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What is Search Engine Optimization and How It Works?

What is Search Engine Optimization and How It Works?


Search engine optimization or better we call is SEO is the process of optimizing our website to bring better ranking on search engine for a desired keywords. There are different strategies and methodology we adopt to bring a higher ranking for desired keywords. Before we move ahead we need to understand 2 basics of SEO that is crawling and indexing. One of the major mistakes that webmasters do is making our website non crawlable. Most of the search engines like Google keep crawling your websites and indexing the content if they meet the certain guidelines. Whenever any user makes any search on Google, the algorithms runs in backend and looks for the indexing in the data center. Indexing depends on many factors which we will discuss further.

Every Search Engine Optimization has 2 major components:

a) On Page SEO
b) Off Page SEO.

What is On Page SEO

On Page SEO is any activity or methodology we follow on the website to optimize the site for a keyword is called On page SEO. These are all done with basic HTML tags and with help of few other tools like GTMatrix, Google page insight.

Factors Affecting On Page SEO

a) Title Tag: Title tag is one of the most important on page SEO factor. It looks like <title>your web page content.</title>.It appears in browser tab bar.Title content should not be more than 57 characters for website and 61 characters for mobile. If more than 57 characters, search engine will truncate it or show partial content. Title content should be relevant to the webpage content. Title should contain your target keyword, primary keyword or you call it focus keyword for which you want your web page to appear in search result for that particular keyword.'

b) H1 Heading: H1 heading are considered the second most on-page SEO factor. It should be short and concise, or better have your title in H1 heading. It looks like <h1> content<h1>. One should not use more content in H1 heading or else it will dilute the effect of your focus keyword. Every Web Page should contain only one H1 heading.

c) H2,H3  heading : One should use multiple H2 and H3 heading with other forms of keywords or may use keywords which you are less targeting but relevant to the page content and h1 heading as well.

d) Alt Tag: Every Image which we use on our web page should have alt tag to define the image and what the image is all about. At least one of your image should have the primary or focus keyword. All search engines understands your images through these alt tags.

e) Content: Content should be relevant, unique and SEO friendly. Most people find it difficult to understand what SEO friendly content is all about is or what is quality content. Good content is something having proper structure and keyword density. It should not only contain your keyword but at the same time should have other keywords like LSI keywords. LSI keywords are the words which appear at the bottom of search results for a particular keyword search. Content can be made relevant by using these LSI words in content.

f) Position of Keywords: Position of a keyword is also very important if we are targeting a very competitive work. First 100 words in first paragraph is most important to have your keywords, that is place where Google takes a strong signal.

g) User Engagement: Website structure should be engaging and rich with images, videos, and call to actions stuffs. So that users find the page interesting and more relevant. This will also help to increase the dwell time. Dwell time is average time that user spends on your web page for a particular keyword. More the dwell time, better search ranking for a keyword.

h) Bounce Rate: Bounce rate should be low and one should try to make user stick to your webpage without clicking the back button. Google takes bounce rate very seriously in its algorithm.

i) URL Structure: URL should have no special characters or should not be dynamically generated. Every word should be separated with hyphen(-)

j) Speed Optimization:  Google loves website which have less than 3 seconds downloading time. We can check this parameter using GTmatrix or Google page insight. Before uploading any image one should optimize the images using Photoshop or Google page insight. Further reduction in downloading speed can be done by minifying use of  JavaScript and inline CSS. 

k) Interlinks and outbound links: Content on web pages on a website should be linked to other pages on site. There are two advantages to it. User will find it easy to navigate to other pages and secondly Google can crawl from one page to another. Thus increasing the crawl rate.

Factors Affecting Off Page SE

a) Page Rank: 
Page rank is the probability of a user clicking randomly on any website and landing on your website. Page rank is defined between 1 to 10. Less popular pages are ranked low and more popular pages are ranked high. Higher the Page Rank more is the chances of getting your web page ranked for desired keywords. Page rank can be improved by getting quality backlinks from other important websites having high page rank.
b) Back Links: 
Every webmaster should try to get the quality backlinks from websites having high PR. Low quality and even spammy backlinks can lower the ranking of a website in Google Search results. Backlinks can be created from categories like

  1. Business Directory
  2. Event Submission Sites
  3. Social Book Marking Sites
  4. Profile Creation Sites
  5. Link Submission Sites
  6. Social Networking Sites.
  7. Article Sites
  8. Blogs
c) No Follow and Do follow Backlinks:
Ever Links pointing to another website is either no follow or do follow. We can check it using the inspect element. Google only follow do follow backlinks while determining it as a vote or while calculating the PR. More the number of No follow backlinks better it is for higher PR.

