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How To Get Visitor To Your Website

How To Get Visitors To Your Website

Getting trafficOne of the most difficult part for the webmaster in this competitive world is to gather quality visitor/audience for there website/blog .Since there are Million's of website over the web therefore its would be not so difficult to say, why webmaster get lot's of competition for there website traffic, Competition for website traffic is growing day by day. However, Its not possible to reduce competition for every single keywords because  there are thousands of website having quality content even some of the keywords have millions of millions competitor, But just quality content is not only factor that improve the visibility of your content . Its  Website Seo or blog Search engine optimization which make your website content visible to the Internet world through search engine.  So, Your blog must have quality content for binding your present audience interest and SEO to draw new visitor to your website through search engine. In this Article we will help you to get Get Visitors To Your Website or blog . We ain't promising that you start getting Huge traffic, but yes, you will feel what real traffic means to a website if you follow all of the point covered here .

Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

If you follow these ways to get traffic to your website, we will be ensure you that you will  be able to improve your blog/website traffic by slow but steady rate .We have listed some of the points that help's you to survive the website competition and get  traffic to your website or blog. There are many way to build traffic to your website/Blog. However these ways are free of cost and working did not require any Expertise.

Add Website to Search Engine 

Search are the biggest source of traffic to any website, To get your website visible over the search engine you need to submit your website or blog to search engine .Submitting website to Search engine does not cost you a single penny. All you need to do is to enter your website home url to search engine . It takes only few second to submit your website to search engine. although it can be done with easy manually , you may also hire Seo expert who can submit your website to search engine with nominal fee. however it days few  minute to days to get your website  content indexed in search engine .Learn How to add Website/Blog to Popular search engine 


Writing Quality Content 

There are millions of website on internet who serves quality and unique content for the web user, What makes your website stands out of crowd is more important then serving same piece of information which is already over the web, the way your Deliver your content to you audience, How innovating you make content easy to understandable to your aaudienceis most important . Every success story behind every website is it's informative and creative content that rocket boost  website visitor rate , page views etc. Improving Blogger audience involve simple strategy like, if your visitor find some interesting, Outstanding and helpful content then for sure in future we would be returning to your website also probably your website visitor may share your website views with your friends .

How Quality content improve Traffic ? 
To understand role of quality content in Traffic ,You need to think as website visitor. While searching, you have thousands of results on particular searched " Keyword " to choose from in the search Engine, what happen when we don't find the content we are looking for ? We instantly switch to next website for particular searched " keywords" within second, Exactly same thing happen happen with your website too. So make sure your website content is easy to understand and informative .

Enrich your website with content help's Improving website Visitor.

Regularly updating your website with rich content  improve the search engine visibility of you website, more content will be available for the visitor to read, more your visitor will interact with your website contributing to page views.

How website content improve Traffic ?
Imagine you have a blog or a website with just 10 pages, a visitor to your blog /website can have only 10 pages to read from .Search engine will have only 10 page of your blog indexed, Probability of getting search traffic to your blog will depends on these 10 pages . While If you blog/Website have 10,000 pages then a Visitor to your blog have 10,000 pages to read , where Search engine will have only 10,000 page of your blog/website indexed and appear for search result, hence , having maximum chance of getting traffic . 


Optimize Your Website for Seo

A well organised website rich in content is just good for nothing without the Seo works. What's the use of website if no one can see it ? It will be look like a Treasure lying over the abandoned desert where no one can see it. There are many quality website / blog who really serves outstanding content for audience but does not get proper ex-poser to Internet due to lack of Seo work. It is important to optimize your website for SEO, by Optimizing website Seo, you make your website visible in search engine and your website Start to get potential Traffic and visitor to your website . Learn how to improve your Website/blog Seo

How SEO Improve Web Traffic ?
Search engine is best source for free website advertisement . How ? Every day Billions of people use's Search engine to find for what they are looking  for . Adding your website to search engine does not ensure  traffic to your website , search engine uses lots of factor to rank website for particular Search keywords in search engine ,   its a method to make your website search engine friendly so that your website url and page's get indexed in search engine 

Advertise your website

Advertising is the best way to get easy visitor for your website or blog but Advertising your website online hammer's one wallet as they cost money for running advertisement campaigns, However, Advertisement  are the fastest way to promote your website and get's potential Audience . There are 1000 of advertising website which help you to gather quality visitor for few penny per visit or per 1000 ads impression . You can also  promote your website or blog for free by posting your website links in forums , guest blogging etc .

