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The dreadful moment of recharging your phone from time-to-time will be reduced in a moment.

Normally, just before you bought your smartphone, you already have in mind the necessary apps that you ought to download and store in your mobile with the slightest thinking how these apps would bring massive impact to your mobile’s battery consumption.

It is given that smartphones are real battery killer and remains a battery killer if the owner is a little bit of a less aware individual. You don’t have to be techy to learn these smartphone battery hacks, Debloquer un iPhone scrupulously found a quick fix to these easy problem. You just have to hang on for a couple of minute to discover and learn the top 3 helpful apps which will boost your phone’s energy. 

Are you still thinking how to keep your smartphone’s battery efficiency up with lesser to no hustle at all? Debloquer un iPhone would be the first step. After that, you can uninstall your old battery saving app right after reading this brief yet very useful discovery.

It is of no use reading this if you won’t change your old ways, and it is more than a fact that you only put your phone and important documents at risk if you stick around on your old ways and continue using your old bungling battery saving application. 

In this article, you will learn how Debloquer un iPhone will shift your usual battery life saving perspective and get you into a fresher way to extend your smartphone’s battery life. 

It is time to level up your mobile’s battery life by choosing one of these top 3 Debloquer un iPhone picks!

Fist to make it on the list: DU BATTERY APP

Rated 4.5 in Google play, DU battery app will undoubtedly solve your smartphone’s battery problems. Not only in Google play but also in iOS smartphone platform does DU flaunt their flag in amazing state-of-the-art app for battery saving.

Equipped with Smart pre-set modes, Phone cooler, Battery optimizer, Battery life status, Healthy charging manager, and cool widgets, this app will absolutely left your jaw hanging. Imagine how these feature works in your smart phones? Here are some information you must know: 

  • Phone cooler helps monitoring, managing, and disabling CPU-intensive apps to reduce your phones temperature; 
  • Healthy Charging Manager astutely tracks and implements safer charging practices to preserve optimal battery efficiency. Alongside with its great features DU battery app comes for free. Yes, you heard it right. It’s all-time free in Google play.

Running second: AVAST BATTERY SAVER 2.0

Avast is not only good at protecting your smartphone from harmful malware. The famed software firm specializing mobile security went for another mile in showcasing their shrewdness in taking care of your smartphone by creating another application that will speed up and prolong your phone usage. 

With an astounding rating of 4.4 in Google play with more than 230 million people enjoying its vast features, Avast placed mobile security software generation to a higher notch. 

The unique features offered by Avast Battery Saver 2.0 include a “Stop App” button that extends your battery up to 20% by stopping standby apps in the background. If you want an accurate energy left in the battery, this app will be a great teller. Adaptive energy estimate function will inform you, in real-time, how much energy left in your battery. Moreover, this app also features 5 energy saving profiles that will automatically adjust you phone’s settings. 

Arriving at the third spot: GREENIFY

Greenify land its best as Lifehacker’s Top 1 Utility in 2013 Best Android Apps and top 3 in Android’s Best Root Apps. This App will assist you to identify and place misbehaving apps to hibernation so untoward lagging and drag processes will be avoided and reduced. It is good to note that Greenify hibernation feature will not affect the functionality of any hibernating apps. If you switch back to these apps, it is like you never left from using it.

Your phone will reach its great potential with Greenify’s battery app that will help your smartphone run smoothly with endurance as good as brand-new. This app will also support your mobile security need by not storing any of your personal information. Some advantages from this app range from their unique XXX Task Killer that reduces background app from squeezing-dry your battery to preset modes that varies from light to extreme power saving setting. 

These pretty cool apps are just around ready for download. Some of these apps have upgrades that come in their pro version like Greenify and Avast battery saver 2.0. There are some features that are quite absent in free version of the app, but whether free or at a regular price, these top 3 picks are so far the greatest among many other battery saving apps around the planet. They continuously strive for perfection. Guaranteed tested and proven!

About Author
Gerald Adams's profile photoGerald Adams is a technology enthusiast from Quebec City, Canada who make excellent contents for the readers to enjoy. He also has a broad knowledge on mobile phones and is willing to share them and integrate This Debloquer telephone services.
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Is it possible to make millions in the stock market

Is it really possible to make millions in the stock market

make millions in Stock market

                  You might have heard thousands of stories about people becoming millionaire in just one day through stock market.  Are those stories true? Is it really possible to make huge money with stock market? Or they are just a creative story written by the people to drive traffic to their website? Believe me, making money with Forex trading and stock market is much faster than any other legit money making method and there is no doubt in saying that it can make anyone millionaire in just one day but to reach such goal you need enormous knowledge about markets, stock markets and most important is money. without any market and stock market knowledge no one can make huge amount of profit.