About Author
Sanjay Mark Ballav is Director and leads the development team at Web Development India, a leading Laravel Development Company. He loves doing SEO and providing consulting services to many startups when it comes to Digital Marketing.

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Top 10 Clothing Companies in the World

Top 10 Clothing Companies in the World

In the present day, we can see a lot of companies around the world. Some of the companies are well known brands and others are competing with top brands to become number one in the world. People always love to choose branded companies to buy clothes, mobiles, laptops, computers, watches, shoes, household items, etc. You can observe many popular branded companies when it comes to clothing industry. One of the most saleable industries in the world now is clothing. People need different clothes in their daily lives and therefore, they will buy clothes whether it is expensive or inexpensive. 

If you are looking for best clothing companies in the world in order to choose to buy your different clothes, here are top 10 clothing companies in the world that let you buy top quality clothes:

1. Nike

Nike is one of the best clothing companies in the world. Nike is an American multinational company that focuses on the design, development, manufacturing and global marketing and sales of many items including apparel. A lot of people love Nike and their branded dresses. The company is a most triumphant, well known and decipherable sports brand in the world. Nike Clothing Company could revolutionize the fashion industry since its beginning. A lot of brands have tried to emulate the success o Nike but none of them could even pull in near to the quality and professionalism of Nike. The company offeQrs high quality, branded, and superlative clothing to men and women. Nike is the No. 1 most priceless apparel brand and anyone in the world can depend on them.  

2. Louis Vuitton

If you are looking for one of the most reliable and best apparel companies in the world, Louis Vuitton comes as a great choice for you. Louis Vuitton is one of the world's foremost global fashion houses. The company was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton and since then, the company was synonym with fashion. Men and women are able to buy a variety of top quality and stylish clothes from the company. Since it’s a reliable company, you don’t have to be worried about the money that you spend for buying clothes for the company. 

3. Zara

The company, Zara, is a much-preferred clothing company amid many people around the world. Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer located in Arteixo, Galicia. The corporation was established in 1975. It was founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera. Today, the company is one of the world's largest apparel retailers. The company has got above 2,100 stores internationally and is the chief brand of the Inditex Group. Zara is popular for developing a new product that is trending and also its ability to make people pleased with it. 

4. Hermes

Hermes is a French apparel company established in 1837. They are one of the best and high fashion luxury goods manufacturers. Today, the company offers ready-to-wear clothing, many trendy clothes and stylish dresses that suit you on every occasion. A number of celebrities and common people in the world love the products of Hermes. The company has got many years of experience in the clothing industry and they understand how to satisfy clients around the world with classy and trendy models of dresses. 

5. Prada

Prada is an Italian luxury fashion house and one of the best apparel companies in the world. The company was founded in 1913. Prada has now developed into the biggest name in fashion industry. Prada have experienced the most considerable growth in the industry due to its professionalism, reliability and top quality products. You shouldn’t overlook this company if you would like to purchase durable and good quality clothes. 

6. Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta of one of the best clothing companies that is well known and renowned in the world. The company mainly provides ready to wear apparel, accessories, perfumes and beauty products. The company is known for its offerings of children and bridal wear. It makes available ready to wear apparel, including dresses, caftans, pants and skirts, gowns, blouses and knits, jackets and coats, and fur for women. The company is good at producing trendy women and men dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear for girls; and tops, bottoms, and outerwear for boys, etc. 

7. Burberry

Burberry is a popular British luxury fashion house and the company is headquartered in London, England. It mainly focuses on distributing ready-to-wear outerwear and fashion accessories. Burberry is a well-known brand around the world for its innovative menswear, coats, dresses, women’s wear, bags, scarves, shoes, accessories, beauty, and fragrance. The company is most illustrious for its trench coat. Since, its beginning, the company enjoys a good status in the world. The products of the corporation are being extensively bought by people all over the world.

8. Gucci

Gucci is another great brand in the apparel industry and people like the products of Gucci due to several reasons. It is an Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods. The company was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. Along with clothing, the company is widely popular for its shoes, bags and leather items.  Due to its quality clothing, many celebrities choose Gucci for buying clothes for even red carpet events. The company is known for producing luxury and rich clothing. 

9. Chanel

Chanel is a French company owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer. Since its foundation is 1909, the company has been gaining popularity in fashion and clothing industries all over the world. Today, it is one of the most preferred brands amid people across the world. The company concentrates ion producing products related to Fashion & Accessories, Eyewear, Fragrance & Beauty, Fine Jewelry & Watches. The company is well sought after aid trendier, younger and old fashion lovers due to its individuality. 

