How To Show or Hide Icons in the taskbar Windows 8

How to Hide icons from taskbar System tray in windows 8

 Windows 8

As we all know, Task bar contains some important icon which appears near Taskbar Clock ,Actually these Quick  Taskbar icons  are used to Quick access important programs from Taskbar itself But People don't like Lots of icons in there Task bar ( at left ), These TaskBar icons Spread all over the taskbar Due to which These Taskbar icon does't look cool also they ruin Taskbar design also .So in this Article we Will show you The method to Hide Icons ( know as Quick hide ) in the Taskbar .

Steps to Quick Hide , Disable , Enable Icons  Quick Launch bar Icons in Taskbar of Window 8

Step 1 :Right Click on the empty ( blank ) space present in the taskbar ,and then click on Properties

Step 2 :Under Taskbar Properties Window , click on Taskbar tab and then Click on Cutomize which apears in front of Notification Area .

Step 3 : When you click On Customize button , a Notification Area Icons Window will open up , From the Notification Area Icons window we can control the task bar Icons Behaviour .

There are three Behavior option Available For Taskbar Icon

  • Show Icon and Notification : If Icon Behavior is Set to Show Icon and Notification then icon and all the notification of the Icon will be appears on task bar as Small pop up .
  • Hide Icon and Notification :If Icon Behavior is Set to Hide Icon and Notification then icon  will be Hidden and can be accessed by clicking on Small up triangle and regoes to hidden mode during inactivity .
  • Only Notification : If Icon Behavior is Set to Only Notification , Then only Notification will be appears on icon

Step 4 : To quick hide all the Icons Near Clock in the taskbar , Then Uncheck always show all the icons  and notifications on the taskbar and click ok.

Step 5 : To Disable or enable any Icon from the task bar , Click on the Turn system icon on or Off . A Sytem icons window will be Open up , From here your can control Enabling and disabling icon in the task bar by choosing system Icon and its Behavior as off to disable icon from task bar and By choosing system Icon and its Behavior as ON to enable icon from task bar

What are the Best Performing Google Adsense Ad Sizes

What are the Best Performing Google Adsense Ad Sizes

google recommended Adsense Size

Adsense is one of the popular publisher network allowing there publisher to make money by monetizing their website/blog content with Advertisement unit, Making money with AdSense is easy if your blog/website have quality, informative content and heavy traffic . However some time your Adsense does not gave you maximum revenue upto your blog potential, this can be sorted out by properly optimizing your AdSense and your website for AdSense conmtent..

By Optimizing Google Adsense for your website your Adsense earning may increase upto 90% even sometimes  more then 100% . However there are several factor that count towards your Adsense earning , but here we will be discussing about maximizing Adsense revenue by using best Performing Google AdSense Ad Sizes for you website .

The Best Performing Google Adsense Ad Sizes

Almost all Adsense Ads Sizes combination perform well depending upon your website design and layout, However According to our AdSense research and Google Adsense recommendation we have found that there are some  Ads size which perform well as compare to other ads sizes .

Best Performing AdSense Ads Combination #1

Adsense Ads Size
(leaderboard )
 (Medium rectangle)
 ( large rectangle )
Best performing Adsence Ads typeWhen both text and image ads are enabledWhen both text and image ads are enabledWhen both text and image ads are enabled

Best Performing AdSense Ads Combination #2

Adsense Ads Size
(leaderboard )
 (Medium rectangle)
 ( Widescraper )
Best performing Adsence Ads typeWhen both text and image ads are enabledWhen both text and image ads are enabled
Also for Text ads only 
When both text and image ads are enabled
Also for Text ads only 

Best Performing AdSense Ads Combination #3

Adsense Ads Size
( half banner )
 (Medium rectangle)
 ( Large Sky scraper )
Best performing Adsence Ads typeWhen both text and image ads are enabledWhen both text and image ads are enabled
Also for Text ads only 
When both text and image ads are enabled
Also for Text ads only 

10 Ways to Advertise Online for a Small Business

10 Ways to Advertise Online for a Small Business 

Small businesses have a definite need to advertise, to reach their target market in a way that is fresh and inviting, in a way that draws potential clients and customers to them and leads to conversions. However, they don’t have the unlimited marketing and advertising budgets that larger corporations do. Because of this, some creativity is required to take an advertising strategy to the next level. 

Check out 10 ways to get started below.


1. Go Old School

Email is not dead, in fact, it might never be. People still rely on it as a top form of communication, and many have 24/7 access to it through mobile technology. Use this to your advantage. Keep your e-mail list fresh and up-to-date, send special deals and promotions to those on your list and use it to remind them that you exist. 