                  I have one cool and funny story to share with you guys. Its real story, Me and my two friends are very much interested in stock market they often tell me to try our hands In stock market, So one day we started trading online. Out of my two friends, one started to invest money in stock market without any knowledge and me and one of my friends started grasping knowledge about the stock market and the factor affecting Commodities, currency and stocks up and down. After almost 5 days we both are still learning about the stock market and the friend who started trading without any forex and market knowledge had turned $100 into $1000 by trading on currency with highest leverage possible. Its sound Funny, but he really turned $100 into $1000 but one next day he lost all the money because currency he had invested on got week and all the equity he had lost because of high leverage. After this incident, we started researching the market, Understanding the tools, graph, Forecast etc and lot’s more and then trading. Today’s we three have made good amount of money with stock market with nominal loss. Like my friend, most of the people after reading stories of becoming a millionaire through forex trading dive into the stock market like they are born for stock market and at last they have nothing but faced a great loss.

Can you make millions trading in stock market and Forex?

Can you make millions trading in stock market and Forex?

                          Well you can make millions in Stock market trading ( Forex trading ) but there is no guaranty that you always win a trade, there are always 50% chances of winning a trade and 50% chances of losing a trade, however with proper market research, referring to right market forecast, graph, tools and right time to invest money on right trade can improve your chance of improving profit to 80%. It is 100% true that anyone with good knowledge about the market, Forex trading, huge money to invest and guts to bear loss. even one can became millionaire within a day but it involve huge risk. In stock market, one can earn millions in just 1 hour and in next hours one can lose all the money he invested on stocks.

                  So, If you looking forward to join online stock market for trading then I would strongly recommend you to learn basic terms about the stock market and trading online, tools, Research markets and see the effect on market on the commodity or currency you are about to invest. Look for the right time to buy or sell trade.  If you are new to online trading then I will recommend you to try online demo trading account, you neither win any money nor you lose money with online demo trading account but what you get through online demo trading account is the quick idea about the trading online without any risk, you can test your skill at online trading account to see whether you are fit for real trading or not.  

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Etoro.com-Things to know before joining it for maximum Benefits and money making

Things to know before joining Etoro.com for maximum Benefits and money making 


I have been using etoro since “3/10/2013” and till now I have good experience with the their online trading website, I have made several dollar tills now by trading commodity like gold, oil and other currency at etoro and even lost couple of dollars because of trading risk, well trade win or loss depends upon the markets. Loss or even have nothing to do with the trading platform you are using however the chance of winning any trade can be improved with the help of tools provided by the online trading platform like News, leverage, graph, Placing order speed etc. Etoro have almost all the tools to analysis the up’s and downs of the graph and one of the best thing I like about the etoro is their open book (the social networking network ) where you can follow the most successful trader and even copy them, communicate with other trader like you do in social networking sites and lot’s more. In one words, etoro is the epic online trading platform for professional as well as for beginners.

Things you should know before joining etoro.com for making more money and additional perks

If you are looking forward to join etoro-The world most successful Social Trading & Investment Network then you will be glad to know that you can get good amount of bonus for joining etoro.com and being active. Here are the some etoro bonus features that most of the new etoro user miss

#1 Verification of address is done by submitting Government document.

Etoro offer two type of account for trading the first one is practice trading account and other one is the real money trading account. Practice trading account is very much similar to real trading account but with only one difference is that you trade with virtual money instead of real money. To open a trading account and place a trade you are not compulsory required to verify your account. However all the real money trading is done within Real money trading account so you need to verify your account for participating in buy and sell trade online with government id documents. However, Phone number verification is mandatory. So if you are looking for real money trading action then you need to verify your account.

#2 Claim you Etoro verification code

You might not know this, Etoro gives free $100 verification code for the some of the new trade who is active on their website and have successfully completed their profile, got verified their account by uploading government’s ids. People who had successfully verified their account and eligible for the etoro $100 verification bonus will get one time Etoro verification bonus code via email. 

So make sure to verify your account just after sign-up and wait for the etoro verification code bonus code.

#3 Claim  your first time deposit bonus.

