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How to Improve Blogger (Blogspot) Blog Seo | Top 10 Ways

How to Improve Your Blogger Blog SEO 

How to Improve  Blogger  SEO Getting started with blogging is easy job , While Generating organic traffic to your blog is most difficult part . However Improving Organic traffic for a blog is not that difficult as it seems ,Only thing you need to do is to optimize your blogger blog and make it Seo friendly  .As a beginner blogger ,you might be wondering how do i make my blog Seo friendly . Actually making blog Seo friendly means that a blog must have all the basic Stuff needed by the search engine to get your blog ranked on search engine results, Defending on various factors , your blog Ranked on search engine results , if your blog or Blog post full fill all the factor for particular keyword then your blog post will be appear in first results if not then it might appear on first , second or even on hundred Google search page for particular keywords . More Seo friendly your blog , More Traffic you blog will generate. So best thing to get traffic to your blog is to improve your blog Seo .In this article we will guide you to certain important points that Helps to boost your Blog Seo , Alexa ranking and Traffic

Top Ten Ways To Optimize Your Blogger Blog Seo

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Get Top-level Domain Name for blogger Seo optimization .

Blogger.com allow there user to register free Sub-domain name  for there blog . Although Free sub domain are considered to be of  low Seo importance but relevant Sub-Domain name can counter this drawback and helps in boosting Seo .However People gives less importance to Sub-domain name  (Low level domain name ) and prefer easy to remember and short domain name that's the main reason why Seo experts Suggest webmaster to get Top-level domain name for there blog as it is easy to remember and gives professional look to a blog also .Domain name is the first thing , your visitor see , that's why its too important to create Seo friendly domain name (Recommended Top-Level domain name ) .


Add Meta Tags in your blogger blog for blogger Seo optimization

Adding Meta Tags  like Meta Description , Meta Keywords ,Meta Author ,Meta Robot to you blogger / blogspot blog is the great way to optimize Your blog Seo ,The main role of the Meta Tags is To describe your blog to the search engine and  helps search engine bot to analysis your blogger main keywords ,content and  helps listing your blog post Url in search engine related to Searched keyword fast , More relevant your blog related to your searched keyword in search engine More chance of getting it on the first Pages , In simple words the meta description helps Seo in significant way . So Adding meta Tag to your blogger blog is best way to attract organic traffic to your blog .


Choose Seo Friendly blogger Template for improving blogger Seo .

There are Thousands of free as well as Premium  blogger template all over the internet for various categories but out of those , not all of them are Seo friendly .So while selecting template for your blog make sure to check loading time of template as less the template loading time would be better its Seo will be . Check for internal 404 Error in your template using any Website speed test Tool , A Good Seo friendly template should not any 404 internal error link . ( 404 internal error link occurs due to Not Found error it may be image  / Url / Script)   .


Write more and more Content in your blog to Improve blogger Seo .

Content is the key factor for the blogger blog Seo and for improving your blogs audience  , More content your blog will have more you blog post would be visible in search engine hence improve chances of getting traffic to your blog via search engine . Moreover there are more things to do within content itself to improve your blog content seo that is while writing content in your blog do not just write content for traffic , it must be helpful for your visitor and he must enjoy reading post due to this your blog bouncing rate will be decreased and your blog keyword search engine ranking will not improve  .


Create Seo Friendly Blog post in blogger to get organic traffic

Just writing a content in your blog will not help your blog to get organic traffic ,so while writing content keep optimizing your blog content as you write by keeping keep important points in you mind like Add keywords in your blog post title , use keywords in H1 , H2 ,H3 ,H4 ,H5  Tags in your blog post maintain proper keyword density in your blog post also make sure  to add Alt image to your uploaded image in blog post as this will helps in indexing of image in Google image .writing short blog post will not help your blog seo rather your blog keyword ranking related to that post and even overall ranking will goes down so make sure that your blog post must contain at least 300 words .


Add labels in your Blogspot blog to Boost Blogger blog Seo .

Labeling your blog post is the best way to Organize your blog content , It not only categories your blog Content for easy navigation but it also helps in boasting page view . more your page view would be less your blog bounce rate will be hence improve your search engine ranking and your keywords for particular post will rank higher and Chance of getting direct organic traffic will be increased . There are other benefit of adding label in Blog like adding Keywords in your label Improve your Keywords relevance ,Keyword density and hence improve your blog post Search engine ranking . But make sure not to add non relevance keywords to your blog post label as it Produce negative effect on ( Blogger/blogspot ) blog Seo .


