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Making money with YouTube (Ultimate guide) Explained Easily

 Ultimate guide to make money with Youtube

Making money with YouTube (Ultimate guide) Explained Easily

In this article, we will try not to talk rubbish like other people do on the internet to gain views. Instead, we straight away come to the important point, a reason why you landed on this page. The first and very important question that might be hammering your brain right now is, It is really possible to make money with YouTube? IF yes, then how much one can make money using YouTube? And ultimately, how to get started making money with YouTube like other YouTubers are making? You might be wondering how do I know every single question arising in your mind. I know it very well because I was also having the same question in my mind when I heard a story about people making money on YouTube. I researched, Read hundreds of article, learned video editing etc and ultimately on 21-march-2012 I started making money with my YouTube channel knows as Shoutingblogger (A YouTube channel for explaining HOW-TO based question easily) Must take a look on this channel, and if possible please do subscribe also. So let me first answer some basic questions about money making with YouTube.

Is It really possible to earn money with YouTube? 

Did you watch television, not the paid one I am talking about the free to air TV channels? How they are earning money? Did you ever ask this question to yourself? NO? That’s good It means you are not a mad person like me. Lol! Just Joking. Actually, they earn money by showing ads commercial on their network. Similarly, In the case of YouTube, they pay money for showing ads on the YouTube video, But it does not mean anyone who uploads a video on YouTube starts to make money.  To start earning money with the youtube you need o monetize your video with ads and must have AdSense account. If you already have an Adsense account then its good all you need is apply to became YouTube partner to start making money. If you don't have one don't worry you can also apply to became a youtube partner program directly through youtube. Now the question is how to be a YouTube partner? In this article we will explain every aspect of youtube partner, the most question asked about it and how to be one. 
  • You think I am bluffing? No, I am not, please take few minute to read our story how we made thousands of dollars just by making a video on How to based Tutorials and step by step Guide.

Does it Mean? YouTube partner Upload video and start making money?

Technically, No! You just don’t start to make money just by becoming a YouTube partner, By becoming a YouTube partner you unlock the feature like monetizing video, uploading videos more than 15 minutes, Live video etc. To make money with your YouTube video you need to monetize YouTube video and ads must appear on your YouTube video and most important of all "a video must be youtube partner policy friendly ".YouTube earning depends upon various factors like Video views and no of time ads appear on your video and audience interaction with the Ads. 
  • Did you know? By becoming youtube partner you can not only make money by monetizing your videos but also you can make money by making your channel as paid channel. Take a few minute to read our article on "10 Signs you should invest in YouTube

How to Become a YouTube Partner.

The easiest and fast way to become a YouTube partner is to create quality content, a content that does not violate YouTube Partner Program Policies and must be audience-friendly, it means the video must be entertaining, informative, must not infringe anyone’s copyright and obviously your channel and Videos must be advertisement friendly. If your channel Possess all these characteristics then your channel is good to become a YouTube partner all you need to do is to apply for youtube partner programs.

How to avoid getting banned from making money on YouTube.

A majority of new YouTube partner forgets about this points, this is the least but the most important point related to YouTube, money, and partnership. On average every seconds hundred of YouTube partner lose their partnership just because of false practices, and you have no idea how YouTube takes any kind of YouTube partnership violation very seriously. They have the world most powerful mechanism to catch a YouTube video with any kind of violation. So, Play fair and respect YouTube partnership policy and enjoy being a YouTube partner and avoid getting banned from making money on YouTube.
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How to Cope With Temper for a Happy Life?

How to Cope With Temper for a Happy Life?

Temper can have a huge impact on our personal as well as professional life lives. A lot of people are generally hot tempered and they become angry for silly matters.  Most of the people find it difficult to control themselves when they face some difficulty situations in their life. Your bad tempers can make your loved ones hurt and even bring an end to your relationships. You may become quick tempered when others hurt your, scold you, hurt you self-respect, when your expectations are not fulfilled or when you fail in an exam or competition.

Temper can become a huge issue if you couldn’t control it effectively. Anger ignites our thoughts and actions. Anger can consume our love, prudence, and emotional as well as physical health. It can affect your happy life and guide others to ignore you. When you control your temper, you may get better the quality of your life and your interpersonal relationships.

