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How to Improve Android Phone Battery Life | 10 Easy Way .

How to Improve Android Phone Battery Life .

Samsun Android PhoneIn Past, Mobile phone are used just for calling and messaging purpose , Only few phones are equipped with mp 3 player,Video player and games etc that's why our old mobile phone battery last longer as compare to today's mobile phone sometime even for 4 to 5 days, but nowadays's mobile batteries run out of power in couple of hour's. So, what make battery loses its power juice so fast , is it's battery or something else. No It's not battery alone there are less chances where new mobile battery fails to provide Good backup but what if you own's branded Android phone which claims to provide 10+ hours of talk time on both 2G and 3G networks, still hardly get's 5 hours of battery ? It's all about multitasking window's (its your background running apps that continuously eats up mobile phone battery), enormous amount of installed application and some android function's that ruins your Android phone battery life, .

Ways to Improve Android Phone Battery Life

Nowadays, Mobile phone Batteries are more powerful and reliable as compare to old batteries but what make's battery run out of juice is power consumption of android device, To perform  minute to big function in android Phone power is needed which come's from battery . So, One of the Best way to tackle battery consumption issues is to control battery usage by cutting off unwanted apps that eat's up you battery without your knowledge . 

Adjust your Android device Screen Brightness

Reduce Display Screen Brightness . Almost all android device like Android phone , tablet are equipped with lots of features to improve android user experience and handiness . Screen brightness adjustment is one of the feature out of those feature  list,which allow you to adjust according to one's need however excess of screen brightness act like sink for battery , more brightness your device will have more power your android device will consume. Its wise choice to lower your android phone Screen Brightness according to your needs .

Adjust the Screen Timeout of your Android Phone

    Enable Screen timeout : Almost all phone whether it simple mobile phone, Android phone or Ios phone are packed with Screen timeout feature to improve battery life of mobile phone . Screen timeout  not only reduce battery usage but also it improve our privacy by setting mobile phone to Sleep mode . you can configure Screen timeout time manually via Android Accessibility setting's 

    Uninstall Unwanted Apps from Your Android Phone

    Remove unwanted apps :All the installed apps in your android device consumes both storage space as well as your mobile phone battery .Installed apps appears to be inactive but some of the process always runs in the background which you may see as cached process, although these cached process use's minute battery but it can be worse if number of apps installed is too much . In one word why to waste your Storage space and battery usage in Unwanted apps which are not opened even once .

    Close all  Unwanted Minimized Apps of your Android device

      Turn off  unwanted apps running in background : Did you ever notice what happen when you open new app without closing existing apps properly, Its goes in background in from of minimize apps and consume part of your android phone memory as well as your phone battery in simple words it eat up system resource due to improper handling of apps . So make sure you close apps properly before opening new one .

        Turn Off  Android Device Mobile Data when ideal

        Disable Mobile Data Connection when not used : Android phone without internet is like Car without Gasoline . Almost all the people who use's internet have an issue of batteries. why ? Reason is simple and straight ,Did You ever noticed  mobile data connection when it's idle , yes it sent and receive data within fixed interval of time depending upon your installed internet apps for Facebook , Twitter etc. Mobile Data Connection make logging apps active and results in  Battery Consumption So it's wise to turn off Mobile Data Connection when you are not using it, it also helps protect your device from hacker .

        Turn Off Android Device Wifi/Bluetooth when ideal

        Disable WiFi/ Bluetooth when not in use : When battery is concerned, Both Wifi  and Bluetooth are Drain's memory while amount of battery drain is more while sending and receiving data as compare to ideally active , but when WiFi/Bluetooth are ideally active for long duration then this  waste lot's of  useful battery .So it's good habit to turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when you are not using it . This will not only improve your battery life but also shut down door for hacker to access your device .

        Turn on Power saving mode when battery run out of Power juice 

          Enable power saving mode : Power saving mode is the most prominent feature of android device . It cut down heavy process and limits the Cpu performance , brightness and frame rate . However when your battery is seriously running low then only few function like calling and messaging will work. so , enabling power saving mode does not stop or reduce your  Android mobile performance but its do limit performance of your phone according to battery juice left .

          Lower your Android Gaming function while gaming   

          Disable vibration/Sounds in game's : Almost 60% of people are  game's lover who can't resit to play there favorite game in there spare time, Some gaming feature like sound ,vibration Brightness enhance our gaming experience but when battery juice is concerned you need to reduce some of your power eating gaming functions like Vibration and sounds these two function while playing game's act like power sink. This would enhance your Android device battery life .

          Clean your Android from viruses and spyware

          Check for virus and spyware : If your android device has recently started consuming battery juice suspiciously then you must check your android device for Virus and Spyware programs because these active virus not only ruins your android performance but also make infected app's active that eat's up battery like hungry bird without making any sound. the best way to protect your android device is to install branded antivirus and updating regularly .