The best way to do this is to ask your customers to subscribe to your emails, thereby gaining their consent to receive your communications. If you’re just emailing coupons for mosquito protection products to random people, they likely won’t respect your brand very much. However, if you only email people who subscribe to your emails and are interested in getting discounts on such products, you’re guaranteed to seem more results from your efforts. 

By staying in the inboxes of your customers, you’re staying on their minds. This is a no-brainer advertising technique that small business owners should take seriously.

2. Blog

You’ve heard of blogs, but probably don’t consider yourself to be a blogger. This doesn’t matter; for small businesses, content is king. Look for ideas everywhere – from questions you receive from customers, from current events and stories in the news and on other sites that you follow or that are relevant to your industry. Keep your blog linked to your email list and share posts across social media networks for best results.

3. Compete

Many organizations, especially professional organizations, host yearly award competitions. For a small entry fee – or sometimes for free – you may be able to enter a product, service or project that you’ve completed in the last year. Take your time to organize your entry and to demonstrate your accomplishments. The payoff? By earning recognition for awards, you’ll have something to publicize and you’ll catch the attention of members of the organization hosting the show and their audiences as well.

4. Get Social

It should go without saying, but in case it doesn’t, if you’re not using social media to your advantage, you’re missing out on an important market and on the ability to reach an entirely new public through viral sharing possibilities. Research where your target audience spends their time and become familiar with one network at a time. In many cases, Facebook is an excellent starting point. Build a brand presence, establish a following and stay active.

5. Consider an Ambassador Program

Sometimes a singular company blog isn’t enough; sometimes it takes the voices of others, of more established bloggers to make an impact. Consider starting an ambassador program. This can take on many forms – ambassadors receive product discounts or discount codes to share with their readers, or products to review, the possibilities are endless. However, the end result is the same; your company receives more attention, usually for free.

6. Use Directory Listings 

Many sites – Google Places, Yellow Pages and so on – offer free small business listings. Your hours and basic business contact information can be shared, for free. This helps in building a search engine presence, and allows users to share reviews, boosting your company’s credibility. While not viewed as traditional advertising, it’s a way to spread your company’s message, get started today.

7. Publicize your URL

Your URL is your unique code, the way users find your website and the way you’re first represented online. It should be obvious that thought should be put into creating the perfect business URL. However, afterwards, it’s not done. Posting your company URL on everything – bumper stickers, guest blog posts, receipts, you name it – allows your brand to reach just a little further with every customer that notices it. Start plastering.

8. Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Sure, it’s more traditional. But, it works. PPC advertising campaigns allow brands to advertise cautiously, only paying for customers who actually click on the ad in question. These campaigns allow small businesses to set strict parameters for when ads will be displayed, leading to a higher success rate than traditional advertising, making them worth the money in most situations.

9. Become a Part of the Conversation

Check out what’s trending on Twitter, what LinkedIn Groups are discussing and what’s going viral on Facebook. Now, find a way to make your business relevant and to insert yourself into those conversations. In doing so, you’ll be establishing credibility and expertise while increasing recognition: advertising at its finest.

10. Offer Free Samples

While it’s not the same as going to a store and handing out samples, think of what you could offer to those who visit your website and provide their contact information. Most people will do a lot for something free, even if it’s a sample. By putting a little money into this endeavor, you’ll attract new online attraction and increase brand loyalty without breaking the bank.

Advertising doesn’t have to be an expensive task that’s a luxury only for large businesses. Small businesses have the same ability to advertise online, it just takes a little more creativity and a willingness to experiment. 

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Godaddy Review

Go daddy is one of the most popular domain registrar company in the world, Serving their service for an about 12 million customers and still counting. Along with Domain name registration Godaddy offering some off the world  powerful web hosting servers, from low price shared server to costly Dedicated servers ,No other web hosting company stands near by Godaddy in terms of there customer size and sale. so it better to say Go daddy as Best web host company along with domain name registrar . If you are thinking to buy  web host space or domain registration for your website, forum or word press blog hosting, Go daddy web hosting is best option .

You might be wondering what product godaddy have for their customer. So let me show and review those go daddy products and its inside.

Go daddy Domain Registration

Go daddy made domain registration easy and fast with nominal domain registration fee /year + ICAnn fee , There Powerful domain search tools and domain enhancement feature help user to find right Available domain for there website or blog .  you may also get discount upto 70 %  on domain name and some times you gets Free Goodies like Private domain name registration etc by applying working Godaddy promo codes depending upon godaddy Promotional offers . I

Godaddy Domain search tools

Godaddy Domain search tools makes searching of domain easy and helps you with some alternative Domain keywords suggestion if domain is not available. Only you have to do is to search for the available   domain name you want, go for payment and get you Domain dNS ready for domain parking.