Add Search description in your Blogspot blog to  Blogger blog Seo .

With the new blogger feature know as Search description you can add  Custom Search description to a blog post which appear as Short description when your blog post appear in search engine results ,This would help  search engine ranking and also helps to improve your website organic traffic but make sure to add relevant Search engine description in less then 25 words as your Blog post custom search description , never uses excess of keywords in your search description as this will have negative effect on Search engine audience .  So you must add Search Description in your Blogger blog and its blog post . By default the search description is disabled so you need to enable it then only you may see search description ( How to Add search description in blogger ) under post setting  .


Add related Blog post widgets in Blogger 

Best way to optimize your blog seo is to reduce your blog's Bounce rate but  it hard to reduce bounce rate since it depends on lots of factor like what Content Quality , Landing page etc Still we can Reduce bounce rate by using related blog post widgets . Actually adding related blog widgets helps in boosting your blogger blog page view , more page view your blog have  it means your audience stay more on your website due to more Page view , your blogs Bounce rate will be reduced and hence this would help your blog Seo and improves your page rank in search engine .


Submit blogger blog sitemap to Search engine webmaster and create Seo friendly Robots.txt

Sitemap in blogger is the collection of blogger post , pages , comments etc for the search engine crawlers to access , Sitemap helps the search engine bot to crawl your website with easy . But its bit difficult for the search engine bot to crawl your blog if your blog sitemap was not submitted to search engine webmaster that's why it is recommended to submit your website to search engine webmaster for fast Blog post indexing .Although you have submitted your blog to Search engine but its not necessary that your blog get indexed in search engine results if you blog have bad Robots.txt , so it is recommended to Create Seo friendly Robots.txt to grant access for the search engine bot to crawl the list of post ,page in search engine .


Build Natural Backlink to your blog

Backlinks plays important role in improving blogger page rank and keyword ranking of blog, But Shady and bad back linking technique can have negative effect on blogger Seo and even some time search engine penalize blog for using tricky cheap spamming back linking techniques that's why you should avoid using this Cheap Tricky back linking methods . Try to work hard on building natural way of back link , however non spamming  back link technique are considered as Seo friendly technique that why Seo expert suggest to get natural backlink building technique .

Some Important Blogger Seo Tips .

  • Blogger blog with unique content is considered as seo friendly and have high search engine credibility then blog with Duplicate content even  blog with unique content is ranked higher then blog with duplicate content So , you must  avoid using.writing any duplicate content in your blog .
  • Blogger blog must be updated and enriched with unique content with regular interval of time , Search engine loves fresh and unique content , writing more and more content for your blog will improve your blogpot visibility in search engine and helps your blogger blog Seo to get higher amount of organic traffic .
  • Use Natural Backlink building method for better Blogger Seo  ,Using Spamming backlink methods will have negative effect on your blogger blog Seo .So , you must avoid and practice natural and non spamming backlink method .
  • Avoid changing you blog post Tittle  , Blog Description , Meta tags too often .
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Free Web Hosting vs Paid Web Hosting - Which one is better and why ?

Which one is better Free web hosting or paid web hosting

Free Web Hosting vs Paid Web Hosting

What is Free Webhosting

The Words " Free web hosting " itself shouting it loud that the hosting of website  is free of cost , you don't need to pay for Sub domain name , Bandwidth , web hosting space , database etc , Technically all the basic hosting features are available for free . But it doesn't means that any web hosting company who is offering free hosting can replace paid hosting features for free ,All the free web hosting company dose not cost cent for hosting website but they provide free web hosting with limited bandwidth ,limited disk space ,Limited database and most important limited traffic/hours with low website  uptime which is good for the Extreme low Traffic website .

What is Paid Webhosting

The Words " paid web hosting " clearly Means that Hosting of website is not free of cost you need to buy web hosting , Bandwidth , web hosting space , database etc .The paid web hosting company charges there end user a fixed amount of money depending upon the Hosting features like domain name , Bandwidth  web hosting space , database ,ftp account, type of web hosting platforms ,Number of website etc . A web hosting Customer have a option to buy best hosting plans depending upon his/ her website requirement . In simple words ,You pay money in paid web hosting companies for 99% uptime , Assurance of what your are buying for particular web hosting companies . With paid web-hosting you can host any website according to the hosting plan and features offered by them .

