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How To Build Backlinks To Your Website.

How to Create Backlinks To Your Website .

 Create Backlinks to Your Website
Backlinks are the important elements in the Search Engine optimization ( visibility in search engine ) and its helps to boost your page rank as well as Organic traffic (Traffic from Search engines) to your website. Actually in search engine , Backlinks are the one of the key factor which helps the search engine to compare website on the basic of Backlinks and page rank for serving relevant search results for any search query made in search engine . Its means more and more Backlinks to your website will help you to improve Website visibility in Search engine and your website will generate traffic also it helps in boosting your website keywords search engine ranking in search results due to which your website organic traffic will be boosted .According to Search Engine optimization experts , both type of Backlinks are important , whether it is Do follow backlinks or No Follow backlinks improve website Seo .

How To Build Backlinks To Your Website.

Link building

Free backlinks 

There are many ways which can be used to build Backlink to your website , like there are thousands of website which allow there reader to Comment on there website Using Links , But the problem with these type of commenting site is that people often Spam Comment section with nasty backlinks which forces the website owner for moderation ,So if you are looking for backlink to any website via comment then Don't just comment for Adding link Instead read the website content and give positive ( Genuine ) feedback to website and enjoy  Non - Moderated Comments in other website and get free backlinks .

Backlink Exchange 

What is backlink Exchange ? Its a Marketing skill , Developed  to improve both side back linking as a result of mutual benefit for webmaster .In simple words , It involve  back linking to one and another website  that's why it is said as Backlink Exchange .  There are thousands and thousands of high page rank website in internet which offer Backlink exchanges but the question is which backlink website is best for link exchange . Obviously the website whose content is Relevent to your website content is good for backlink exchange and most important thing is to backlink must be  Dofollow with high Page rank   .

Purchase Backlink

Backlink building is time consuming job , if you have money and Would like to Generate  backlink fast from high page rank site in less time then you may purchase backlink but make sure to buy it from Genuine Backlink Selling website . Now the Question is which type of backlink is to be purchased and why ? actually Dofollow High page rank website are Best for improving search engine visibility ( Organic Traffic ) as well as Traffic that's why it is Recommended to buy High Pr Dofollow page rank website 

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How to make New tab As Startup page in google Chrome

How to set new tab as Startup page in Chrome

Set New tab as Startup page in google chrome
In Google chrome we can customize your Start up page as Net tab , We mean it here just a new tab actually  ,Whenever we open a Google Chrome web browser , Either User Sign in window appears or Google Chrome opens up homepage at Start up if configured , But do you know you can Set New tab as your start up page whenever you open Google Chrome , Yes its is possible , Its a Simple  Google Chrome trick Through which we may Configure Google Chrome start up page as New tab instead of Google Chrome login page or Homepage through settings . In this article we will show you the trick to configure Google chrome Start up page as new tab .

Steps to Set new tab as Start up page in Google chrome

Step 1: Open Google chrome Web browser .

Step 2: Now open new tab in Google chrome by pressing  "" and close all other open Tabs accept new tab .

Step 3: Go to Chrome menu ( Know as Customize and control Google chrome ) and click on it .A small Drop down window will appear with various functions , out of those click on Settings .

Step 4: Under Settings window ,Go to Start up label and select option button for " Open a specific page or set of pages." and click on " Set pages " to open startup page .

Step 5: Under Startup window , Close all the open pages and then click on Use current pages ( chrome://newtab/ ) and hit ok .

Step 6: Restart your Google chrome browser and hence your Browser is congigure to open new tab as your startup page .
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How To Delete Recently Visited Websites In google chrome

How to delete Most visited pages on Google chrome

Whenever we open any website  in Google chrome web browser its start appearing in the Most visited tab in form of , some time it look annoying and it harms our privacy as all the recent visited pages are clearly appears in form of Thumbnails .So its Damn easy to Track and Revisited website with just one click .Since it is impossible to pause  or disable Recent visited page in Google chrome however you can clear these Recent visited Thumbnail in Google chrome via Settings options , Also you can delete Recent Visited Thumbnail by clicking on Cross button , Although this method is not worth using it because it will reappear if it was open More the one time so its better to clear all the Recent Visited Page .

Steps to Delete Recently Visited in Google chrome

Step 1 : Open Google chrome browser and click on the Chrome menu  know as Customize and control Google chrome icon .

