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Finding the right fitness class for you

Finding the right fitness class for you

Fitness classThere are countless fitness classes available for all ages, skill sets, fitness levels and desired goals. The key to success is to find the class that works for you and stick with it! A good fitness class will welcome all newcomers and help motivate each other to keep going. The right instructor is also essential, he or she should be fully qualified and offer constant encouragement to all members. Never suffer a class where you feel left behind or excluded. Below are a list of some of the most popular goals and the classes that can help make them a reality.


Pilates is the best option if a lean and toned body is your goal. Pilates will focus on your ‘core’ which is all your abdominal muscles and back muscles and also has some exercises targeting arms and legs. Pilates aims to improve your posture, elongate your figure and tone your body. Pilates is also a good class for people of all abilities as there are many different skill levels. Start strong with three or more classes a week and you will see a change in your posture and figure almost immediately.

Gain Strength

Boot Camp classes seem very daunting but if you are dedicated to gaining strength this is the class for you. Boot Camp classes are becoming increasingly popular and it is clear to see why. These classes are not tied to any particular equipment or routines but instead focus on motivation and powering through. Boot Camp classes work well for strength goals as they are all over, full body work outsthat get your heart race pumping and have you working the entire duration. Regular attendance and commitment to this type of class will result in visible changes.

Over 50s

Water Aerobics is a good class to take at all ages but especially beneficial to people over 50.Water aerobics not only increases your fitness levels but helps with arthritis and other joint and muscle problems. Water aerobics due to the buoyancy of the water reduces a person’s weight by 90% therefore is less likely to cause muscle or joint injury.

Water aerobics can take place in shallow or deep water but opt for a deep water class if you want a more intense workout. Water aerobics is an effective cardio and muscle workout for all abilities.

Weight Loss

Spin classes are classes that take places on a stationary bike where tension can be increased or decreased and mileage, time lapsed and heart rate are all monitored on the bikes computer system. Spinning classes work on strength and endurance and as a result burn a lot of calories. This type of class also promotes cardiovascular health as it is primarily an anaerobic exercise that uses energy from your reserves and builds up endurance.

About Author 
The following article is written by the Fitness Instructor Dalaigh Hines and a fan of USP Labs who is a professional trainer and practices in Canada. 
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How To Improve Mobile Website SEO -10 Mobile SEO Ranking Factors .

10 Mobile SEO Ranking Factors

 Mobile Seo

Mobile SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has not been around as long as desktop SEO and that is why it is so difficult to judge and manipulate. We are told that it is very similar to desktop SEO, and yet wrinkles exist with that theory, such as the ever increasing proof that shorter search terms seem to work best. There are over two hundred factors that count as desktop website SEO factors. Here are ten mobile SEO elements that a lot of web masters would agree are probably mobile SEO factors.

Top 10 Factors For Mobile website Seo Optimization

1 - Loading times

Most would agree that loading times are important for mobile SEO because mobile websites need to be light and easy to load in order to be useful. Internet speeds are slower with mobile devices, RAM amounts are smaller and processing power is smaller than with a desktop computer, so things such as loading time are all the more important.

2 - Mobile redirecting need to be done correctly

There are some websites that will redirect people to mobile website pages for mobile users but will do it incorrectly. A person will click to get to a certain web page but will instead be sent back to the homepage or given an error message. If this happens then penalties will be given. Apparently it happens enough for Google to release guidelines on it.

3 - A bad mobile experience on a bad mobile website 

There was a very small announcement that bad mobile experiences will rank a website down. Obvious this means that the opposite is true, although the idea should have been clarified. They mean that if you have a mobile website then it had better be a good experience for the user. If you do not have a mobile website or a responsive design then none of the mobile ranking factors should matter to you anyway.

4 - Social media signals

Social media signals are very easy to spam, but Google has been working a long time to ensure that they are part of the ranking factors for desktop websites. This means that there is just as much chance that social media signals are important for mobile websites too. Things such as “like”s and re-tweets are still possible on mobiles and so are probably a mobile ranking factor.

5 - Press releases

Due to the fact that press releases tend to be small packets of information, it does seem that they work well with mobile browsing. This raises the question of whether they are part of the mobile website SEO factors, and it seems highly likely that they are. They are suitable for mobile browsing and are part of desktop SEO already.

6 - The amount of keywords on each web page

This is a troubling issue, as the amount of text on each page is going to be substantially less on a Smartphone website than it is on a desktop website. This means that a keyword in the title and twice in the text may be more than enough.  Obviously, too many keywords are going to have your website punished under the Google keyword-stuffing rules.

7 - The keyword size for each web page

People do not like typing long words and long search phrases into the mobile search engines. This means that the length of your keywords is going to be a factor. It certainly rules out long-tailed keywords as your primary source of traffic.

8 - Location specific keywords are a very big deal

Mobile websites should pay very close attention to location keywords and getting your website and your associated business logged as at a certain location. Things such as having your website registered on the Google locations/maps tool is vitally important, as is making some of your mobile websites pages location optimized.

9 - Tight and clean website code

Tight code means that it is not going to have pages of code in order to conduct simple functions (functions that could have been condensed into smaller lines of code). Clean code means that you have tried to keep it to HTML as much as possible and you have put your other programming code in external resources. This sort of thing matters because it affects loading and rendering speeds, which are more important with mobile websites.

