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How to Save Environment at Home

How to Save Environment at Home

To save the world you do not have to become a super hero. Everyone can take small steps to protect environment. Believe, they don’t demand super power – quite the contrary, they’re easy to do, especially when they have become a habit. While the eco-effect of your steps can be little, it IS GREAT if millions of people start taking them.

Doing something little for environment at home is like taking part in a super-fantastic and huge flash mob  Just imagine how global these simple actions can be! And what is more – what useful effect it can provide for Mother Earth!

So What Can We Actually Do to save our Enviroment?

Take a look at a list of simple rules that are to be observed by those who want to be a part of this global “flash mob”.


These small things are more important than they seem. According to statistics replacing ordinary bulbs with fluorescent ones in every house of the USA would give the equal effect as removing 1 million automobiles from roads. If you leave the room for more than 15 minutes, turn off the bulbs. Especially it concerns incandescent ones.


Leaving a computer turned on (sleep mode) spends nearly 50 watt-hours a day. If you want your computer to be switched on, when you start working, use automatic settings.


Cooking a dish doesn’t always require preheated oven. You can turn it on right when you put the baking tray or a dish in.


 Decomposition of glass takes over two millions of years. So there’s a way out – recycling it. This is how we can reduce air pollution and prevent contamination of water.


This way you’ll save your cloths – the color and condition of linen will be great. Moreover, you’ll save money.


The expense of paper is very significant in nowadays world. That’s why it’s so important to reduce it and save this resource as much as we can. For that purpose duplex printing can be used. Also we should recycle utilized paper.


This recommendation is one of the most important. Planting a tree will shade the building, so you can save money on cooling it in summertime. Flowers will decorate your house, flower-beds or garden, and will give them a pleasant view. And also plants are useful for air and the soil.


Second-hand goods are not always of poor quality. So you can buy some stuff of the kind. It’s profitable and money-saving way of preventing pollution. Choose the wares you like that are of good condition and use them, and in case you do not need them no more, sell them.


 If you’re in the habit of drinking coffee every morning, use your own cup. It will be good not only for you, but for coffee shops as well – it’ll reduce expenditures for paper cups. You can even get a discount for that!


 Every year millions of mobile phones are retired. If they’re thrown into landfills, environment can be polluted with toxic substances that are introduces by batteries and other phone components. So you can opt for one of the programs that offer old phones recycling.


This is the way to save millions of trees and it surely will not bring any inconvenience for you, because you do not need all the junk mail which continues to store in your garage or pantry.


Compact discs are convenient in one way, but on the other hand they appear to be a huge amount of waste. So if you have Internet access it’s better to download the data you need directly on your computer. Another way is to use external hard drive, if you do not have enough space on your local hard disk.

These rules are not that hard. It’s about doing something with total awareness of the effects that can follow.These tiny steps can be great for environment.

Changing the World is about Changing Your Way of Thinking

To improve environment and its state it’s not enough to know about problems. As a part of it we should follow the rules and take care of it, because doing that means saving us too.

So to make it happen and to make your own contribution to saving the planet do the following:
Think about the possible effect of your actions and their influence on environment.

  •  Get to know about problems of nature pollution.
  • Make your own list of rules that you’ll keep to in order to protect nature from polluting.
  • Tell your friends, neighbors, mates and relatives about this concern.
  • Be active in this and you’ll make the world change!
Easy, Effective and Useful
When they say “Go Green!” it doesn’t mean changing your life to the core. It’s about seeing the world a bit wider and to have awareness of your doings. So protecting environment doesn’t demand huge changes – you’ll get several useful habits that will be a beneficial for you and for nature.

About Author
Yohana Petrovic is a writer and blogger. She has 10 years` experience in educating and now she is a proofreader at http://globalessays.org . You can reach her on Facebook: Yohana Petrovic or on Twitter: @YohanaPetrovic
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How to Backup Your Blogger (Blogspot) Blog Fast.