Step 2 : Under Customize and control Google chrome drop down window ,Click on history or Press   Ctrl + H to open History Window

Step 3 : Under History Window , Click on Clear browsing data

Step 4 : Set Obliterate the following items from according to amount of data you want to delete . If you want to clear all the recent Visited pages then set bliterate the following items to the beginning of time .

Step 5 : Check " Clear browsing history " , " Clear download history " and click on Clear browsing data .
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What are Backlinks In Seo and Its Type

What are Backlinks in Seo and there Types

Backlinks are the incoming link to a website/webpage from other website which were treated as reference from other website  it helps to generate traffic to website though inbound links. In Past years when search engine are at the stage of development these Backlinks are used in the website for the reference purposes but now it play important role in Website SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) as these Backlinks helps in generating Traffic to a website as well as Improves website content visibility in the search engine due to which organic traffic form the search engine Boost up .In Simple words , Backlinks are the links embed on the other website , forum or webpage etc .Commonly Backlinks are also know as inbound links , incoming links , Inline links , Inwards links etc . 

The main role of the Backlinks is Link particular link for popularity and its importance to other website or contents . These factors are used by the search engine to Increase Page rank of the website which helps in improving website visibility in the search engine so that People searching via search engine gets quality results . No doubt backlink also helps to generate traffic provided Backlinks are relevant to the website content . In Seo ( Search Engine Optimization ) Backlinks are important Not only in boosting seo but its helps to increase alexa ranking of the website .

Types of Backlink in Search Engine Optimization

Nofollow Backlink 

Nofollow Backlink helps in boosting website traffic along with the quality visitor and audience provided the Backlinks are relent to the website content .However it does not contribute in improving page rank of the website ,blog or webpage but it does helps to boost Seo of the website in form of Non organic traffic .

Dofollow Backlink 

Dofollow Backlink  helps in boosting website traffic as well as page rank , due to which search engine ranking of the website content will improve and also it helps to generate real traffic to your website known as Organic traffic .
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Do Ptc Websites Really Pay Money ? Truth about Ptc website .

Do Ptc Websites Really Pay Money

Nowadays, Ptc website are Growing as  money making website in which register user  helps advertiser  to get traffic to there website on behalf of his time and work he gets paid .There are Millions of people joined Ptc site as part time online job but out of those people only few  lakhs of people gets paids and rest of the people are ether Scammed by the Ptc website or leave Ptc site becuse of low earning rate , However , You might be wondering  Do all Ptc website pays money ?  No , not all ptc website pay money  . 90% of the Ptc website are just a scam website which do not pay money even when user reaches the  minimum Payout threshold but it doesn't means that all the Ptc website on the web are fake , There are Few Trusted ptc website Like 10 %  which do pay money when user reaches to minimum payout threshold  . But its more important to understand whether using Ptc site really helpful or just a waste of time .

Why you should avoid Ptc website .

  • Some of the Ptc Website Scam people in Technical way like stop serving advertiser ads, Extreme low cost Ptc rate due to which a Registered user need one year to reach minimum Payout threshold of 1 to 2 $ .
  • Instead of earning money technically , A Ptc website registered user always in loss due to electric bills, Internets bills and low Ptc rate .
  • Most important thing that a Ptc registered user losses in Ptc website is Time .
  • Earning money with :Ptc site does not worth it , It offer too much less money 
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Keyword And Their Role In Search Engine Optimization .

Keyword And Their Role In Search engine Optimization

What is Keywords ?

Almost all the popular Search engine like Google , Yahoo and bing etc  Rely on the keywords as basic factor to serve relevance search engine results for User Search Queries , In simple words keyword are the combination of Words and phrases used in Title , Heading , H1 , H2 , H3  Tags etc which are required by the search engine to serve relevance search engine results for the given Query . In Search engine optimizationKeyword is said to be a word or Phrase used as a key to unlock search engine access   So that Search engine bot analysis and compare website with other website with same keyword for Relevance Search engine Results . 

What is Keyword in Seo with example

If your type a word " Shoutingblogger" in the Google search engine then search engine will analysis its database for the relevance search results which contains words " Shoutingblogger"  . Shoutingblogger is know as a Keyword , if a Keyword " Shoutingblogger " is searched by the lots of the people then Keyword ( Shoutingbloggger ) is said to be Popular Keywords . Which means If you include a word " Shoutingbloggger " in your website in  in Title  , Heading , H1 , H2 , H3 of your website content then Your website will be shown in the search results No matter is which page it it , but for sure it will be in search results , depending upon Keyword relevance . For example Shoutingbloggger Review then all the website which contains  Keyword " Shoutingbloggger" will appear on the search engine when any user type " Shoutingbloggger "

Role of keyword in Search Engine 

Whenever search engine user make Search Querry in search engine using words and Phrase Combination , Search engine search for the Relevance keyword in its database  to ensure relevant  search engine results . A single words or phrase can change whole search engine results , So Keywords are must thing in search  engine for Website ranking as well for Searching content

What is Popular Keywords ?