10. Adidas

Adidas is a German multinational company. It is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The company mainly focuses on designing and manufacturing shoes, clothing, and accessories. Adidas is considered to be the biggest sportswear producer in Europe and the second leading company in the world. Plenty of people like the products of Adidas as a result of its personality and branded products. It presents luxury, rich and quality products to people. People can choose cool and decent trendy products with Adidas every time. 

About Author
I am Susan Taylor. I am working as a freelance writer for the past several years now. I enjoy writing articles and essays. It gives me a lot of confidence to deal with different subjects and topics. I, presently, work for a professional thesis writing service at the moment and it helps me to deal with students writing issues. I also focus on writing a variety of articles to different blogs and other online magazines whenever I get more free time.
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Top 10 Best Antivirus Software Protect Your Computer from Hackers, Spyware and Viruses

The Best Ten Antivirus Software to Protect Your Computer from Hackers, Spyware, and Viruses

Best Antivirus Software Protect Your Computer from Hackers, Spyware and Viruses

Remember that your computer is always vulnerable to hackers, spyware, and viruses. There is always a need to protect your computer because the attack of hackers, spyware, and viruses can really affect your computer badly. You will lose your important files, data, information and many other things if your computer becomes prey to hackers, spyware, and viruses. One of the most effective ways available to you to save your computer from the dangerous attack of hackers, spyware, and viruses is downloading and installing the best antivirus software in the industry.

You can find a lot of antivirus software online these days and they assure you effective solutions when it comes to Hackers, Spyware and Viruses attack. Antivirus software plays the main role in protecting your computer from hazardous attacks and it offers real time protection. It can also identify threats in order to aid your computer and the information in it to be out of harm's way. Antivirus software can save the computer from any not permitted code or software that generates a threat to the system.

Here Are Some of the Best Antivirus Software That Lets You to Protect Your Computer from Hackers, Spyware, and Viruses:

Avira Free Antivirus

One of the best antivirus software that lets your computer to be safe and harmless from the virus and hackers attack is Avira Free Antivirus. It is an award-winning antivirus and it is well known for its capability to protect your data and files. It has the ability to keep your privacy safe against all kinds of serious malware attacks including worms, viruses, Trojans, and spyware. Since it is easy to install and even easier to use, Avira can be your best solution to fight successfully against hackers, spyware, and viruses.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus offers absolute security to your computer. It offers security for Windows, Mac OS and Android. This antivirus software protects you while browsing, shopping, and banking. The antivirus has the power to uncover as well as take away malware. It is known for giving highly rated cyber-security for personal computers. It’s easy to use as well. The software can offer higher performance with no slowdowns and therefore, install the software in order to make your system free from malware attacks.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus

If you are worried about the attacks of hackers, spyware, and viruses, McAfee AntiVirus Plus can offer you the best solution. It offers necessary antivirus safety for your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. It allows the users to browse, bank, and shop securely online. The main features of this antivirus software are that it can guard your PC against viruses and online threats. It will help you to stay away from risky websites and assist to avert unsafe downloads.

F-Secure Anti-Virus

F-Secure Anti-Virus is another great solution that helps you safe from hackers, spyware, and viruses. It is capable of discovering potentially hazardous viruses, spyware, and malware and aids you to remove them from your computer. This antivirus software is easy to use, fast and effective. Since the software comes with superior protection technology and further incorporated security features, it can protect your PC against viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans.

Avast Pro Antivirus

In the present day, there are some excellent and effective antivirus software in the industry that lets you to keep your computer safe from all sorts of malware attacks. Avast Pro Antivirus is one of them and it offers safe browsing with never affecting your PC's performance. A good number of people around the world use this software at the moment as Avast Pro Antivirus is a multi-function security program. It promises utmost security from online threats, including viruses, spyware, and rootkits.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is an effective and practical PC's internet security system. It provides crucial and real-time safety from the most recent malware attacks. The antivirus software protects your PC from viruses, spyware, and hackers. It allows your PC to perform well without slowing it down. Since, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is famous for its protection, performance, and usability, you can think about downloading it and installing on your PC.

Norton Security Standard

Norton Security Standard is able to protect your PC from a wide array of malicious online threats including viruses, spyware, and hackers. The software can take out serious online threats including social media scams, spam email, network invaders, and viruses. It is not only reliable antivirus software but also meet your all expectations. Some of the top notch features of Norton Security Standard include, complete antivirus and malware protection, quick drive scan time, total protection for PC, Mac, Android or iOS smartphones or tablet, discover and defends against Internet threats, defends your identity and privacy, etc.

AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG AntiVirus Free offers advanced PC security to look after your device from all sorts of viruses, spyware, snoops, and hackers. The software in consisted of real-time security updates, and it saves your computer from all online threats. It scans for both malware and performance issues and even catches dangerous downloads. Its other great features include blocking of unsafe links, download, & email attachments, scanning for PC performance problems, and protect your device every time without slowing you down.

eScan Anti-Virus

eScan Anti-Virus is top rated antivirus software available in the market that lets your PC to be safe from hackers, spyware, and viruses. You will indeed get a great security from viruses and cybercriminals that have an effect on the performance of your computer with eScan Anti-Virus. You can save your data and important files from hackers and virus with this software. If you require complete protection to your computer from Ransomware, Spyware, Adware, Hackers, Spam and other Information Security threats, download and install eScan Anti-Virus.

G Data Antivirus

G Data Antivirus focuses mainly on computer safety solutions. It gives you complete protection against unnoticed downloads. Some of the features that the antivirus software offers include safe surfing, protection against hacking, parental controls, data backup, data recovery, security tuning, safe online shopping, safe emailing, safe chatting, protection against spyware, safe online banking, blocks spam, data safety, device control, etc. The software offers superior protection against malware pass through email or instant messaging.

About Author
I am Gary Searcy; I am working as a freelance writer for past several years now and it have helped me to deal with different topics and subjects in which I am not proficient. I am also working for online dissertation writing service provides at the moment and it helps me to aid students to resolve their writing issues. I used to write articles for blogs and other online magazines which help me to write down a variety of articles on a daily basis.
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How to Download Facebook Videos Without Software on PC (Save as)

How to Download Facebook Videos Without Software on PC

In Recent years, Facebook has flooded with millions of videos daily. According to Research done by a well know survey website, It was found that in a day approx 100k’s of video are uploaded and watched daily engaging around 1 Millions of Facebook viewers.You can view any length Facebook videos, and even Facebook mobile app let you save video on your mobile device also. Downloading FB video on mobile is easy. But What if you want to download a Facebook video on your computer? Is it possible also, If yes, then the question is how once can download a Facebook video on your personal computer directly as you download it via mobile without using any third party downloading the app? Here in this article, we will show you an amazing trick by using which you can download any length facebook video directly on your computer with just one click. 

What I Need to apply this trick to download a Facebook video?

You don’t need any kind of video downloading software. What only you need is a browser, If you have Google chrome then it’s great, or don't have chrome? It's not a problem at all you need a browser to make this trick work. Ok, So let’s start with our step by step tutorial.

Step By Step tutorial “How to download Facebook Videos on PC.”

Follow the below-given step by step tutorial to start downloading any Facebook video and share this article with your friends so that they can also learn this your trick.

How to Download Facebook Videos Without Software on PC (Save as)

Step 1: Sign-in to Facebook.

Open any web browser you like, We recommend you to use Google Chrome.Type www.facebook.com in the address bar and press enter. Sign-in to your Facebook account by entering your login credential ( Note: Do not share your login credential with anyone)

Step 2: Look for the video you want to download.

  • Step2.1 Go to the Facebook video you want to download.
  • Step 2.2 Now go to address bar of the browser and replace "www" with "m" ( If you are having problem understanding this step, then please try our below given YouTube video ), this will open mobile version of Facebook.

Step 3: Download Facebook video.

  • Step3.1 Go to video and click on play button, let it play for 1 second at least.
  • Step3.2 Now Right click on the video and click on Save video.

Congratulation! You have learned the way to download any Facebook video on your computer.
Watch YouTube video on " How to Download Facebook video."

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Blog, YouTube, Forex and Online Money Making Success Story- Shoutingblogger.com


Our viewer always asks us “How we make money online” without investing a single penny from our pockets via emails and all other sources to contact us.However, It’s hard to answer each and every single email and query personally since we get hundreds of emails about the same daily. 

Money making

That's why I have decided to write an answer to each and every question asked by our viewer related to money making by us and the source of income of the blog.

You will love to know that how a simple small town boy who is not even good at English made huge money just by writing article and making videos without investing a single penny from your pocket. The only  investment you need is the time, dedication and Idea. Hopefully you like how I Started making money with blog, If you no intrested how i made money you can skip the story below and read how much i made money.

Story behind blog and money making

It’s never about money making, I started this blog with primarily motive to improve my English and help people to solve smallest to the biggest problem with the Step by Step tutorials. I never thought this small Idea of helping myself with English and helping others will also unlock the door of money making. Thanks to blogger.com platform (Blog >> http://www.shoutingblogger.com ) and youtube.com ( Youtube Channel >> https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoutingblogger ), who helped me to build a blog for free and money making online.