If you are new to etoro and making first time deposit to yours etoro account then you will be glad to know that you can add extra cash to your real etoro trading account by applying first time deposit promo code. The first time deposit promo code depends upon the amount you are depositing. The more money you deposit the more additional cash etoro will add on your account. So make sure to check the first time deposit promo code before making first time deposits.
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Free Forex No-Deposit Sign-up Bonus without verification? Real or Scam?

Do Free Online Forex trading companies really offers No-Deposit Bonus with or without verification


You might have heard or seen that some of the online Forex brokerage firm let you start you trading carrier with no deposit bonus, Even some are giving $100 to $10000 as the no deposit bonus without even completing the verification, These deals may sound very attractive but really do they provide $100 to $10000 as no deposit bonus? or they are just scamming people with such a attractive no deposition bonus? All these question might hit your mind when you hear about these suspicious no-deposit huge sign-up bonus if not then try asking yourself why would any company will pay such a huge sign-up bonus just for joining there online trading platform? 
                    I am not here to demoralize any one but to make you aware about the fake Forex online trading site which not only waste your money but they waste most precious thing of you life that is your "Time". There are thousands of legit and really paying no-deposit bonus site that really let you start your trading carrier with small no deposit sign-up bonus amount( max $5 to $200 ) but they must ask you to verify your account. Seriously, why would any online trading firm will pay you money just for sign-up their website without any verification, what would they get in return for sign-up. I don't find such online Forex site as legit and more like scam site which does not verify their user registration and I strictly recommend you to get away from such high paying no deposit sign-up bonus site and if you are really looking forward to sign-up such website then make sure to read their Promotion bonus and all the Terms and condition thoroughly.

Do all Forex site with No-Deposit Bonus without verification are scams?

Truly speaking there are only 20% to 40% of the online Forex brokerage site are legit and really paying on reaching withdrawal threshold and rest of the 60% percentage are scam site or they are just good for nothing.So finding a right legit and scam free online Forex site on internet is more like finding a water in milk. However it not impossible to find such scam free Forex website that offer with no deposit bonus.

Things to keep in mind before sign-up Forex site that offer No-Deposit Bonus.

Here are the few points you must keep in mind before sign-up any online Forex site that offer no deposit bonus with or without verification

#1 Do a Good Research about the Forex broker site you are looking forward to join.

After finding the right Forex broker site, make sure to do good research about the Forex broker site, for example, 
Look for the age of the Forex broker site
Avoid going with the new Forex website that offer huge no deposit sign-up bonus. If you are joining then try them by funding with lowest money possible for funding, trade, once you make profit then make sure to ask for withdrawal, It is the best way of checking the scam Forex broker site. If it is scam Forex site then it won't pay you the profit you earn 
Look for the Forex broker site review. 
Review are the best source for finding about any Forex broker sites. Do not conclude anything by just reading one or two reviews,while searching for any particular Forex broker site review you will find plenty of fake and real Forex site reviews so make sure to read good amount of reviews.
Look for the complains about the Forex broker site regarding withdrawal of money.
Most of the Forex website that offer no deposit bonus have withdrawal issues. If the Forex broker site is scam then you can easily find plenty of complains about it on web.However do not conclude anything by just reading these complains, make sure to Interview one to ten user who File complain against it.

#2 Read full Terms and Conditions.

The other most important thing one should keep in mind while sign-up Forex trading site is to read their whole terms and condition page, this is the place where most of the Forex trading site keep their hidden clause. So always take you time reading and understanding Forex trading site terms and condition. It always a wise idea to waste few minute reading tos then wasting  day's on scam's sites also keep a record of the term and condition so that you can review and tally there tos whenever you required,

#3 Avoid Forex site with huge( unbelievable ) No-Deposit sign-up Bonus

There is no such Forex trading site that provide more than $500 sign-up bonus just for sign-up without any Term and condition if any website is offering such huge amount without any term and condition then they are surely a scam site, such scam site ask you to deposit some money for claiming deposit bonus .So make sure to check review of such site and online complains.

#4 Look for the promotional Terms and Conditions

Out of 100, 40% of the Forex site are real and do provide no-deposit bonus but they do impose certain term and condition for claiming no-deposit sign-up like you need to verify your account by providing address proof, need to gain certain profit for withdrawal of bonus and profit etc that's why make sure to read their no- deposit bonus term and condition to avoid any ambiguity.
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Top 10 WordPress Hosting Sites

Top 10 Cheapest WordPress Hosting Sites


Web hosting is one of the most important factors of running a successful online business, which is often overlooked. Hosting your website with the best hosting provider can drastically improve your conversion rate and your site's SEO.