Apply Filter for Godaddy Domain search

Go daddy Domain search tools is equipped with all the necessary stuff need to find good domain name for your Website , You can limit your Domain search according to Characters Length, Extensions, Country/Location, Premium by Apply Godaddy Domain search tools filter .

Godaddy domain privacy protection

By default go daddy domain registration is public domain registration it means your registration information like contact information that is email Id , phone number ,address is publically accessible via Whois tool , you may protect exposing your domain name contact information used in registration by buying additional domain feature know as Go daddy domain privacy protection , this ensure your domain privacy by preventing your contact information appearing in public Domain whois  tools.

Godaddy Domain Enhancements

Godaddy Domain Enhancements comes for additional price, These Domain Enhancements worth buying depending on your website and one's requirement.

  • Privacy 
  • Certified domain
  • Domain Ownership protection
  • Cashparking
  • Business Registartion
  • Domain Apprasisal
  • Ssl Certificate
  • Godaddy Auction Web Hosting Review 

In one word we would say " Go daddy made web hosting easy " . Whether you are beginner in web hosting or Professional web designer, Go daddy web hosting have all features needed to make your website online with ease. One of the most important things for any web hosting is up time , Go daddy offer 99% uptime but genuinely speaking they offer 98% up time , no  web hosting company can offer 99% up time .

Depending on your web hosting requirement Godaddy have different hosting solutions , like if you don't want to invest large amount of money on hosting then you can go for shared web hosting , its cheap and reliable . However If you want full control where you website is about to host then go for dedicated server ,Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Managed Hosting. Godaddy have simple strategy of  " pay for what you want " .Applying Godaddy Coupon codes help's saving huge money in form of discounts .

GoDaddy Shared hosting plans

Godaddy Offer's three Shared web hosting plan , there are Economy Hosting Plan ,Deluxe Hosting Plan,Ultimate Hosting Plan . All the three Hosting plan are designed on the basic of customer need and value for money. You may also upgrade your hosting plan anytime you want by paying additional price for that hosting plan your your Go daddy dashboard itself .Godaddy have Some the popular Application like WordPress, Free forums ,content management,ECommerce script ready for installation just a click away , you don't have to waste time uploading scripts through ftp . 

Godaddy Economy Hosting Plan ( Baby plan )

Godaddy Economy Hosting Plan is the Starter hosting plan for building Small size personal as well as business website having , unlimited bandwidth without any traffic spike . Its is the cheapest Godaddy web hosting plan  offered .

Godaddy Deluxe Hosting Plan

Godaddy Deluxe web Hosting Plan is the upgraded version of economy plan , This web hosting plan is Best value plan to host number of Website and hosting  your Small scale business website .

Godaddy Unltimate Hosting Plan

Godaddy ultimate Web Hosting Plan is the top most Shared web hosting plan offered by go daddy , This hosting plan is an upgrade on Godaddy Deluxe web Hosting Plan and have some additional features like Unlimited database , Extended number of emails etc .

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Godaddy Coupon code 2014Hostgator Coupon code
Why Choose Your Own Domain name How to chosse best Web hosting service


Godaddy Economy Hosting Plan

Godaddy Deluxe Hosting Plan (Best plan)

Godaddy Ultimate Hosting Plan

No of Website

1 Website hosting Unlimited Website hosting
Unlimited Website hosting

Upload limit

100 Gb ( Storage Space ) Unlimited ( Storage Space )
Unlimited ( Storage Space )

Database( Linux )

10 MySQL Databases for Linux OS. Each MySQL Databases in Linux OS can store upto 1Gb of database 25 MySQL Databases for Linux OS , Each MySQL Databases in Linux OS can store upto 1Gb of database
Unlimited MySQL Databases in Linux OS , Each MySQL Databases in Linux OS can store upto 1Gb of database

Database (Windows )

1 MySQL Databases in Window OS .Each MySQL Databases in Window OS can store upto 200Mb of database . 2 MySQL Databases for Window OS .Each MySQL Databases in Window OS can store upto 200Mb of database 
Unlimited MySQL Databases in Window OS .Each MySQL Databases in Window OS can store upto 200Mb of database .