I started my blog on blogger.com; although there was many other blogging platforms which let you build your own blog for free, still I had chosen the blogger.com’s free blogging platform because of obvious reason like it has user friendly interface, Thousands of template to improve your blog appearance and most important of all you don’t have to pay for hosting and domain name. Which was the most important point for me because at the time of creating a blog, I don’t have a single penny to invest for hosting a blog neither to buy a domain. The blogger.com platform has not only helped in building my first successful blog but it also helped in exploring the ideas of making money with the blog through “Third party HTML widgets” by using this you can embed third-party HTML code on your blog which I later found that only a few blogging platform provides for free. I was a bit lucky to choose such a cool blogging platform. Although it has some cons too but who cares I Just love the pros of blogger.com. I Started writing articles, you will be really laughing out loud when you read my old articles, genuinely speaking my English is as bad as trash but still, I gained positive response on the internet, people love to visit my blog not because of my trashy English but because of informative content and my blog.

             The positive response of the audience made me gain confidence in writing. However, because of my weak English, I was unable to convey what I want to. So I decided to embed videos on my blog. In this way I signed up youtube.com (Many of old YouTube video were deleted because of outdated content), one day I was exploring my blogger dashboard I saw a $ sign on my blogger dashboard. Most of you might already know what $ sign means yeah you are right; it’s Google Adsense, which let monetize the blog with ads. I applied and you know what? Application accepted. After 6 or 7 months of monetizing my blog with AdSense ads, I got my first paycheck, I can feel the warm drops flowing down the cheek. Beautiful feeling ever! And from then onward I started receiving the check from AdSense. After getting AdSence account approved I applied to show ads on YouTube and started making money through YouTube also. After a year ago of Adsense account, I signed up for affiliation account and started monetizing my blog with affiliation banners and got huge success. So this is how I started making money online with the help of blog and YouTube.

How much money we made till now?

You might be now wondering how much I made online by showing ads and by doing other stuff online to make money. What are the other ways I opt to make money? I will discuss all the ways and how much I made by using it.

#1 Money made by showing ads on a blog.

We have made our first dollar by showing ads on our blog, It took almost 6 months to reach a payout threshold of $100. You know how it feels to receive your first ever check and that also from Google. The check not only motivated me to write more quality content but also insist me to learn more about AdSense, after lot’s of reading about AdSense I come to know that money earned by showing ads of AdSense is directly proportional to amount of quality organic traffic, content and Ads placements (although there are 100’s of factor that decided AdSense earning, we will write about it soon in our next articles) So I started working on content, SEO for traffic and other factors and know what I made in 6 months, had made on 20 days.
  • ·         Till now I have made up to $2800 by showing Adsense Ads and other cpc and cpm ads

#2 Money made on Youtube.            

The second way I used to make money online is through YouTube, I love making How-to based videos tutorial because it is damn easy to explain and learn through videos and I don’t have to use English also😜. I have made lots of videos and monetized them with AdSense ads and you will love to know that I made pretty more money with YouTube then showing advertisement on my blog as compared to views.
  • ·         Till now I have made up to $3332 by showing Adsense Ads only on YouTube

#3 Money made with Affiliation Account.

The best thing I like about Affiliation is that you can make $1 to $100 dollars with just one sale. I learned about the affiliation system when I bought a domain from godaddy.com. By promoting the sales of GoDaddy hosting plan and other web hosting plans I have made a decent amount of money. This way of making money is best when you have a good amount of traffic. You can convert your website traffic into sales through proper content writing and Affiliation ads. The amount of money depends on the number of sales you make, More sales will result in more money.
  • ·        Till now, with the help of affiliation marketing I have made up to $2000.

#4 Money made through Forex trading.

Forex trading is the risky way of making money online, with forex trading ( Etoro.com ) you can make thousands of dollars in a day even in few second and on another second you may lose all of your equity. For the sake of writing an article on forex trading I joined the forex trading site and made almost $4000 from $100 by selling gold, eur/usd , nzd/usd, but after few months accidentally I bought gold with the highest leverage and lost $3000.So If you are looking forward to try your luck on forex then you must understand the risk, learn the trading strategies and tool to minimize risk and maximize profit.
  • ·        Till now, I have made up to $4000 out of which I lost trade of $3000 and made a total                   profit of $1000 

#5 Money made through Freelancing.