How to Backup Your Blogger Blog

Backup Your Blogger (Blogspot) Blog Fast.
Downloading backup of your blogger blog is great way to secure your content from accidental loss. It not only help in recovering your blog content like published post, drafts, pages and comments but also let you transport your blogger blog content to other blogging platform like self hosted WordPress blog. However, Blogger don't generate backup automatically, the one should download it's backup manually. Blogger let their authorize blog owner to download whole blog including post, page and comment using one click. Note: Blogger.com and blogspot.com both are same 

Why Backup blog?

Recently many of the popular blog has been sneaked by the group of hacker, who had deleted their year of work within few second. Some of  the victim blogs had suffered lot's of damage as they do not have backup of their blog while some are lucky to find their blog backup on their hard drive.This incident can happen to anyone having blog on web, so it's better to download backup of your blog on regular basic so that when your blog post or content is hit by such drastic situation you may recover your blog back live. 

Step By Step Guide on How to Backup Your Blogger Blog

In this article we will guide you through step by step guide to create backup of your blogger blog in one click using blogger import button.

Learn here How to Backup Blogger blog template

Step1: Access Blogger dashboard 

Go to Blogger.com, Sign-in blogger using your Gmail account (Google account).

Step 2: Select blog to make backup of

From your blogger dashboard, select the blog you want to make backup of, click on it

Step 3: Click Settings 

 Under your blog  " Overview " section, Go to extreme left hand side, look for setting and click on it.

Step 4: Click Other 

Under "settings", look for  "Other" and click on it .

Step 5: Click Export blog

Now, Under "other" look for the label "Blog Tools" and select the option "Export blog" .

Step 6: Click Download blog

When you click Export blog, new small window will popup with option to " Download blog ". Click on it and Save file to your harddisk.
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How to Make Money with Blogger (Blogspot) blog

How to make money with blogger

make money with bloggerGoogle Blogger is one of the Popular Google product  that let you create a free blog, apart from just blogging, It is the best choices for those who want to make money without investing any single penny from there pocket. Creating a blog in blogger does not cost anything moreover, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and provide effective way to monetize blog content by showing advertisement. The third party html/javascript embedding feature in blogger unlock doors of money making with blogspot blog. So, Do money making with blogger blog is easy as it's seems.The answer for this question lies in your blog content quality and traffic stats,If your blogger blog  is serving quality content and have sufficient amount of organic traffic to your blog then you can make anywhere from $1 to $1000. we are bluffing, bloggers around the web are really making that amount of money with their blog, web are filled with such success story. However to earn that much money on regular basic, one should have lot's of patience, good communication and writing skills, dedication toward blogging, sound knowledge of search engine Optimization and Traffic driving strategy etc.In this article we will show you how to make decent money with blogger and way's of monetizing your blogger blog . 

Getting started making Money with blogger

Steps to get started making money with blogger

The only way to make money with blogger is through monetizing your blog content with ads or by selling other products or your own service. In blogger there are bacially two way's using which one can make money with blog. Before going through these two ways to make money with blogger, One should create a blogger blog and drive sufficient amount of traffic. A blog without traffic will not earn single penny.

Let me show you how you can create blog in blogger and Improve your blogger traffic

Step 1: Create Blogger blog

To get started making money with blogger blog first things you need to do is to create blog in blogger.com. Let me show you how to create in blog in blogger.com.

If you don't have Google account already then create one.See how to create Google account 

Step 2: Write quality content.

The basic ingredient of the blog is it's content, having quality blog content are always helpful in building quality audience and popularity of blog which helps in building traffic to your blog.The more content your blog will have more traffic your blog will receive and more money your blog will generate .

Step 3: Improve your blogger traffic

Quality content are good for nothing if no one can see it. Sometime's blog having quality content get unnoticed due to low search engine visibility of your blogger blog and reach. to improve your blogger blog reach follow below given point.

Step 4: Choose best monetization method for your blog

Right monetization method can convert your blog traffic to money making machine while wrong monetization methods will lower your earning rate.However, the biggest hurdle in making money with blogger blog is to find legit and best monetizing method that really generate money out of your website content and traffic.So we have come up with the method by using which you can make money out of your blog content and traffic.