Popularity of keywords in search engine  is decided by the amount of Search made related to keywords . Its means More and more keyword is being searched by the people on search engine will make Keyword Popular and help to gain Popularity of keywords , In simple words we can say " Popular Keywords are the most searched keywords in the Search engine " .Now the main Motive if the webmaster is to get audience and relevant Traffic to his /her website which he may fulfill by adding Popular keywords Its Website content .  Popularity of keyword are differ Search engine to search engine So by including a popular keyword in the search engine does not ensure traffic to your website This is the main reason you need a Keyword analysis tool for monthly Traffic ,Keywords Competition for different Search engine. 

Why keywords Are Important For Seo

In Search engine optimization , Keyword  is the one of the  biggest factor which is always needed for the Rage ranking and to improves the website Traffic . If website Offers quality content with proper Keywords density then Search engine ranking  of the website will be High and would be appearing in First page of the search engine which means High Traffic to a Website However its doesn't mean that Website with High keyword Search engine ranking will generate enormous amount of traffic ,All the Traffic depends on the keywords  Popularity in the search Engine That's why most of the SEO Expert Suggest there Webmaster to write content on popular keywords with low Traffic Competitions . A web owner must use combination Words and phrase with relevant keywords in the content with appropriate Keyword density to improve Search engine ranking .So its necessary to analysis your website content , keywords and keyword density for proper ranking in search result and SEO Optimization .In SEO , Webmaster are recommended to use relevant keyword in there content like If you were writing article on Latest Trends then in your Web content you must  include Latest and Trends keywords .

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How to protect Teeth And Best Ways to Protect Teeth .

How to protect your teeth

Aishwarya RaiTeeth are the one of the most important part of the body , They are important in many way like Healthy White Teeth can add beauty to your face , build confidence while talking to someone also its helps to improve your health condition . Improve health . How ? Do you know , Without teeth your digestion will be affected drastically . Actually the proper digestion requires proper chewing of food instead most of the people  eat big bites without proper chewing due to which there body unable to digest food Properly leaving Body unhealthy and lazy  , Doctor suggest to chew one bite of food at least 25 times so that  Food bit gets properly Grinded and mixed with the Saliva , It  is obvious if you chew food Properly then your Stomach have to do less work in Digestion ,That's why Gastroenterology  Suggest to chew food Properly  this helps in easy digestion , Helps to boost your body energy level and helps to improve health  along with Glowing skin . So ,Almost all the function of the body depends on Energy we gets from our digestion , Digestion of body depends on the food we Grind with our teeth ,For Proper chewing  we need health teeth. All the functions Related to energy Circulation of  body are originated from Food in our stomach stomach and for proper digestion of food we need health teeth , that's why utmost care should be given to protect teeth from germs etc .

Ways to Protect your teeth

Choose Best Toothpaste .

Toothpaste are made to fight germs and keep your teeth healthy but toothpaste can also damage your teeth if not properly used  , Now the question is which toothpaste is best for your teeth actually there are so many types of toothpaste which focus on different area of the teeth depending upon Teeth condition . So , instead of deciding your own you must consult the dentist to opt your toothpaste .

Gently Brush your teeth .

Teeth are made of varying tissues density and hardness . Although teeth look hard but tooth gum are not hard enough  to bear  Regular harsh brushing , Rough and Fast brushing your teeth can damage your teeth that's why you must gently brush your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes after that use your finger to gently massage your teeth and tooth gum for at least one minute to remove excess of tooth paste and Left behind food particle after that rinse your Mouth with Could water 3 to five times. 

Brush Your Teeth Before sleep And After Sleep . 

What would happens if  food particle would  stuck  to your teeth or Tooth for long time , It would became germs playground that's why Dentist suggest to brush your teeth before going to sleep because during sleep time our mouth are almost closed and kind of inactive for 6 to 7 hours at night . Brushing before sleep helps to remove left behind food particle and keep your teeth health for longtime. Although you brushed at night , Dentist Recommend that brushing teeth in morning helps in improving whiteness along with healthy teeth .