Following are some of the tips that may help you to understand how to cope with temper for a happy life:

help you to understand how to cope with temper for a happy life:

Admit Temper

The individuals who simply have bad tempers will not admit that they are short tempered. Bad-tempered individuals used to blow up, lash out, and scream, but they won’t admit that they are suffering from temper. It can ruin their relationships and personal life. Hence, they become bad to worse. The treatment for temper starts with the time you accept or admit that you are ill-tempered. When others mention that you are ill-tempered, think about it and understand your flaws. It will guide you to manage temper sooner or later. 


We, at some point in our life, experience bouts of anger and frustration. Yoga is a perfect medicine for handling your temper successfully. If you are getting angry more often, yoga can help you to manage the mood while you are at work or at home, office, with friends and so on. People who are short tempered should try yoga since it helps them to control themselves and their emotions efficiently. Yoga can aid you to control your thoughts, actions, imaginations, emotions, mind and behavior. Most of the yoga practices direct you to admit the anger that you experience, work through it and calm down. 

Be Patient

Bad tempered people are not generally patient and thy will respond to any situation suddenly. Being patient to different situations that provokes you can aid you to control your temper effective before you lose it. You can become patient to a situation if you take it as usual or casually. When you are patient, you will not respond to unfavorable situation at once and you will find your own time to react to it. You will think before you take an action if you are patient.


Breathing is an excellent remedy for temper management. When you are faced with an adverse situation, take deep breathe because it guides you to unwind your angry. Breathing can slow your heart rate. Deep breaths will calm you down successfully and assist you to think more plainly and take action wisely. Repeat breathing until you feel cool enough to react to the situation.


Exercise can clam down your temper. Anger comes in a number of forms, including outrage, frustration, envy, dislike, hatred, stress, criticism, and even boredom. Exercise helps you to cool down your stress level, frustrations, boredom, etc. It will help you to relax. Running, walking, swimming, yoga and meditation can some of the perfect exercise tools that allow you to control your temper. 

Wait and Give Yourself Ample Time

Waiting, step away from the situation or giving yourself ample time to react to a situation helps you to manage your temper. Don’t throw yourself to a situation right away because it will increase your anger. When you give yourself sufficient time to react, you will make better choices and more importantly, you will cool down.  So remove yourself intentionally from the heat and wait, get out of the situation, relax before you act.

Don’t Ignore Anger Management Program

Don’t ignore the importance of temper management program if you can’t practically control your temper. Remember that anger management programs have been confirmed to be highly successful to control your angry, fury and manage your overall behavior. During the program, you will get classes and guidance from the experts in the field. It will help you to know clearly about anger and develop effective strategies to see to anger.

Seek Treatment

One of the most effective means to manage your temper is to seek proper treatment. Treatment for temper will aid you to find out and treat the real source of your anger issues. Professionals in the field will offer you relaxation methods to bring into play when you feel temper.

About Author
I am Karenr Robinson and am competent on composing any points and subjects with respect to my zone of aptitude. I am certain that I can make heavenly any papers for the understudies moreover for non-scholarly purposes. I brag of stunning creation aptitudes and data due to my dominance in the field of forming. I concentrate much on making articles; pieces, investigate papers, papers, hypothesis papers, inquire about activities, essay writing service reviews and so on.
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How Can Movavi Screen Recording Software Benefit You?

How Can Movavi Screen Recording Software Benefit You?

How Can Movavi Screen Recording Software Benefit You?

Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the top screen recording software that has received manypositive reviews from experts at the leading review sites. Movavi screen recording software is useful for recording streaming videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu. There is a browser add-on that you can use to download videos from these video streaming sites. The browser add-on can cause your browser to hang sometimes so it will be best for you to get a screen recording software to record the video. It can also be used to record live webinars. If you are good at playing games, you can use the software to record your gameplay and show people how to win each level.

Movavi screen recording software is suitable for creating any type of tutorial such as photo editing tutorial, video editing, tutorial on how to use a software. Teachers can also use the screen recording software to create educational tutorials to help the students understand the topics that are being taught at the school. You can first record your voice with Movavi screen recorder and blend the podcast into the video with the video editor tool. Alternatively, you can talk on the microphone while recording the screencast. The volume of your voice over narration that is being recorded can be adjusted.