#1 Make money by monetizing your blogger blog with adsense

AdSense is the one of the popular google product that let webmaster to monetize their blog/website content with cpc and cpm ads.It can turn your blogger blog to money making machine only if your blogger blog getting good amount of organic traffic.
           To get started making money with AdSense in blogger. You need to create AdSense account and get your AdSense account approved . Once your adsense application get's approved, you will be able to monetize you blogger blog via your blogger dashboard, Adsense tab

#2 Make money by monetizing your blogger blog with affiliate link

Affiliated marketing is the commission based marketing scheme which let you earn money by selling the commissionable product on your blogger blog. Unlike the Adsense, you earn money only when someone buy's product or service using your affiliated link .
           To get started monetizing blogger blog with affiliated link , you need to join affiliated network that pay's money. Get your affiliated link and  emmbed in your blogger blog gadget or in post .

Tips to Improve Your Blog's Online Earnings
  • Increase traffic to your website, more traffic will generate more money.
  • Update your blog daily with new content, It will make your existing audience and search engine busy. 
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10 Signs you should invest in YouTube

10 Signs you should invest in YouTube.

The advent of content and internet marketing, reaching out to potential customers, revolved and were only favored around exceptionally influential advertisers and clients were chosen according to their financial capacity. It’s a good thing, those days are over.

Today, the internet provides a massive opportunity to earn more money on exploring several marketing techniques through creative contents and watching advertisements is one of them.

When it comes to creating and sharing videos online, YouTube always emerges at the top of the list. In fact, it has already become a household brand name for sharing and uploading videos online.

YouTube which was created in February of 2005 by three former PayPal employees now holds the title for most viewed site on the internet, apart from Google and Facebook. 

How do people get paid on YouTube and how they make more money?


Here is how it works:

Ever had that experience when a link instantly shows up before watching a YouTube video? Watching these commercials, otherwise known as pre-roll, is how people get paid and make more money on YouTube.
For every YouTube Account when an advertisement or commercial is shown, YouTube pays for every thousand or so clicks. The estimate is between $ 20 and $25 per thousand ads that has been clicked and watched. In most cases, advertisements that have been watched all the way till the end cost more. 

In internet marketing, this is what they call Cost-per-Thousand Impressions (CPM). The scheme works well for YouTube Channels with enormous fan bases and massive followers.  However, a channel can only start earning once a Channel owner registers to become a member of YouTube’s Partner Program. The earning potential in this YouTube’s Partner Program is about 45% cut for the Partner and the rest goes to YouTube. Even with this hefty cut on shares, Partner members still earn more than a million dollars. 

There are variations on the how much or less every YouTube Partner earns.  The program only works on every thousand YouTube views; however, advertisements are not the same every single time. There are videos that target a specific location, a specific genre and category. Thus, a Partner can either earn more or less in a given period.

Who are the top earners/ Stars in YouTube and how much do they make?

Creative content creators, passionate video bloggers and fans alike have earned millions of dollars in their respective channels.

Here are some of the five top earners according to YouTube’s analytics:
  1. Creative content creators, passionate video bloggers and fans alike have earned millions of dollars in their respective channels. Here are some of the five top earners according to YouTube’s analytics:
  2. Evan Tube HD who earned $ 1.32 million by filming toy reviews, gadgets and game consoles. What started out as just a father and son bonding is now a million dollar business.
  3. The Rad Brad earned a whopping $ 1.38 million through entertaining and humor-induced game walkthroughs.
  4. Daniel in The Diamond Minecraft with over $ 1.4 million earnings through Minecraft.
  5. Tobuscus. There seems to be a lot going on with Minecraft and these guys actually become instant millionaires. With a $2.8 million earning, there is not a doubt that YouTube generates more money online.
  6. Another Minecraft fanatic, Pew Die Pie, earned $ 8 million last year. 

Why Switch to YouTube Videos?

Yes, if those top earners mentioned on the list above are not convincing enough, here are more reasons why a YouTube investment is worth it.