Which one is better ? Free Web hosting or Paid Web hosting .

Although, Free web hosting offers limited web hosting Features due to which it can't bear lots of traffic ie visit/hour but still it has its own importance It is good for those who want to host website without investing money , also free web hosting is good for learning the web hosting basic and practices and proves to be good platform for the web designer for learning web hosting with real practice knowledge .Whereas the paid web hosting is for those who need there website online without any limitation and have money to invest for the web-hosting features .In one words ,Both free as well as paid web hosting are equally important as per the user needs .

Difference between Free Webhosting and Paid Webhosting 

  • Free Webhosting                                           

  • Paid Webhosting                                              

  • There is no cost for Basic webhosting ,Space ,Bandwidth,Database etc .

  • You need to pay for web hosting ,Space ,Bandwidth,Database ,etc .

  • It has Limited webhosting feature

  •  You can buy Webhosting features

  • Poor Customer Support

  •  Good Customer Support

  •  Limited per hour Traffic limit with low uptime 

  • Unlimited Traffic per hour without any limitation  with 99%  uptime 

  • Not good for professional website

  •  Good for building  professional website

  • Free  web hosting is not Seo friendly because of its downtime and low uptime

  • Paid web hosting is Seo friendly because of high  uptime
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What Is Private And Public Domain Registration - Difference between them ?

What is Public and Private Domain Registration 

What is Public and Private Domain Registration In the Domain name registration process the end user need to fill the domain registration form with valid personal details like Full name , Address, Email id ,Phone Number etc ,As soon as Domain name was registered by the user via domain name registrar at that instant only all the Whois database associated  with  registered domain name are made public . According to ICANN and Registrar's Agreement ( ICANN-Accredited registrar )  ( Registrant Rights and Responsibilities Under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement ) all whois data  information associated with the registered domain name like Registered domain name owners, Full name , Address , Email id ,Phone Number along with primary registered domain information such as Primary Nameserver ,secondary Nameserver , Domain Registration Date,Domain Expiration Date ,Name of Registrar, postal address of Registrar , e-mail address of Registrar, voice telephone number of Registrar, are to be made public and must be acceded with the help of Whois Lookup tools .Although all the systems and agreements are bounded by terms and condition maintain transparency between Registrar , Domain owner and public , but these adopted policy attract Spammer who uses all information like email id , phone numbers associated with the registered domain name  retrieved via whois tool for there cause and reasons.

Types of Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration are of two type that is Public domain name Registration and Private Domain name Registration . Both type of Domain registration does not ensure 100 percent Spam protection  originated by the Whois tools usage by spammer  however by buying Premium Domain name ( Private domain name ) you can reduce the domain related Spam to negligible percent .To better understand the usability of type of domain name registration for your website  , You must go through Public domain and Private Domain name Registration definition .

What is Public Domain Name Registration?

In Public Domain Name Registration , all the Whois database information related to Registered domain name like Registered domain name owners, Full name , Address , Email id ,Phone Number along with primary registered domain information such as Primary Nameserver ,secondary Nameserver , Domain Registration Date,Domain Expiration Date ,Name of Registrar, postal address of Registrar , e-mail address of Registrar, voice telephone number of Registrar are made public which mean any internet user can see the domain name whois information using Online whois domain name lookup tools any time . 

What is Private Domain Name Registration?

In Private Domain Name Registration , All the Whois Database Information are also made public as per  ICANN and Registrar's Agreement but instead of original  Whois Database Information Associated with  Domain name , the Registrar use third party Unique Whois database lists name, mailing address, and phone number etc which will be available in public and can be retrieved via Whois look up tool, however the internet user may also contact the domain name owner using Third party Whois Database information available on Whois lookup website , This maintains the privacy of the Domain name owner and protect there email id , phone number from spammers also prevent your domain from being hijacked .

Difference between public and private domain name registration

           Public Domain Name Registration                  Private Domain Name Registration
Public domain name registration and Renewal   charge are cheap .
Private domain name registration and Renewal charge are Costly then public domain name registration .
In Public domain registration  all the whois database information  like name, email address, etc are avialable via whois look up tools
A private domain registration will keep all the whois database information  like name, email address, etc Hidden from whois look up tools and Protect your identity
Cost Around 7$ +
Cost Around 14$ +

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What is Domain Name Registration and Its Requirement .