Movavi screen recording software can be used to record any area on your screen or you can also use to screen capture a particular application. When you launch the application, you will see a rectangle frame which is used to defined the screen capture area. As you stretch the rectangle frame, you can see a pop up that states the size of the defined area including left, top, width, and height. You can use your mouse cursor to extend the defined area or you can use the capture area drop down menu in the small control panel to determine the area of the screen that will be recorded.

Only the activities within the rectangle frame will be recorded. You can move the red rectangle frame around the different areas of your screen when you see the red move icon in the middle. If you want the screen capture software to capture the audio from an external audio device, you should check the audio checkbox and choose the device from the drop down menu. Your audio device will be automatically recognized if it is connected properly to your computer. When you are ready, you just have to click on the red REC button to start the screen recording.

You can set Movavi Screen Recorder to automatically stop capture after a few minutes by using the timer option. In this way, you don’t have to hassle yourself to move your cursor across the screen to stop the recording manually. The software will record your mouse cursor movement even when you click on the stop button. But, this is nothing to worry about because you can use the video trimming tool in the video editor to trim off the part later.

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Top 5 Best Antivirus for Your PC

Top 5 Best Antivirus for Your PC

At a recent friends meet, people were discussing how intelligent con men were trying to lure people into disclosing their credit card details, the CVV number and its expiry date with which a huge sum was robbed off people. Cyber crime has increased manifolds these days where innocent people fall prey to the vices of annoying hackers and spammers. While some try to launder money and nothing else, some hackers turn unethical and rob you of your integrity and identity. To prevent such intruders from stealing your private information, it is a good practice to secure your PC with anti-virus packages that will protect your data and your transactions. So how will you choose the best anti-virus for your PC? Is it decided based on cost value alone? Here are the answers to this question. 

Best 5 Antivirus for Your PC

Below you can find the top five best anti-virus for your PC and the ranking is decided based on the cost, the efficiency and warranty period:

Norton Security Standard edition

As usual Norton stands tall and strong in the first position when it comes to anti-virus package for their PC. From securing the PC to web browsing protection to firewall to password management and more Norton prevents your PC from being infected at the very beginning. URL blocker is their biggest asset which blocks any freeware installation into the PC. Norton security package also comes with a deluxe version that can cover five devices including tablets and smart phones. 

F-Secure Antivirus

So, what you get as a part of F-secure deal? This anti-virus package is simple and the most preferred by people in the market these days. It is light in weight, easy to install and use and doesn’t affect the system performance by any means. Its biggest asset is that it can run alongside several other applications without disturbing the speed of the computer. This feature of this anti-virus makes it the best choice for people who don’t want their system to get slowed down due to the installation of anti-virus. 

Bit Defender Antivirus Plus

This antivirus is widely popular among the users due to its efficiency and high level of protection that it offers. This accurate and reliable antivirus has been the best in web protection, secure browser for banking transactions, file encryption and anti-phishing module to filter unwanted links from dangerous sites in your search results etc. 

AVG Free

If you wish a free anti-virus with a real world protection test, AVG is the ideal choice that comes with core antivirus protection and web protection. Apart from the free edition, there is a commercial version too available that builds the extra security features in your PC like enhanced firewall, anti-spam functionality etc. AVG antivirus is more popular among people as they have the lowest incidence of false positives.

Avast Free

For all those who wish a free of cost anti-virus tool for their PC, Avast Free is the name to look forward. It has a huge trail of safety features namely antivirus, password verification and validation, a secured browser, network checker to prevent vulnerabilities etc. The biggest advantage of this anti-virus package is that it does not affect the speed of your computer and it can be activated by a single click. This evokes the scanning module which checks for virus and malware.

Securing your PC is as important as storing your documents and jewelry in safe. This way your electronic content stays safe from notorious cyber thieves. Some anti-virus packages are free of cost and some are paid ones. While the free tools offer a good level of protection, paid products offer much more security along with scalability and backward compatibility. Hence before zeroing down on the anti-virus package for your PC, do a full research on market the cost and also what you have and how you wish to store. After all your personal computer is your personal asset!

