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Top 10 Popular Google Products.

Top 10 Google Products and Their uses

Top 10 Google Products and Their usesGoogle was founded by two genius computer scientist, Larry Page and Sergey Brin on 1998. Who though that these two simple looking people will build a huge Internet Success story. Even at the time of development of Google no one see any future of Google in this competitive  world but with their new idea, focus, outstanding computer knowledge, dedication hard work and most important approach they build something which you can't resist to use any single day. In recent year's Google have been building his own empire in field of internet. It have almost all the product that you need to boost up your internet experience as fun and informative. From simple internet search to uploading a video, from finding a location to translating language it has everything. Although you guys are already aware of popular Google products however we have made small research about top 10 Google product on basis of few basic criteria. In this article, we will discuss top 10 Popular Google product of all time.

Top 10 popular Google products list

We have made this top ten popular Google products list by considering various things like ease of use, features and number of users using Google product etc .In our countdown, we will be starting with Google product on 10 to 1. So have patience and enjoy our Top 10 google product listing . Lets get started

#10 Google AdSense and DoubleClick

Did you know, You can make money with advertisement just like tv channel make money by showing ads on Tv, Similarly in website world you can make money by showing advertisement ads on your website or blog. The only one Google product that allow webmaster to make money without any investment is Google Adsense and second is Doubleclick This Google product is most popular among people having a website and youtube account and helps webmaster to make money by simply showing ads on a website.To get started making money with adsense you need to create Google Adsense account , get code and paste in your website homepage or pages etc.

#9  Google translate

When you need to translate  languages online, only one name pop-up in our mind that's non other then one of the popular language translating Google product known as Google translator .in recent year it has became part of our life we use mostly for learning , understanding new language. Recently Google translator made translating more easy by launching Google translator apps .Now you can Translate any of the 90 supported lanugage with easy.It's popularity and large number of user  made Google translator as 9th most used Google product in our list 

#8 Google Finance

People around the world always dreams to make huge quick money in stock market but dreams are confined to dreams only if you don't work hard for it with proper knowledge and awareness about stock market .Google Finance is one of only finance related Google product that makes their dream a success by offering people a real time stock quotes, real time stock charts, financial news withing one click reach .There are lot's more feature in Googlefinance to boost you finance knowledge and practice.We have placed this google product in top 10 Google product list because majority of world population who participate in trading use this Google product.

#7 Google play

Mobile Phone have became part of our daily routine, In recent year craze of having smart phone had attracted lots of mobile, gadgets company. Now almost 80% of world population have smartphone .You can see the streets filled with Zombies, lol!! Just kidding pal. By word zombies here we means people with smartphone.What makes smartphone so popular? it's Apps that make smartphone a zombie maker machine :P. The Google play is the Android Market that acts as Google official store and portal for Android apps, games. Almost Billions of people use google play to look for the apps.

#6 Blogger

Google Blogger need no introduction, It is also known by well know name know as blogspot. Google Blogger, is free blogging platform owned by google inc for people to create their blog for free. It's overwhelming blogging feature make blogging sky high popularity among bloggers.But what actually makes Blogger so popular among people is its user friendly design, post editor and ability to monetize your blog content.Till now there are almost billions of blog are active and still counting without concern about downtime .So, In our top Google product, we have decided to put Google blogger product as on number 6.

#5 Google+

If you have sharp memory then you might know about " Orkut " the popular social networking site which got retire on June 30, 2014, The main reason behind it's retirement is still mystery but rumor says Facebook popularity eats up Orkut.It was seems that Google had loosen it's grip over social networking sites they need Brand new concept over social networking site, So they worked with their top developer to build a brand new concept of social networking site. After Facebook and twitter, Google+ is the third most popular social networking site .The main reason for putting google+ on our list is that google+ connectivity on some of popular products like youtube, blogger etc make's it more dependable but useful also. It brand new concept of social networking made it popular .Now almost every google account holder have google+ account that's why it have more user then any other above listed  google product.

#4 Google Map

Google Map is the worlds first desktop and mobile web mapping service which is available for public. It allow people to search for the direction, get map view of the earth in various mode like satellite imagery, street maps, and Street View perspectives etc .Best thing about Google map is the ability to plan your route and distance with ease.All you have to do is to download Google map in your mobile and get started planning your route.

#3 Gmail

Gmail is one of world best free mailing service ever made,It's damn easy to create gmail account. On daily basis Billion's of people log-in to their email account for reading mails and sending mail's. their fast emailing service, Attachment and spam protection bound their existing user. According to number's . Less then half of the world population uses Gmail product for sending and receiving emails on daily basis .It is the worlds most used free and user friendly emailing service ever available for people till now. In our list, Gmail stands under top 3 must use Google product.

#2 Youtube

Did you know YouTube was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion from three Paypal former employee.Which is now became world most visited and popular google website .It is better know as Video hub where thousands+ hours of video on various category uploaded every seconds. Whether you are Youtube video uploader or simple audience. Youtube have basket full of entertainment video for everyone. Viewer get's entertain themselves while the video uploader gets money. If you ask any internet freak where do they hangout mostly in thier spare time they will Shout it loud that's " Youtube " .

#1 Google Search

This Google product need no introduction, almost more then half of world use Google search engine to search the internet daily. By using Google search engine you can search webpage, Images, book,maps books and apps almost anythings that exist on internet. Google search makes web searching more relevant by using various Google search algorithm updates. Image search is equipped with filter by using which you may search images in custom size and dimension, etc .In one word, Google search is best Google product that has been used by billions of people with ease .