  1. The Role of Mobile Smart Phones has created a huge advantage on accessibility and availability of information. Obviously, people are hooked on sharing and creating videos, real time. It’s time to do the same. 
  2. Consumers are getting wiser and more intelligent by the day. Traditional marketing techniques will not work anymore. People crave for more creative and interactive promotional content-thus videos become more effective.
  3. Experts suggest that people become deeply moved by things they see rather than what they hear. Videos are visual content that urgently triggers emotions and reactions.
  4. There is already too much of everything. Content marketing is slowly shifting through videos where there is less reading, but suggest a different perspective on the same subject. 
  5. Only Videos that are current and updated matter. No one would watch a 20 year old video unless it is for academic purposes. YouTube is at the top of its competition because of innovative and current video content.

Brands and products are nothing unless viewed on YouTube. This online video sharing site, with over a billion unique visits each month, has changed the way people watch, create and share videos Online. Every day, over a hundred hours of video is uploaded on YouTube, a strong indication that there is a huge competition for attention and awareness. It shows that there is a critical demand to always be in the know and be sensitive. YouTube is bridging the gap when it comes to interactive marketing, branding and smart consumer choices.

About Author

Sheena Mathieson,Sheena Mathieson, understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business especially when it comes online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

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How to Permanently Deactivate Facebook Account.

How to Permanently Deactivate a Facebook Account

If you are no longer want to use your Facebook account but don't actually don't want to delete it then best solution for you is to deactivate your facebook account  permanently.This will ensure your account existence on Facebook and none of the people will actually see your Facebook content accept your account name. it more like delting your Facebook account but this let you reactivate your Facebook account whenever you want. Basically Facebook  provide two option for removing your Facebook activity on temporary bases as well as permanent basic,Temporary hiding of Facebook data is know as deactivate while permanent removal is the result of Facebook delete. here in this article we will be using Facebook deactivate option to hide Facebook data permanently. however your account will be reactivated if you log in to your account.So to deactivate permanent, Deactivate your account and avoid log in.  Before getting started with step by step deactivate Facebook Permanently guide, you must understand what exactly both options do so that you best utilize these two Facebook functions.

What does deactivating Facebook account means?

By deactivating Facebook account,  all of your Facebook activity like your uploaded photos, comments, likes and your Facebook timeline will  be hidden and no one will able to access or see them. However you will appears on Facebook friend list but non can view your profile pic.

What does deleting Facebook account means?

Successfully Deleting of Facebook account will completely removes all your Facebook account database associate with like uploaded photos, messages, friends, created pages etc from Facebook  and no longer will be recoverable.

Steps By step Guide to Permanently Deactivate Facebook account

Step 1: Log into Facebook

Go to Facebook.com, Access your Facebook account by entering log in credential

Step 2: Go to Facebook account settings

Go to top right corner of your Facebook window and click on the drop down triangle shape button, Under
drop down window, Click settings .

Step 3: Open Facebook Security Settings

Under General Account Settings window, On the left hand side, Click Security to open Security Settings .

Step 4: Click Deactivate your account.

Under Security Settings window , Click "Deactivate your account".

Step 5:Confirm Deactivating Facebook account

Enter reason for deactivating Facebook account and click confirm

Step 6: For Permanent Facebook account deactivation 

To deactivate your Facebook permanent uncheck  "Auto reactivate" , click confirm , Enter your password if promoted by click ok.

Watch on YouTube How to deactivate Facebook account permanently 
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Top 10 Best Domain Registrars

Top 10 Best Top-level Domain Name Registrars

What could be better then having domain name at cheapest possible registration and renewal charge, registered on best domain name registrar of the world, Just having a domain name registered on domain name does not worth if you have not got right web hosting plan for your website.

Top 10 Best Domain Registrars

To make your domain name and web hosting on a go we have  have come up with these top ten domain name registration company.This top 10 list is made on the basic of hosting plans , domain name registration features,Domain name registration charges, Promotional discounts, customer support and last but not the list their popularity among their customer. 