About Author
Vinod Kardam, a software specialist with long years of work experience, has good amount of knowledge on the latest software and tools in vogue. He first invests in these tools redeeming the Amazon coupons and uses these on his own before giving his review. He later shares his experience of using these tools with the interested readers to help them out. He can be reached out on various social media platforms where he interacts with his followers.
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Mobile App Testing Best Practices, Tools and Resources

Know More About Mobile App Testing Best Practices, Tools and Resources

Mobile application testing is considered as one of the important term or the part of software testing, as it is used to verify and validate the overall functioning of the mobile apps. Day by day, we see the drastic growth in mobile app development, as each day, so many mobile apps are developed, which could be for Android or iOS.

Mobile Apps Testing

Testing any mobile app is a demanding task. This is one process that requires a tester to go through a series of devices for testing the mobile app. The devices available in the market are the best ways to understand and perform the testing process for getting an ultimate app. In the process of mobile app testing, the tester needs to track the performance of the developed app across a number of handheld devices having a variety of operating systems and then they may also vary in their screen sizes. It is highly expected that the app should be safe and deliver the flawless performance throughout. This is the reason that the deployment team implements an app only when it has been certified and completely tested.

Well, before learn more about mobile app testing, you have to decide which tests you want because there is two different kinds of testing:

Bug Testing:

A company will test your code in order to find all the bugs in your app. Why do this type of testing ? You just want to be sure your app will work perfectly. If you need more information about it you can try Services | StarDust blog. They provide webinars, blog article and other resources.

UX Testing:

This is very different, because the company will test how your client will use your app. For example, I work for a startup called Fepection (Page on ferpection.com). Because we believe, no one can be better judge than real people who are possibly your client, that's why we do this kind of testing with our own community of testers. They give us feedback about your app, if it's seems slow to them or didn't understand how the purpose of a part of your app.

Both of this type of testing are really useful, Bug testing will give you an answer to the question " Is my app technically works". UX testing will give you an answer to the question "Does my app fit to the needs and habits of my clients". And when the time of launching your app comes, you better have answers to these two questions.

As software testing is moving towards automation, most of the software testers as well as QAs are switching themselves from Manual testing to Automated testing. Today, Automated software testing is considered as one of the most trending term in the field of software testing, as it is considered as one of the efficient as well as effective software methodology, making the overall software development/testing life cycle better and taking it to some different level.

Mobile test automation provides various test solutions, which help you to verify and validate the overall functioning of the mobile apps.

The best way to start mobile app testing

A beginners guide
If you are testing your app for the first time, the key thing to take into account is what you will be testing your application on. Depending on whether your app is built for Android or iOS there will be a huge range of devise/version combinations which will effect the functionality of your application. Try to get you hands on as many devices as possible, or rope friends in to test with you on their different devices.

After that, there are a few types of testing which would be most beneficial. Make sure you have a spread sheet, or tracking system to hand to log all your results. Be sure to always log the device, version and network connection which are relevant when you are testing, there are also other variables to watch out for such as battery life, other apps open in the background, what environment you’re in.

Top notch app testing is crucial. However, it is difficult since device fragmentation is a major issue with thousands of Android devices on the market. Even iOS is not entirely immune from this issue. Between all of the different “iDevices” currently supported, there are over 30 different iOS device models on the market today. Throw in multiple languages for different countries and you can see how the test matrix is daunting to say the least.

Taking a multi-pronged approach to testing helps to make the overall process more manageable, thorough, and successful. Take a look at three key steps to addressing the challenge of delivering high quality in a mobile world, as well as a new Pivotal Cloud Foundry microservice to help streamline the process of distributing test builds.

The best way to get your app our there is to literally get your app out there!

Get an app test going, then: 

1) Look for people with different demographics to help get an equal representation for your app testing phase.

2) Design questions catered towards enhancing product features. Are some of your app features necessary? Or are they simply an add-on? What makes your users want to refer your app to others?

3) Increase exposure for your app! Post these app testing on local classified and odd jobs apps like us, sending notifications to local people, while negotiating prices!

4) Test Driven Development; Testing early and often is critical for creating high quality apps. This helps catch bugs early in the development process, fixing minor issues before they turn into expensive problems and require tedious debugging later. A great way to achieve this is with Test Driven Development (TDD), one of the key concepts within the framework of agile development methodologies.

TDD is a reversal of the traditional approach to software development in which you write code, then write the automated tests for that code. TDD instead involves initially writing an automated test for a given feature, then coding the feature itself and ensuring that it passes the test.