If you don’t has a website or a blog, neither you have an AdSense account to monetize YouTube video and don’t want a risky way to make money then you can choose Freelancing, with freelancing you can earn anywhere from 200$ to 1000$+ depending upon the project you undertake. All you need to do is to analysis the skill in which you are expert in and then join the freelancing site, and start taking projects and see money count.  In my case, I am good with search engine optimization, Story writing, and website design, by using these two skills I made a decent amount of money, Although the earning depends upon the project you take.
  • ·         Till know I made $3500 by doing freelancing.

#6 Money made by through ppc and survey sites.

I will not recommend this method of making money, for me, it’s totally a disaster. You won’t believe me, but it took almost a year to reach the threshold money required for withdrawal. A majority of ppc and survey sites I had joined are scam site accept few.

                   In ppc site you earn money by clicking on paid to promote a link, for a click you hardly get $0.001 it means to reach $1 you need to click thousands of ppc link which is time-consuming. As compared to ppc, Survey website are much better because by doing one 20 minute survey you may earn $1 to $20 per survey but the problem with it is too find the Real paying survey site, If you manage to find one also then also you hardly get 2-10 survey in month and you need to qualify for it too.
  • ·         With the help of legit paying ppc site and survey site I have made only $250 in three years.
So, this is how I made money online, all the stats mentioned in this post are the approx figure, it can be more or less.

Now, Talking about money making online and its scope. Money making online depends on one’s skills, dedication, and hard work. Who know you can do better than anyone else on the internet. Just true to yourself have faith in your capability, ideas and start living your dream.

We will be uploading the earnings report proof soon. So bookmark this page and share this post with your friends and on social networking sites.
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Making money with YouTube (Ultimate guide) Explained Easily

 Ultimate guide to make money with Youtube

Making money with YouTube (Ultimate guide) Explained Easily

In this article, we will try not to talk rubbish like other people do on the internet to gain views. Instead, we straight away come to the important point, a reason why you landed on this page. The important question that might be hammering your brain right now is, It is really possible to make money with YouTube? IF yes, then how much one can make money using YouTube? And ultimately, how to get started making money with YouTube like other YouTubers are making? You might be wondering how do I know every single question arising in your mind. I know it very well because I was also having the same question in my mind when I heard a story about people making money on YouTube. I researched, Read hundreds of article, learned video editing, etc. Ultimately on 21-march-2012 I started making money with my YouTube channel knows as Shoutingblogger (A YouTube channel for explaining HOW-TO based question easily) Must take a look on this channel, and if possible please do subscribe also. So let me first answer some basic questions about money making with YouTube.

Is It really possible to earn money with YouTube? 

Did you watch television, not the paid one I am talking about the free to air TV channels? How they are making money? Did you ever ask this question to yourself? NO? That’s good It means you are not a mad person like me. Lol! Just Joking. They earn money by showing ads commercial on their network. Similarly, In the case of YouTube, they pay money for showing ads on the YouTube video, But it does not mean anyone who uploads a video on YouTube starts to make money.  To start earning money with the youtube, you need to monetize your video with ads and must have AdSense account. If you already have an Adsense account, then its good all you need is apply to became YouTube partner to start making money. If you don't have one, don't worry you can also apply to became a youtube partner program directly through youtube. Now the question is how to be a YouTube partner? In this article we will explain every aspect of youtube partner, the most question asked about it and how to be one. 
  • You think I am bluffing? No, I am not, please take few minute to read our story how we made thousands of dollars just by making a video on How to based Tutorials and step by step Guide.

Does it Mean? YouTube partner Upload video and start making money?

Technically, No! You don’t start to make money just by becoming a YouTube partner, Instead you unlock features like monetizing video, uploading videos more than 15 minutes, Live video, etc. To make money with your YouTube video you need to monetize YouTube video and ads must appear on your YouTube video and most important of all "a video must be youtube partner policy friendly" . YouTube earning depends upon various factors like Video views and number of time ads appear on your video and audience interaction with the Ads. 
  • Did you know? By becoming Youtube partner you can not only make money  but also you can earn money by making your channel as paid channel. Take a few minute to read our article on "10 Signs you should invest in YouTube." 

How to Become a YouTube Partner.

The easiest and fast way to become a YouTube partner is to create quality content, content that does not violate YouTube Partner Program Policies and must be audience-friendly, it means the video must be entertaining, informative, must not infringe anyone’s copyright and obviously your channel and Videos must be advertisement friendly. If your channel Possess all these characteristics, then your channel is good to become a YouTube partner all you need to do is to apply for youtube partner programs.

How to avoid getting banned from making money on YouTube.