There are numerous types of web hosting options to choose from like dedicated hosting, VPS, shared, free and managed Wordpress hosting.

As the popularity of Wordpress content management system is increasing significantly day by day, a majority of web hosting providers now offer managed Wordpress web hosting services to cater to the specific needs of Wordpress websites.

When do you actually need managed Wordpress hosting service?

If you are a Wordpress beginner, you probably be wondering what managed Wordpress hosting is and what good would it do your Wordpress website.
You may have encountered and found that the charges of managed Wordpress hosting service are pretty high in comparison to another type of hosting services, which are easily available at as low as $3.95 per month or even per annum in certain cases.

Why managed hosting service costs much more than another type of hosting services? 

Is it really that good? Do I really need Wordpress hosting service for my Wordpress website?
Well, you do if your Wordpress website receives or expected to receive thousands or millions of page views on a daily basis. The decision really narrows down to your requirements.

There are various reasons for choosing managed Wordpress hosting services and some of them are explained below:
  • Security: Security is one thing that cannot be abandoned especially when it comes to Wordpress website. Thanks to its worldwide popularity and usage, a Wordpress website is often vulnerable to security threats and hackers. When you use a managed Wordpress hosting service, you can rest assured that your website is protected against any security threats. 
  • Blazing fast: Since managed Wordpress hosting service is configured especially for Wordpress website, you can expect a blazing fast speed even when your site receives a lot of visitors. 
  • Daily Backups: Almost every managed Wordpress hosting provider offers daily backups and points, ensuring that the data of your website is taken care of. 
  • No Downtime: Unlike other hosting services, managed Wordpress hosting provides 99.9% of uptime (depending on the particular hosting provider), which means your site will never go down regardless of the amount of traffic it receives. 

There are numerous other reasons including Dev tools, automatic updates and so much more that make managed Wordpress hosting service is a great fit for you.

Running a Wordpress website and dealing with thousands of visitors every day, we know how important it is to find the best hosting provider. Today, in this article, we are going to offer insights on certain points that need to consider when choosing the best managed Wordpress hosting provider along with a list of top 10 managed Wordpress hosting providers.

List of top 10 managed WordPress hosting providers. 


10. HostGator


HostGator hosts more than 9 million websites and is a well-renowned web hosting company around the world. They offer in-house Wordpress security and speed solutions to provide 99.9% uptime. Many large Wordpress sites are being hosted on HostGator such as wpbeginner.com and more.
  • Price: Starting at $4.86 per month
  • Support: Live chat, ticket system (email), 24/7 Phone support 
  • Security: Plugin audits, server-level monitoringand Malware scanning
  • Extras: easy to use control panel, one-click Wordpress installation.

9. SiteGround


SiteGround is a Bulgaria-based hosting providing company that offers managed WordPress hosting at competitive prices. The hosting provider provides blazing speed and robust servers, thanks to data centers on 3 different continents and a CDN.
  • Price: Starts at €3.95 per month
  • Support: Live chat, help desk, Phone
  • Security: Plugin audits, server-level monitoring, and Malware scanning
  • Extras: Free migrations, Built-in caching at an extra cost.

8. Pressable


Pressable was formerly known as ZippyKid that provides three different hosting plans at three different competitive price points. The basic plan of the hosting provider offers up to five Wordpress installs.
  • Price: $25 per month
  • Support: Help desk
  • Security: Malware scanning + removal
  • Extras: Built-in caching, site staging tools, optional SSL support.

7. Flywheel


Flywheel is yet another reliable source for getting the best managed Wordpress hosting services. The hosting provider basically targets developers and designers by offering collaboration tools. The company has a lot to offer that you may not find anywhere else.
  • Price: $15 per month
  • Support: live chat, email support, 24/7 phone support
  • Security: Malware scanning and removal, automated backups
  • Extras: Developer and designer collaboration tools, free migrations, built-in caching.

6. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has been a trustworthy and reliable brand that specializes in managed Wordpress hosting service. They offer robust servers and blazing fast speed to take your online business to a whole new level.
  • Price: $6.29 per annum
  • Support: live chat, Skype chat support, 24/7 phone
  • Security: U.S. based support and various “advanced” security features

5. DreamHost


DreamHost has a special package for Wordpress website owners called “DreamPress”. If you are looking for more robust servers and faster speeds, DreamHost is the right hosting provider for you. The Wordpress hosting service offers all the fundamental hosting benefits.
  • Price: $19.95 per month
  • Support: Daytime phone on live chat, email support, 24/7 phone support
  • Security: Web app firewall rules and various “advanced” security features
  • Extras: optional cloud backups, use any theme or plugin.