Email Address

Set up 100 Email Addresses having storage Limit of 100 MB Set up 500 Email Addresses having total storage limit of 500 MB
Set up 1000 Email Addresses having total storage limit of 500 MB
Upto 10 Fotolia Photo Credits Upto 10 Fotolia Photo Credits
Upto 10 Fotolia Photo Credits
Premium DNS + SSL

How Many Google AdSence Ads are Allowed Per Page ?

How Many Google AdSence Ads are Allowed Per Page?

Whether you have big website or Small blog,  AdSense is the best way to make money out of your website traffic and space. One of the best way of maximize your AdSense earning  is to utilize your website space by showing maximum number of Google Adsense ads unit  but it doesn't means you can add any numbers of AdSense ads per page, According to Google Adsense Tos,  there are certain limitation for number of ads unit and ads size allowed per page . In this article we will be discussing about Google AdSence Ads Allowed Per Page following Google Adsense Terms and condition .

Maximum allowed Google Adsense  Per page ?

To Maximizing ad space with multiple Adsense ad units, you may monetize your website/Blog by adding maximum of 3 Standard ads unit ( text/image/Display ads unit  )  along with maximum of 3 links unit and two custom Google Search engine . However, There is no limitation on minimum number ad unit allowed per page , you can monetize your website/blog with minimum of one ad unit , but not more then 3 standard ads unit , 3 links unit and two search box .

Google Adsense content ad limit per page

You may monetize your website / blog  with maximum of three standard ads unit , In standard ads unit there is a Special limitation exist regarding ads size . these are

          According to Google Adsense terms and condition 

  • You may add maximum of one 300x600 ads unit with other two ads unit . It means you are not allowed to add more than two 300x600  ads unit/per page followed by other two standard ads unit
  • You may add maximum of one 970x90 ads unit with other two other standard ads unit . This  means you are not allowed to add more than two 970x90 ads unit  ads unit/per page .

Google Adsense content Link Ads unit limit per page

As a Google AdSense publisher, you may monetize your website/Blog page/Post  by adding maximum of 3 links unit along with Standard ADsense ads unit .

Google AdSense Search box Per page allowed .

As a Google AdSense publisher, you may monetize your website/Blog page/Post  by adding maximum of 3 links unit along with Standard ADsense ads unit .

How To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen ( Android )

Hide WhatsApp last seen using WhatsApp

Whatsapp last seen

WhatsApp finally launched  new update allowing you to disable WhatsApp last seen status , You don’t need any additional third party software or apps to disable WhatsApp last seen . Whether you were using Android Device or Ios device now from your WhatsApp account itself you can disable your last seen status and can re-enable whenever you want, but To enable disabling last seen features in your phone you need to update your WhatsApp application in your smartphone to latest update. 

Step by Step guide to hide WhatsApp last seen

If you have not updated your WhatsApp account then first update your WhatsApp  application on your smartphone . If you already had updated your WhatsApp Application then follow these steps by step guide to hide whats app last seen status .Although these steps primarily for android phone but these steps also works in Ipone but also all WhatsApp supported phone .

Step 1 : All the WhatsApp account features works only with working internet connection so first Connect your smartphone to internet through mobile data or if you don’t have Working mobile data plan then connect using wifi . So that your WhatsApp account get connected to WhatsApp server to make desired changes.

Step 2 : Click on Mobile Menu button ,then go to Settings .

Step 3 : Click on Account and  then privacy .

Step 4 : Under Account privacy window. You will see label as “WHO CAN SEE MY PERSONAL INFO “Find and set last seen according to your need . You can go through below last seen Settings and whats it does?

What does WhatsApp Last Seen Setting options do ?

WhatsApp Last Seen Setting to Everyone  

Every one have your phone number in there contact can see your whatsapp last online status and you can see there last online status provided you must have them in your contact list .

WhatsApp Last Seen Setting to My Contacts 

Not Every one have your phone number in there contact can see your whatsapp last online status and only people in your phone contact book can view your online status . This is best option for people concerned about their privacy   .

WhatsApp Last Seen Setting to Nobody

Setting last seen to Nobody will prevent you and other to see last seen status .This feature allow you to hide your online status from everyone on whatsapp , However you may also can’t see other status too .

We hope this Article helps , We welcome any query or feed back related to Whatsapp last seen in android .You may also help your friends to learn about this new whatsapp last seen hiding features by sharing This links to Whatapp , social networking site .
Short link to this post : 

How to Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache

How to Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache 

Whenever you open a website page in your Google chrome browser, First thigh your Google chrome web browser do is to download whole website page containing images, scripts, videos, flash files etc  in you local drive folder for temporary duration of time. These Raw downloaded data is presented in well formatted  way  in web browser and make website available on your browser as full website page . These Browser cache allow to quick reload a webpage without loading whole webpage again . With the passage of time, these cache are not of use since may website Content changes with times so these old cache consume handsome amount of hard disk . So after a fixed duration of time it good to clear your Chrome web Browser's cache

Steps To Clear Your Google chrome Browser's Cache

 Follow these instruction to clear your Google chrome browser Cache . It's Easy 

Step 1 : Open Google chrome browser .