10 - Backlinks are a factor

They have been a factor for desktop websites for a long time, so it is fair to say that they play a part in the mobile ranking world too. Google claims there are 200 factors that count towards desktop websites ranking up through the Google search engine results pages, and even though mobile websites are going to have far fewer SEO factors, it is hard to imagine that backlinks are not important with mobile websites too.

sonia jackson's profile photoAbout Author
Sonia J is an author of this post. She's also in a team of http://writing-service-assistant.com/ that helps students to find the most reliable and professional writing service.
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What You Need to Know About Reviewing Products on Your Blog

What You Need to Know About Reviewing Products on Your Blog

One of the biggest perks of blogging is getting free products to review them online. These products are often not even on the market yet, or, if they are, they’ve only just been released. But there are certain steps you should take if you want to review products as often as you would like, and there are standards you must meet for a company to continue sending you their latest products.

Must terms for Reviewing Products on Your Blog

Build Your Blog

A brand benefits from sending bloggers things to review; it allows the brand to publicize their products to all of that blogger’s viewers. Therefore, they are only interested in sending goods to bloggers who have a large following and receive a high number of monthly unique views. So, in order to get all the free gifts you desire, you must build up a following that will appeal to a company.

Don’t Wait for Them to Come to You

The best way to get products to review, whether you have a large following or not, is by reaching out to companies directly. Often times, publicists will send reviewers things just because they request them, particularly when the item in discussion has not gotten so much publicity. By taking this sort of initiative, you are also able to request the items you actually want, rather than being offered something you don’t care too much about.

Write Positive Reviews

Every writer wants to be honest. But if you are overly critical, companies will not want to send you their products for review. Brands would much rather have their products go without any reviews than receive negative reviews. Therefore, in order to show them that you are a good reviewer, you should make sure to be very generous with your reviews. This doesn't mean lying about a product’s value, but you should gloss over the negatives and emphasize the positives. 

If a product is absolutely horrible and has no redeeming qualities, then perhaps you should write to the company saying you appreciate the gift, but are unable to review it because it did not meet your expectations. Just don’t do something like this too many times, or the company may think you’re just trying to scam them for free gifts. 

Don’t Ask for Anything Too Big

Even bloggers with good followings aren't going to be able to get big things, at least not in most cases. Bloggers often receive books, makeup and hair products, clothing and perhaps household items like crockpots and coffee makers. Don’t expect to receive your very own Bobcat, or you will be disappointed.

Aim Low to Gain Big

Try reaching out to smaller companies first. They are more likely to send you things because they aren’t able to get as much publicity as bigger brands. As a result, they need the publicity, and they would consider sending free goods to a small blog.

If you don’t do product review now, you should try a few and see if it brings traffic to your site! There are only perks of this, so give it a shot and see how it goes. 

About Author
Courtney Gordner's profile photoCourtney Gordner is a Blogger , She write about the stuff which are bieng searched all over the internet and would like to contribute and  help internet user by using her  knowledge and expertise  .Twitter , Flicker
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Which Types of Vending Machines are Profitable for Small Businesses?

Which Types of Vending Machines are Profitable for Small Businesses?

Vending machineFor people who are considering vending machines in starting their business, you guys have made a logical choice. Vending machines are cost-friendly and low-maintenance. They’re ideal for those who want to save on manpower and space rentals. If you’re the kind of individual who would like to give business a try but you’re virtually too busy to handle one, you should contemplate on beginning your venture on vending machines. Why?

They are cost-efficient. Your capital would only be spent on purchasing or renting the machine itself and minimal space rental.

You need not worry about paying clerks and staff as well since everything would be automatic aside from the initial set-up, revenue collection and merchandise refilling.

There are no worries on customer relations everything would be self-service. The only reason for them to complain would be:

Maintenance. All you have to do is make sure the machines are in proper order and are well stocked.
Since managing a vending machine business is fairly simple, what you need to focus on is the type of vending machine that you will be using with regards to the type of business that you want to operate. Here are some steps to help you determine which types of vending machines would be most profitable for your small business:

1. First off is to make a list of potential key locations on where to put them. There are a lot of choices especially in the city. For example, you can put a magazine or newspaper vending machine at a bus stop or any transportation terminal. You can set up one that dispenses healthy snacks and drinks at a fitness center.

2. Consider customer traffic. Are there significantly large numbers of people passing by that location? What kind of people? You can try and put a snack machine in a school, but what kind of school? What kind of food are you selling? If it’s a machine distributing high-end chocolates or the like and it’s placed in a public school, no matter how many students may pass by your vending machine, how many do you think can afford your products?

3. Observe the wants and needs of your potential customers. Putting a newspaper dispenser in a transportation terminal wherein people prefer to read using their phones, tablets or other gadgets is pointless. Instead, maybe you can set-up a power vending machine (charging station).

Starting a vending machine business is not as complicated as starting a traditional one. However, you must remember that majority of the thinking and worrying is at the beginning, where you need to consider the places, customers and products to be able to determine the right type of vending machine to choose.

About Author
Victor McNamara works at Vending World. Vending World is a leading distributor of used vending machines. They have sold vending machines since 1968 and can fill almost all of your general vending machine needs.
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Why is Android Such a Big Hit in 2013?