4. WP Engine

WP Engine

WP Engine is the VIP managed providing company. They provide blazing fast, robust and hassle-free Wordpress hosting providing service. WP Engine certainly claims that their support and speed are unbeatable.
  • Price: Starts at $29 per month
  • Support: Help desk + Live Chat + phone support is available for plans that consist of more         than one install
  • Security: Top-tier security, automatic security updates, daily backups, one-click restore               points, malware scanning, and more security features 
  • Extras: built-in caching, curated plugins, developers' site staging area.

3. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is well-recognized as the largest domain registrar on the internet. But it has recently entered the hosting business to offer the best managed Wordpress. The hosting providing company offers monthly data transfers and unlimited storage options.
  • Price: Starts at $1 per month
  • Support: Help desk + Live Chat + 24/7 phone support
  • Security: Redundant firewalls, nightly backups, malware scanning, DDoS Protection, one-         click staging and more security features 
  • Extras: A free domain, built-in caching, one-click migration and more .

2. Media Temple

Media Temple

Being in this business for past 17 years, Media Temple has managed to gain the trust and faith of web users. The hosting provider specializes in offering the best Wordpress hosting plans that are accompanied by around-the-clock uptime monitoring, Git Integration, staging sites, automated Wordpress updates and so much more.
  • Price: Starts at $29 per month
  • Support: Help desk + Live Chat + 24/7 phone support
  • Security: one-click backup restoration, DDoS protection, malware scanning
  • Extras: Quick set up wizard, all-in-one dashboard, built-in caching

1. BlueHost


BlueHost is the oldest hosting provider that started its operating in 1996. It has certainly become the most trustworthy and well-renowned hosting provider since then. Though BlueHost offers a variety of hosting services, they are still recognized as the official Wordpress hosting company. The hosting company also offers a Free Site builder with templates and a Free Domain with managed Wordpress hosting service.
  • Price: starting at $12.49 for the first month and $24.99 renewal charges for subsequent               months for blogger plan
  • Support: Live chat + Help Desk + 24/7 phone support
  • Security: Malware scanning, SSL security, and various advanced security features 

About Author
Emma Watson's profile photoEmma Watson is a WordPress developer by profession and writer by hobby. She works for Wordsuccor Ltd., providing best custom wordpress development services to global clients. If you need to hire a WordPress Developer you can connect with her on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.
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Google Chrome-Keyboard Shortcut Key To Improve Browsing (PC)


Google chrome is one of the most used browser on the internet. As per the popular website counter site: statcounter.com, most of the world population prefer using chrome as there default web- browser and this number is increasing.Although google chrome is the fastest and efficient web browser  for the user but still you can improve browsing experience by commanding over shortcut keys of chrome. In this post, we will cover all the short cut key used in chrome.

Google chrome
Image Sourse: statcounter.com

 Chrome browser Shortcut keys to Improve browsing Experience 

                Below are the shortcut keys that will surely ease your working in google chrome as well as it will helps in improving your browsing skills.

Using Ctrl Key

It opens the bookmark menu.
It opens the source code of a webpage
It Highlights the Address Bar.
Puts? Sign in Address Bar.
It open the New Tab.
It opens the New Window.
It opens the Find Menu.
It searches the next word that is searched in the Find menu.
It open The History Page
It opens the Download page
It is used for Printing.
It is used for Saving the Webpage.
It Switches to every Tab in Browser
It reduces the zoom to its normal size.
It is used for deleting the word.

Using Function Keys

It opens the Help Center.
It opens the Find Menu.
It Refreshes the Current page.
Highlights the URL in Address Bar
It open page in Full Screen Mode
It opens Developer Tools.

Using Ctrl+Shift 

It opens the New tab in Incognito Mode.
It Reloads the last Closed Tab.
It switches Bookmark bar on and off.

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Things to Remember Before Opting for Cloud Computing

Things to Remember Before Opting for Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

When you use computing resources present on a remote machine and delivering them to the end user in the form of a service over a network, it is called Cloud computing. Now, the computing resources may be hardware or they may be software. The most prolific example of such a system is the internet. Look at the working of the internet, it has users assigning over their data to a remote service, and this remote service may have limited to no impact. 

During its infancy, quite like most great inventions, the internet too was labeled just another fancy tech whim. But gradually, cloud computing was able to take it beyond just the initial hysteria and set a base for how IT works in the modern day.