Domain Name Registration and  Its     Requirement 

What is Domain Name Registration 

What is Domain Name Registration
Domain Registration is the process of Registering a unique domain name ( www.example.com with the desired domain name extension ) for website , blog , forum and pages etc for a Limited period of time ( Domain Subscription period ) .Domain name registration involve  registering your domain name with an organisation called ICANN who is responsible for keeping all Domain name database  and you may buy domain name from any Authorized Domain name registrar organisation by paying  additional of 18 cent  ICANN fee  . Although  domain name can be registered by any individual , group , company or organisation but it cannot be registered for two individual/organisation for same Period of time however If the domain name is not renewed by the Individual/organisation then registered domain name may be available for the other individual/organisation to Register with new end-user name and It would be available for all the domain name registrar for new End-users/Individual/organisation . End-users /Individual/organisation may buy unique domain name from the Domain name registrar organisation or commercial  entity for short duration of time  minimum of 1 year to maximum of 10 year after that Domain owner must renew it again via domain name registrar .

Requirement for Domain Name Registration

Whether you are individual or an Organisation , Any one who is above 18 year old  can get there own top level domain name for there website by registering domain name from Domain name registrar companies. There are some requirement for registering domain name like end user (  Individual / Organisation  ) must be above 18 year old , must have a valid address , minimum of 1 year Domain Registration Periods and must be able to pay registration fee online/offline to domain Registrar company . Some Common requirement for Domain Name Registration are as follows .

Age requirement for domain name registration

There is a age requirement for registering any top level domain name and may varies from  from country to country and also depends on the  domain name extension .There are Some domain name Extension which need the end user to be above 18 or legal adult .However few country Legally allow there minor ( Below 18 age ) citizen to register top level domain name for any clean domain name extension  with the help of there elders guidance but No country allow legally to register Top level domain name with Certain above 18 age (  domain name extension ( Adult ). However  any individual who are above 18 year old or legally adults according to there country law  is valid for registering domain name with any type of  Domain name extension ( Must Follow Country rules and regulation )  for his website 

Domain Registration Periods

Most of the domain name registrar company have there own Minimum domain registration period and maximum Domain Registration Periods , Majority of  Domain name registrar company have minimum of  1 year domain Registration Periods and maximum of 10 year Domain registration periods while only few  domain name Registrar company have Minimum of 2 Year Domain Registration Periods and maximum of 100 year Domain registration periods .

Domain Name Registration Fee .

Domain name registration fee may vary from one domain name registrar company to other domain name registrar company .Although the charges for registering domain name may varies according to domain name registrar companies , feature of the domain name and type of domain name extension etc but  minimum  cost for buying top level domain name lie between 7$ to 36$/year .
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How To Host A Website / Forum To Make It Online 24/7 . ( cPannel )

How to host a website on internet 24/7 online

 How to host website ,forum ,blog
To get your website /Forum / blog on internet live for 24/7 you need a domain name and webhosting space  in which you can park your domain name and upload your website script . So that your visitor  can access to your  website any time by typing domain name know as web address . Hosting your own website is the very easy job but most difficult part is to choose best hosting company with best hosting plan since it require money and your website future  so utmost importance should be given . Hosting Plan and Webhosting company are only thing responsible for your your website health status so make sure to choose best Web hosting company and plan for your website make sure web hosting Company and Hosting plan fulfill your website future requirement like Website Space , Bandwidth ,up-time and database ,platform etc, It is Strictly important for the web hosting company and web hosting plan to Satisfy Minimum system requirement for your website script otherwise your website will not be installed Properly and all of your money and time would be wasted  .

Common Steps For Hosting A Website On Internet 

Step 1 : Create Or buy Website Script For Your Website Hosting: 

One of the basic step to get started with hosting your website is to have website Script .So Before Buying web host space make sure to get your website script ready because Hosting plan depends on your website minimum Requirement and your website future need , If you are not good with designing Stuff then you may higher Good Web designer  or search for website Script over internet as per your need and purchase it .  For example : If i wish to Create a Wallpaper website then i would either hire a web designer so that he may develop my wallpaper script according to my needs or simple  I will buy Wallpaper script from internet .