Why is Android Such a Big Hit in 2013? 

Why Android Such a Big HitAndroid has emerged as a clear winner since its launch in 2008. Right from its inception, the operating system has witnessed dramatic development with each passing year. It is presently active on several millions of devices across 190 countries, and is thus worked with by every web design company. A recent IDC Worldwide report in Business Insider states that Android OS controls almost 80% of the global market of smartphones as of Q2 2013. In 2012, their market share was just below 70%. About 187 Android devices have been reported to be shipped in the second quarter of this year. 

This is not at all a bad score, given the fact that Android is the last major OS to enter the market. 

Undoubtedly, it is Google's business acumen that has led to the success of the OS. But, there are other factors too that are responsible for Android being such a hit in the world of technology.

One of such factors would be the fact that Android as an app development framework is open source and community-based. It does not have to deal with the various restrictions of the iOS or Windows market. Users can create any type of content they want without having to worry about wasting their resources on applications that will not meet strict criteria. With this low-barrier idea, the OS has managed to attract more and more users. This, in turn, has increased the competition among app- developers, which, again, has improved the quality and quantity of the services offered by a leading and professional web design company in India. So, amidst all these, who stands as the ultimate winner? The user. With the use of this OS, he can have access to numerous apps and enjoy their improved offerings. No wonder, the OS is a smartphone user's favorite.

Along with having an impeccable and user-friendly software, Android enjoys another advantage that Windows and iOs will possibly never have, which is the freedom of third party companies like LG, Samsung and others to create a hardware that Android can operate on. That explains the several models of the OS. The fact that Android is available to any phone manufacturer, has resulted in the OS being available across several types of models available at varied prices, forms and features. Apple comes out with one new improved phone each year. But the problem is that if you do not like its form or the price at which it comes, you hardly care. Android, on the other hand, is available in so many types of models that there is something to suit every taste and budget.

An array of inexpensive and powerful units is the result of the versatile and competitive nature of Android. While the OS has been well-received in the United States of America, its domestic market, it is an out-and-out hit in the rest of the world, especially in India. The reason behind this is the growing number of middle class people there, who want value for money. They get to enjoy the various offerings of the OS at affordable prices.

Android's strategy of allowing hardware developers to use the OS has proven to be a worthy move that has helped them make a mark in the smartphone market. According to a report by Times of India, almost 90% of the smartphones in India has Android as its OS. Windows has a market share of 5.4 % and iOS that of 2.3%. With the already millions of people using the OS in India, the value of developing markets in India are likely to outstrip markets where iOS is at advantage. The ever increasing market share and growth of the Android community will only enhance the profit potential and robustness of the OS in the market.

Another factor that is responsible for the growth of the Android market is the increasing popularity of third-party messaging applications in the developing countries. As SMS is chargeable, third-party messaging apps are much in demand as they come free of cost. Moreover, with the apps, one can share images and videos besides text. This has, hence, become a lucrative and competitive market for developers due to its increased popularity over the last few quarters.

As of now, the trends for Android are very positive. Its market has reached a critical mass and is enjoying a positive feedback from the growing number of users owing to the improvement in the quality and quality of the applications developed by a web design company.

About Author
Aditi Datta is a Professed Tech enthusiasts and a blogging enthusiasts. She works for a Leading Web Design Company in India. She has also authored a lot of articles on web designing, web development and android apps related topics through her blogging.
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User Interfaces: Making the Impossible Possible

User Interfaces: Making the Impossible Possible

Many people don’t know the first thing about what it takes to build an electronic device. The innovation that goes into creating tech gadgets is probably more impressive than the functionality made possible with modern tech. The beauty of technology is that gadgets make it possible for everyday users to make devices complete complex processes and functions. It’s all made possible by the user interface.

User Interface Controls Functionality

The user interface is the component of an electronic device that allows the user to tell the gadget, appliance or piece of equipment what to do. It’s one thing to have an appliance that can broil, roast, bake and perform other functions, but users must have an easy way to initiate those processes.

The user interface is one of the most critical components in product design. That’s because it’s the user interface, as well as the gadget’s or appliance’s performance, that makes or breaks a product. Consumers turn away from even the most impressive functionality if the user interface is frustrating or non-intuitive.

Membrane Switches Add Usability

With modern user interfaces, such as custom membrane switches, users can initiate complex processes with the simple touch of a button or press of a key. Products with complex and confusing interfaces mean consumers must commit to learning and adapting to those requirements in order to reap the benefits of using the product. If you’ve ever purchased a gadget that ended up functioning more as a paperweight than its intended use, the user interface may have been to blame. In some cases, it’s just easier to use the old-fashioned methods of getting things done if a device is a pain to use.
That’s why product designers must carefully weigh the intended audience’s technological savvy, need for the product’s functionality, and other factors – as well as devise ways to simplify the user interface to make it easier to achieve the desired result. User interface design is far more than merely incorporating a few on/off buttons.

Intuition is Key in User Interface Design

There are a few important considerations in designing a user interface. First, all the critical functions must be represented.