This methodology has been shown to not only produce higher quality software but increase programmer productivity as well. It ensures that all code is covered by at least one test, which raises the baseline of quality. Beyond that, it encourages developers to focus on actual use cases throughout the development process and can reduce extraneous code. The net result is better quality software, delivered faster.

5) Automated Testing: With the myriad devices on the market today, you’ll want to automate as much as possible. This involves executing test scripts on devices, and it is particularly useful for regression testing and smoke tests (simple tests to ensure the app functions at a very basic level) because these are generally repetitive and time consuming to do manually.

There are many tools available for automated testing and several of them require the use of rooted or jail broken devices. We recommend avoiding those since rooting phones voids warranties, opens security holes, and even changes the behavior of the device being tested. Don’t waste time testing on devices that are not set up for their legally intended use.

Automated testing saves significant time and money by allowing you to run tests on many devices simultaneously and quickly. Since machines never miss a step, leveraging automation reduces risk of human error throughout the testing process. You can read more about requirements, goals, and solutions for automation testing on mobile in this white paper from Pivotal Labs.

6) User Testing and Automated Distribution:Despite the advantages of automation, it doesn’t address everything. User testing is still required in order to cover the unexpected aspects of human behavior that happen in real life. It is also critical to obtain valuable insights about how people actually use your app.

Once you’ve completed the automated tests, it’s time to put your app in the hands of real people, starting with the QA team and continuing with test user groups. You’ll want to stick to this “order of operations” in order to catch and fix the most basic issues before bringing your app in front of your most valuable testing audience.

Getting a pre-release mobile app in the hands (or pockets, as it were) of users can be a painful process. It often involves emailing a file, dragging/dropping it into a desktop application, and syncing it via cable to the device. This can especially be a nuisance for typical non-tech savvy users who don’t do it every day.

The challenges with user testing process don’t stop there. Keeping tabs on test user groups for different apps and making sure everyone has the correct versions of the correct apps is another burden for mobile development and QA teams. Using a platform to manage the distribution and version management of test builds will streamline this process and reduce frustration. Ultimately, an effective process is necessary to scale your user testing practice for the multiple apps and frequent app updates that define a best-in-class mobile strategy.

The best Mobile App Testing Tools: 

It depends on your requirement what kind of tool you are looking for.

Like If you need a detailed feedback, Usertesting is a tool with a unique feature that you can get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use your mobile app.

Top Most Mobile Application Testing Tools

1. Appium:  It is a open source test automation framework for mobile web apps.

2. TestingWhiz: TestingWhiz allows you to automate mobile web testing for Android and iOS on a variety of browsers, operating systems and emulators. It is powered by Appium, which lets you automate tests of any native and hybrid mobile apps from UI level down to the complete back-end and functional-level testing on real devices and simulators.

3. Robotium for Android: Robotium is an open source library aimed solely at Android UI testing. It is used for automated black-box testing for web, native or hybrid mobile applications. Using it in conjunction with TestDroid Recorder, JavaScript test scripts are created as the tester traverses the UI of the mobile application under test. A free extension library called ExtSolo adds multi-path dragging, auto-scaling for different display resoultions and other abilities.

4. Testin: This tool helps you to test your apps across 300+ devices. This cloud based solution comes with automated testing including automated functionality, compatibility, UI & performance testing.

5. Ranorex : This is another very good cross device app testing tool through which you can record one test and run it on multiple devices. You can test your Apps of iOS, Android and Windows 8 with this tool.

6. Calabash for Android and iOS: Maintained by Xamarin, Calabash consists of two open source libraries, one for iOS and another for Android, which automate testing for native or hybrid mobile apps. Used with Cucumber, test cases are written in natural language then translated to test scripts that run within the framework. It works well with Ruby, Java, .NET, Flex and many other programming languages.

7. MonkeyTalk for Android and iOS: Both testers and developers utilize this complete functional test platform for iOS and Android apps. It consists of three components: an IDE, an Agent and scripts. The IDE creates test scripts using record and playback. Agent is a test instrumentation library to which the app links. MonkeyTalk scripts use simple keyword syntax and Ant or Java execution engines. Tests can be data-driven from a spreadsheet using CVS format.

8. Selendroid for Android: No app code modification is required to use Selendroid, which is essentially Selenium for Android apps. Selenium 2 and the WebDriver API are the basis for test code. The framework interacts with multiple devices or device emulators simultaneously. It even supports device hot-swapping. There is an inspection component for recording device UI state for test case creation.