Step 2 : Choose Right Relevant top level domain name according to website : 

Hosted website need address by using which user may see you website this address is know as Domain name , there are two type of domain name Top level domain name and second one is Sub domain name , Top level domain name are more Seo friendly then low level but they are paid not free to use whereas Sub domain name are less seo friendly and available free of cost , Its does matter which type of domain is being parked to your hosted website because if your Domain Contains important Keyword in your domain name then there are more chance of getting higher page rank whereas it also recommended to buy website relevant Top-level or sub - level Domain name which is easy to remember. For example : If you thinking to create Wallpaper website then your domain name (Top level domain name or Sub-level domain name) Must contain wallpaper keyword in it for example , www.examplewallpaper.com /www.www.examplewallpaper.Subdomain.com etc .

Step 3 : Choose Best Hosting Company For Your Website Hosting: 

Now next step is to search for the best web hosting companies which fulfill your website minimum system requirement along with value for money .Do not just Buy Hosting service from any web hosting company make sure to compare various web hosting Companies for money and feature . Since there are some web hosting Companies which are Just good for nothing and cost higher then other for service , where some web hosting companies cost low price with amazing features along with Coupon code and big discount . So do bit research about web hosting companies and save huge money  .

Step 4 : Choose Best Hosting Plan For Your website Hosting: 

When it comes to hosing plan , There is no doubt ,Top hosting plan offered by the Web hosting company is best for your website but why to invest lots of money in hosting when you can save lots of money so make sure to analyse all the hosting plan offered by the web hosting company and select the best hosting plan according to your Website and website traffic Requirement do not compromise with your web-hosting plan at the cost of your Bandwidth , up-time ,Diskspace for the sake of saving few $ .  Limited bandwidth and low up-time may results in limited traffic to your website and have bad effect on search engine visibility .

Step 5 : Download and install Any FTP Software : 

To upload / Edit /delete your website Script from your computer to your web-server i.e from one host computer to another host computer you need a FTP ( File transfer Protocol  ) client software , So get one FTP client software and install in your computer . Once you installed FTP Client Software , then you may access your web-server directly by entering your web server FTP host name , FTP user name ,FTP password in your Ftp Client and may upload ,Delete ,edit in your web-server.

Step 6 : Create Database for your website : 

Before uploading website script to web server log in to your web-hosting account's access cPanel  and Create MySQL Databases using MySQL from cPanel  by entering MySQL database name ,MySQL user name ,Password for MySQL user etc . Once your database is Created then note down your database like MySQL Database, MySQL User ,MySQL Host and Password  for Website Mysql connection .

Step 7 : Uploading Website in your Webserver : 

Once you have chosen hosting plan and purchased Web-hosting space for your website , then  your need to upload your website script to Web server ,  Go to  Web hosting account ,Access your cPanel and Search for Ftp details and note down FTP host name ,FTP user name ,FTP password and then open your ftp client and enter FTP host name ,FTP user name ,FTP password and click connect , Once you get successfully connected then upload your website script by copying and dragging to connected web server (According to your website installation guide ) either to public_html or your domain name and wait for 100% uploading .

Step 8 : Connect your website with your database : 

Follow your website installation guide and Proceed with installation by entering installation url in your browser to access website installation window ( Most installation url appear as www.mydomainname.com/install for more Details consult your website installation guide ) . Once your installation window Prompt for the database connectivity then enter your created database as in Step 6   like MySQL Database, MySQL User ,MySQL Host and Password and finish your installation

Important Note to keep in mind after hosting a website 

After Installing your website / forum successfully , Rename your website Installation folder/file and CHmods carefully according to your website installation Guide .

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How To Create Wallpaper Website With Blogger Blog For Free ( Create Photography blog )

How to Create a Wallpaper/Photography blog with Blogger.com

How to make a wallpaper blog
Creating a wallpaper website  need  a lots of money for Wallpaper Script , Hosting space for script ,Bandwidth , Domain name etc which overall cost around 50$ wallpaper script, 12 $/year domain name registration charge along with Minimum 4$ per month on hosting plans etc what if you don't have invest Cent from your pocket instead of you may earn money with your wallpaper website . Yes you may do so by creating a wallpaper blog instead of wallpaper website since creating wallpaper website (Known as Wallpaper blog ) is easy with  blogger blog , It does not require special knowledge about Web hosting , Hosting  ,designing etc and you don't need to worry about bandwidth and monthy /yearlly hosting renewal charges .The most important thing in creating wallpaper website with blogger is that you don't need to invest money for buying Bandwidth ,  as blogger.com is free blogging platform which allow unlimited bandwidth for free  along with the option to earn money by monetizing your blog content .Another  Important thing with blogger blog is that you can directly embed wallpaper , photos , image by using upload with image URl feature however you can't upload wallpaper directly to your blog instead you need to authorize /signup ( via your Google accoun ) to Picassa to upload your wallpaper  Indirectly to your blogger blog with Image embedding code which may be accessed by your visitor using your blog only .