That sometimes means a complex set of switches to control the various functions of the gadget – and fitting all those switches in a constrained layout. The space available for a user interface is restricted by the size of the device and other necessary components.
The other important consideration is intuition. The more complex the functionality, the more switches must be present to add usability. But these complex configurations can confuse non tech-savvy users, which is why the audience must be carefully researched and considered throughout the design process.

The more intuitive the user interface, the easier it is to use. The on/off switch, for instance, should be clearly labeled and in a convenient and easy-to-access location as it will probably be one of the most frequently-used controls. Likewise, related controls should be placed in close proximity to one another. It doesn’t make sense to users to have a switch that increases volume in one location and a switch to decrease volume in another – that’s why you typically see the two volume controls in one location. Placement of switches plays a big role in intuition.

When many switches are present and not clearly labeled, users sometimes fail to explore the device’s complete functionality, sticking with the intuitive controls that they know how to use. This doesn’t pose significant problems with consumer adoption, but it does result in consumers seeing less benefits from the full functionality of the gadget or appliance.

User interfaces make the otherwise impossible possible. With modern technology allowing tiny devices to perform complex functions, the average person can accomplish great things with the right technology. As electronic gadgets become more sophisticated, usability – and thus the user interface – will continue to play a critical role in consumer adoption.

About Author
Nicole Enwright contributes, on behalf of Pannam, to a variety of tech and new gadget blogs to help users find the product they need.
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How to Protect your Blog from Content Theft .

How to Protect your Blog from Content Theft

Protect your blog
Nowadays the Internet is bustling with content. Everybody is free to share information and experience. Blogs are very popular these days. Sadly, there are many people who choose to steal other people's content. In this article we are going to discuss what things you can do in order to protect your blog from content theft.

Check it out.

If you are a good blogger, you may some day be a victim of content thieves. What are the things you can do to protect your blog? 
Unfortunately, you can never be 100% certain that your content will be safe, but at least you can make it a difficult task for people to steal your work.

Ways to protect your blog from Content Theft

#1 Copyright notice

Make sure you place a copyright notice on your page so as to inform would-be thieves that you know your rights and you protect your content. Keep in mind that a few will be deterred and there will be people that won't hesitate to copy your content anyway.

When people steal content, it loses its uniqueness, therefore it will get low ranking on Google and other search engines.

#2 Text selection

If you are managing a blog that includes tons of written text, you can go for disabling text selection. By disabling text selection you will prevent people from copy-pasting your content. This is a great option, especially if your blog has long texts. The easiest way to steal content is to copy it, but if you are not able to select text, this isn't possible. In addition, this works best in any situation, no matter if people use a mouse or keyboard to navigate around your blog.

#3 Right click function

It is wise to disable right click as well. See how thieves act: they select the text, right click on the mouse and choose Copy, then paste it anywhere they want. For this reason if you disable the right click function, you will prevent this type of theft.

The downside of this tactic is that content can still be selected with the keyboard. But even though disabling this functions is not as effective as disabling text selection, you are still recommended to do it. Why? Because doing so will prevent people from seeing the page source, which stores all the text from the blog, apart from code.

In order to include this option on your blog, you need to write some JavaScript code.

#4 Include a no-stealing paragraph in Terms of Use

Let users know they are not allowed to copy any content from your blog in the Terms of Use section. You need to mention that the content is original and unique and that copying any text is prohibited. Users that do not comply with this rule will have to face the DMCA penalty. DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the United States. In short, this law protects copyrighted works. In order to make use of the DMCA, however, first you need to be accepted as the real owner of the content.

#5 Use plagiarism tools

There are many plagiarism tools available on the Internet, some of them for free. They help you determine if there are other copies of your content in the digital space. You can try Plagiarism Detect, Plagiarism Duplichecker, Copyscape and PlagSpotter. The catch here is that you need to check for content theft on a weekly basis. If you find out that somebody has copied content from you, all you have to do is let the DMCA know about it. The rest is DMCA's job. Probably, if the copied content happens to be extracted from any product of Google, it will be deleted right away.

About Author
Morgan Johnes  likes to read articles related to blogging. He work for a web developing company and one of his last projects is QualityCleaningLondon
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How To Create A Professional Resume For Free

Creating a Professional Resume

A professional resume is the most significant tool that helps you in the process of job search. It is the initial point of contact between you and the recruiter and must be prepared with utmost care and detail. Recruiters do not have the time to stop and read every application and so your resume must be class-apart in order to draw their attention. It should be neatly structured and organized. The following points will discuss how to create a professional resume that will help you land an interview.

Try these tips to make your resume work for you –

Resume making

Points to consider in  professional resume

Keep the length short 

Don’t go overboard with the information. Concisely present only what is relevant. Ideally, your resume should be of two pages. It should also be easy to read so present all the important information upfront and also use sub-headings and bullet structure to improve legibility. 

Show that you can meet the employer’s needs 

In a resume, you have to market yourself as a professional. Recruiters are known to rapidly scan the document within seconds so correct positioning means everything! The challenge is to quickly portray that you have what is required in a chronological order, starting with the most recent job experience. You can start by showing a ‘Profile’ section that mentions your core strengths in a format that is quick to read.  

