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How to take screenshot in laptop/PC -Step to Step Guide works on windows Xp, 7, 8,10, 11

 How to take Screenshot on a laptop/PC

In this How-to Article, we will learn the best and easiest way to take a screenshot on a Laptop or Pc for any version of Microsoft Windows, without using any additional software. In the latest version of windows like Windows 10 all you need to do is to click a secret shortcut key to take a screenshot while in the old version of Windows like Windows XP you need to perform a few extra steps to make a screenshot visible or in Photo format. We will first show you the steps that are common in all windows then we will show you secret methods of capturing Screenshots with keys

What does Screenshot mean?

I know, the majority of the reader already knows what a screenshot does and what it is used for but for those, who are not aware of screenshots, it is the method of capturing a screen in the visible form mostly in jpeg format which you can view in any photo viewers. In simple words, by taking a screenshot your device will capture whatever you see on screen.

For example, If you are browsing a website and found some interesting quotes or an answer and you may want to save it as a photo for later use then with the help of Screenshot you will be able to capture the whole browser screen.

Steps to take a screenshot on laptop/PC - works on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1,10, 11

Screenshots in any window can be taken with the help of the Print button, the Print button will capture the screen into the clipboard, and to convert a screenshot into a visible photo, we need an application( software) you are already familiar with, that is Microsoft Paint, It is preinstalled application available in almost all the version of windows, So you don't need any software program to convert a screenshot into a Visible format, So let's start our Step by Step Guide to take a screenshot.

Step1: Open the application you want to take a screenshot of. To understand how to take screenshots, open a web browser and Go to Now you will see Browser with the website shown below.

Step2: Now look at your keyboard and search for Prt Scr Key, This key is known as the Print Screen key and you can use it to take a screenshot. You can find Prt Scr key mostly at the top right corner of keywords as shown below Picture.

Step3: Click Prt Scr key on the keyboard, This will copy the screen you see on your monitor, For Example, if you have a browser with Our blog open and you click Prt Scr, Then it will capture the screen having our site open along with browser to the clipboard.

Step 4: To make the screenshot visible, we need to paste the copied screenshot into an application such as MS Paint, So, now Open MS paint, and using the keyboard press ctrl+v to paste on Ms Paint.

Step5: Now enter the file name and select the save as type as Jpeg or any other file format you like.

Congratulation, just now you have learned to  take a screenshot on a Laptop or Pc
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How To Start A Successful Blog? Free Or Self hosted? Pros and Cons

How to Start A Blog? 

Starting a blog

A blog has become one of the easiest and fastest ways to convey your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge to the world. It has become one of the most powerful and effective ways to reach the world audience, It has not only become an easiest and fastest way to share your expertise with people but also let you earn money. The Ultimate question is how to Start a blog and how much it costs to run a blog per year. In this Article, I will try to cover every question that comes to your mind, just before starting a blog. So Let's start answering every possible question one by one. 

Wondering how one can make money by writing a blog? Read It Here

#1 How Much Its cost To start a Blog?

Minimum Money needed to start a blog

The First Question that pop-up in your mind just after deciding to start a blog is how much it costs to run a blog. Is there any way you can get a blog for Free also? Yes! You can get a blog for Free by Joining free blogging platform however the free blog created on free blogging platform has certain Limitation due to which most people prefer to self-hosted blog. Let me give a quick preview of what free blog and paid blog have for you.

Free hosted blogging platforms VS Self-hosted blog

Free Blog ( Recommended for a Non-profitable blog)

You can start a blog for free with the help of Free blogging platform like,, and etc. They don't charge any hosting fees and Provide a Sub-domain level like
Pros of Free blogging platforms
1. You don't have to pay a single dollar for blog and Domain hosting. You get Blog ready for Post publishing.

2. It's Easy to set up and use and you can free subdomains.

3. A blog created on a free blogging platform is the great way to share knowledge with people or to starting a non-profitable blog for a social cause.
Cons of Free blogging platforms
1. The biggest con of Free blogging platform is that some free blogging platform does not let you embed the third party HTML code due to which you cannot make money by showing advertisement and affiliate ads.