Steps involved in making wallpaper/photography blogger blog for free

Create Blogger Account .

To create your blogger account you need a Google account , Go to Google.com and signup your Google account for free , Once your Google account would be created then Sign-in to your Google account with your Google Email id and Password ( Tips to make strong password ) and then Go to Blogger.com and Fill out your name , username and other details and Authorize your email id by accepting terms and service , hence your blogger account has been created now you may access your Blogger Dashboard by visiting blogger.com and sign-in using your Google (Gamil ) id and password .

Create your blog and Choose Relevant Domain name 

Next thing in developing your own wallpaper blog / Photography blog in blogger.com is to register your blog Sub-domain name , Once you log-in to blogger dashboard , Click on New blog ( At mid top right side of blogger dashboard  ) . First Enter unique address ( Relevant Domain name/Sub-domain name  is considered Seo Friendly ) of your blog and then  Enter Title of your blog , Choose template and click on Create blog ( At bottom right ) . 

Upload Gallery Supported Template in Blogger

Now your blog has been created and your blog start looking like a blog but without content . Actually , we wan't to create a wallpaper /photography blog therefore we need a gallery template to give Blog a Wallpaper blog / Photography blog look .So search for the Blogger Gallery template and download one for your blog  , it may be available for free or you need to buy it . Once you downloaded your Gallery template for blogger , extract your template Rar archive  if Winrar , choose .xml extension file and  upload your Downloaded template in blogger . Cool you have created  wallpaper /photography blog .

Adding wallpaper/Photograph to you blog .

Although you have created your wallpaper /photography blog but it may not be look like wallpaper blog without any Content containing wallpaper / images , So click on Create new post or New post form blogger dashboard  and upload some images/wallpapers/photos to your blogger blog  Publish your Post once you finished with uploading wallpaper /images/ photos and  then click on publish but make sure to add one images/wallpapers/photos per post . Now do same for uploading other wallpapers . Congrats your wallpaper/photography blog has been created and look like wallpaper website now you can preview your blog and can customize your blog vis blogger layout ,Template designer dashboard etc.

 Thing you should avoid in wallpaper/photography blog

  • Do not upload wallpaper/image/photos which infringe copyright of some one's works . 
  • Avoid too much of image embedding from other blog or website ,  may lead your blog marked as  Spam blog  .

 Thing your wallpaper/photography blog must have

  • Give proper credit for the linked /embedded wallpaper .
  • Your blog must have Contact us form for your wallpaper blogger blog so that your visitor may contact you .
  • Your blog must have Related post widget , this will help your blog Seo as well as it will give professional look to your wallpaper /photography blog .
  • Your blog must have social Sharing button , It helps in improving traffic and your work popularity .
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Godaddy Free Private Registration Promo Code 2017 95% Off

Godaddy Coupon Code Free Private Registration

Godaddy Promo codeGodaddy has closed all the free private domain name registration coupon and promo code with just 4$/yr domain name registration. We will soon come up with free private domain name registration coupon code as soon as Go daddy Launches it. At present date, godaddy has come up with Cheapest of all coupon code which offers discount of worth $15.00 on a purchase of .com domain name with private domain name registration features . While public domain name registration using our code will cost only $2.17 for the first year and you save $13.00 on purchase

THE domain at THE price! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!
THE domain at THE price! $.99.Com Domains from GoDaddy!
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Godaddy came up with Brand New Godaddy Domain name promo code with amazing discount of worth $13.50 for first year domain name purchase along with Discount on Private Registration of worth $2.00! .The actual cost of the domain name offered by the GoDaddy is $13.17+  without promotional code (Include all the hidden prize ) for public domain registration while for private registration ( $ 7.99/domain ) it cost around $21.16 (Include all the hidden prize ). By using our promo code you will save Total Cost of $13.50 for 1 year Top level Domain name registration ( .com .net .org .info etc) and you need to pay only $1.49+  $ 7.99/yr fee for private registration saving additional $2 on private registration at the time of payment including all hidden charges .But make sure to click on Private Domain Registration option button and check back your cart only proceed to payment when you see all the desired list of items in the Cart . However you may also get your domain name @ $1.49 first year domain name purchase saving $13.00 by going Public domain name registration.or you can save $15.50 on Private domain name registration