Replace the objective with positioning statement

Certain employers may not like reading the ‘Objective’ section as it talks about your needs as a professional. What they would like to read is how you can service the needs of the company. So, start with a short positioning statement that clearly highlights what you will bring to the table if you are hired for this role. Recruiters will then see your worth and move on to reading the other sections. 

Differentiate yourself from the herd

By glancing through your CV, recruiters will get to know about your prior responsibilities in your previous workplaces. What your resume should also convey is the quantifiable achievements that other candidates may not show. These will lend more credibility to your application and help create a clearer picture of you in the minds of the employers. 

Check for typos 

Proofread and spell-check your resume before sending it across. Even a single typo can ruin your application as the reader may think you are not aware of the word or non-serious to send the CV without proof-reading it. 

List only the relevant details

Leave out your hobbies and pastimes unless they help support your candidature. You may also axe out –
Marital status
Number of children
Non-professional affiliations

Don't be shy to boast

Being modest may not help you much. So step up and seek credit for your accomplishments. You may feel you will be given the chance to go all out and prove yourself in the round of personal interview, but what if your resume can’t create magic in the first go? You may not get another chance at all. So leave modesty aside and start bragging.

Keep a soft copy of your resume ready 

Remember to create an internet-ready version of your CV so that you can mail it whenever required. However, in such cases you should be aware of the fact that applicant tracking systems or ATS require the right density of keywords related to the job profile. So make sure you pick the right words from the given job description and implement in the CV. Also, you may only require a text-only document as many online systems do not support unique fonts, images and special characters.

To get a clearer idea of the perfect layout of a resume, you can check out sample available on the internet.

About Author
A writer by profession, Devika Arora is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of recruitment works for Naukri . She has written various articles, news stories and blog posts for different careers and job search. 
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How to Improve Blog SEO in 10 ways

How to Improve Blog SEO

Blog SEoMost of the businesses are now taken to the audience with the use of website and blog sites. Blog sites can be used as the major tool to achieve the targeted audience successfully. Blog sites can also produce a great success for your organization with various benefits. Using the blog SEO, you can easily brand your organization, promote your blog with attracted links, gain a large amount of organic traffic and generate social signals. Building up a blog site is easy whereas gaining the required amount of traffic is the challenging task. With simple ways you can improve your blog SEO.

10 Ways to Improve Blog SEO

Frequent Updates of Posts

In order to gain the visibility any blog should be kept active. Adding posts on a regular basis will keep your blog site fresh and make it easy for the search engines as well as the audience to notice it. With frequent updates, the search engines identify that your blog is active and thus it helps in increasing the search engine ranking.

Unique SEO Contents

Considering the type of content you post is also more important. Making sure your content is unique and genuine is important, as search engines will check the quality of your posts. Using the relevant keywords is also important for blog posts to be identified. But you should be aware of the amount of usage of keywords, as excess spamming will make the post less useful and deteriorate the quality.

Accepting Guest Posts

Guest blogging is another way to gain a new audience to your blog site. With new content with new ideas in your blog, it gives a good visibility.

Suggesting Related Posts

At the end of a post, you can suggest other posts on the related topic, for the readers to find them easily.

Images with Descriptions

Using the keywords in the description for the images is important, as it also contributes to the blog SEO. Renaming the images is also contributes similarly.

Access for Previous and Next Posts

As a blog site it is important for the readers to be given easy access to other posts as well. So using the previous and next post is important.

Adding Categories

To make the search for the post easy, you have to add all the posts in the relevant categories.

Adding Title Tags and Article Titles

Keywords and tags are very important for the SEO. Making the article titles with inclusion of keywords and adding title tags contribute to the search engine ranking.

Providing Sharing Option

Giving the facility to share your blog post via social media sites will help you to gain more traffic as well good visibility. With the new audience noticing your content, your blog can be easily indexed.

Adding Backlinks

You can use the backlinks to gain the blog SEO. With the submission of guest posts on highly ranked blogs, you can submit the back link to direct the traffic to your blog as well. Submission of your blog posts on some social media sites along with the backlink will also produce the same result.

About Author
Ghulam e Mustafa is an experienced webmaster working in web masters Eye Company as director. He shared his ideas to improve your blog SEO efficiently.
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How Personal Should You Get On Your Blog?

How Personal Should You Get On Your Blog?

Your blog is undoubtedly a reflection of you, and it’s up to you just how much you want it to reflect. One thing that’s important to decide is how much of yourself you’re willing to share. There’s no right or wrong, and it’s simply about personal preference. You can talk just about the topics at hand (whether it’s home improvement or cooking), or can opt to share personal experiences in order to really drive the topic home.

Think about your favorite blog and the approach the blogger took. Does he or she keep it straight and narrow or share more intimate details? Why did that approach resonate with you so well? If your goal is engagement, consider taking the “more is more” approach. However, it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons to putting your life out on the internet.

Pros to sharing:

Expanding your audience and creating more meaningful relationship.

Many bloggers insist they get the most engagement from sharing personal details because it’s a way of connecting with their audience. Say you’ve been struggling with managing your finances for a while, and you share that problem with your blog readers. You will likely discover several readers who have struggled with a similar problem and who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge; as a result, both parties will feel a closer to one another. This is a great way to start establishing a strong sense of community within your blog.

You can help others.