2. In some free blogging Platform like Blogger you cannot upload Images directly to your blog but still, it let you embed an image.

3. Free blogging platform provides you limited features due to which you unable to customize your blog freely.

4. The subdomain does not look cool ( )

Paid Blog or self-hosted blog ( Recommended for making money with a blog)

The paid blog can cost you up to $100 dollar/year to $1000/year which include a top level domain name like and a hosting space. The cost of hosting and domain hosting may vary from one web hosting provider to other depending on your hosting plan and Extra Services. Basic cost for Running a blog successfully is less than $100/ year. You can save up to 60% on web hosting and even gets free domain name by applying given coupons

  •                 Click Hostgator Wordpress Coupon to claim 40%  to 57% off on WordPress blog hosting 
  •                 Click iPage Wordpress Coupon to claim 75% off on WordPress blog hosting + Free  Domain+ $500 worth of service
Pros of Cons of Paid Blog or self-hosted blog
1. You can customize and control your blog layout and other Features

2. You can Upload Videos and Images directly to your blog.

3. You can make money by showing advertisement and affiliation links by embedding their party Html and java codes
Cons of Paid Blog or self-hosted blog
1. Other than money for hosting and domain. I don't see any cons in paid or self-hosted blog because unlike the Free blogging platform you control the full blog. More money you invested on our blog more features you will add to the blog

Do I choose Free hosted blogging platforms or Self-hosted blog

Most bloggers ask whether they go for a free blogging platform or start a self-hosted blog. The Answer is simple if you are new to blog making and don't have money to start a blog then go for Free blogging platforms like or A free blogging platform is good for creating a nonprofit or personal blog because some free blogging platform like WordPress does not let you add third-party HTML or java codes to your blog due to which you cannot monetize your blog traffic.

On the other hand, a Self-hosted blog is similar to a free blog in term of front end but in self Hosted blog you can access the back end of your blog and can transform a simple blog script to a professional looking blog. Unlike the Free blog, In a self-hosted blog, you can monetize the blog contents with advertisements and affiliated Links. The self Hosted blog is the best for creating a business blog, professional blog and a blog which allow you to make money.

Step By Step Guide to Start a blog

Step 1: Choose the right Domain name for your blog.

The most important part in starting a blog is to choose a right domain name for your blog. Domain name speaks lots about your blog to a search engine as well as to user, It's like nameplate to your blog. So make sure the domain name you have chosen justifies the future content of your blog

Step 2: Choose whether you want to start a blog on Free blogging platform or Self Hosted blog?

After deciding the domain name for a blog the next important step is to decide whether you want to start a free blog on free blogging platform or to start a Self-hosted blog

  • o           To Create a Free blog on a free blogging platform ( check out top 3 free blogging platform ), Visit complete step by step guide to starting a blog on blogger.

Step3: Make Blog visible on Search engines.

After successfully starting a blog, you need to make your blog visible on a search engine.

To make your blog visible on the search engine like google, yahoo and bings etc you need to Submit a blog to search engine.

To check your blog SEO Recommendation, Enter the Blog address below

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7 Steps for becoming a successful web designer

7 Steps for becoming a successful web designer

So you’re planning to become a web designer but you’ve no clue where to start from. Web designing might seem like a daunting task but it’s not as hard as it seems. With constant hard work and effort, one can achieve the aim of becoming a successful web designer. There are numerous things that the designers should keep in mind when they’re planning to build their professional portfolio.

These seven steps will help you succeed in the web design process.

Web Designer

Intro: Improve the perspective

Making an appealing and eye-catching web design is one thing and carrying that image is another. Website designers need to manage their lives efficiently after they have created the website. The work doesn’t end at the creation of a website; you will have to manage everything in a balanced manner. Web designers need to begin from planning to properly execute their strategies. In order to get successful, you need to adopt certain traits especially the ones you’ve been ignoring. These tips implemented overtime will bring valuable benefits to the web world.