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How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

How To Take A Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

Screen ShotScreenshot is the best way of capturing your windows activity in form of image. It is the best and reliable way to capture, error window, popup window and almost everything’s which you see in your desktop in form of Image’s. You don’t need any additional software or need to buy additional Software to capture screenshot . Your operating system already have all the necessary programs and function to capture screenshot in window. all you  need is Ms paint and keyboard with Print screen button. Although this method is not fast but reliable and safe for sure. By using this method of capturing screenshot ,you may capture anything what you see in your desktop accept mouse Pointer . Drawback of using ms paint for screenshot is that you require a bit of time and little bit of editing to make captured image  look like a screenshot . 

How does Capturing screenshot in Microsoft works

You might have heard the term “Clipboard “ . If not, let me explain in short what Does clipboard do?. Clipboard temporary stored all the copied item . Clipboard has it's own drawback . it's previously capture image get erased automatically on capturing new image .For capturing image on the clipboard , we will be utilizing keyboard keys’s know as “ Print screen ( Prt Key) “ .By using Prt screen button  you may capture anything  appearing on  desktop screen or window screen in form of image . For transforming raw image stored in clipboard to image format like jpeg ,png etc , we will be using Microsoft paint . 

Step By Step Guide for Capturing screenshot Using Ms Paint

To get started Taking Screenshot in Microsoft window you need a keyboard having Prt button, Clipboard and Ms Paint. This method for creating screenshot works almost in every operating system having Microsoft paint. Only there is one issue associated with this method of taking screenshot , that is you can take one screenshot at a time. Its bit time consuming for taking more than one screenshot however I prefer to use this method as I don’t have to buy or install third party software for screenshot capturing .

Step 1 : Go to Taskbar , It can be found at the bottom of the window


Step 2 :To open Ms paint , Click on Start  () button . Go to all program , Double click on Paint () .

Click on start menu

Step 3 : From the Paint Menu , Click on New to create a new picture ( Shortcut key for creating new picture in paint is Ctrl+N ) .

Step 3 : Now, Open property window by Pressing Ctrl+P .

Step 5 :Property window will open up the Image properties window, within Image properties windo Set  Width = 120px Height =120px as shown in below picture .

Note : We are changing dimension of the Image so that screenshot fits the Paint page exactly.

Step 6 : Now, Go to window whose screenshot is to be taken . For example , We want a screenshot of Right click properties window.

Step 8 :Now click on the Print screen ( PrtScn ) button on your keyboard . Generally, Print button on keyboard is marked as PrtScn . Or you may use On-screen keyboard .

Step 9 : Now , We need to convert captured screen in form of image, For this we use Microsoft paint .Open Microsoft paint , Click on white page of paint or press Ctrl+ A to select whole white image of the paint.

Step 9 :Now press Ctr+P to paste image from the clipboard to Ms paint , edit your screenshot as you desired and save . 

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How To Make Money Blogging.

How to Make Money Blogging

It’s always alluring to see Blogger’s earning 4 digit incomes through blogging, Do they really make 4+ digit income out of blogging. Yes they do make 4 digit incomes out of blogging but it took Years of Practice, knowledge, dedication and hard work to enhance their blogging Skills.

Making Money out of blogging is easy but it’s not a kid’s play to make 3 to 4+ digit figure within a day. You need to spend lot's of time learning more then blogging strategy like money making strategy and most importantly SEO Strategy to get traffic for your blog. It’s not necessary that you will be rich out of blogging just by starting blogging but its not impossible to make money out of blogging ,the thing you need dedication, quality writing skills and sound knowledge of the Seo. Although there are hundreds of ways by using you can make money out of blogging on blog. In this article we will show’s you various method to make money out of blogging 

Make Money Blogging on your own blog .

In past, Blog was considered as personal online public diaries of celebrity and People, Where blog owner share their experience with the world.  Nowaday, Blog and blogging is no longer confined to traditional personal writing it's now become a way to express your knowledge and what ever you expert in over the web In this new era of marketing blog became one of the popular way of promoting Products , service 

Best’s way to make money by blogging on your own blog is to monetize your blog content with ads . there are two ways to monetize your blog with advertisement .


Monetize with Ads

Getting thousands of quality hits and enormous amount of page views for your blog/website. Do you know , You can make money out of your's blog traffic by monetizing your website or blog with content ads. It means every website hit will fill your increase your money count. Now the question is  how do you monetize your blog with ads. Actually , there are lots of publisher over the web who pay’s money for showing ads on your website /blog. For example: Google Adsence pay’s money for AdSense publisher to show Ads on their website or blog. 


Monetize with Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the another way of making money out of blogging. This way of making money require real writing and blogging skill. In affiliated marketing you get paid commission for every sale you made via your affiliated link.If you have really good marketing and writing skill then this method of monetizing is best suit for you. Moreover, your earning through affiliated marketing depends on how you convey people about your affiliated product.  For affiliated marketing you don’t need a blog, you may use any guest posting site, forums even social networking site to promote your affiliate Product.