Along the same lines, think about a time when you were really struggling and how the words and advice of someone guided you toward a better place. You have a unique opportunity her to use your blog to be that person for others. A great example is this blog about addiction, where readers can find a plethora of information about drug abuse, as well as how they can find help.

Cons to sharing:

·         Once it’s published, it’s out there for all to see.

Maybe you were undecided about sharing the story of your arrest in college, but you hit publish and then hoped for the best. However, you probably didn’t consider future employers might see the post and choose not to hire you. Moral of the story: before going live, always think it through.

·         Bullies exist – be ready.

When you open your life up to share with strangers, you’re giving people the chance to discuss and dissect your most intimate thoughts and experiences. There are always going to be people who feel you should have handled something differently and, sadly, those who feel compelled to share their opinion with you using not-so-constructive words. This means you have to be open to criticism, and go into it with a thick skin.

Blog Tips:

·         Establish your voice.

Above all else, it’s important to stay true to yourself. Remember that you can convey your you-ness in ways other than sharing your most private details. It can be done with humor, great imagery, a unique approach to photography and useful content. Find what works for you and carve your niche.

Keep extra-personal details private.

Sharing things like your travel itinerary, neighborhood and hometown opens the door to potentially dangerous situations. We’d all like to think our readers are trustworthy individuals, but you can’t guarantee that’s the case. Protect yourself from harm by guarding the most intimate details of your life.

Every blogger should draw a line.

Determine where you want it drawn—will you be sharing your last name or pictures of your husband and kids?—and don’t cross it. No matter how many comments you get prodding for more, be kind but firm in never crossing that line. You’re allowed to say no!

Ask around.

Consider reaching out to fellow bloggers, asking their approach and discussing how it has worked for them. Learn from their experiences and apply it toward crafting the approach that works best for you.

We hope this guide helps you determine what works best for you, your blog and your overall goals. Happy blogging!

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Courtney Gordner is a passionate blogger that loves sharing her ideas and experiences with social media and blogging! Read more from her on her blog
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Evolution of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Evolution of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Risk management has actually been around for thousands of years.  However, it has been only till a few decades ago that the concept of enterprise risk management has been formalized and used in business.

Fundamental theories and best practices of enterprise risk management were first observed in the insurance sector.  Here significant activities revolved around managing risk and finances associated with those risks.

Risk management practices adopted by other industry types were termed with names like corporate risk, business risk and integrated risk management.

But that has all changed in the past few years as it become evident that managing enterprise risk is not only limited to insurance and financial activities.  The function of a corporate risk officer in today’s scenario is to identify risks, profile them and establish controls and processes to mitigate those risks. By doing so this helps the organization achieve its objectives.

ERM has started gaining broader recognition and acceptance as corporate management has begun focusing on governance regulations and mitigating business risks.  ERM in today’s world is directed towards:

  • Meeting operational goals
  • Eliminating gaps in the risk strategies employed
  • Increasing the holistic view of a company’s organizational risk

Senior management is becoming increasingly unhappy with the quality of enterprise risk management programs and strategies.  They want to introduce programs that are:

  • More structured
  • Reliable
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to implement and manage
Change is always inevitable and this leads to lack of success if risk management tools and strategies are rigid, inflexible and traditional.

Business performance and improvement on a continuous basis is no longer a one-time requirement or function.  A clearly defined enterprise risk management and compliance solution is essential.  This provides visibility to the management and allows businesses to prioritize resources which are inevitably limited.

While implementing an efficient ERM solution, identifying risks, critical processes and establishing controls. Coupled with excellent monitoring/reporting and use of risk compliance software is a paramount requisite.

Though the process of establishing a strong ERM program may be cumbersome and time consuming, it eventually provides a system that wards off future possible risks and permits the management to concentrate on other vital and essential business goals and avoids unnecessary activities.

About Author
(Mohammed Nasser) Barakat, is the BRS Service Line Leader for the ME region. Nasser also supervised the implementation of Risk Management systems (http://www.care-web.co.uk) in organisations operating in different industries across the Middle East.
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Top 4 Android Cell Phone Spy App.

Top 4 (Cell phone) Android Spy Apps 

Spy Wallpapers
Smartphones have long since become an integral part of our lives - and we can’t do without them no matter how hard we try. However, with their prolific use comes some prolific problems as well. Over the course of the past decade people have also found ways around some of the problems.

There are some cell phone spy apps that are used by various people to keep problems at bay. This article takes a look at the best of the lot. The app you use depends largely on what you’re trying to keep a check on and what you want to achieve.

Top 4 Cell Phone Spy App 2014

Phone Sheriff

Developed around the concept of parental control, Phone Sherriff is designed to make parenting easier. Phone Sherriff is easily the most flexible tracking app as it functions well with almost all operating systems in the smartphone market. Phone call log, text messages, e-mails, notes, memos and much more is captured by this app and sent to the operator for review. Pictures and videos that are shot from the camera of the smartphone are all saved by the tracking app. Once in contact with the device in some way, data which has not even been saved cannot escape the Phone Sherriff. The app however comes with its own set of flaws the most significant of them being that it has a weak customer support system.


mSpy grabs one of the top positions among other mobile tracking apps. it is a combination of top-notch features and an excellent service. Features include call and text message monitoring, keeping a track of the web browsing history, e-mails and downloads, monitoring pictures and videos taken by the device’s camera and a sound recording of the surroundings of the smartphone. This spy app can run on most popular operating systems in the tech market right now except the iOS. To function properly on an iPhone, the device has to be jailbroken so that it is able to support a tracking app like this. It has a 24/7 customer support system and mSpy app is completely hidden making its detection near impossible.