Follow the tips to become successful web designer

Sucessfull webdesign tips

1. Establish effective communication skills
This is one of the skills that can make or break the image of a developer, especially in the field of web design that can help in designing web project. A successful developer should have great ability to present himself to the customer in a professional manner, or you will lose the opportunity. It’s not necessary for a person to have a talkative nature but when it comes to presenting yourself a designer/developer needs to have communication skill to impress his clients and create consumer base. Moreover, if they face any misconception, it can easily be resolved if you’re good at communicating.
2. Learn how to sell yourself
In the world full of web designers, you need to know how to sell yourself to the people. There’s massive competition in the web designing field and you need to gear up to present yourself in a great manner to the people. You need to adopt the skills and qualities that will make you stand out from the competitors. Keep in mind that you can sell yourself by doing marketing through word of mouth, social media, advertising, or even business card. However, if you sit back and relax then you’re going to miss out great opportunities and loser customer value.
3. Pre-plan before you design
A little planning ahead of time never goes to waste. As much as the pre-planning is important before you start designing, this will be a great help for you. In addition, you can plan along the necessary rules like:

             i. Research about the company you’re planning to work for.

             ii. Ask client’s requirements and expectations.

             iii. Check trends on what your competitors are working on. 

Make a rough sketch to jot down all the points and plan accordingly. Pre-planning will not only save your time and money, but it will use your resources in the best possible manner.
4. Evaluate your work and take feedback
Once you’re done planning, it’s time to evaluate and analyze your work. You should be ready to take feedbacks and work on improving if there’s any need. If a mistake has been pointed out, work on improving the mistakes. You be the judge and out yourself in client’s shoes to point out the mistakes which need correction.
5. Be a web designer instead of graphic designer
More often people confuse the term web designing and graphic designing thinking they work the same way. The truth is they both are a completely different field and carry their own value. There’s a possibility that a graphic designer can reach the level of web designer but no possibility that web designer will reach to graphic designer level. In order to get successful in the field, you need to commit yourself in the particular field and master it.
6. Stay updated with the new tech in the market
Every day every year the world gets to see new changes. As a web designer, you get to see new changes in trends and technique after quite some time. For a designer to become successful one needs to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to stay in the competition. Get to know about the new things that are going in the market and learn new trends to implement them as soon as you can. This way you will stay ahead of the competition and can compete with your rivals.

7. Update your portfolio on regular basis
Marinating a portfolio can be a crucial task for any web developer. As a web designer, you need to keep maintaining your portfolio every year with all the relevant experience that will add value and show your best profile to your clients. Your client will look at your portfolio and would love to work with you if they find your portfolio impressive enough. Show your clients your professional portfolio that will not only interest them to work with you but it will justify gaining money as well.


Web designing is an interesting field where an individual needs dedication and patience to cope up with the challenges. Follow these steps and they will surely help you become a successful designer to achieve your desired aims.

About Author
Caroline Samantha is a business consultant, designer, and an enthusiast blogger working with a renowned Web design company in Singapore, one of the best design company. She has written several blog write-ups and has gained recognition. Her interest revolves around design, web strategies, web development, and logo designing.

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Best Physical Activities For 2018

What are The Best and Safest Physical Activities For 2018

The human body has been created for movement thus, it demands regular exercise to stay on well-organized and stay away from getting unwell. Physical immobility is the fifth most vital peril factor for global humanity and it is escalating on the universal scale, equally within highly developed and less and middle developed countries. Physical activity is the entire body movement created by the muscles, therefore, it obliges to have an energetic outflow. There is an affiliation involving between physical activities and life anticipation, therefore, more physically energetic peoples tend to survive extensive life as compare to motionless. Alternatively, it is true that people, who execute physical exercise on a habitual basis, tend to have a personal sensation of being healthier than before doing it mutually in physical and mental aspect.  Therefore, they have a superior worth of life. It seems obvious that practice of physical exercise has a strong optimistic impact on health. Therefore, one of the most wide-ranging enthusiasms for implementation of physical exercise is the hunt for the position of wellbeing and happiness for the superiority of life.