Affiliate marketing Tips

Analysis your blog traffic for high traffic keywords and top landing page. For example: suppose your blog get lots of traffic for the post “ top 10 antivirus “ . Its means people are interested in Antivirus. Adding Antivirus product affiliate link will help your audience as well as your affiliated revenue.


Selling your product /Service.

Blog are good enough to promote your own Product / Service and your skills, If you are good with template designing go for it and sell your templates , If you are good with creating stories go for it ,Sell it with your blog . Everyone of us have some unique skill , Use that to helps other by offering low cost assistance and make money out of it. The present trends shows, people are more interested in innovated idea, Creative products and value for the money. So, if you really got creative product and good in providing service to people then this method of monetizing blog with your blogging skill can fill your wallets but also your brand value among buyers . Keep in mind a good Creative product or idea is the key factor for getting viral on web.

Selling Products and Service online Tips

Selling product and service's online is not easy though but not tough if you know bit of marketing strategy and Product competitor. To improve your product sale's promote your product online and offline , Go for the marketing strategy to lower your competitor by brand awareness program ,Set best price for products and service, offer coupon and Discounts on product and service etc these Step's will enhance your sales and overall profit ratio.


Adding Donation Button.

If you like helping people with genuine assistance via your blog and blogging skill then adding donation button is great way of getting perk and money from those who are willing to Donate money for your assistance. People think adding a donation button to a website is like begging online, but rather I would say its way of earning your perk from your blog readers. Its kinda similar to charging people for assistance but actually it's way of asking for money optionally. Like " if you like our word's then Pay me for my service " .In our point of view Adding donation button is best way of getting money online because you aren't charging for assistance but offering them method to help website owner for his free helpful information.

Donation Button tips.

Make sure your donation buttons works properly by testing It by your own, Regularly check your account number, or email if embed in donation button .


Writing Review .

Advertisement market is now not only limited to Ppc or Cpm advertisement these days .if you have good blogging ,reviewing skill and analytically skill then you may have to improve your wallet capacity because company Search for the good reviewer to review there product in favor of that reviewer get free product for evaluation and Money .Your Reviewing skills and blog traffic is key factor for improving your income with review but every alluring Money making strategy require some hard work. You need to prove yourself over the internet to draw attention of Reputed company .

                           You might be wondering “Why Companies pay’s to review their product on blog and even offer free products? Actually, it’s the one of the successful methods of promoting Product and service online. Let me make it more clear. People prefers reading online reviews about products and service before buying any product and service , A good reviewer help there reader to give genuine quick overview of the product and give potential buyers and Brand awareness for the products. In this way Company's product get's traffic along with brand awareness .This is the main reason why Company pay for money.

Writing Review Tips .

A Good Professional Reviewer never go for fake reviews, He always believe in writing genuine review about the product . Writing review about a product helps's your audience , It's always a Good deal to be precise and descriptive in writing review . It must be easily readable, Must contain Answer to certain question a Review reader wonder about product like why product , Pros and cons of product, Conclusion etc .Never write review just for money making , It will swap away your audience trust and your blog reputation. 

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How To Search Engine Optimization For Free

How To Search Engine Optimization 

 Search Engine Optimization Search engine is the best source for drawing organic traffic to your website or blog . Millions of search are made via search engine on daily basic, Proves to be great source of traffic for your blog and website. The Search engine not only helps the internet user to find what they are looking for but they also provide a platform to improve visibility of the website /blog content over search engine as a Search engine results .Only the things you have to do is to make your website indexed in the search engine ,regular updating your website blog content and the most important of all optimizing your website for the search engine by considering the search engine white hat SEO technique. In this article, we will show you how do you get on the search engine as beginner  to Professional SEO activist .

Submitting your website to search engine 

           You might be wondering how do your website starts to appear in the search engine . Well here i would like to ask one question, how do your website start appear in search engine when you didn't submitted your website to search engine . So, the first step in the search engine optimization is to submit your website to search engine. If you already submitted your website url to Search engine then you may skip this step. Now the secondly you might be wondering which search engine is best for my website?. Obviously there are thousands of popular search engine over the internet among them only few are popular. So submit your website to those search engine. More popular search engine you submit your website will have more chance of getting an audience .

Create Website/blog Sitemap 

           Creating a Good sitemap is as important as submitting your website to search engine, The Website Sitemap  contain's the list of post and necessary pages of your website or blog in well structured format .It allow the search engine crawler to access your blog content to index and serve search engine results . To better understand the Role of sitemap and search engine . Suppose two book are too be compared simultaneously, One book have well defined list of index of chapters while second book does not have any index Obviously it's far easy to find a content you looking for, by going through the list of index.while its takes lot more time  searching for the content in non index contain book . Similarly search engine go for the Sitemap having well defined structure .Its helps the search engine to index the pages of the website . However website without well defined sitemap, results in Crawl error and only few pages get indexed in Search engine this is the main reason behind Visibility in search engine . So make sure to build well Sitemap for you website .