Mobistealth is a monitoring app offering its users some very sophisticated technology for monitoring a smartphone. One of the features that distinguish it from other tracking apps that are lying around in the tech market is the fact that it offers high-end technology at very affordable pricing. Unlike some of its cheaper counterparts, it monitors the device on a 24/7 basis instead of regular intervals. One of the best features that the app offers is the ability to record the phone’s surroundings, or listen to them whenever the installer wants. The phone’s own microphone is used to bug it and deliver the results.

Mobile Spy

Even though this app offers fewer features than other monitoring apps on the shelf, Mobile Spy is all what you need for effective monitoring. It has all the basic features that prove useful for tracking. Mobile Spy doesn’t just monitors calls but also makes a complete sound clip of the entire conversation. Text messages bit sent and received can be reviewed with the help of this app. Mobile spy excels in the functionality of the features it offers. An excellent GPS tracking system gives the accurate location of the device. Whenever the app has some data it has captured from the device via monitoring, it uses the device’s internet to upload it on a confidential panel that the operator is given access to. From here, the operator can review the data and use it for his or her own purpose.

About Author
Jessica has written many articles about legal implications that one could face by situations caused by technology. Lately her articles feature a lot of debates on both the negative and positive facets of BYOD. She can be reached at @jcarol429
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Healthy Food to Eat Before Taking Examination

Healthy Food to Eat Before Taking Examination

Wheat seeds photos
We are all struggling when it comes to taking examination. As a student, you have to prepare yourself before the exam, not only your mind but your body as well. You have to keep in mind that you need to stay active and focus in answering your test paper. Yes, reviewing plays an important role in passing for your exam. But in order for you to be successful in reviewing, you have to have a sharp memory.

Eating healthy and proper diet can boost your memory. Improving your memory means sticking to a healthy lifestyle. And here are the lists of brain-boosting foods that you need to eat for you to be able to stay alert and focus during your exam.

Best Healthy food to eat before going taking exams


Folic acid helps prevent memory loss. And fortified whole grain cereals are the best source of folic acid. Also, whole grains are source for steady stream glucose that will help you calm and relax during your exam. You can eat oatmeal, dark bread, wheat bran and brown rice. These whole grains also give complex carbohydrates that will provide your body and brain with lasting energy that you may need for a stressful day of examination.


Another food that you need to eat before taking your test are berries. Berries are abundant in anthocyanins, which are antioxidants. If you want to enhance your memory because you have to remember the things that you review for the exam, you have to consume foods that are rich with antioxidants. Why? Because antioxidants help the flow of oxygen to your brain to stimulate well.


To keep you concentrated on what you are doing, you have to consume foods that contain polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. You can add salmon, mackerel and sardines to your diet. Eating these fish will give you fish oils that are the key ingredients for your brain to function at a higher level and also a good source for memory enhancer.


You can also eat sweet potatoes before the exam. Sweet potatoes helps improve memory and brain function. It has a large amount of Vitamin B6 that our brain needs in order to manufacture neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters allow communication to take place within certain parts of the brain


You must avoid eating foods high in saturated fats, trans fats and sodium. These additives may cause raising cholesterol level and high blood pressure. You must also limit your sugar and caffeine intake, it may boost your memory but can also causes an energy crash.

A healthy mind and body are important to every students. And for you to achieve a healthy mind and body, you must give importance to the food that you eat. Because it is not only about having a sharp pencil in taking your exam but a sharper mind to answer every questions correctly.

About Author
Naomi Witter is a full-time college student and a part-time writer for bestessays.com. Aside from writing, she also loves mountain climbing and traveling alone. 
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Recommended WordPress Search Plugins .

Best Search Plugins for WordPress Recommended 

Best Search Plugins for WordPress Recommended WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best website and blogging platforms in the world. The fact that it powers 1 our of every 6 sites on the Internet (at least from the first 10, 000, 000) gives you a clear idea of how many people use it for their online needs on a daily basis. One of the reasons WP is so successful is its impeccable content management system (CMS). However, once you start involving more work into the platform, you realize that the CMS alone is just not enough. Like I said, the excellent CMS is just one of the secrets behind WordPress' astounding popularity, implying that there are more (and indeed there are). Where the system itself lacks the proper means to cover all your needs, you can easily employ the use of the thousands of different plugins readily available for you in the system. Some of the most useful plugins you can find are related to searching. WP's native searches don't always give you the best results of what you're looking for. You can spend several minutes at a time trying to locate something that should be much easier to access. This is where these valuable plugins come into play. They can help you sort out through your documents much easier and much faster than the native system and they can help your viewers find what they're looking for with ease. 

Here are some of my WordPress Search Plugins recommendations.

Search Everything

Search Everything is an excellent plugin. It's a great addition to the native system and gives you tons of options to choose from. Aptly named “Search Everything” it enables you to sort out through your content at the speed of an accelerating bullet. You can search through categories, comments, drafts, tags, pages and more. The utility of the plugin is almost limitless and it shines throughout its many uses. If you need a better sorting tool, then this is just what you're looking for.