There are many physical activities in the world but the best and most effective physical activities are mentioned below:


Swimming is considered as one of the foremost essential exercises that target on your mind and entire body. It is swimming that maintains your body shape, makes your muscles stronger and your memory too. Therefore, swimming is suggested to exercise at any age. Here are some vital benefits of swimming mentioned below:

·         Create positive moods

Swimming allows to postpone the phase of anger by increasing your level of patience, improves your memory. Moreover, provide you with greater absorption and meditation.

·         It facilitates to develop physical intuitive movement

Make you extra attentive and more balanced in life. Therefore, you enclose an additional efficiency and quicker intricate reaction ability to perform on time.

·         The wounds take less time to heal

Swimming boosts your body mass and tones up your muscles. In addition, it elongates your muscles and gets better your figure. It also grows in excess of two-thirds of the muscles of your body.

·         Burn large number of calories

Swimming is the most excellent source to fight against obesity. In water during swimming your muscles efforts five to six times more than on dry land. Therefore, 1 hour of this exercise consent you to burn up approximately 800 calories.

·         Increase flexibility of the spine and eliminate pain

It helps to make your body extra resistant because swimming enhances the thickness of your bones.Swimming also strengthens the tissues of the joints by avoiding possible harmful injuries to your joints which progressively increases your elasticity and range of movement. Consequently, your body gets hold of better mobility and flexibility.

·        It arouses the circulation of blood

It supports the motion of the cardiorespiratory system to improve your blood circulation. Hence, while swimming it give a massage to each organ of your body and make blood activated so you feel better.Moreover, it contributes to a surprising cardiopulmonary steadfastness and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In a nutshell, it helps to keep up a stable blood pressure.

·         Knockdowns your tensions

Swimming calm downs not only your muscles of the complete body but also on the mind and has a positive impact on mood as a result, your stress reduces noticeably.


By having a habitual group of fellow cyclists, in addition, is the most excellent way to exchange estimations on routes, any guidance or regarding cycling accessories conversations. Undoubtedly, cycling is a perfect decision for your health and for your loved ones.

·         For helping you sleep better

Giving pedals is a wonderful remedy to get rid of stress and anxiety and assists to balance mental exhaustion with physical exhaustion.

·         Improve your Personality

It improves your personality by a positive impact on your mood. It develops self-esteem and raises maturity level by safeguard from anxiety and depression. While you pedal, gradually your problems lose value and are left in the background.

·         Compassionate for your health

It is an obstacle too and very precious because it defends against the danger of getting ill with different types of cancer and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

·         Bone Density

Cycling is allocated for people of all age groups and particularly for people with illness in the backbone and joints it provides them relief and improves their health.

·         Eliminate Obesity

When you start pedal it will boost up your immune system and supports your body to lose fats, but the list of cycling benefits for your body is almost endless.

·         Good for Entire Body

It perks up blood flow and diminishes cholesterol levels. In addition, it also raises heart strength and lung ability and strengthens muscles.

About Author
I am Joseph Carey working as a self-employed essayist form nearly a decade.  I get pleasure in composing articles and essays. It definitely has increased the myself-assurance level to write on different subjects and topics before deadlines. Moreover, I am recently working on my own  Speedy Assignment for specialized thesis writing service. Therefore, it assists me to put up with students writing problems. I also put my attention on writing academic articles and numerous blogs.
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How To Grow Your Height Naturally?

How To Grow Your Height Naturally? 

Do you feel nervous because your friends are grown and you've still the same height? If the rest of your family has a really good height, then you’ll seriously need to learn some techniques to catch up with them. It is a fact that human's height is determined by their genes.

However, there are also numerous other factors that affect height during your teen years. The good news is that in this post we will share techniques that will help you to grow your height naturally.

