To open a demo and Real trading account click Etoro to visit their official site and press Join now.

Step 2: Enter the Details

While entering the details like your first name, last name and phone number make sure to enter it correctly. After registering on Etoro your need to submit your document for verification purposes.

Step 3: Verify your account

Submit the Document as Required and get yourself verified

Step4:: Deposit money

The Final step to get started trading money in bitcoin is to deposit money in your Etoro wallet and you are ready to trade on bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Personal Suggestion  

Do not jump directly on trading just after depositing money, instead of practice trading with virtual money through demo account so that you get used to with the basic features of trading on etoro and understand the risk of trading.

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How to Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache (Image and files)

How to Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache 

               First thing a Google chrome web browser do is to download website page containing images, scripts, videos, flash files etc  in you local drive folder for temporary duration of time. These raw downloaded data is presented in well formatted  way  in a chrome web browser and make website available on your browser as full website page . These Browser cache allow to quick reload a web page without loading whole web page again. With the passage of time, these cache are not of use since then website content may have changed with times so these old cache consume large amount of hard disk if not cleared. Sometime it can consumes Gigabytes of space of your hard disk. There is no point in keeping junk data in your hard drive, It better to clear browsing data at least once in a week.

Please update your chrome web browser to latest version since some features and buttons have been renamed in latest version, The below given steps are for the latest version of chrome,however the Chrome shortcut keys works perfectly fine for old and new chrome version 

               Now, the question is how to delete google chrome browser cache from your hard drive, there are basically two ways of clearing chrome browser cache. First one  is by clearing browser cache directly from folder manually and the other one by using google chrome "customize and control google chrome" option.If you are new to chrome or know less about computer then I would recommend you to try deleting using option available on chrome browser as mentioned in below step by step tutorial.In later article we will write up about clearing chrome browser history manually from folders.

Steps To Clear Your Google chrome Browser's Cache

Google chrome

Follow these instruction to clear your Google chrome browser Cache . It's Easy

Step 1 : Open Google chrome browser.

                  There are two ways to open Google chrome
  • First: Go to Desktop and Double click on “Google Chrome Icon” .
  • Second: Click on Start, All programs and then Click on Google chrome icon to open.

Step 2: Open Customize and control Google chrome.

You can open "Customize and control Google chrome" from Google chrome Toolbar, you can find it at extreme right top corner of chrome browser window, Near Search box and it Appear as button with three black line. Open Customize and control Google chrome by clicking on Chrome menu.

Step 3: Under Click on Tools.

A small window will popup to the right contains a  lot’s of  option’s like New tab , New window and so on will appear out of those function ,move your mouse pointer  More Tools,

Step 4: Click Clear browsing data. 

Bring Mouse pointer to clear browsing data, and click on it, A new small window will pop up knows as Settings, from here you can control the history, cache, saved passwords etc

Google chrome Shortcut To open Clear browsing data Window : Press Ctrl+shift+Del

Step 5: Select cached Image and files .

When you click on Clear browsing data, a Small dialog box will appear, From the list of categories, uncheck all the boxes and select  the check box of “cached image and file"

Step 6: Select Amount and Duration of cache to delete .

From the Drop down menu labeled as “Time range”. Select the amount and duration of cache to delete. You may clear full stored cache by selecting “beginning of time “or  delete only last hour cache by selecting on time range.

Step 7: Click Clear browsing data. 

Once you done with selecting Checkbox “Empty the Cache“and amount of cache to clear. Click Clear data for Final step . 

We Write this blog for helping, if you got a help for this article then please take few minute sharing this post with your friends to appreciate our work. A Little donation is also accepted to keep this domain running. Feel free to comment below.
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How To Start A Successful Blog? Free Or Self hosted? Pros and Cons

How to Start A Blog? 

Starting a blog

A blog has become one of the easiest and fastest ways to convey your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge to the world. It has become one of the most powerful and effective ways to reach the world audience, It has not only become an easiest and fastest way to share your expertise with people but also let you earn money. The Ultimate question is how to Start a blog and how much it costs to run a blog per year. In this Article, I will try to cover every question that comes to your mind, just before starting a blog. So Let's start answering every possible question one by one. 