Better Search

Whereas Search Everything works more as a complementary tool to your default search engine, Better Search replaces it altogether. Aside from the unimaginative name, Better Search truly is better than your default search. The plugin enables you to search your blog or site based on the content, itself, as well as the titles, and grants you access to much more relevant results than the default search engine ever would. You can choose between content and title in the “weight” of the search. This means that you can choose the priority of the search result to apply to the content or the title. If you're looking for a particular title, it's really easy to find it. If you don't know the title but have an idea of what the content is, then you can use that in the search parameters. Best part it is that it seamlessly integrates within your template.


With a more inspired name and added utility, Relevanssi, just like Better Search is here to replace your default search engine on WP. Also like Better Search, it gives you access to more relevant results and enables you to more easily sort your content out. There are several differences, however. For example, the “fuzzy words” function lets you find keywords based on partial match if the full match isn't found. It's perfect for those occasions when you're not entirely sure what you're looking for. There are also suggestions added when the search engine doesn't recognize a word or a phrase (just like when you're googling something but you make a mistake and Google asks you if you meant something else). It's a rather useful search engine plugin to fit all your needs. 

About Author
Morgan Johnes has many years of experience with WordPress. He works as a web designer and his last work is http://www.cleantoperfection.co.uk/ . Follow Him at Google +
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Customer Service in a High-Tech World .

Customer Service in a High-Tech World

It’s hard to imagine today’s fast-paced world of customer service without the existence of modern technology. With every new invention the customer/supplier relationship becomes more efficient and cost-effective for both parties. The quality of customer service technology is a reflection of the conduct and professionalism of an entire business, and the shopping experience of consumers is enhanced immeasurably by today’s electronic capability, sometimes without our even realising. Here are a few ways this is happening.

Data Storage and Analytics

Online shopping is now as profitable as in-store sales, if not more so, and is expanding all the time. Storing customers’ purchase history and search activities in a database has proven to be an effective means of engaging with the public while enhancing a business’s own potential.

This practice known as ‘insight driven marketing’ allows online businesses to show how much they value their clientsby targeting them with ideas for future offers that correspond to their prior purchases. In return for this effort, a company hopes to receive customer loyalty.

One company that quickly recognised the importance of this approach is Amazon, which was one of the first sites to use cookie technology for tracking consumer preferences. This specific marketing towards individuals may take longer than publishing a single universally distributed advert, but any additional expense this creates is definitely worth the effort, as statistics show that target marketing has been consistently successful at generating new sales.

Image by New Voice Media
However, if your company requires mass promotion, issuing emails that showcase discount products across a wide spectrum of items is a timeless means of gaining sales.Of course,one aspect of contacting customers this way is knowing when to ease up on the promotional messages. If you bombard people with recommendations you’ll soon find them shopping elsewhere out of annoyance or an understandable belief that you only care about their money rather than illustrating the advantages your products provide.

To develop a better understanding of the effect that such advertisement has on customers, a company can set up a feedback tool on their website which allows customers to express their feelings.Such marketing technology can be found hosted by uservoice.com.

Another effective means of mass advertising is through the use of social media sites,which guarantee that promotional offers will reach a mass audience. A message on a Twitter or Facebook account can transcend individual client targeting. For example, releasing a message offering a 20% discount on all products will reach all of your followers at once, thereby saving you time and money.

Good Technology Means Good Contact

Social media and email capabilities have also made life easier for when customers need to contact retailers. However, businesses must make sure they recruit employees to consistently monitor such contact  they can assure fast response times. Research shows that 79% of the public would rather speak to an actual person than send an email, as they like to be certain their difficulties are received and dealt with.

Establishing a well-organized customer support team ready to engage with customers is vital, and the expense of training and hiring employees will be less costly in the long run, as studies show that auto-respond emails and robotic phone replies make the public feel ignored and patronised, thus resulting in a loss of sales.

Top revent putting callers on hold,allow them to instead leave a voice mail message, as this will at least help ease customer frustrations by giving them the chance to actually feel they are being acknowledged. Just be sure to check these messages frequently. A company with software that provides helpful guidance to customer queries will in return receive customer loyalty and reliability.

Methods of Shopping and Payment

EPOS (Electronic points of Sales) systems have changed customer relations forever, with mobile phone technology becoming a major factor in this. Mobile apps such as Loyalli and Belly are replacing plastic loyalty cards to create greater convenience while reducing the likelihood of loss and damage. Other technological advancements enhancing shopping experiences include the use of self-service iPads in stores, which make for both a convenient and engaging form of customer service.

Making a payment is the next most important part of the customer/supplier relationship so making this an easy experience is vital. High street businesses provide electronic card payment systems while online sales carried out through credit/debit cards or the increasingly more common Paypal which assists customers so they don’t have to provide their bank details to a retailer directly. Paypal is instead a third party that handles all payment hassle.

What technology has most affected your customer service experiences? What kind of high-tech gadgets would like to see more/less of? Comment and have your say below.

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Jessie is a blogger with plenty of customer service experience.Follow Jessie on Google +
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