Here are the effective ways to grow your height naturally:

Taylor Swift  height naturally

Consume A Balanced Diet

Fat persons look a lot shorter because of their body structure. This is why it’s crucial to eat right that will help you to look taller and feel better. For instance, you can eat plenty of protein such as meat, fish, and dairy food items that help in muscle growth.

Avoid junk food items such as pizza, cakes, sweets, and hamburgers. Additionally, eat plenty of calcium, zinc and vitamin D to speed up bones and muscle growth. You can also get vitamin D by walking 15 minutes in a day out in the sun.

Engage In Exercise

Exercise plays a crucial role in the teenager as it helps you to grow taller. During your teen years ensure to exercise your muscles for at least half an hour on daily basis. For this, you can join a gym to get the benefit of muscle-building machines.

Moreover, you can play sports to burn extra calories and get your body taller. If you can’t manage time for the gym or sports, then you can walk for 30 minutes to stretch your muscles. So,you should daily spend half an hour in the exercise session to grow your height naturally.

Get Sufficient Sleep

We all know that sleeping is the right time when our body grows. By ensuring a proper sleep, you can provide your body more time for growth. Make sure to take nine to eleven hours of sleep per night if you want to grow your height in the teenager.

When we sleep our body produces human growth hormone naturally in our bodies. Thus, get good sleep to speed up the production of human growth hormone naturally in your body.

Keep Away From Harmful Factors

There are certain habits that will affect your height. Drugs and alcohol are the most harmful factors that affect the body growth. In addition, many teenagers consume steroids that are harmful to the body growth, especially when you are in the teenage years.

Therefore,you need to avoid these factors in your teenager to develop your body muscles speedily. Otherwise, these types of steroid will negatively affect your body growth and make you shorter than your group mates.

Get Doctor Assistance

If you are not getting taller even by practicing the above techniques then you should visit a doctor. A health expert will help you figure out problems that are affecting your body growth. Some health issues affect human body growth hormones at an early age.

These issues make it difficult to grow height to a proper level. By visiting a doctor, regularly you can avoid health issues that will affect your body growth. Therefore, take your family doctor advice to ensure maximum growth of your body.

Maintain Correct Posture

Many people have a bad posture due to poor positions of watching TV, computer and extra use of gadgets. With the passage of time, these habits cause the spinal cord to bend and shortened. This affects the height of teenagers and makes them look shorter than they really are.

Remember that good posture keeps the spine straight and helps to improve our height. Make sure to sit straight on a chair, a straight spine and a strong back will help you to increase your height. Keep in mind to sleep on a good pillow and a flat mattress to keep your spine straight. Surely a good posture will make you look tall and smart.

Build Your Confidence

Whether you’re tall or short, if you lack confidence, then you can attract people. It is very significant to build confidence from the young age. For this, you can participate in school activities as well as join a sports team to spend time with every age people.

Develop A Strong Immune System

Usually, childhood illnesses can also affect our growth. These can be avoided by regular checkup and blood test. There are many ways to strengthen the immune system. The best way is to include fresh foods and vegetables in your diet and avoiding junk foods. A healthy diet will lead to a healthy immune system which will grow your height.

About Author
Kane williamson is the writer of this post. He is a Health Practitioner, Dietician, and a Blogging Expert. His UK Dissertation Crownblogs reflect his enthusiasm for his profession. In his blogs, he shares in-depth knowledge about human health, fitness tricks and techniques, and lifestyle hacks. You can communicate with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
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Wordpress plugins to increase blog organic traffic

WordPress plugins that will surely bring in more Web traffic

WordPress plugins

If you have a WordPress powered website, then it's essential to take full advantage of its plugins, extensions, and add-ons, so that you can bring in a good amount of web traffic towards your site leading to rise in sales conversion rate. Apart from creating quality content which you publish on your portal, there are several ways of boosting the amount of incoming traffic flow.