Use Dental floss to remove food and dental plaque .

Sometime Brushing your teeth didn't helps in remove  food materials when they stuck in between gun line and two teeth space , there Dental floss are used which helps to remove food particles and plaque . Proper flossing of teeth is not as easy as brushing Teeth , Its requires proper guidance and techniques to clean teeth Spacing with the Dental floss .Since improper use of Dental floss can damage your tooth gums and teeth that's why you must consult the dentist before using it .

Avoid Hot and Cold drink simultaneously .

Do you often drink Cold and hot drink one after other to prove that you are teeth are not affected by it then you are just playing with your teeth health ,According to dentist , Drinking hot and cold one after another increase the risk of teeth sensitivity  and also damages your teeth . So avoid drinking  hot and cold drinks one after the other , Keep at least 10 to 15 minute between hot and cold drinks intake .

Go to dentist twice a year for Regular Dental checkup .

There is no doubt ,  If you follow all the above important point then your teeth would be health and white .although all above mentioned points will helps you to maintains health of your teeth but still you should go to dentist atleast once in a year for cleaning of teeth  and regular dental check up .

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How To Secure Your Facebook Account Completely .

How to Secure and Protect Facebook account

 Secure Your Facebook AccountFacebook has updates its security feature by Launching new security feature in 2013 to Improve Facebook user account protection against Hacker . Still there are so many rumors about Facebook all over the internet that there security is weakest in all social networking site . Let me clear this out . Its kinda right if you talk about old Facebook , because in old Facebook you don't need technical skills or Pro hacking tutorials to get someone facebook password because of weak Facebook script , i am taking about Facebook Security just after Few Year of  Facebook development .  

In present day , Facebook security is best as other social networking site and all the Weak part regarding facebook user account security was sorted and solved ,Now the Facebook we are using are more secured then old Facebook but the question arise why Facebook account are often gets hacked by the hacker , Actually its not just Facebook part to protect their User account without any Facebook user Involvement to protect there own account . Facebook would only provide security feature to there user where as the ultimate role of Fb account protection belongs to Facebook user only . To provide better Security Facebook user needs as much attention as Facebook team to ensure user account protection , Its not just a Facebook Security which fully ensure user account protection , in spite of Facebook user need to Protect there account by Updating there own Facebook account security features . However in New Facebook security , Almost all the important security part are taken into account to ensure best Facebook Account protection . ( See Tips to Protect Facebook account

Facebook Security Settings Guide

Facebook Security Question : Security Settings Guide

Security Question plays very important role in retrieving back Facebook account  ,even if email id registered to Facebook account is hacked and changed then also you will have an option to retrieve Facebook account By answering  Security question . Also It does helps to to retrieve Facebook account when  Facebook user losses His/Her password and Email id . This Security Question provide addition Facebook account retrieving option .So make sure to improve your Facebook account Retrieving backup by Activating Security questions .

Facebook Secure Browsing: Security Settings Guide

Although Facebook is using Secured connection now but in case you didn't see " https " in your browser while using Facebook account then you must activate your  Secure browsing via Facebook Security Settings options .It will helps to build secured connection between Website and Client and protect your Facebook account from hackers . Make sure To activate Facebook safe Browsing Via Facebook security settings to ensure best Protection.

Facebook Login Notifications: Security Settings Guide

Login Notifications helps you to gets notified when your Facebook account is accessed from a Unknown computer or mobile device that you haven't used before in past . Best thing about Login Notifications security feature is that you get Email or text message instantly as soon as your account logged to unknown Device which is never used in past , So you gets times to take necessary  action against the Further damage by the hacker .

Facebook App Passwords: Security Settings Guide

There are Thousands of Non trusted Apps Spread  all over the internet  like mushroom for sake of improving  Facebook Experience , But Some of the apps are being used as hacking tool to hack facebook accounts ,Actually Some of the apps are unwillingly  have read and write permission , That is they have the permission to read content data From  Facebook account as well as option to Write content in Facebook timeline without knowledge of the Facebook account holder .Which may results as blunders .. So its Better Authorize apps with utmost Importance . Because of the Apps Craze and hackers interest , Facebook has Took measure to add password feature to Apps by limiting apps access .

Facebook Recognized Devices: Security Settings Guide

Recognized Devices is kinda similar to Login Notifications security feature , In Recognized Device security features a Facebook User get notified when His/ her Account is being used from unregistered devices. This Feature helps to get informed when unauthorized user uses your account . So , Its Necessary to activate Recognized Devices security features by registering your device .