There are two ways to open Google chrome
  • First: Go to Desktop and Double click on “Google Chrome Icon” .
  • Second: Click on Start, All programs and then Click on Google chrome icon to open.

Step 2 : Open Customize and control Google chrome .

You can open Customize and control Google chrome from Google chrome Toolbar, it look like button at Extreme left top corner of your browser window, Near Search box and it Appear as button with three black line . Open Customize and control Google chrome by clicking on Chrome menu.

Step 3 : Under Click on Tools.

A small window will appear contacting lot’s of  option’s like New tab , New window and so on will appear out of those function ,move your mouse pointer Tools .

Step 4 : Click Clear browsing data . 

Bring Mouse pointer on tools, a new window will appear from the list, select Clear browsing data .
Google chrome Shortcut To open Clear browsing data Window : Press Ctrl+shift+Del

Step 5 : Select Empty Cache

A Small dialog box will appear, From the list of categories select items “Empty the Cache “ checkboxes.

Step 6 : Select Amount and Duration of cache to delete  .

From the Drop down menu labeled as “Obliterate the following items from”. Select the Amount and Duration of cache to delete. You may clear full stored cache by selecting “beginning of time “.

Step 6 : Click Clear browsing data . 

Once you done with selecting Checkbox “Empty the Cache“and amount of cache to clear . click on Clear browsing data for Final step . 

Importance of Responsive Wordpress Theme for Your Website.

Importance of Responsive Wordpress Theme for Your Website

Today, users not only access WordPress blogs and websites through large display devices such as desktop computers and laptops, but also through devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, users will never get a full-blown experience from a WordPress blog or websites, unless they have a responsive theme. Thus, using responsive themes for a WordPress blog or website can prove to be beneficial in many ways. 

What Is A Responsive WordPress Theme?

Basically, responsive themes are themes that change based on the display size of the device a WordPress blog or website is being accessed through. This way, the website and its theme continue to look beautiful over a wide range of pixel densities and screen sizes, whether it is a 3.5 inch or 32 inch display. Since mobile phones and tablet computers are the future of computing, responsive themes make WordPress blogs and websites presentable on such devices. 

Why Choose A Responsive WordPress Theme?

When it comes to designing a WordPress blog or website, the various factors of a responsive theme play a crucial role. WordPress responsive themes offer various benefits that regular themes do not.

Monetization Importance

The grasp of monetization of a responsive theme is better. Depending on orientation, ads are adjusted by these themes accordingly. When accessing through a narrow screen, the position of ads changes without any hindrance with their design and scripts. This ensures the perfect rendering of banners and links on a WordPress blog or website, no matter what device it is accessed through. Such a blog or website can excel in the monetization department by catering to mobile and tablet users as well.

Presentation Importance

The first reason readers are attracted to a WordPress blog or website is because of the way it is presented. Appearance can make a huge difference. For instance, when random users on the Internet do a Google search and lick on the result that directs them to a specific WordPress blog or website. The design is the first thing they notice. When the theme is responsive, the blog or websites are accordingly optimized to give them a beautiful and clean experience. As a result of such a presentation, one time visitors are turned into returning visitors. 

Search Engine Optimization Importance

Web design is taken into account very seriously for SE0 purposes, since more and more people are using mobile data with each passing day. Therefore, mobile friendly web design is among the things that Google now takes into consideration. For a WordPress blog or website to appear among the top searches, it must have a mobile friendly, i.e. a responsive design. If not, a drop in ranks can be expected. 

Traffic Importance

Among WordPress blogs and websites that are 3 to 4 years old, it is common to notice an abrupt increase in visitors from Android, i05, etc, which are modern day mobile operating systems. On the other hand, a huge bounce rate or stagnation of traffic is common among WordPress blogs or websites that do not have a responsive design. 

Therefore, it should be kept in mind WordPress responsive themes are excellent for traffic and to lower bounce rates. Those who do not have a responsive them for their WordPress blog or website, may use SiteMile coupon codes to get them at a discounted price. Development and maintenance of premium responsive WordPress themes happens to be a specialty of SiteMile. These themes are also backed by full Q&A assistance and online support documentation, so it would be the right decision to buy a responsive WordPress theme from them.

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