I would like to suggest you to use TestingWhiz, as it has the integration of Appium, which will indirectly help you to have a brief knowledge of these tools. Also this tool is considered as a codeless test automation tool.

Best Resources for Mobile App Testing:

If don't know much about Mobile App testing and wants to Learn basics then there are many resources available on Google but few are mentioned here.


  • Why Mobile App Testing is Important to Your App's Success
  • Jonathan Kohl's - Tap Into Mobile App Testing - Tap Into Mobile Application Testing
  • Julian Harty's -  Mobile App Testing - Free book


  • The blog from Daniel Knott brings out regular updates and news.
  • Testmunk Blog
About Author
Mr. Deepak Patel is the backbone of iMOBDEV Technologies- A leading Android & iOS Mobile App Development company based in India & USA. From the past 7 years under his leadership, the company has delivered unparalleled and challenging apps to the global clients.
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Tunnel Trading: Can This Simple Strategy Earn Profits on Any Future Market?

Tunnel Trading: Can This Simple Strategy Earn Profits on Any Future Market?

Tunnel Trading

                      Online trading is the new highly successful choice of business nowadays. If you are interested in earning money online through binary trading, you most certainly have made your research and have discovered some of the most efficient strategies that you could base your online trading activity on and become successful. Have you also included the tunnel trading options on your list? If the answer is yes, then you should know that you have made a great choice. If the answer is no, you might want to start researching this option because it comes with great advantages for online traders worldwide. Let’s analyze it detail today and discover together whether tunnel trading can earn profits on any future market.

What is Tunnel Trading?

                Tunnel trading is a type of strategy based on decisions made by traders in terms of trade prices. Actually, what traders must do using this strategy to win is decide if the price of a certain underlying asset will remain within the established range or go out of the price range.  The name of this strategy is due to the predefined price range that is highly similar to a tunnel.

               Tunnel trading represents a strongly related trading option to resistance and support levels. The important first thing you should know is that the price always has periods when it tends to take a serious turn into a certain direction. On the other hand, prices can also easily go sideways. This is why you need to be well-informed and ready for anything that might happen when you decide to enter the online binary trading market. This is in case you want to win big in which case learning about the market, its options and every possibility you may encounter are a must.

Variation in the Tunnel Trading Strategy

Tunnel Trading

The tunnel trading strategy has its way around the trading market and ensures serious earning for numerous online traders worldwide. You can start winning today by using it. What you must keep in mind is to place online trading orders on both sides of the trading tunnel. The trick here is to constantly analyze the odds and when one side of the tunnel is triggered simply delete the other one. 

This is how online binary traders managed to always be certain not to miss an entry no matter whether it might be a short or long one. The tunnel trading strategy has proven to be highly effective when used properly. It is a simple strategy to consider using but with a high–end possibility of achieving great financial results.

Advantages and Disadvantages of tunnel trading

Tunnel Trading

What you must also know as an online trader basing his activity on the tunnel strategy is that pending orders must always be placed at certain clear distances from the boundaries featured by the tunnel. Why? Because this way you can successfully avoid any false breaks that might mess up your results thus gain a bigger rate of success for your trading activity.

Another great advantage features by tunnel trading is the amazing risk to reward ratio. You have access to a relatively small stop loss order which enables you to reach a great break-out on the market without a lot of effort. This way, the tunnel strategy ensures you access to winning trades that can cover more losses depending on the average R: R. As a result, you can earn more even when you have less successful trades than unsuccessful ones.

The greatest disadvanatge in the case of tunnel trading as in the case of any other available strategy is that it is difficult to pinpoint the exact right moment when traders should enter the market. In the end, this is what online trading is really all about: learning to make smart decision based on smart intuition and real facts at the same time. If you make an adequate market research you leave less to chance thus ensuring the success of your online binary trading activity and increase your chances of winning the jackpot at any moment.

All in all, no online trading strategy is the perfect one for everyone. However, when used properly and at the right moment, the tunnel strategy can bring a lot of profits to all online traders.

About Author
               The above article was written by Denny Averill and http://www.synaptic.co.uk/!
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Smartphone Like android and I-phone are making children Smart or Just Addicted?