One may divide Cloud computing into four broad types:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Seen as the most basic cloud service system, it provides users with virtual infrastructure.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): This model serves as a means for the Cloud service vendor for providing the users with development environment services. These in turn can be used for coming up with in-house built applications.

Software as a Service (SaaS): This is a system that helps the users by providing them an access to an already developed application. This application will already be running in the Cloud. The Cloud user is saved the process of installation and running as he does not have to manage the infrastructure himself.

The Network as a Service (NaaS): It is safe to say that this is a model that is not very popular. Under this model, network connectivity services such as VPN and bandwidth are provided to the user.


You may be on the receiving end or you may be at the providing end, cloud computing possesses tons of advantages for both the parties. As an end user or as a business of any size, cloud computing has something to offer you. Up until recently, as a business owner, you were required to have the infrastructure and have the knowledge to uphold and develop the same, along with maintaining the development environment and application. But cloud computing immediately eliminates the need for these. Outsourcing makes sure that all this is taken care of by someone else and that the business can focus on the core activities. 

Here are some of the most prominent advantages that cloud computing will provide both the company and the end user.


One of the most prominent advantages that cloud computing provides you is this. It provides you cost efficiency by eliminating the investment required for stand-alone software servers. When a company puts to use cloud’s features they are able to get rid of overhead charges that come in the form of software updates, management, data storage etc, and also they can be prevented from paying license fees.

If we were to get into the technical aspect of this, it is worth pointing out that by eliminating capital expenses that come along with the development and maintenance of server infrastructure, it helps you attain a better cash flow. 

The Cloud helps you reduce your IT expenses to a great extent and also it is available at a much cheaper rate as compared to the traditional approaches. Moreover, what makes the cloud even more lucrative than before is the number of scalable and convenient charging models that have, in recent times, come up?


When you’re using Cloud, it doesn’t matter where the user is situated, the services can be made available to that user at their location. Using this, information is made much more accessible. Also, it helps in housing the requirements of all users, regardless of their geographic location or their time zones. Moreover, given the amount of ease and comfort it provides in sharing documents, it has led to a major success in collaboration. 

Also, by guaranteeing service uptime, it ensures that resources are available continuously. This is made possible because usually, multiple servers are used by cloud vendors. So, when there is a system failure, other machines begin spawning alternative instances. 


Now that all the data exists on the cloud rather than being on a physical device, the complete process of backing up the data and recovering it is much simpler now. Cloud providers make available backup and recovery data solutions that are both flexible and dependable. There are instances where the motive of using Cloud is the backing up of data on the local computers. 



When compared to the mainstream IT infrastructures, it is evident that Cloud is more efficient. Also, the resources needed to compute are lesser as compared to the IT infrastructure, which provides as a means of saving energy. The system only consumes those that bit of resources that are required at that point. 


Cloud computing provides its users with resiliency and redundancy. That is because the architecture, it is built on is robust and stout. Along with the inclusion of disaster recovery services, it provides the users with automatic fail over amongst hardware platforms.


Provided as a built in feature, scalability provides massive assistance to the user. With the deployment of Cloud instances only as and when required, it helps you gain cost efficiency as you will be paying only for the applications and data storage that you require. Alongside this, you get elasticity. This is because you can scale cloud anytime to put it in line with the IT system demands.

When talking about performance, it is on the provider’s head to make sure that your services run on the most efficient machinery possible. Also, the distributed architectures are utilized by the system, hence offering you excellent speed of computations. 


When making use of Cloud installations, you will get automatic and organic software integration. Based on the preferences of the business, they have the option of selecting the services and application that they deem to be perfect fit for them. Also, the effort in customizing and integrating the applications is minimized. 

Establishing and running a cloud system is a process that does not require a whole lot of time. This quick deployment serves as a major advantage for cloud. Along the same lines, when introducing a new user to the system, the waiting time is eliminated and the process is instantaneous. 


When compared to a personal computer, the storage capacity provided by the cloud is much wider. One might as well go as far as saying that the storage capacity is unlimited. How this serves to be as a benefit is that it removes the omnipresent worry of running out of space. Also, it spares the user the need of constant up gradation of the hardware and that in itself reduces the overall cost.

Cloud Computing storage capacity


A cloud application does not require one to go through hours and hours of vigorous training to come to terms with the system. The learning process is shorter since the users have a bit of familiarity of the system. Thus, the process of adaptation is much quicker. You can look across a wide array of examples, such as Gmail or Google Docs. 