#10 FatCow.com


Fatcow.com is basically a web hosting site, We have placed this web hosting company in our top ten domain name registrar because it is equipped with all the features that you need to have in a domain name registrar company, It allow top level domain name registration in various popular domain name extension like .com starting for just $15.99/year, for whois guard you need to pay additional price of $9.99/year .They also brand new bundle of new top level domain name extension which give your domain name an attractive look.However this Web hosting company fails to provide domain name buyying features like bulk domain name search, search filters etc.Visit Fatcow.com

#9 www.ipage.com


Ipage.com is not the cheapest domain name registrar company though you can save your domain name registration charge by choosing there annual hosting plan which comes at just $2.25/month . It is the cheapest hosting plan which allow yo uo host unlimited number of domain name. However if you are just thinking to buy domain name then top level domain name registration at ipage.com start with only $15.99/year with an additional charge of $9.99/year (optional) for domain privacy protection.If you are thinking for mass buying domain name then we wouldn't be recommending this company because it lacks mass domain name registration feature. Visit Ipage.com

#8 Hostgator.com

Hostgator.com was founded by Brent Oxley on October 22, 2002, The company have long postive history in web hosting world and still maintain it's top position in web hosting worlds. It is basically a web hosting company also open for domain name registration, top level domain name registration  .com starting at $15.00 / yr, it allow you to add domain name privacy protection by paying additional $$9.95 /yr. If you are looking for bulk domain name registration or domain name in new generic based top level domain name then this is not your kind of domain name registrar as it is a primarily web hosting company that's why they have limited top level domain name extension like .com .net .info .org .biz .me  .us .co. however if you are looking for good web hosting and domain combo plan then this web hosting company stands shoulder to shoulder in top 10 webhosting company. Visit Hostgator.com

#7 Register.com


Register.com was founded by Richard, Peter Forman and Dan Levine in 1994. They started business as a provider of Internet services later they turned there business to web hosting solution .In 2010 The Register.com's was sold to web.com for $135 million in 2010.Register.com. Now the company is owned by web.com but still it function as it was functioning previously. The Register.com is not only a domain registrar company but it's also provide some of the powerful hosting solution. It has wide list of popular domain name extension , New generic top level domain name extension and Country domain name extension also. You can protect your domain name whois data by purchasing Private domain name which cost you additional $11.00/year cost along with top level domain name registration yearly charge. Visit Register.com

#6 123-reg.co.uk 


123-reg.co.uk is the Europe based largest web hosting company, It claims to registered over 3 million domain names and have Eco friendly data center with 1.5 millions website hosted. The 123-reg.co.uk have almost everything that you need to make your website online 24/7. This webs hosting company is perfect for registering top level domain , as they have several popular domain name extension like .com .net .org etc, wide list of new generic top level domain and popular country based domain extension. you can pre order newly available domain name extension and can buy mass domain name using bulk domain name search tools.It allows you to register domain name for maximum period of 10 year after that you need to renew it again. The top level domain name having extension .com cost you £10.99/year and whois privacy protection come for additional pries of £4.99 .Visit 123-reg.co.uk

#5 1and1.com 


1and1.com available popular top level domain name Extension

1and1.com is the another cool domain name registrar and web hosting company in a row, It was established in 1988, It's primary known for it's eco friendly web hosting solution and its cheapest domain name registration .The best thing about 1and1.com that made them stands out of the crowd is is their attractive pricing scheme for domain name registration as wells as for web hosting. They have almost all the major top level domain extension and brand new domain name extension for you to choose from however they lack behind other domain name registrar when we talk about country based domain name extension . There top level domain name registration having popular extension .com start with just $14.99/annually. With promotional coupons code you can get new domain name for just $0.99 for first year. Visit 1and1.com

#4 Networksolutions.com 


Networksolutions.com available popular top level domain name Extension

Networksolutions.com was owned by web.com for $404 millions in 2010. It is basically a web hosting company which was designed for business and entrepreneur website, It offer domain name registration in popular domain name extension, new domain name extension and some popular country code domain extension.We can't resist to add networksolution.com on top 10 domain name registrar because its only the domain name registrar which allow you to register top level domain name for more then 10 year, maximum of 100 year.It is best for Long term domain name registration as it cost much cheaper then any other long term domain name registration on the other hand it is worst for short duration domain name registration as it's Top level domain name registration starting cost start at $32/year and for the private domain name registration you need to pay additional cost of $9.99 per year.Visit Networksoulution.com