  Do Android Smartphone and I-phone are making children Smart or Just Addicted?

                  Smartphone’s isn’t smart when it comes to used by children’s because it not only effect children’s emotions as well as their personality to grow. These Smartphone’s are just like cyclones where a child gets traps into it and cant progress in other areas. Through this Smartphone children are engaging themselves in such activities in which they should not involve before a mature age.

                  Today we notice that almost every child who is indulged with the use of Smartphone in early ages may use that device faster than an elders do. This only leads to the child to be in self consciousness mind nor bothering about the other activities on which he should concentrate. 

Impact of smart phone on children’s 

Smartphone and childrens

1. Emotional Detachment 

                Children who spend most of their time with Smartphone tends to move away from the outer world therefore they do not know what going even they do not know how to behave in various condition that prevails over time because they do not give in other activities like playing outside, making friends, interacting with others. Therefore for emotions establishment they need to spend time with their family and friends instead wasting all time in smart phones  

2. Learning capabilities 

                Spending most of the time in Smartphone may lead to serious affects in overall learning capabilities of children. This habit ends skill developing capabilities of children. Playing games for most of the time may improve your child brain IQ but the negative impact of this is that it is only one dimensional the overall brain develops when children learns from outside through reading books, playing with friends or family only this in improving overall brain IQ of a child.

 3. Physical development 

                For good physical development children needs to exercise, play outdoor games, should indulge in physical activities but children who are addicted to smart phones do not give time for their physical fitness they just spend time with their smart phone in surfing through internet, watching videos, playing games which only effects their eyes, body parts seriously over time.

 4. Accessing information that they shouldn’t 

                Smartphone let u use internet and internet contains various information’s that requires mature age to know but as internet is easily accessible these information too. Some games are available which contains 18+ rating and these games are often plays by small children Due to this your child’s brain can equipped with curtails thin which they should not before turning to 18 years old. All of this seriously affects child behavior and mentality.

5. Diseases are knocking your door 

                Continuous usage of Smartphone can led you to invite many diseases Eyestrain. This occurs when you regularly watches you Smartphone display for too long for continuous basis. Headache is also common who regularly use their Smartphone due to which most can’t able to sleep proper and if your children is not sleeping properly that also Leeds to various problems. Children do play games in their smart phones without going anywhere just sitting at one place for hours this can cause back strain, craps etc. therefore special attention is needed by parents. Finally it’s the parents who are total responsible in guiding theirs children future hence they should adopt every possible ways to maintain their children health, mind and physical condition. They should avoid their children from these devices as they only take them away from their parents as well as from society. Because these Smartphone is not making your child SMART instead they just make them STUCK in the way of progressing themselves.

 Final Verdict 

                 It's all on parents that how they are shaping their child's future. Most of the parents due to their busy schedule do not give time to their kids, to cover that loss they instead provide all the other facilities like smartphones,computers etc as a result children gets badly involved in that and starts forgetting other aspects of life. Hence parents should spend sufficient time with their kids, they should play with them and at last they should focus in all round development of their kids.

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                           In this modern era almost every person who uses internet also uses Google account. Google provides varieties of services in a single account such as Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Play store, Hangouts, Goggle+ etc. You can use all their services by simply creating a Google account. 

                        On creating a Google account you will provided with the unique “email id” Such as “shoutingblogger@gmail.com”.Therefore using this email id and password that you have chosen at the time of creation of your account to enter in your account. Ones you signed in you can use all of the services mentioned above and many more which are provided by the Google. 

                         Now the Big question arises that is your Google account is safe or easily assessable by others by some sort of hacking etc. Beside you provide a password or a security questions to prevent your account to be hacked but some the password and security questions are easily guessable. There providing password only is not enough to secure your account. 

                      In this article we will focus on three important points which will allow you to make your Google account safer and easy to handle.

Here are some tips which will improve your Goggle account security. 

Improve Google account security

1. Accounts Recovery options 

                          Accounts Recovery Option enables you to recover your account if you have forgotten your password. For this you need to link your separate email as Recovery email and a phone number as Recovery phone. So in case u might forgot your password then you can easily reset your password either using one of these Recovery options. 