WordPress Plugins that helps in improving website traffic

Here are some incredible WordPress plugins which would assist you in optimizing, auditing and marketing your web portal in this dynamic business environment.Give below is the list of seven plugins which will help you get through: 

1. Scribe Wordpress plugins 

To boost the SEO rankings your site, there's no such tool which can beat content marketing. Scribe is the standalone plugin which comes in handy for this process. It's a dedicated plugin which helps in sorting out the content research strategy. Scribe has an inbuilt search functionality that will help you write high-quality content which matches up with the latest trends surfacing in the market.

Furthermore, it also helps in aligning your content as per the search terms across the internet. With Scribe, you can come up with valuable content which will surely increase your search engine rankings. This plugin also offers a site connector tool which will enable you to locate bloggers or key influencers who are writing on similar topics and titles. Overall, Scribe is a really helpful tool will help you make the most relevant content, optimized to bring in more traffic.

2. Sharebar


An easy to install and highly effective WordPress plugin, which automatically syncs with the social media sites and permits your visitors to share your content. The Sharebar enables your article or site page to reach out to social media platforms and create a connection between the user account and your web portal. Sharebar gives your brand more exposure through organic sharing and will also improve the SEO rankings. You can also select the platforms on which your readers would be able to share the content.

3. SumoMe Popups and Headers

 SumoMe Popups and Headers

The SumoMe offers a wide array of free & paid plugins which you can use to enhance the site's functionality. It offers features such as HeatMap, which shows the exact number of traffic coming to your site. This will help you gain insights about which part of your site web page is receiving more traffic and which part is explored less. Apart from that, there are some helpful tools like Opt-in bar, which pops up with a subscription message.

WordPress developers and development agencies recommend using All in One SEO plugin for the website.

4. Facebook Comments

The comment section of the web portal is considered as the best way to increase the user engagement and keep your content in trend. So, your first aim should be to make it easy for the users to leave comments on your content. You should allow them to comment via Facebook via the Facebook Comments plugin. The best thing about this plugin, it not only allows readers log in and comment but once they're logged in, they can quickly share and post in a seamless manner.

5. WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter

Using Twitter is the best way of making your content go viral over the web. The WP to the Twitter plugin is similar to Sharebar, but as its name suggests, this plugin is designed for the Twitter users only. With this plugin in place, the users don't have to copy & paste the link into a tweet, all this would be done automatically, every time you wish to post content.

6. Websitez Mobile Optimization

Websitez Mobile Optimization

As per the latest market survey reports, the mobile browsing has officially surpassed the laptop and desktop browsing. And today, business firms are opting for mobile-optimised versions of their web portal, through which they can reach out to a global audience. In case your site is not optimized for the mobile devices then you will be losing a good amount of customers.

With the Websitez Mobile Optimization plugin working in the backend of your portal, you can quickly align your site as per the mobile format. Although, this is a paid plugin ($50) but it's worth spending every penny. Well, this is an investment which you can make to come up with a mobile-friendly portal.

7.All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

There are only 2-3 plugins which are ranked in the top list of SEO plugins and All in One SEO Pack is one of them. With the help of this plugin, your portal will be ranked on top in SERP. In this highly competitive business market, the easier your portal is to find, the more traffic you will be receiving.

With All in One SEO Pack in place, it will automatically add important fields and tags which are required on the each page and it will become easier for you to tweak them as per analysis reports. This plugin optimizes your titles as per the guidelines laid down by Google and other search engine platforms.

Moreover, the All in One SEO helps in removing the duplicate content posts so that the search engine spiders don't have to face any issues while indexing your site.  Almost, all the leading

Wrapping Up

In this post, you will come across seven plugins which will bring in more web traffic towards your site in a stress-free manner.

About Author
Anna jhonson is a web developer by profession and working at Markupcloud. Company have vibrant team of developers work on all latest development tools,psd to wordpress  and industry standards to deliver high quality, cross-browser compatible markup conversions, integrated with SEO semantic code.
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Self Hosted vs Free which is better?