#3 Domain.com


Domain.com available popular top level domain name Extension

Domain.com is basically domain name registrar company founded in 2000. It also provide other web solution like shared web hosting, website designing etc. It has all major Top Level Domains, new domain name extention and over 25 country code domain name registration to choose from. Although Domain.com is primarily domain name registration site it look like it lack basic bulk domain name registration feature for mass domain search .This make difficult for you to manually search for all available domain name extension for your searched name.The top level .com domain name start at just $9.99 without any promotional offer,To get private domain name registration you need to pay additional $8.99 per year. You can also save more money by applying domain.com promotion codes .Visit Domain.com

#2 Namecheap.com 

NameCheap.com was founded by Richard Kirkendall in 2000 as a private company, It is Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers-accredited domain registrar and web hosting company. As the name suggest it promises to provide cheap top level domain name along with cheapest whois guard protection cost only $2.88 you have given with wide list of domain extension to choose from . It has almost all the popular country domain name and new generic domain name. You can register your top level domain name maximum of 10 year. They also support bulk domain name registration which allow you to register maximum of 50 domain name at a time .The Pricing schemefor top level domain name are very much affordable as they provide cheapest private domain name registration, .com domain name starting as low as $10.69 without any promotional code. You can save more by adding coupon or promotional code. Visit namecheap.com

#1 GoDaddy.com 

Godaddy.com available popular top level domain name Extension

#1 GoDaddy.com - Home of the $1.99 domain name
Godaddy.com is privately owned company, founded by Bob Parsons in 1997. It is the world largest domain name registrar company having around 59 million domains under management and still counting. Its pointless to say why it is so popular. No other domain registrar company stands near by in terms of their customers. It has largest domain name extension to choose from. whether you want popular domain extension like .com or you want country domain extension it has almost every domain name extension which are available for registration .They have almost everything to find right domain name for you in every possible domain name extension. The registration of top level domain name like .com start with $9.99 + $0.18 ICANN Fees without any discount. You can get huge discount by adding Godaddy coupon code. Learn how to add godaddy coupon code .Visit Godaddy.com

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Top 10 smartphones brands in India

Top 10 smartphones brands in India


The smartphone market in India is expanding and with that, many Indian smartphone manufacturers have grown up into big names in this industry. Brands like Micromax and Karbonn which were trying to have a name in this huge industry are now competing with the giants. Here we list down Top 10 popular smartphones brands in India .

The top 10 smartphone brands that are present in the Indian market.


Another Indian smartphone manufacturer that made huge progress with its android smartphones. Among the Indian manufacturers, this is quite an impressive one and has always served products competitive to Micromax and other manufacturers. However it isn’t as popular as Micromax. Still it occupies a major share of the market and its devices sell in impressive numbers. Just like Micromax, it is also climbing up the ladder from budget devices to mid-range and high end devices. Even after being just a spot below Micromax, it has a long way to go to be even close to it.


Lava has been quite successful in the market, especially with the Xolo brand they introduced. The association with Intel helped them a lot and they came up with some very impressive devices under the Xolo brand. This brand has also got a decent share in the market and manages to sell an impressive volume of devices. Like other Indian manufacturers, Lava is a strong player in the low and mid-range segment.


From a dying brand to every brand’s nightmare, Motorola has come a long way again. It used to be the giant long back but then things went south for Motorola. The brand got resurrected and gave us some really impressive smartphones like the Moto G. thanks to devices like the Moto G and Moto E, Motorola quickly rose up the popularity chart in India and other markets. They also sell the Moto X in Indian market which is an impressive high end device. Now the brand is owned by Lenovo.


This player from China made things tough for lot of manufacturers. Brands like Micromax, Karbonn and Lava were already having a tough time dealing with the budget devices introduced by Motorola and other major brands. In the middle of that, a Chinese manufacturer enters the market with high end devices at mid-range and low end prices, making even the Moto devices look overpriced and people go crazy about the new brand. Xiaomi sold its devices through flash sales and even after so many months of their entry in India, their devices go off the (online) shelf in seconds. They have moved up in terms of volumes internationally as well and they have already passed many major manufacturers.