Pinging Website Sitemap to Search engine 

           Pinging a website sitemap to Search engine notifies search engine for crawling. Search engine Crawler Search for the new and update content in a website for indexing in the search engine. Basically, It helps the Search engine to update it's database of a website in there Search engine and serve's more exact results by comparing the relevance of content for searched terms . There are two ways to pinging a website or blog to notify search engine for crawling . First way is to ping using online pinging service and the second one is via Search engine's webmaster tools. Both does the same role but the pinging using webmaster are best of all method. 

Link Building Improve your website's SEO

           Link building is the key strategy for improving your website search engine ranking . It is the one of the oldest and biggest factor, The search engine consider for ranking and serving search engine results. So, More natural backlink your website will have more the ex poser in the search engine your website will get but this doesn't mean you start Spamming other website with backlinks,Spamming website with backlink will have negative Impact on your website Seo even some time your website suffer's page rank penalty instead you must practice natural and white Seo tactics to build quality backlink .

Learn how to Build backlinks to your Website
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10 Great Online Resources to help you study

10 Great Online Resources to help you study


There are plenty of paid resources online that will help you study, but do you really need to pay. It is not a bad thing, but there are plenty of great resources where you don’t have to pay and plenty of resources where the amount you pay is small in comparison to the quality of the teaching you receive. Here are ten resources that will help you study. 

This is a website that is run by some of the dumbest boobs this side of the equator. If you look at their other tools, videos and advertising, you will see nothing but NLP. They really think they are going to hypnotize people into giving them money--it’s pathetic. Their free tool is all you need, and that happens to be a very clever device. You enter your text and it helps you improve your reading time and comprehension. You can adjust the tool too to help you read a little faster. Read the test that is already in the tool for an explanation on how it works. Do not use their paid services, just use this free one as it is very good and actually does its job.

They offer free content, and that free content consists of some of the finest programming lessons ever put into video. It is run by two nerds, but they really know their stuff. They can teach you things about programming that it would take you years to learn in a class, and they can start you from the very beginning to the point where they even explain what programming is. There is no finer set of lessons for starting from the beginning and moving up to a highly skilled professional.

This is a top rated blog that is jam packed with tips and information that is targeted for students. It is truly a great piece of work that was crafted by some very clever people. It is loaded with advice that students can use in the real world, and it helps students study as a result. It is truly a blog that deserves more recognition.

So far as it is known, this is a free resource that gives you access to the tools and data used by MIT. There are lots of introductions to courses and a few full courses for you to try. The directory is the same one that the MIT students use, so it may be worth a look.

Whether it turns into a great resource for you is hit or miss, but there are some students that say it is the best thing they have ever used when trying to find resources online for their essays.

6 - TED

This is a good resource for students wanting to learn insider secrets. Most people already know of its good side, but it does have a negative side. There is the fact that the moderation for the talks that occur. For example, George Takei spoke about his country, which is fine, but is everything he says unbiased and correct? And, J.J. Abrams gave a speech about the mystery box that was truly garbage. Plus, it is pandering more and more to the Islamic faith, which is a worry because it is currently a bigger threat to world stability than nuclear war and climate change put together. Otherwise, the TED is great and you can believe the hype.

This website holds what is believed to be the complete works of William Shakespeare. It is going to come in handy when you have to study it at college or in school. It may also save you a little money, as the works on here will often cost you money if you download them or buy them from a shop.

This may not be the most sophisticated website of all time, but it does offer help and tips to students, so it should not be dismissed because it has a crap name and silly premise. If you dig deep you will find useful information.

Try the week trial because you do not have to give them any bank or credit card details to get you started. It features audio lessons, visual lessons and video blog lessons. You also get a word for the day. It is very good for learning from scratch and really advancing your skills quickly and correctly. The lessons are arranged in small videos of usually just over three minutes. Learning in bite-sized chunks helps to stop learning fatigue set in so quickly. 

10 - YouTube

This is a free resource, and yes it is filled with crap, but there are also some leaning videos on there that you can watch for free. There are documentaries, and talks from the TED, and language lessons. There are people promoting lessons of all kinds, and the great thing is that they are giving away their content for free on YouTube. You simply have to pick through the crap in order to find the good. You may also see websites that list some of the best YouTube videos. These are handy because there are times when the lesson creators pick poor quality names for their videos; which makes them more difficult to find via the YouTube search bar.

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