Facebook Advance Security tips 

  • Follow all the Faebook Security Settings Guide .
  • Never share your login credential like login email id , password and phone number associated with your Facebook verification to any one .
  • Verify your phone number for your Facebook account .
  • Avoid using Non-trusted Apps and also clear or remove dead Facebook apps .
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How to Create A Facebook Page ( Fan page ).

How to Create A Facebook Page( Fan page)

Create  Facebook Page
Facebook is growing as world top most social networking site and it Continue to be Popular for next upcoming five year till some new Concept of Social Networking come in Future.  According to  Our Social networking experts views , There is no doubt in Present Facebook popularity and its popularity is still counting and will be on top for upcoming 5 years . Most important thing about Facebook is that Facebook Page may be used to Promote product , website ,brands etc also it helps to build close Relation with the audience and Customers .So its all Advertisement and Customer relation stuff to Create a Facebook Page . Easy to subscribe and get updates to FB home makes Facebook Popular since in  Facebook , A facebook user can easily subscribe to Facebook page updates by liking it or by following page . Actually , What makes Facebook page popular is due to its easiness of subscribing Page by just liking page, Audience or Customer , A Facebook Users who like particular Facebook Page gets updates directly to there facebook homepage . So , its easy for the Customer and audience to get Updates from particular Website along with the Feedback .It  proves to be a easy advertisement source for the website owner , Company , Business ,Brands ,artist ,band ,non profit organisation , and  Web owner to use  Facebook as marketing tools and help there Customer and Audience with there Products or website updates .

Why Create Facebook Page ?

Facebook page Improves Customer and audience relationship as well as helps to promote traffic and sells. In this tutorial you will be able to create FB  page for website,blog, Brands, Products, bands, Cause, Non profit organisation etc . 

Steps to Create a  Facebook fan page

Step 1 : Go to Facebook Home  by typing Facebook.com in your web browser address bar and Sign in to your Facebook account .

Step 2 : Once you log in to your Facebook account then Go to Facebook Site footer (at Bottom of Facebook website ) and Click on Create Page or Enter http://www.facebook.com/pages/create/?ref_type=sitefooter in your Web browser Address and hit Enter .

Step 3 : Under a Create a Page , Choose Best Facebook Page Type which describe and Suits your Website Theme, product ,Brand or company etc .

Step 4 :  Out of six Facebook Page Type click on the Facebook page type and fill the details as prompted .

Step 5 : Click on the Get Started button .

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How to Block Unwanted Ads From Web Browser .

How to Removed Unwanted Ads From Web Browser .

If you are constantly seeing Ads like banner ads , Flash ads at top and bottom of the Website in particular browser or getting constantly Pop ups while opening random website , all the other ads Space of the website are filled with the same ads as Banner ads appear at extreme top and bottom of the website  then your browser may be got infected by adware Apps or script .Generally , you will see ads at extreme top and Bottom of the Browser , ads will not look like part of website instead it look like  Browser Ads (Ads appear in Browser ) etc .Its more of Annoying to see unwanted ads at top ,bottom and every where in  web Browser's whenever User open  website or refresh website.

How to find out whether Browser is Showing Unwanted Ads or not ?

Method 1 : Now days Browser are soft target to earn revenue out of the browser traffic that's the main motive in adding  Ads in the browser whether its is in built Adware script or browser gets infected by the harmful scripts   .  Its damn easy to detect Unwanted ads scripts/Apps installed in browser , When you open Random website  , you will see Every website will render With ads at same location with same publisher . Also when you open a page which does not have any ads in it will also appears as they have ads ( Banner Ads ) in it 

Method 2 : Open website In two different computer Connected with internet using Browser and check the location of the website Ads .On opening website  in both computer if Ads appears in same location  then your browser is safe and free from unwanted ads ,while On opening website  in both computer if Ads appears are not appears in same  location  then your browser is infected and contains unwanted ads . 

How to Remove unwanted Ads from the web browser .

One of the easy way to remove unwanted Ads or block Unwanted ads from the browser is to uninstall Browser so that all the hidden scripts and apps get uninstalled , Once browser uninstall successfully then also make sure to delete Browser folder completely , also clear temp data . Restart your computer and re install browser . 
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Best Web Hosting Provider In the World to Make Business Website 2017 .