There are a host of electronic devices the support internet using which you can gain access to Cloud computing services. From the good old fashioned PCs to the modern tabs and smartphones, you name it. And this permits the use of the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy, as per which, the employees have the freedom of bringing their personally owned devices to the workplace. Hence, it saves the business a bucketful of investment. 

Add to this the fact that the end user has the added advantage of not just being able to access Cloud using any mobile device of his wish, but also getting to decide where to access the service from. Place or device will never prove to be a hindrance. Hence, the benefit of being able to access the data from anywhere at any time proves to be a lucrative advantages.


No system is perfect, especially when talking in terms of technology. We’ve been through tons of advantages that Cloud provides to its users. Nonetheless, the system has its own set of shortcomings and drawbacks. Here are few that are quite major.


When using Cloud computing, your biggest concern would forever be security. By making use of a structure that is Cloud based, the company is putting at risk crucial data that might be confidential and sensitive. Basically, the management, security and the responsibility of retaining them now rests on the shoulders of the provider. Thus, the credibility of the provider is of utmost importance. When updating data on the cloud, you’re in a way putting the entire existence of your company on the line.

Cloud computing security

Therefore, one has to put in time in exploring all alternative mediums before coming to a final decision. 

Likewise, privacy is another matter of worry on Cloud. In a time when data loss and password leakage stories run every other day in the news, trust factor plays a huge role in Cloud computing. You have to trust your cloud service provider that the data will be kept safe and away from unauthorized users. 


One of the most crucial aspect of Cloud computing is that you are now dependent on the cloud service vendor. A term that goes around in the industry is ‘Vendor Lock In’. It refers to the fact that once enrolled with a certain Cloud provider, it is ridiculously difficult to migrate to some other provider. If you do decide to switch, the whole process of transferring the entire data from the previous vendor to the new one is really hard. Therefore, when enrolling into Cloud computing, you have to make sure that you do complete and thorough research of the provider as well as of other options than Cloud.  


Smaller businesses are spared the task of having to deal with technical issues and can now in turn hand them over to IT companies. Nevertheless, one has to bear in mind that all systems tend to come across dysfunctions. Over time it has been seen that even the top cloud service vendors will face the issues of outage and downtime. Also, the whole setup is internet driven, hence whenever faced by network hitches the system will be rendered useless. 


The amount of control that companies and users have over functioning and executing the hardware and software is quite restricted. This is due to the nature of the services.They are being run on third party remote, virtual environments. Also, since the software being used is remote, it lacks the feature possessed by a locally run application. 


When talking with respect to security and privacy, as mentioned earlier one has to take note of the fact that solutions that are based on cloud are exposed to the internet. This makes that data much more vulnerable and an easier target for hackers and users with mal intent. Absolute security on the internet is a myth. The bigger a company gets, the potential threats and their severity increases too. The major disadvantage is this, if even a single machine that stores data is compromised, it might lead to leakage of sensitive data across the world. 

The potential growth that Cloud holds is evident to everyone. Despite the fact that it’s still in the germination stage and has quite a few disadvantages, Cloud computing is growing stronger by the day. The bigger sharks are drawn to it as it is seen by them as a means of providing better and fine-tuned services. In this growing world of technology, one can only wish for the advantages to grow and the disadvantages to be dealt with. 

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How to Convert MS Word to PDF Files free without software & online converter sites

How to Create PDF From MS Word Documents for free 

word to pdf convert trick

Converting Microsoft word documents to portable document format (PDF) can be accomplished easily using free online word to pdf convertercbut do you know? There are thousands of free Ms Word to pdf converting sites are being used by the hacker to theft the content of your document. Now, you might be wondering how they can use your word content. Let me explain you how? To convert your Ms Word document to PDF file the first thing you need to do is to upload your word document to their site and then website algorithm convert the document into a portable document format. That means they can access uploaded content on their sites and who know how they use your PDF content.

                     I am not saying that all the Free online word to pdf converting website does this kind of job, there are some cool website who are providing awesome free service but there are always content theft risk are involved while using free online word to PDF converting site. 

                    To prevent such risk I prefer you to use branded word to pdf converter software because they are safe to use and trustworthy. However, the cost of buying word to PDF converting software is too high nowadays and not everyone willing to buy or afford such type of costly software. That’s why we have created this article so that everyone on internet can Create free pdf document Let’s get started with our tutorial.