Self Hosted vs Free vs Free

If you are planning to come up with a WordPress-based blog then the first question (most confusing one) will come up- whether to begin with a free blogging platform or the hosted one. Most of the bloggers are generally beginners, so they don't have much in-depth knowledge about the difference between a free WP blog & a self-hosted WP blog. In this post, you will read about the pros and cons of both these services.

You can have a free WordPress blog, if you opt for the, all you need to do is to choose the right username, which later on, becomes the blog name. So make sure you keep the username similar to your blog's name.

For instance: if the username is jennys fashion, then it will automatically become the blog name.

On the other hand, in which is the self-hosted blogging platform, you can choose a separate name for both domain and website. Furthermore, you also have to download the WordPress software which will become your blogging platform in future and you can manage your blog's functioning via that system.

In case, you don't have sound knowledge of setting up the hosted or non-hosted blogs and websites, then it will be good if you take help of a skilled web hosting service provider or a WordPress development company who will surely help you get through this whole process in a stress-free manner. Now that you have a good insight about both these services, it's time to read about their pros and cons.

Free Blog

Free Blog

Pros of Free Blog:

  • As its name goes, there are no usage fees or setup costs involved in this platform. 
  • Furthermore, the installation and setup process is also quite easy, as most of the things come pre-installed in its database.
  • Another thing which is free are the maintenance services, as most of the tweaking is done by the official WordPress developers. 
  • You can rely on the servers for hosting. 
  • Your blog will become a part of WordPress's user and development community, leading to rising in incoming web traffic.

Cons of Free Blog

  • You have to stick to the themes provided in the WordPress Directory. As the third-party integration in is prohibited. 
  • Apart from that, you won't be able to alter the existing PHP code. This will automatically stop you from making any addition of useful functionalities, features, and customization. 
  • Just like themes, the usage of third-party plugins is also not allowed in Although, the WP Directory is full of superb plugins but you can install a custom-made extension. 
  • Moreover, your blog won't be eligible for any sort of advertisement placement, means you cannot run the desired adverts. Instead, WordPress will be running their own ads on your blog. 

Self-hosted Blog


Pros Self-hosted Blog

  • The best thing about is that it allows bloggers and site owners to use any WP or non-WP (third-party) theme for their platform. There are thousands of third-party themes available on the World Wide Web. 
  • In, you can make desired changes in the PHP codes working in the backend of the blog. You can visit WordPress community page, where you will find a wide range of great scripts through which you can add unique functionalities in your site.   
  • Just like themes, you can also add/remove any plugin. The good thing is you can also install a tailor made plugin as well. 
  • With the self-hosted blog in place, you can also carry out changes in core codes, themes, and plugins. 
  • Apart from that, you can also run your desired advertising campaigns and manage the monetization process without any hassle. 
  • The best part is, you can create a unique brand name in the industry.  

Cons of Self-hosted Blog

  • Either you can set up the self-hosted blog by yourself or else you have to rely on the web hosting companies but they do charge a significant amount of money for this process. 
  • To get your hands on a customized domain name you have to pay a nominal fee ranging from $5 to $20. 
  • You also have to take care of all the security aspects of your own. And it becomes a bit tough for someone who doesn't have prior knowledge of this process. 
  • To keep your blog live on the World Wide Web, you need to host your blog using the third-party servers which will again cost you a lot. 

Apart from all these, there are few other benefits of self-hosted WordPress blogs that might provide you with a further insight:

As mentioned earlier, a self-hosted blog will allow you to enjoy a greater freedom in monetization activities. With Google AdSense, you can run any advertising campaign which is paying the better amount to you.

In the end, it ultimately depends on your requirements and budget, on the basis of which you would be shortlisting the suitable WordPress service. It will be good if you do a bit of research before initiating the blog development process.

Wrapping Up

In this post, you will read about pros and cons of the two major services offered by the WordPress CMS framework

About Author
Anna jhonson is a web developer by its profession and working for markupcloud. The company provides psd to html, psd to wordpress conversion services.
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