Top Web Hosting Companies in the world

There is no doubt in saying Godaddy as the world top most Domain registrar which offers cheap top level domain name but also they now they had proved themself as the Best immersing Web Hosting Company in the world to make business or personal website, As per our survey and research we have found that 68% of the Existing Godaddy customers do not want to switch there existing Godaddy hosting company  because of its reasonable plans and its webhosting hosting Features .Majority of the international website owner like to continue hosting there website on Godaddy Because of it Cheap hosting plans , Hosting features , Discount . Godaddy also Offer cheap web hosting plan with  big discount on there webhosting plans ( Godaddy coupon code 2014) and most important thing  is that Godaddy  really do offer 99.9 % uptime , which plays major role in the website Seo and Health .All the Small , big Free or paid Features improves webhosting experience along with the value for the money make Godaddy world's best hosting company .In our Top Ten Webhosting list, Godaddy stand as Best Domain Name Registrars of the world of all time .

Why Godaddy is Best Hosting Provider In the World 

We ( Our partners and our Expert team member ) have Analysed and Compared all  the Godaddy hosting  plans , features , Customer Support Service ,Cost Per month hosting plan etc with the world top 10 hosting companies plans and Found that the hosting plans,Discount and features of Godaddy is best for developing Business as well as Personal website as almost all the Godaddy hosting plan  offer unlimited bandwidth with 99.9% server uptime with reasonable prizes . Most important things which make Godaddy Special among other Top Best Website Hosting Provider In the World is that Godaddy Hosting plan for all group of people , they do have Small hosting plan for few dollar to develop Small website like Review Website ,Wordpress Blog ,Small forum ,Blogs, Etc . Godaddy have  business hosting plan in which user can host unlimited domains and gets unlimited Uploading etc best for developing huge Website with Unlimited domains and Hosting etc , even can start your own Bigger Website with unlimited Storage Capacity like  facebook or google have with business plans , In one word Godaddy hosting plan are value for the money in developing  business website as well as personal website . 

Almost all the web hosting companies are Satisfactory for hosting Personal website or Small website which gets only few  ( 60,000 ) Visitor in month , But when it comes to website with huge Audience and traffic then you need a such Web Hosting Company which have almost 98%+ Server uptime So that your website health and ranking does not degraded in the search engine etc . That's why Website Seo Expert suggest Website owner to choose website hosting company which gurenties alteast 99% uptime . Because Downtime of website can results in loss of Audience as well as search engine indexing . When  its comes to host business website like online shopping sites ,Online Stores / forum or uploading sites its recommended for the users to buy web Hosting  from the world best Webhosting Company because they do really Offer 99.9% Uptime which is must for the business website .

Choosing Best Webhosting plan in godaddy 

All the Godaddy Hosting plan in godaddy are value for the money .Choose hosting plan in godaddy is way to simple , it all depends on the individual requirements and Website Size like Godaddy economy hosting Plan is mainly for the small website owner who want to host Wordpress blog while Godaddy deluxe hosting plan is mainly for developing Business , Affiliates ,Online Stores , forum services and big Website for uploading as well as downloading site .
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How To Turn Off Windows 8 Safely .

 How to Shutdown Window 8  

Shutdown Window 8  Its very important to Turn off Window Safelly because If your Window is not properlly Shut down then your window may not work correctly resulting in Increase in booting time .Also sometime your Programs installed get damages due to Sudden window shutdown , To save your window 8 Operating system from damage , window 8 comes With special option known as Sign-out .By Sign-out Window 8 option , a window 8 User will be able to close all the Hidden As well as normal background Apps , Logged in user account safely . To save your Backgrounds apps ,Software and even window from getting damage you must Shut down your window 8 properly by signing out all the apps and backgrounds Running programs and then Turning off your Pc by using Shutdown button . 

Is there Windows 8 shutdown shortcut

Yes there is Window Shortcut to Turn off window 8 but it does damage your window 8 to some extends , However you can shut down your window 8 is you were assured that all the backgrounds apps and open programs are properly closed , To Shutdown window 8 , by using Keyword Press Window + L , Click on Power icon and select shutdown .

Steps to Shutdown windows 8 Safely

Step 1 : Press Window button to open the start screen or Move your mouse pointer to extreme Left Bottom  and then click on Start .

Step 2 : Now click on your account name ( by default account name is set as Com ) and then click on Sign Out  to close all the open and background running apps

Step 3 : Wait for Few seconds to properly Sign Out all the apps and User Account and Then Click anywhere on the screen .

Step 4 : Click anywhere on the Screen and click on the Power icon and select Shut down . Wait for your  CPU light Goes off to ensure properly shutdown .
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