Step By Step guide to convert Microsoft Word to Pdf for free

                    In this step by step tutorial, you will learn to convert any Microsoft word document of any version like 2003, 2007 or any other version to portable document format (PDF ) without have to use any online website and free or paid Ms Word to PDF converting software. We will be using all the commonly used software programs that are generally already installed or needed in all computers like Microsoft Office Word program and The Google chrome web browser.

                    Before proceeding with steps, first make sure you have Google chrome web browser already installed on your system, If you already have it installed in your machine then follow our steps, don’t have it already installed? then go to Google (https://www.google.com/chrome), download and get it installed

Note: It doesn’t matter what version of chrome you have

Step 1: Create Ms Word files.

The first and foremost step is to write content on pdf file, if you already have Microsoft word document with content then make sure to check it for error because once pdf file get created then you will no longer will be able to edit it without pdf editing software and also make sure to format it well.

Step 2: Save MS word document with .html extension.

Now, to save file with .html extension, Go to office button, click on “Save as” click on desktop (from the left, or top) and then choose other format.

1. Besides save as type: click on drop down arrow button and Choose webpage (*.htm;*.html).

2. Besides file name: Type the name of the files.

3. Click on Save

Step 3: Open saved file with chrome.

Right click on saved files having .html extension, Go to open with and click on Google chrome.

Step 4: Click on Print.

Go to top right corner, click on chrome button (customize and control chrome button which look like three equally spaced horizontal lines) and then click print. You can also directly open print tab in chrome by pressing shortcut key Ctrl+P.

Step 5: Save file as PDF.

Click on “Change” besides label destination and then under label local destination choose “Save as PDF”. Now to make pdf file look attractive and professional, we need to change certain property like pages, layout, margin and options. For example,

  • Pages: From here you can control the number of pages you want to save as pdf files 
  • Layout: This option let you to create pdf file in landscape or portrait 
  • Paper size: From the drop down button beside label paper size you can choose the size of pages you want in pdf files. For example A4 Size, Tabolid etc
  • Margins: By using this feature you can control the margin of your pdf pages. This is the most used feature among all because it helps in controlling your page content.
  • Options: This is the additional feature that let you remove header and footer from pdf file’s pages and background graphics.
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How to Convert Notepad txt to PDF file without software and online site for free

How to Convert a Notepad txt file to pdf file

convert txt to pdf

Converting a Notepad file to Portable Document Format (PDF) can be easily accomplished without using any kind of paid or free TXT to PDF converting software. No I am not going to mention any kind of PDF converting software neither we are going to use any free notepad to pdf online website.
               In this tutorial I will demonstrate a cool trick to convert txt file into PDF file for free. First of all, download and install google chrome(Web browser) on your computer, you can download latest version of google chrome by visiting chrome official site If you already have chrome installed then proceed to our steps by step guide. It does not matter at all what version of chrome you have,we just need chrome to convert a txt file to pdf file.


However, Its always worth full to upgrade google chrome to its latest version because new versions are always more effective and contains bundle of new feature then it's prior version

Read >> How to upgrade chrome to latest version

<<Tutorial start from here>>

Steps by Step guide to convert a txt file to PDF file for free offline

                                    Make sure to backup your notepad file by copying it to some safe place.we also recommend you to learn this cool trick on new notepad file instead of working directly on the main file.Let's get started with our step by step guide.

Step 1: Open Notepad and type the content

Right click anywhere on blank screen, go to new, click on text document, a New Text Document.txt file will be created. Now double click on file to open and start writing content as you want to see in PDF file.

Step 2 : Save File

Once you finished with typing content on notepad file then go to File, Click on Save As and 
  • Select Encoding as ANSI
  • Click on drop down arrow of label "Save as type" and choose All file (*.*).
  • Now click on text box area in front of label "File name" and enter the file name with txt extension as yourfilenamehere.txt and save to desktop

Step 3: Open the file created with Google chrome.

Go to desktop, click on the file yourfilenamehere.txt  and choose open with Chrome.If chrome is not mentioned in "open with" then click on "choose default program" ,  browse chrome.exe and select ok.

Step 4:Click on print.

Once the file loaded in google chrome browser then press CTRL+P to open print screen of chrome.

Step 5 :Save txt file as pdf file.

Now, look for the label "Destination" and click on "Change" button (in front of Destination label). Under local destination, choose "Save as PDF" and then click on Save.You can also make a professional looking PDF by controlling layout, paper size, margin and options etc.

                           So,this how you can create pdf file from the txt file without using any third party software or online website .If you like this cool trick then please take a minute to share this post with the people you like and on social networking sites. 

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