A majority of new YouTube partner forgets about this points, this is the least but the most important point related to YouTube, money, and partnership. On average every seconds hundred of YouTube partner lose their partnership just because of false practices, and you have no idea how YouTube takes any kind of YouTube partnership violation very seriously. They have the world most powerful mechanism to catch a YouTube video with any kind of violation. So, Play fair and respect YouTube partnership policy and enjoy being a YouTube partner and avoid getting banned from making money on YouTube.
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How to Cope With Temper for a Happy Life?

How to Cope With Temper for a Happy Life?

Temper can have a huge impact on our personal as well as professional life lives. A lot of people are generally hot tempered and they become angry for silly matters.  Most of the people find it difficult to control themselves when they face some difficulty situations in their life. Your bad tempers can make your loved ones hurt and even bring an end to your relationships. You may become quick tempered when others hurt your, scold you, hurt you self-respect, when your expectations are not fulfilled or when you fail in an exam or competition.

Temper can become a huge issue if you couldn’t control it effectively. Anger ignites our thoughts and actions. Anger can consume our love, prudence, and emotional as well as physical health. It can affect your happy life and guide others to ignore you. When you control your temper, you may get better the quality of your life and your interpersonal relationships.

Following are some of the tips that may help you to understand how to cope with temper for a happy life:

help you to understand how to cope with temper for a happy life:

Admit Temper

The individuals who simply have bad tempers will not admit that they are short tempered. Bad-tempered individuals used to blow up, lash out, and scream, but they won’t admit that they are suffering from temper. It can ruin their relationships and personal life. Hence, they become bad to worse. The treatment for temper starts with the time you accept or admit that you are ill-tempered. When others mention that you are ill-tempered, think about it and understand your flaws. It will guide you to manage temper sooner or later. 


We, at some point in our life, experience bouts of anger and frustration. Yoga is a perfect medicine for handling your temper successfully. If you are getting angry more often, yoga can help you to manage the mood while you are at work or at home, office, with friends and so on. People who are short tempered should try yoga since it helps them to control themselves and their emotions efficiently. Yoga can aid you to control your thoughts, actions, imaginations, emotions, mind and behavior. Most of the yoga practices direct you to admit the anger that you experience, work through it and calm down. 

Be Patient

Bad tempered people are not generally patient and thy will respond to any situation suddenly. Being patient to different situations that provokes you can aid you to control your temper effective before you lose it. You can become patient to a situation if you take it as usual or casually. When you are patient, you will not respond to unfavorable situation at once and you will find your own time to react to it. You will think before you take an action if you are patient.


Breathing is an excellent remedy for temper management. When you are faced with an adverse situation, take deep breathe because it guides you to unwind your angry. Breathing can slow your heart rate. Deep breaths will calm you down successfully and assist you to think more plainly and take action wisely. Repeat breathing until you feel cool enough to react to the situation.


Exercise can clam down your temper. Anger comes in a number of forms, including outrage, frustration, envy, dislike, hatred, stress, criticism, and even boredom. Exercise helps you to cool down your stress level, frustrations, boredom, etc. It will help you to relax. Running, walking, swimming, yoga and meditation can some of the perfect exercise tools that allow you to control your temper. 

Wait and Give Yourself Ample Time

Waiting, step away from the situation or giving yourself ample time to react to a situation helps you to manage your temper. Don’t throw yourself to a situation right away because it will increase your anger. When you give yourself sufficient time to react, you will make better choices and more importantly, you will cool down.  So remove yourself intentionally from the heat and wait, get out of the situation, relax before you act.

Don’t Ignore Anger Management Program

Don’t ignore the importance of temper management program if you can’t practically control your temper. Remember that anger management programs have been confirmed to be highly successful to control your angry, fury and manage your overall behavior. During the program, you will get classes and guidance from the experts in the field. It will help you to know clearly about anger and develop effective strategies to see to anger.

Seek Treatment

One of the most effective means to manage your temper is to seek proper treatment. Treatment for temper will aid you to find out and treat the real source of your anger issues. Professionals in the field will offer you relaxation methods to bring into play when you feel temper.

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How Can Movavi Screen Recording Software Benefit You?

How Can Movavi Screen Recording Software Benefit You?

How Can Movavi Screen Recording Software Benefit You?

Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the top screen recording software that has received manypositive reviews from experts at the leading review sites. Movavi screen recording software is useful for recording streaming videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu. There is a browser add-on that you can use to download videos from these video streaming sites. The browser add-on can cause your browser to hang sometimes so it will be best for you to get a screen recording software to record the video. It can also be used to record live webinars. If you are good at playing games, you can use the software to record your gameplay and show people how to win each level.