Nokia/ Microsoft Mobile

Some of the biggest smartphone manufacturers were passed through different hands and Nokia was one of them. It has gone down miles but if someone is looking for windows phone devices, Microsoft Mobile is the vendor to go to. Microsoft Mobile is the renamed version of the mobile phone division of Nokia. They make some really impressive devices like Lumia 930, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520 and are adding new devices to the line-up.


While other brands struggle to sell an impressive number of units to make decent profits, this manufacturers has played big with small numbers. In terms of value, they take a decent share of market even though they don’t sell a lot of devices. They have branded themselves as a premium offering and have generated a strong following. They recently introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for which they were picked on by different manufacturers as they mocked large screen devices earlier. Despite that, Apple devices continue to sell strong with each device generating huge profits to the manufacturer.


This device has been around for a long time but isn’t as successful as the other players in the game. No doubt it has made some very impressive devices recently like the LG G2 or G3 but there is nothing good at the lower end of the spectrum to keep the volumes high. The lack of a good budget device has caused trouble not only for LG but other manufacturers like Sony and HTC as well. LG also made the last two Nexus devices which also sold in impressive numbers in India and other markets.


Sony is also focussing a lot on the higher end of the spectrum while ignoring the budget segment. They have got quite impressive high end devices in its Xperia line-up. They keep releasing a new flagship device every six months to keep bringing something fresh to the table for the buyers. Apart from their flagship devices, they make very impressive compact versions of these devices. Unlike other manufacturers which water down the specifications in making a mini or compact version, Sony tends to retain everything from the flagship device in their compact device.


This manufacturer grew really fast from selling rebranded Chinese feature phones to selling high end smartphones, not only in India but in other markets as well. And it grew really big in terms of volumes and left many popular manufacturers behind. They got huge success in the budget segment and then they later started moving up the ladder to mid-range and high end devices. Association with some major brands also helped Micromax grow. They recently introduced a new brand Yu in the market to cater different audience.


Well there is no doubt this manufacturer has to take the top spot. It has seen many highs and lows but it continues to sell in impressive numbers and has held its spot despite the tough competition from new as well as well-established players. Even though they have been criticised heavily for making monotonous designs and plastic devices, their high end devices pack in lot of innovative features to set them apart from the competition. The Galaxy S series and the Note series are especially popular and now they are trying to change their character with some metal bodied devices coming in.

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Why Android Smartphone Hangs and Its Fix

Android Smartphone hangs and Its Solution

Why Android Smartphone Hangs and Its Fix
Smartphone has became one of the most essential and dominant gadget in our daily life, It has almost all the major feature of laptop with the handiness like never before. Wide list of features made us so addicted that we even can’t go anywhere without it.Nowadays's almost every single person you see in crowd have a smartphone in their pocket. It has made everything within your reach in just one click, From entertainment to learning almost everything can be done using smartphone. Although it has several advantages that made our life easy. Besides advantage there are several disadvantages also. Out of those one biggest android Smartphone flaws is hanging up while using smartphone. To fix android smartphone hanging and freezing issue, we need to understand it's cause.

Why Android Smartphone Hang?

Like every other electronic gadget, Smartphone also have their own limitation. Whether you own a brand new phone or old smartphone all the phone likely to get hangs. It has nothing to do with new or old android smart phone. If you run your Smartphone above its system capabilities or any apps consume all the system resource then for sure your android Smartphone will result in hang no matter how good your Smartphone is. Hanging in android Smartphone is just a matter of its system resources availability and amount of the system resources used. However, if your Smartphone hangs rarely the you don't need t worry too much this may due to temporary apps conflict etc. Moreover special attention is need for the phone having anonymously random hangs. It might occur due to over system resources use or due to any hardware issue. In this article we will be discussing about the major cause that make android or any other Smartphone go hang

Factor that Cause Android Smartphone Hang

Android Smartphone hangs either due to hardware malfunctioning or due to software problem. The worst case is hardware malfunction, it require professional knowledge to deal with it.If your mobile phone hardware is not working properly then you need to concert service center for it's solution.Here in this article we will try to state various reason that make android phone hang because you don't require any deep proportional knowledge to tackle android phone hang caused by software.