 2. Password And Sign-in Method 

      2.1. Password 
                      We all provide password to secure our account but most of us do not change it at all. This might be harmful for your account therefore you must change your account password ones in every 2 or 3 months. By doing this it will keep your Google account safe but only password can’t provide enough safety for your Google account. Therefore Google itself provide you with Another method for sign-in i.e. 2-Step Verification which provide much more security with the combination of your password. 
     2.2. 2-Step Verification 
                       2-Step verification is the second layer protection which sends a code in your registered mobile phone so on entering that code u can sign-in. this prevents against if someone has stolen your password bust he will not able to sign-in because he doesn’t have the code. This is very important method to secure your account. 

3. Notifications and Device Activities 

                   Always keep your notifications on for your account on your mail or on mobile phone. This will let you come to know against security risk and account activities such as when you have changed your accounts setting or if someone is trying to open your account. Monitoring Device activities helps you to review which device has accessed your account. 

                  At last on keeping these three Procedures in check you can make your Google account more secured than ever.

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Smartphones technology

As day passes by the technologies that are used in smart phones upgrades at a rapid pace that’s the reason we see a new Smartphone every now and then with newer technologies installed in it. In this Article we try to cover these new technologies that are often used in today’s Smartphone. The list goes on and on but we see the upmost latest technologies existing today.

1. 2.5 D/3 D Glass

Now days almost every Smartphone comes with 2.5 D glass on it. The thing that differs 2.5 D glass from a normal glass is that while a normal glass is totally flat from both sides and the edges are sharp on the other hand 2.5 D glass have slight curve on the all sides at the top surface while bottom surface remains flat. 

By doing this it makes easy for user to swap around the screen or to scroll. It gives a smooth feedback in respect to the normal glass.

Now comes another category of the glass that is 3D Glass. This glass is now used by only few brands on their flagship devices like Samsung uses it on Samsung galaxy s7 edge few more. The thing that differs this glass from all other glasses that 3 D glass has a curve on its both edges. As a result it looks premium and feels fantastic in use.

2. USB Type C Connector

This connector is just a replacement of Type A and Type B connectors. In future this Type C connecter will be used in future most commonly so if your Smartphone has Type C connecter then its future proof.

The key Advantage of USB Type C connecter that it’s a Reversible therefore you can plug your charger cable or data transfer cable in either way. 

This Type C connecter is now often replacing 3.5 mm Headphone Jack. In future you might not get a 3.5 mm headphone jack in your Smartphone. Replacing headphone jack with a usb type C connector enables a manufacture to to shortens the overall thickness of the Smartphone and also enables users to use all connection (i.e ; connecting earphones, charging, Data transfer ) through one port that is Type C.

3. Dash Charging/Quick Charging

First of all Dash charging is different from Quick Charging. As we all know that every Smartphone has lithium ion battery which needs to be charged with steady flow of power otherwise the battery may get damaged. Also it takes a long Time to charge your Smartphone depending how big your battery is.

Dash charge is different in only way the power is delivered from charger to phone same goes with the Quick charge. But there is a difference in both of them. Quick charge is the technology by Qualcomm which uses high volgage but Dash charging uses high current this is the the difference that makes Dash charge way ahead to quick charge. Through Dash charge smathphone can fully charge in around 70 minutes. While Quick Charge takes little more time to charge the smartphone fully.

4. Gorilla Glass

Gorilla glass is a product manufactured by Corning which meant to provide toughness, scratch resistance and damage resistance to your Smartphone displays but today you may even found Gorilla glass at backside of your Smartphone.

As Generation passes by evolution of Gorilla glass grows. The latest offering from Corning is Gorilla glass 5 and according to Corning the Gorilla glass 5 has raised the bar in protecting your Smartphone against drops. Your Smartphone now can survive 1.6 meter drops onto rough surfaces up to 80% of the time. 

As for now the Gorilla glass 5 is restricted to the premium higher end Smartphone Now only Samsung new arrival “NOTE 7” has Gorilla glass 5 protection. But soon we expect to a lots of device with Gorilla glass 5 on it in upcoming future.

5. 14nm FinFet Technology

14 nm technology based processors are now most adaptive technology for Smartphone manufacturers as 14 nm processors provides good dimensional scale as compared o 22 nm processors. The key aspects of 14 nm processors are first they provide leading performance as compared to other processors. Secondly thesr processors are more power efficient than any other 22nm processors as a result user get more battery life for their smart phones.

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