Movavi screen recording software is suitable for creating any type of tutorial such as photo editing tutorial, video editing, tutorial on how to use a software. Teachers can also use the screen recording software to create educational tutorials to help the students understand the topics that are being taught at the school. You can first record your voice with Movavi screen recorder and blend the podcast into the video with the video editor tool. Alternatively, you can talk on the microphone while recording the screencast. The volume of your voice over narration that is being recorded can be adjusted.

Movavi screen recording software can be used to record any area on your screen or you can also use to screen capture a particular application. When you launch the application, you will see a rectangle frame which is used to defined the screen capture area. As you stretch the rectangle frame, you can see a pop up that states the size of the defined area including left, top, width, and height. You can use your mouse cursor to extend the defined area or you can use the capture area drop down menu in the small control panel to determine the area of the screen that will be recorded.

Only the activities within the rectangle frame will be recorded. You can move the red rectangle frame around the different areas of your screen when you see the red move icon in the middle. If you want the screen capture software to capture the audio from an external audio device, you should check the audio checkbox and choose the device from the drop down menu. Your audio device will be automatically recognized if it is connected properly to your computer. When you are ready, you just have to click on the red REC button to start the screen recording.

You can set Movavi Screen Recorder to automatically stop capture after a few minutes by using the timer option. In this way, you don’t have to hassle yourself to move your cursor across the screen to stop the recording manually. The software will record your mouse cursor movement even when you click on the stop button. But, this is nothing to worry about because you can use the video trimming tool in the video editor to trim off the part later.

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Top 5 Best Antivirus for Your PC

Top 5 Best Antivirus for Your PC

At a recent friends meet, people were discussing how intelligent con men were trying to lure people into disclosing their credit card details, the CVV number and its expiry date with which a huge sum was robbed off people. Cyber crime has increased manifolds these days where innocent people fall prey to the vices of annoying hackers and spammers. While some try to launder money and nothing else, some hackers turn unethical and rob you of your integrity and identity. To prevent such intruders from stealing your private information, it is a good practice to secure your PC with anti-virus packages that will protect your data and your transactions. So how will you choose the best anti-virus for your PC? Is it decided based on cost value alone? Here are the answers to this question. 

Best 5 Antivirus for Your PC

Below you can find the top five best anti-virus for your PC and the ranking is decided based on the cost, the efficiency and warranty period:

Norton Security Standard edition

As usual Norton stands tall and strong in the first position when it comes to anti-virus package for their PC. From securing the PC to web browsing protection to firewall to password management and more Norton prevents your PC from being infected at the very beginning. URL blocker is their biggest asset which blocks any freeware installation into the PC. Norton security package also comes with a deluxe version that can cover five devices including tablets and smart phones. 

F-Secure Antivirus

So, what you get as a part of F-secure deal? This anti-virus package is simple and the most preferred by people in the market these days. It is light in weight, easy to install and use and doesn’t affect the system performance by any means. Its biggest asset is that it can run alongside several other applications without disturbing the speed of the computer. This feature of this anti-virus makes it the best choice for people who don’t want their system to get slowed down due to the installation of anti-virus. 

Bit Defender Antivirus Plus

This antivirus is widely popular among the users due to its efficiency and high level of protection that it offers. This accurate and reliable antivirus has been the best in web protection, secure browser for banking transactions, file encryption and anti-phishing module to filter unwanted links from dangerous sites in your search results etc. 

AVG Free

If you wish a free anti-virus with a real world protection test, AVG is the ideal choice that comes with core antivirus protection and web protection. Apart from the free edition, there is a commercial version too available that builds the extra security features in your PC like enhanced firewall, anti-spam functionality etc. AVG antivirus is more popular among people as they have the lowest incidence of false positives.

Avast Free

For all those who wish a free of cost anti-virus tool for their PC, Avast Free is the name to look forward. It has a huge trail of safety features namely antivirus, password verification and validation, a secured browser, network checker to prevent vulnerabilities etc. The biggest advantage of this anti-virus package is that it does not affect the speed of your computer and it can be activated by a single click. This evokes the scanning module which checks for virus and malware.

Securing your PC is as important as storing your documents and jewelry in safe. This way your electronic content stays safe from notorious cyber thieves. Some anti-virus packages are free of cost and some are paid ones. While the free tools offer a good level of protection, paid products offer much more security along with scalability and backward compatibility. Hence before zeroing down on the anti-virus package for your PC, do a full research on market the cost and also what you have and how you wish to store. After all your personal computer is your personal asset!

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