Godaddy promo Code 2016      

What is the Use of Private Domain Registration

You need to enter Your Name, Address, Phone number etc at the time of purchasing your domain name to claim your domain name ( Register by your /company name ) which act as digital proof that Domain name is registered and owned by so and so. If you had registered public domain name then the information about particular domain name owner can be fetch using Whois website hence revels all of your address and phone number attach to your Domain name due to which you are email id and phone number is visible to public via Whois tools and may be used by the people for there own interest purposes . However, you may hide this information from the public by Registering a public domain name.To hide your Phone number, Address etc for public, Domain Registrar Company offers Private domain registration by using all the sensitive data related to a domain name is Made private and not visible through any tool .

How to Take Maximum Benefit with this Godaddy Domain Coupon Code 

We will recommend you to buy a domain name for 1 year although 1.99$ discount will apply only for 1 year but you will able to get $2/yr discount private registration, So make sure to utilize Private Registration Discount coupon code by opting private domain name registration option.

We will show you how you can maximize your saving by using this Godaddy domain name coupon code, $1.99 coupon code applies Domain name registration discount of worth $13.00 for 1 year. However most interesting thing about this coupon code is, this go daddy Domain name Coupon code offer you 2.17$ ( $0.18/year ICANN fee Godaddy ) for the first year and charges normal rate for more than one year but it does offer 2$ discounts on Private registration for all the 10 year which means you save lot's of money on private registration.This deal is the best deal offered by the Godaddy for the domain till now.

How do I Claim My Godaddy Private Registration Promo Code 

Step 1: First of all, Clear your browser cookies so that all the old Godaddy coupon added on your Godaddy shopping carts get removed. ( Clear chrome Browsing data )

Step 2: Use below Given Coupon Code link to directly add 4$ + Free private registration Coupon code to Godaddy.com.
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Step 5: Register and make payment.

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How I Learned Swimming In Swimming Pool ( My story )

How I Learned Swimming In Swimming Pool

Swimming pool
On 25/June/2013 I stepped in the swimming pool ! Trust me I am not a swimmer and never learned swimming from anyone . I have never done this before in past .Most Interesting part is that when I enter swimming pool campus i watched some Swimmer in pool enjoying swimming with easy by watching those swimmer. I thought It would be easy to swim in water and I just jumped on swimming pool and got scared to feel water up-to my neck ! Obviously its human nature lol . During first Day I Learned nothing but Fear which is the main reason for sinking in water . So I have decided to overcome my fear and I started relaxing in Swimming pool water by holding swimming pool wall for 1 hour gossiping with my friends . Once after 1 hour when I felt comfortable with the water I tried to get bit away form Swimming pool wall I started feel the taste of fear again this time because I was sinking and my nose ,mouth was filled with water . Its kinda funny for other but not for me and that why I realize myself my pros and cons in swimming , though there are only cons in my swimming no pros lol ! still I have strong desire to learn swimming which was my ultimate pros of my swimming and Found that Fear and just fear, can’t hold the Breath , Fear with holding breath under water . After one and half hour in water I decided to control my breath under water and it took me half hours to control my breadth underwater normally I found myself a bit comfortable with water , Now it too dark and time is 8:00 pm , I heard whistle which was the sign of closing of swimming pool .

On 26/June/2013  It rained too heavy ,  We reached hotel with strong determination and interest to Swim but we were heard from the hotel gatekeeper that swimming pool was closed and even didn't allowed to see the swimming pool . however we manage to sneak to see how swimming pool is after last night heavy rain .We are Astonished to see that  whole swimming pool and area around was filled with water  and mud  . After seeing that muddy water our strong desire to swim in water get fainted and we got spotted by the swimming pool guard didn't allow us to swim  and neither now we want it  . One of my friends asked how long it would take to clean whole Swimming pool , he said 1 and half days if it will not rain . More over he asked to come after 2 days . whole plans Got messed up and all of my friends and mine Mind goes off then we decided to go for long drive and Have some fun . . . . Two days passed its now 28/june/2013.