             In spite of the fact that there are many little to big factor that affect your smartphone functionality, but here we are focusing on major factor that cause smartphone freeze or hang.These are

#1 Internal memory might gone full, remove unwanted data to

No matter how much your internal memory is, if it is filled upto brim, your smartphone will freeze for sure this also due to reason that all the important os files and apps are installed in internal storage and it require atleast 25% of free internal space to work efficiently without lag. There is no alternate way in fixing lag then clearing internal memory. 

                 Do you mobile keep on saying " Phone internal memory low ". I bet your mobile  will be running like snail on sand. To sort this problem you need to make some space in your internal phone memory. We know that its hard to delete those important pic's , Document, video collection and wallpapers collection from your phone but to make your mobile run like before you need to make some space in phone space. Here are some ways by using which you can free your phone internal memory without deleting anything important from your mobile 

Clear Apps Temp Files

All the phone software,Os and apps installed in the internal memory and use major portion of the internal memory for proper functioning. As the time pass, these app's get stored with the temp file which are no longer need by the apps and consume large part of your phone internal storage as dump data.these data are no longer needed by any apps and can be cleared from your smartphone manually or using Cleaning apps.

Move large file to External storage memory.

For some smartphone user clearing temp data does not help at all because only few amount of internal memory can be recovered. there may be case when all of your temp file are already being cleared by clearing apps. Then you require the moving method to free up some of your internal memory. Just choose the large files like pics, movies, mp3, video files etc to your external memory card. This will help you to recover large internal space.

#2 External memory might gone full,Delete some to fix android hanging

If you talk about android phone external memory, it is the most populated storage space that contain's majority of entertaining files like .mp3 ,videos file and images files etc and even lot's more.Likewise internal memory, if the external memory gone full, your smartphone will start to slow down your phone performance like opening of apps, closing of apps, copy to memory card etc and even sometime cause phone to freeze or lag.To Fix lag caused due to external memory  you need to free up some of your phone external memory .Here are some ways to fix lag caused external memory.

Free up your Smartphone external memory.

Our Smartphone is always contain some of the file that are no longer need by us. these files store large space for no use at all so hunt these large files which are no longer need and remove it from your external file. Also check for the duplicate files that often created due to manual error. Also delete unwanted large files like movies, videos and Photos etc or transfer these files to other storage space like compact disk or in your pc.

Upgrade your smartphone external memory

Did you know, majority of smartphone have the facility to upgrade it's external storage. Although it have hardware limitation but you have option to upgrade your storing space to maximum of it's capacity. So, if you don't want to delete any data from your phone then rush to market and get your smartphone external storage spaced upgraded to it's maximum capacity .

#3 Too many Apps may be running in background 

Sometimes, even your mobile have enough of free internal and external memory storage space still your mobile  lag like hell often result in hang then be sure to check background running apps bu what these background running apps? While using phone we often forgot to close apps and start using other apps due to which unclosed apps get minimized and keep on using your android phone recourse  parallely. Since every mobile source have hardware limitation like processor, Ram etc So when the number of background running apps  draining your phone resources your hardware limitation you mobile gets Freeze and hangs.To avoid such problem follow these bellow steps 

Close your android phone Apps properly.

It's always wise choice to close your apps properly. It not only reduce the chance of getting your apps minimize in background but also it prevent your data form accidental loss due force and unsafe closing of apps.

#4 Uninstall heavy apps to fix android phone lag issue. 

Android phone without apps are good for nothing but having unwanted apps installed in your Smartphone only consume your system resource and cause phone to lag. Instead of letting these apps ruins your system resource, hunt them down and uninstalled them for your smartphone.If your smartphone have any heavy apps installed which on opening start to make your phone lag like hell then uninstall it. This will help you to recover some of the internal storage space and help reducing lag to large extent.

#5 Scan your android phone with antivirus

Tried all the above steps to cure your smartphone from freeze and hang. Probably your smartphone internal or external memory  got infected by viruses or worms. Scan your android phone internal and external memory with updated antivirus .If you don't have any antivirus installed make sure to buy one and get it installed in your smartphone.You may also scan your android smartphone with your computer pc antivirus by plugging it with USB and performing scan 

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