Wondering how one can make money by writing a blog? Read It Here

#1 How Much Its cost To start a Blog?

Minimum Money needed to start a blog

The First Question that pop-up in your mind just after deciding to start a blog is how much it costs to run a blog. Is there any way you can get a blog for Free also? Yes! You can get a blog for Free by Joining free blogging platform however the free blog created on free blogging platform has certain Limitation due to which most people prefer to self-hosted blog. Let me give a quick preview of what free blog and paid blog have for you.

Free hosted blogging platforms VS Self-hosted blog

Free Blog ( Recommended for a Non-profitable blog)

You can start a blog for free with the help of Free blogging platform like,, and etc. They don't charge any hosting fees and Provide a Sub-domain level like
Pros of Free blogging platforms
1. You don't have to pay a single dollar for blog and Domain hosting. You get Blog ready for Post publishing.

2. It's Easy to set up and use and you can free subdomains.

3. A blog created on a free blogging platform is the great way to share knowledge with people or to starting a non-profitable blog for a social cause.
Cons of Free blogging platforms
1. The biggest con of Free blogging platform is that some free blogging platform does not let you embed the third party HTML code due to which you cannot make money by showing advertisement and affiliate ads.

2. In some free blogging Platform like Blogger you cannot upload Images directly to your blog but still, it let you embed an image.

3. Free blogging platform provides you limited features due to which you unable to customize your blog freely.

4. The subdomain does not look cool ( )

Paid Blog or self-hosted blog ( Recommended for making money with a blog)

The paid blog can cost you up to $100 dollar/year to $1000/year which include a top level domain name like and a hosting space. The cost of hosting and domain hosting may vary from one web hosting provider to other depending on your hosting plan and Extra Services. Basic cost for Running a blog successfully is less than $100/ year. You can save up to 60% on web hosting and even gets free domain name by applying given coupons

  •                 Click Hostgator Wordpress Coupon to claim 40%  to 57% off on WordPress blog hosting 
  •                 Click iPage Wordpress Coupon to claim 75% off on WordPress blog hosting + Free  Domain+ $500 worth of service
Pros of Cons of Paid Blog or self-hosted blog
1. You can customize and control your blog layout and other Features

2. You can Upload Videos and Images directly to your blog.

3. You can make money by showing advertisement and affiliation links by embedding their party Html and java codes
Cons of Paid Blog or self-hosted blog
1. Other than money for hosting and domain. I don't see any cons in paid or self-hosted blog because unlike the Free blogging platform you control the full blog. More money you invested on our blog more features you will add to the blog

Do I choose Free hosted blogging platforms or Self-hosted blog

Most bloggers ask whether they go for a free blogging platform or start a self-hosted blog. The Answer is simple if you are new to blog making and don't have money to start a blog then go for Free blogging platforms like or A free blogging platform is good for creating a nonprofit or personal blog because some free blogging platform like WordPress does not let you add third-party HTML or java codes to your blog due to which you cannot monetize your blog traffic.

On the other hand, a Self-hosted blog is similar to a free blog in term of front end but in self Hosted blog you can access the back end of your blog and can transform a simple blog script to a professional looking blog. Unlike the Free blog, In a self-hosted blog, you can monetize the blog contents with advertisements and affiliated Links. The self Hosted blog is the best for creating a business blog, professional blog and a blog which allow you to make money.

Step By Step Guide to Start a blog

Step 1: Choose the right Domain name for your blog.

The most important part in starting a blog is to choose a right domain name for your blog. Domain name speaks lots about your blog to a search engine as well as to user, It's like nameplate to your blog. So make sure the domain name you have chosen justifies the future content of your blog

Step 2: Choose whether you want to start a blog on Free blogging platform or Self Hosted blog?

After deciding the domain name for a blog the next important step is to decide whether you want to start a free blog on free blogging platform or to start a Self-hosted blog

  • o           To Create a Free blog on a free blogging platform ( check out top 3 free blogging platform ), Visit complete step by step guide to starting a blog on blogger.

Step3: Make Blog visible on Search engines.

After successfully starting a blog, you need to make your blog visible on a search engine.

To make your blog visible on the search engine like google, yahoo and bings etc you need to Submit a blog to search engine.

To check your blog SEO Recommendation, Enter the Blog address below

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