On 28/june/2013,  Swimming pool is open for all but still its bit muddy , visibility is nearly 3 feet but still me and my friends decided to step in swimming pool , there were hardly 4 people in swimming pool before us  , Swimming pool water is damn cool and Silent , its look kind of scary  without swimmer and people around and more scary part is when,  you are the one alone in swimming pool ! XD  after me all of my friend stepped in swimming pool water  ( none of my friend know swimming we all are Beginners ) after us , 10 more people stepped in to swimming pool ! Now Swimming pool is moving toward Funzone , we all started Our Basic Lesson , holding our breath under water  and practicing to control Breath ,which I already done on first day , now I am full of confidence , started to get away from swimming pool wall (in  5 feet water),  Still I am lacking some thing that is Threading water I started Threading water with my leg first by holding swimming pool wall and then when I gain some confidence with threading water with my leg I started practicing threading water with my Hands This is it ! now I learnt a bit about Swimming and able to swim 8 to 10 Feet . Days is over and we left for home .

On 29/june/2013,  This day I learned lots of Technique my own , like floating in water , Free style Swimming ,under water swimming ,Diving etc , its Now damn easy to learn new technique when you know basic about Swimming . I need only three days to learn basic swimming now I am learning more swimming techniques  so that I may helps other People who want to learn about swimming .Still I am not Perfect in Swimming , Need to work more to became Pro swimmer .

On 1/july/2013, Me and my friends learned basic swimming , now it fun to dive in swimming pool and swim in water without fear .

Its not hard to learn anything in this word only thing you need is strong ditermination and will power and then it comes to technique . This is the way I learned swimming , my story . do not take it as guide or tutorial  to start swimming in pool  without any elder or experts.

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How To Protect Your Blogger Blog Content From Copying By RSS Feed Scrapers

How To Protect Your Blogger Blog Content From RSS Feed Scrapers

Rss icon png
While searching for some of your blog article in search engine sometime you get some other blog with same heading as it is as your article have with same search engine description , Actually there are some Rss Feed scrapers script known as Scraper site used for the scarping the Rss feed of other website or blog  which copy whole Rss Feed of a blog and post it on there own blog .Technically these Type of Rss reed Scraping blog or website is considered as spam blog and are of no use in contributing to Internet , there only motive is to generate traffic and to make money out of it . Since these Spam blog which uses Rss feed Scarping tools does not last longer as they are purely practicing Copyright infringement by copying other content ,so for sure in near future Search engine like google ,yahoo ,Aol will consider it as spam blog and remove them for search engine . You might be wondering is there any negative effect on your Blog or website Seo  due to these type of scraper site which scrape your blog rss feed . No there will be no negative effect on your blog Search engine ranking and Seo .This is one of the reason why Google have launched penguin 2.1 to cut of these type of spam blog and spam website .However some of your visitor may get confused with your Rss feed Scarping blog and you may losses there visit so , To Protect your blogger blog content From RSS Feed Scrapers you must learn to spot your blog Feed Scrapers blog which are copying your blog content by using Rss feed Scraping tool

How To Spot Rss Feed Scrapers site

Spotting Rss Feed Scrapers site is easy because  The problem with these types of scraping software tool  is that they scrap content along with the Article heading  and word to word due to which its damn easy to spot these Scarper site . There are mainly few ways to spot these Scrapers site .

Method 1 : Search for your blog whole title .

Open google.com and Search for your your blog tilte along with ~ For example , If  i need to find out some Scraper site who is using my blog rss Feed to scrape or copy content of my blog then only thing i need to do is to Open Google search engine , Search for my title along with ~ like ~Shouting Blogger - Tech Reviews Tutorial EQ Blogger blog .Since in blogger blog all of the Post is followed by your blog title which helps you to spot your blog content , Its kind of Tag line  .

Method 2 : Search for Duplicate content .

Second method to spot your blog content scarper is easy and fast . Go to www.copyscape.com  and paste your Full url in url area under label " Search for copies of your page on the web. " and click ok , if your any duplicate content found on your blog that means either you have copied content of some website listed below in the result might have copied your content . Its easy to spot copied content via Plagiarism Checker .

Steps to Secure your Rss Feed from being scraped

Step 1 : Sign-in to Blogger.com and access your blogger Dashboard . Choose your blog by clicking on Blog title in which you want to secure from Rss Scarper site .

Step 2 :  Go to Settings (at  Bottom Left ) , and then Under Settings , click on other .

Step 3 : Now go to label marked as Site feed . Under Site feed , set Allow Blog feed as Short.

Step 4 : Click on Save Setting .

Now every time when Site Scraper try to scrap your blog via Rss scraper tool, we will fail to copy whole content of your blog , instead he will be able to copy only few Words of blog  which will helps your website to get traffic to our blog  .
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